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8 Hours Ago   More than half of adults worldwide are more likely to consult digital resources than their significant other (SO) for recommendations for products and services according to a new report by cloud database company DataStax.

9 Hours Ago   A survey of more than 400 full-time employees in the US shows that, despite having a general understanding of security risks, people still tend towards unsafe behavior.

9 Hours Ago   Far from them being the technology of the past, attitudes towards mainframes are increasingly positive according to a new survey. The study from IT solutions company BMC finds 93 percent of executives and 92 percent of all respondents view the mainframe as a strong long-term platform -- the highest level in five years.

10 Hours Ago   Privileged access management specialist Thycotic has released the results of its latest survey, conducted at this year's Black Hat, on hackers' perspectives on vulnerabilities and the attack vectors they find easiest to exploit.

Yesterday   Over half of small business executives are convinced their business is not a target for cybercriminals, according to a new report. The study from consulting and managed services company Switchfast also shows that 31 percent of senior management employees shared the password to their work email with another co-worker, while only 18 percent of associates have.

4 Days Ago   In North America 32 percent of data breaches have resulted in a C-level manager, president or CEO losing their job, according to new research. The study from Kaspersky Lab shows that 42 percent of businesses worldwide experienced at least one data breach in the last year.

5 Days Ago   Researchers at cyber security company F-Secure have discovered a weakness in modern computers' firmware that attackers can use to steal encryption keys and other sensitive information.

5 Days Ago   Users of the Kodi media center may already know that the Netherlands-based repository for third-party add-ons, XvBMC, was recently shut down due to copyright violations. Researchers at security company ESET have discovered that the repository was also part of a malicious cryptomining campaign dating back to December 2017.

5 Days Ago   The rise of the Internet of Things has presented businesses with huge volumes of data, but harnessing that to produce useful insights can be a challenge.

6 Days Ago   Finding the right technical talent has become a priority for businesses, but they often lack the data needed to know if they are getting it right.

6 Days Ago   As email security solutions focus on detecting malware, cybercriminals are now adapting their attacks, exposing organizations to more malware-less assaults such as CEO fraud. The report by intelligence-led security company FireEye is based on analysis of a sample set of over half-a-billion emails from the first half of 2018.

6 Days Ago   Unwanted and scam phone calls are an increasing problem. Analysis by call management company First Orion predicts that nearly half of all calls to mobile phones in the US will be fraudulent in 2019 unless the industry adopts and implements more effective call protection solutions.

6 Days Ago   Three quarters of IT security professionals responding to a new survey have named improving endpoint security as one of their top two goals, with 48 percent saying it's most important.

6 Days Ago   A new survey finds that 58 percent of respondents believe access to their network from non-corporate and personally owned devices such as laptops, desktops or mobile phones is the highest risk in managing remote users.

7 Days Ago   A new study from IT solutions provider US Signal reveals that 70 percent of companies have had at least one unplanned IT disruption in the last year.

7 Days Ago   The movement of data into the cloud creates challenges for enterprises who still rely on traditional data integration software or single-purpose data import tools. DataOps specialist StreamSets is launching new features that help companies efficiently build and continuously operate dataflows that span data centers and the big three cloud platforms -- Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

7 Days Ago   Hackers are increasingly abusing public cloud services in order to launch DDoS attacks, according to new research. The study from anti-DDoS company Link11 shows that a quarter of all DDoS attacks in Europe in the 12 months from July 2017 to June 2018 used public cloud server-based botnets, compared to 18.5 percent in the previous 12 months.

8 Days Ago   Although a majority of businesses have followed a digital transformation plan, poor top-down communication is proving a barrier to success. A new report from automation specialist Nintex shows that 64 percent of companies have followed a formal digital transformation plan for three years or less, while a third have followed a plan for one year or less.

8 Days Ago   Businesses are under increasing pressure to innovate and modernize their architectures at an unprecedented rate to remain competitive and that often means switching to new platforms. The latest research from machine data analytics platform Sumo Logic looks at the trends and visibility into the DevSecOps tools and solutions that are being used as organizations modernize and migrate existing applications.

8 Days Ago   Analysis by password manager company Dashlane shows that with the football season getting underway team names are frequently used as passwords. Researchers focused on team names from the National Football League and the English Premier League, using an anonymized database provided by Gang Wang, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech.

11 Days Ago   Industry increasingly relies on automated systems for the control of processes, but a new report from Kaspersky Lab shows that 41.2 percent of industrial control systems (ICS) computers were attacked by malicious software at least once in the first half of this year.

11 Days Ago   Enterprises often adopt containers as a way to save money. But they can end up spending time, resources and cash building their own container management framework and in the process getting away from their core business objectives.

12 Days Ago   Security teams are constantly caught between the need to keep pace with security testing and the ability to allow developer teams to operate in a rapid DevOps environment.

12 Days Ago   High numbers of alerts and the resources needed to deal with them are causing problems for security teams and leading them to turn to Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) tools in order to cope.

13 Days Ago   The current feeling is that the chances of a company being hacked is a matter of when rather than if, but businesses continue to struggle with how to actually measure if their security solutions are working.

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