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Yesterday   With growing security threats and compliance being taken seriously, companies are more aware than ever of the need to protect their data. This means hackers must work harder to try to steal information and contact centers are in the front line.

2 Days Ago   Website tags, small pieces of JavaScript code or small images, are often used to collect information about users. But they can add to load times and if misused can be a security risk too.

2 Days Ago   Popular cloud-based office suite Zoho is launching a new version of its software complete with AI-powered personal assistant. Zoho Office is made up of four cloud-based productivity software applications -- Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and Zoho Notebook.

2 Days Ago   A Nigeria-based gang of scam artists, known as Scarlet Widow, have been using romance scams to trick victims out of large amounts of cash. Secure email company Agari has uncovered the scam which involves posting fake personas on the largest dating websites like Match, eHarmony, and OKCupid.

3 Days Ago   Data has become an increasingly popular resource for marketers, new research from marketing platform YouAppi reveals that 98 percent of respondents say they have increased their organizational investment in data.

3 Days Ago   A majority of organizations are not confident in their ability to avoid major data breaches according to a new study. The report for breach avoidance company Balbix, based on research from the Ponemon Institute, shows that 68 percent feel their staffing is not adequate for a strong cybersecurity posture and only 15 percent say their patching efforts are highly effective.

3 Days Ago   According to the results of a new study, 58 percent of global consumers have yet to trade in an old mobile device, though 64 percent report they would be willing to do so if more stringent data management processes were in place.

4 Days Ago   The industry is constantly looking for ways to bolster login security. Multi-factor authentication and knowledge-based systems are popular but can be cumbersome, so how about using something you carry around all the time, yourself -- or indeed yourselfie?

4 Days Ago   More than half the code found in commercial software packages is open source, but if it isn’t properly tracked businesses might be in the dark on the number of vulnerabilities and license compliance issues that exist in their applications.

4 Days Ago   An analysis of phishing attacks in the final quarter of 2018 reveals the majority of attacks showed an increase in target personalization, making them considerably more difficult to detect.

4 Days Ago   Almost half of respondents to a new survey identify ever-increasing disparate data sources as a major pain point. The study from development technology specialist Progress also finds 44 percent of respondents are worried about integrating cloud data with on-premises data, making real-time hybrid connectivity critical.

5 Days Ago   One of the keys to keeping systems secure is to effectively prioritize vulnerabilities. Given the volume, with 16,500 new vulnerabilities disclosed in 2018 alone, though this is a tough task.

5 Days Ago   As systems become more complex it can be hard for enterprises to understand their IT environment, which presents a problem for operations and security teams. Cloud-based security specialist Qualys is launching a new IT Asset Inventory cloud application to provide quick analysis of complex and interconnected global IT environments, and help collaboration on security remediation efforts.

9 Days Ago   2018 saw a decline of 13 percent in the overall number of DDoS attacks when compared to the previous year, but cybercriminals are turning to longer, more sophisticated, mixed and HTTP flood attack techniques.

9 Days Ago   A new survey from identity platform Okta shows that 67 percent of knowledge workers prefer Microsoft Word over Google Docs, while only 15 percent report the opposite.

10 Days Ago   Airlines could be putting the personal data of their passengers at risk by using unencrypted links, according to a new report. Researchers at security and data management company Wandera have uncovered a vulnerability affecting a number of e-ticketing systems that could allow third parties to view, and in some cases even change, a user's flight booking details, or print their boarding passes.

10 Days Ago   According to a new report released by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by BMC software, 66 percent of organizations bypass IT when buying new technologies for digital transformation.

11 Days Ago   To coincide with Safer Internet Day, search giant Google is launching two new tools to help users detect if their username and password have been compromised.

11 Days Ago   New research commissioned by Google, carried out by Harris Poll and released to coincide with Safer Internet Day suggests there is a gap between perception and reality when it comes to online security.

12 Days Ago   Internet of Things devices are appearing in more and more companies, but with them comes the threat of cyberattacks. To reduce this risk Extreme Networks is launching a simple security solution to help organizations protect unsecured IoT devices.

15 Days Ago   Increasingly high profile one-off events like sports tournaments and elections are becoming the target of hackers. Protecting these is tough because even if the hosts have a sound security infrastructure for day-to-day operations, they often don't have the resources necessary to lock down a large scale, high-profile event which requires additional physical and cybersecurity to protect against disruption, revenue loss or other irreversible damage.

15 Days Ago   Just as the biggest problem with a car is often the nut holding the wheel, many IT support issues are down to the user rather than the equipment.

16 Days Ago   Over the past year, business email compromise (BEC) scams have jumped by 60 percent. In addition more than 90 percent of organizations report being hit by targeted email attacks, with 23 percent suffering financial damage as a result.

16 Days Ago   Chief information security officers (CISOs) are now involved in 90 percent of significant business decisions, but just 25 percent of business executives see CISOs as proactively enabling digital transformation -- which is a key goal for 89 percent of organizations.

17 Days Ago   The introduction of new regulatory and privacy laws around the world is forcing companies to become more aware of the personal customer info they are holding, but it can be hard to identify sensitive information.

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