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4 Days Ago   Traditional signature-based antivirus solutions struggle to cope with the pace of change in today's malware world. But while enterprises have had access to sophisticated machine learning solutions for a while these have largely been denied to consumers.

4 Days Ago   There's growing interest in biometric security solutions as passwords are increasingly seen as outmoded and at risk from phishing and other attacks. Biometric solutions provider ID R&D is launching a new version of its voice biometric security solution, IDVoice.

4 Days Ago   A new report finds that 86 percent of businesses describe their cloud strategy as multi-cloud today, with performance and innovation rising above cost savings as the top measures of success.

5 Days Ago   Once a user is logged on, they typically have access to a wealth of sensitive applications and systems. Strong authentication at the front door therefore helps boost the overall security of the entire system.

5 Days Ago   A study by analysts Vanson Bourne for self service automation specialist SnapLogic looks at the data priorities and investment plans of IT decision makers, along with what's holding them back from maximizing value.

5 Days Ago   Even if you’re not a soccer/football fan, it probably hasn't escaped your notice that there's a World Cup going on in Russia at the moment. We expect big sporting events to be exploited to launch phishing and malware campaigns but researchers at Enigma Software have spotted an interesting new phenomenon -- malware infections actually drop on match days.

6 Days Ago   Penetration testing company Positive Technologies has released some alarming figures surrounding the vulnerability of corporate networks to insider attacks. During testing performed as an internal attacker, the company's researchers were able to obtain full control of infrastructure on all the corporate networks they attempted to compromise.

6 Days Ago   We all know that Google collects data and uses it to sell adverts. But just how well does Google know you? VPN service comparison site TheBestVPN has created a full guide to how the corporation tracks you and what it does with the information.

6 Days Ago   According to a new study, 68 percent of IT professionals believe their organizations are failing to carry out all procedures in line with data protection laws.

12 Days Ago   While businesses spend a lot of time and effort putting up technical defenses to protect their systems, often the weakest spot is the users. Employees can do harm to the business by visiting infected websites, responding to phishing emails, using business email through public Wi-Fi and more.

13 Days Ago   Information technology and operational technology are gradually moving closer together thanks to wider connectivity of OT with external networks, and the growing number of industrial IoT devices.

17 Days Ago   Cybercriminals use a variety of tactics to cloak their activity and that includes using trusted tools, like PowerShell, to retrieve and execute malicious code from remote sources.

18 Days Ago   A new report from log management platform Scalyr reveals that as organizations shift from more traditional architectures to microservices, they release software more frequently, but spend more time troubleshooting issues.

18 Days Ago   Certificate authority Comodo CA is expanding out of its traditional area to launch a new platform designed to secure Internet of Things devices. Hackers increasingly target IoT devices that have no security embedded and exposed vulnerabilities.

18 Days Ago   Cybercriminals are using mobile devices to avoid detection and execute a number of nefarious acts, according to a new report. The study from bot mitigation specialist Distil Networks finds 5.8 percent -- around one in 17 -- of all mobile devices across six major cellular networks are used in such automated attacks and represent eight percent of all bad bot traffic.

18 Days Ago   A new Harris Poll commissioned by insider threat detection company Dtex Systems looks at employee attitudes towards the monitoring of their digital activities. Carried out in the wake of data collection, monitoring and privacy scandals at Facebook and elsewhere, it shows that 45 percent of Americans believe it is at least sometimes acceptable for employers to monitor employees' digital activities to protect against security threats and data breaches.

19 Days Ago   As workforces are increasingly spread over multiple locations, in the field or working from home, keeping them up to date and engaged with company news can be a tough task.

19 Days Ago   We all sign up to online accounts for various things but over time it can become hard to remember which address you used for each site, what password you used or indeed whether you’ve previously signed up to a site at all.

19 Days Ago   A new report from McAfee Labs has seen coin mining malware grow by 629 percent in the first quarter 2018 as criminals seek to cash in on cryptocurrency trends.

20 Days Ago   Awareness of cybersecurity at board level is growing as last year's WannaCry attack has highlighted the need to guard against attacks. The research, conducted by Vanson Bourne, as part of an international survey of 500 businesses in the UK, France, Germany and the USA, was commissioned by endpoint protection specialist SentinelOne.

20 Days Ago   It can be difficult for security teams to identify the weak spots in their organization's controls that put the security of the business at risk. Managed security services provider Proficio is addressing this by launching a new version of its ProView Plus consumer portal that includes ThreatInsight risk scoring.

20 Days Ago   No business is immune from cyber attack, and smaller companies are often targeted as they lack the resources to put into first class protection. A new survey by cybersecurity company Webroot of 600 IT decision makers (ITDMs) at small- to medium-sized businesses, finds that the attacks organizations believed themselves to be most susceptible to in 2017 are rapidly shifting in 2018, while businesses still feel underprepared.

20 Days Ago   The performance of an app can have a big impact on how users see the business behind it. For developers therefore it's important to understand how their app will work in the real world.

21 Days Ago   Given recent scares about digital assistants recording conversations, it's perhaps not surprising that levels of trust in these devices are not high. The latest State of Digital Lifestyles survey from Limelight Networks reveals that adoption of digital assistants is highest in the US where 35 percent of consumers currently own one, however, these consumers still have major trust issues with the devices.

21 Days Ago   Voice search has become increasingly popular in the last few years and figures from Seotribunal show that around half of teens and 41 percent of adults are using it in their day-to-day activities.

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