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2 Days Ago   More than half of data-driven initiatives are failing in business, with 27 percent of failures due to a skills shortage according to new research from analytic database company Exasol.

3 Days Ago   The endpoint is on the front line of the network security battle, but a new study from Absolute reveals that endpoint security tools and agents fail, reliably and predictably.

4 Days Ago   In 2018 bad bots accounted for one in five website requests (20.4 percent of web traffic), while good bots decreased slightly to make up 17.5 percent of traffic.

4 Days Ago   A new survey of IoT developers reveals their top concerns are security (38 percent of respondents), connectivity (21 percent), and data collection and analysis (19 percent).

4 Days Ago   The rise of edge devices, customer service terminals, digital signage and so on has led to increased demand for embedded processing. Chip maker AMD is expanding its offering in this market with the launch of the new Ryzen Embedded R1000 Series SoC.

5 Days Ago   We tend to think of hacking communities as being concentrated in the Far East or the former Soviet bloc, but of course there hackers elsewhere that we don't hear so much about.

5 Days Ago   As companies store ever larger amounts of data, the current solutions and services available to handle it become more and more costly and difficult to manage.

5 Days Ago   The Internet Society's Online Trust Alliance (OTA), which identifies and promotes online security and privacy best practices, announced today the results of its latest Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll.

5 Days Ago   Critical infrastructure sites and energy distribution facilities are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. But many of the systems in use today were installed and built before 24/7 internet connections.

5 Days Ago   Well-known attacks and attack vectors remained successful because security personnel did not address vulnerabilities and apply patches according to a new report from cybersecurity and visibility business Ixia.

9 Days Ago   Nearly 40 percent of financial services businesses are failing to implement data initiatives due to a lack of skills, with almost a third saying that their GDPR initiatives are failing, according to a new study.

10 Days Ago   A new survey of security professionals taken at this year's RSA reveals that 92 percent of respondents feel that cybersecurity is a bigger threat to the US than border security.

10 Days Ago   While banking and identity information has been traded on the dark web for a long time, a new report from Carbon Black shows a new focus on tax identities.

11 Days Ago   Although 85 percent of companies say mainframe security is a top priority, just 33 percent always or often make mainframe decisions based on security finds a new report.

11 Days Ago   According to a new study analyzing more than 55 million emails, 25 percent of phishing emails bypass Office 365 security, using malicious links and attachments as the main vectors.

11 Days Ago   The cloud-skills shortage has made security a major challenge for enterprises. In fact, virtually every data breach in the cloud today is due to human error, rather than brilliant hacking.

11 Days Ago   As companies move more of their workloads to the cloud they want to ensure that their data is properly protected. Storage specialist Cohesity is launching a new software as a service (SaaS) solution that delivers enterprise-grade backup and recovery for applications running on the Google Cloud platform.

12 Days Ago   Cybersecurity company BullGuard is launching its own VPN for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, intended to make it simple for users to ensure their online privacy.

12 Days Ago   Cloud business system company Zoho is launching two new platforms. Commerce Plus uses Zoho's customer experience, finance, analytics, and intelligence software to provide businesses an interconnected, first-of-its-kind commerce experience platform.

12 Days Ago   According to new research among British businesses, 57 percent of employees either don't understand (20 percent) or misinterpret (37 percent) the meaning of 'digital transformation'. The research, conducted by YouGov among employees at 500 businesses with 50 or more employees, on behalf of service management Cherwell Software also finds that 64 percent say their employers only adopt new technology once it enters the mainstream.

12 Days Ago   Last month Aluminum manufacturer Norsk Hydro was hit by a large scale ransomware attack that affected its systems across the globe and caused severe disruption to its operations with an estimated impact of more than $35 million..

13 Days Ago   The entertainment industry and in particular streaming services is among the biggest targets of credential stuffing attacks according to a new report. The study from digital delivery platform Akamai, unveiled at the NAB Cybersecurity and Content Protection Summit in Las Vegas this week, focuses on credential abuse attacks against online video and music streaming services.

13 Days Ago   As businesses grow to serve complex user experiences, cooperation between network providers is vital. Enterprises want pain-free portability of application stacks and services optimized for their needs between multiple providers.

16 Days Ago   A new survey of professionals in industries using industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) finds 90 percent of respondents say their environment has been damaged by at least one cyberattack over the past two years, with 62 percent experiencing two or more attacks.

16 Days Ago   With a market capital of $73 billion and a stock price that has more than tripled in three years, VMware is one of the big hitters of the IT industry.

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