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2 Days Ago   As process node technology gets ever more complex, it costs big dollars to develop and then building chips on the process is also a very costly process.

3 Days Ago   We recently reported on the fact that a range of new mainstream Intel desktop processors are coming onto the market without the integrated graphics enabled. This processors, indicated by the ‘F’ designation (not to be confused with Intel’s chips with an integrated fabric, also called ‘F’), have had their specifications released for a short while, except for the price.

5 Days Ago   AnandTech has seen documents and supporting information from multiple sources that show that Intel is planning to release a new high-end desktop processor, the Core i9-9990XE.

5 Days Ago   Users may have been following Wendell from Level1Tech’s battle with researching the reasons behind why some benchmarks have regressed performance on quad-die Threadripper 2 compared to dual-die configurations.

5 Days Ago   In the course of our reviews, when we get a chance to get hands on with random processors, we run our test suite and add the data to our database.

8 Days Ago   One of the big questions coming out of AMD’s CES announcements was if its new CPU design, codenamed Matisse and which enables two chiplets and an IO die on a single package, would support one of those chiplets being graphics based in order to make an APU.

9 Days Ago   The market for pre-overclocked graphics cards is quite strong. But taking the leap into providing water-cooling for GPUs at retail has only been attempted by a few vendors, and usually at the high-end only.

9 Days Ago   When you build a cannon of a system, perhaps with dual processors and four graphics cards and lots of RGB, then something needs to power it.

10 Days Ago   Blink and you miss it: AMD's keynote address this year was a whirlwind of primetime announcements for the company. The message is clear: AMD is committing itself to 7nm as the future process note that will drive the company's innovations starting in 2019.

10 Days Ago   A few years ago I remember visiting a company at the Computex trade show that was showing off a prototype liquid cooled power supply. At the time I said that the concept was a bit extreme, and the pricing they were thinking of doing it at was immense.

10 Days Ago   With many enterprise platforms developers have various goals for their software, such as high performance, throughput, storage, or tackling the main issue of the day. It’s one thing to write software on one type of machine then deploy it to the datacenter, but it’s another to write code on a similar machine to what it will end up on.

10 Days Ago   AMD has one of the prized spots on the CES Keynote register. The company gets an highlighted hour at one of the shows prized ballroom setups to offer something bigger and better than any other company doing a keynote.

11 Days Ago   The Killer brand of networking controllers and Wi-Fi modules have been a constant part of the computing ecosystem for over a decade. As of late, the value-add of their products has been the implementation of heuristic analysis techniques to detect data stream types (video, torrent, gaming), allowing the hardware to prioritize data streams accordingly.

11 Days Ago   After yesterday when Intel casually mentioned that it was announcing six new processors in its 9th Generation desktop line, without providing any specifications through the usual channels, it turns out that there are several more on the way beyond the six mentioned.

11 Days Ago   Having a small gaming machine is the goal of a number of users - I personally tend to oscillate between something massive and something small, but either way, I want it powerful.

11 Days Ago   The consumer market is not used to the idea of redundant power supplies. For the enterprise market, redundant PSUs give peace of mind by eliminating a single point of potential failure.

11 Days Ago   When a PC technology company plays in a competitive market, where margins are tight, there are kudos all around when a product becomes overly successful and gets all the users or PC builders interested.

12 Days Ago   At Intel’s keynote presentation today, the company announced that it would be expanding its current line of 9th Generation desktop processors, to include new models from Core i3 up to Core i9.

12 Days Ago   We’ve been on Intel's case for years to tell us when its 10nm parts are coming to the mass market. Technically Intel already shipped its first 10nm processor, Cannon Lake, but this was low volume and limited to specific geographic markets.

12 Days Ago   At Intel’s Architecture Day, the company showed off a new stacking technology called ‘Foveros’, which is designed to allows the company to make smaller chips. The idea behind Foveros is to have a base ‘interposer’ that also integrates common I/O functionality, while using connections through the chip to another piece of silicon on top that has the CPU cores and the graphics subsystem.

12 Days Ago   This year it seems that Intel is finally ready to talk about 10nm. After next-to-nothing on the subject at CES 2018, Intel is now talking about three new processor families: Ice Lake, Lakefield, and Snow Ridge.

12 Days Ago   We're here at Intel, ready for their keynote presentation. Gregory Bryant and Nevin Shenoy are presenting. Starts at 4pm local time.

12 Days Ago   One of the features of the modern PC trade show is that someone somewhere is going to show off a chassis that either does something crazy, looks crazy, or makes you go ‘eh, what?’ (ed: it gets us every time).

12 Days Ago   Today one of the best notebooks I’ve ever tested is getting an update: Huawei’s new Matebook 13 is the generational update to the Matebook X. In it we get the latest generation of Whiskey-Lake U processors, the same 2160x1440 3:2 display, an optional MX150 variant, and a new cooling implementation based on a shark fin design.

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