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2 Days Ago   Businesses are starting to recognize that it may be impossible to keep attackers completely out of their networks, so they are starting to look for ways of fighting them more efficiently.

3 Days Ago   According to a new report, 96 percent of all employees face some sort of difficulty when looking for the most recent version of a document or file.

3 Days Ago   For many people wearing a watch is as much about how it looks as how it works. In these days of smart devices that often requires a trade off between style and function.

4 Days Ago   New research released by security awareness and email protection company Mimecast finds that more than two-thirds of employees admit to personal use of work devices during office hours.

4 Days Ago   Operational technology is critical in areas like energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and transportation, but it's often be based on legacy systems which can be difficult to keep secure, with updates often needing to be carried out using USB devices.

4 Days Ago   Malware is constantly evolving in an attempt to steal data or make money for the people behind it. A new report by Malwarebytes Labs reveals the latest shift towards attacks that can avoid detection but also stay on a system to be reactivated later.

4 Days Ago   Risk management and cybersecurity specialist SureCloud has discovered that the popular VTech Storio Max children's tablet can easily be hacked, enabling criminals to take control of the devices and snoop on unsuspecting victims.

5 Days Ago   In an interesting new trend some companies are claiming to be able to unlock encrypted files following a ransomware attack, but are in fact simply acting as brokers between victims and attackers.

5 Days Ago   Question and answer site Quora has revealed that its user data has been compromised as a result of unauthorized access to its systems by a 'malicious third party'.

6 Days Ago   According to a new study 94 percent of respondents find it at least 'somewhat difficult' to recruit candidates with the right technology and business skills for driving digital innovation.

9 Days Ago   Cybercriminals are just as keen to exploit the holiday shopping boom as anyone else, with DDoS attacks on eCommerce providers increasing by over 70 percent on Black Friday compared with other days in November.

10 Days Ago   Americans are more worried about a cyberattack disrupting the financial and banking system than attacks against hospital/emergency services, voting systems or power grid/energy supply companies. This is among the findings of a survey by ESET to mark National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, which surveyed 1,500 Americans to discover their views on critical infrastructure attacks.

11 Days Ago   The use of open source components in development projects is commonplace, but vulnerabilities in these components can be easily overlooked and leave the resulting applications insecure.

11 Days Ago   An anti-fraud operation led by the FBI has succeeded in disrupting a scam that has seen cybercriminals using botnets to manipulate internet traffic from 1.7 million IP addresses and generate nearly 30 million dollars in fraudulent ad revenue.

12 Days Ago   By 2022 more IP traffic will be created on global networks than in the entire 32 year life of the internet to date. This rather startling prediction comes from network infrastructure specialist Cisco which reckons that by 2022, 60 percent of the global population will be internet users.

12 Days Ago   It's two years since international forces interfered with the security of the US elections. However, with the US midterm elections behind us and the presidential elections ahead, vulnerabilities in the country’s voting infrastructure still remain.

13 Days Ago   Businesses should expect to see a spike in potential cyberattacks starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and continuing throughout the holiday shopping season, according to a new report.

18 Days Ago   As more and more of us rely on mobile devices to access the internet, traditional endpoint security solutions don’t always provide the protection we need. Cybersecurity company BullGuard is partnering with VPN specilaist NordVPN  to launch a new consumer anonymity solution.

18 Days Ago   If you're an Amazon customer you may have received a rather strange email this morning. It states that the company has, "...inadvertently disclosed your name and email address due to a technical error." It then goes on to say, "The issue has been fixed.

19 Days Ago   In Europe DDoS attack volumes have increased sharply during the third quarter 2018 according to a new report. The report from DDoS protection specialist Link11 shows the average attack volume more than doubled in July, August and September, to 4.6 Gbps (up from 2.2 Gbps in Q2).

20 Days Ago   The number of reported vulnerabilities in 2018 is seven percent down on the same period last year, according to a new report from Risk Based Security.

20 Days Ago   In the last few years APIs have become a critical enabler of digital transformation for businesses across all sectors. Cybersecurity company Ping Identity has surveyed more than 100 security and IT professionals to determine their concerns surrounding the increased use of APIs.

23 Days Ago   Cyberattacks are often thought of as being a problem just for large organizations. But a new study by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Keeper Security, shows that small businesses increasingly face the same cybersecurity risks as larger ones.

23 Days Ago   While a large majority of companies now permit employees to use their own devices for work, they have concerns over security and privacy. Organizations are making BYOD available to employees (76 percent), contractors (27 percent), partners (25 percent), customers (22 percent), and suppliers (19 percent).

24 Days Ago   There has been an increase in the use of .com extensions in phishing emails that target financial service departments, according to a new analysis. In October alone, anti-phishing company Cofense Intelligence analyzed 132 unique samples with the .com extension, compared to only 34 samples analyzed in the nine months before.

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