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47 Days Ago   Sometimes it’s great to have the answer to a negative: Can you flip through photos in a screensaver in macOS 10.14 Mojave when you have a photo album selected while it still plays?

49 Days Ago   “I have an old Apple monitor,” several readers write each week. “How can I hook it up?” We’ve written a number of articles about connecting each of the generations of Apple monitors, from the DVI-based models through DisplayPort-only configurations and finishing with the last generation, which relied on Thunderbolt 2: Want to connect an old DVI monitor to newer Mac with USB-C?

51 Days Ago   Update: Google appears to have fixed the sync issue. If you still have problems, read the bottom of this article. A few days ago, something broke with Google’s calendar synchronization as it works in macOS and for some iOS users.

52 Days Ago   Apparently, one piece of online folk wisdom goes as follows: If you’re having trouble with your Apple ID, just create a new one and abandon the old one.

53 Days Ago   Time Machine’s main purpose is to back up an internal startup volume, but it can also archive the contents of other volumes on an internal drive and volumes on externally attached drives.

55 Days Ago   Yubico's new YubiKey 5Ci is the company's first hardware authentication device with a Lightning adapter for the iPhone. YubiKey provides security that reduces the potential of password-based account hijacking.

56 Days Ago   I use my phone constantly for directions, as I’m sure millions of drivers do. And one of the primary situation I and others run into is that the chosen route turns out to be a bad one due to traffic, road closures, or accidents.

59 Days Ago   Apple has been a fantastic promoter of better password security by suggesting strong passwords and auto-filling them in Safari for macOS and iOS. These passwords are long, complex, automatically stored, stored securely, and—if you have iCloud Keychain—synchronized across all your devices linked to the same iCloud account that also have iCloud Keychain enabled.

59 Days Ago   Macs may be a far less tempting target for malware and viruses, but they’re not immune from attack. Even if you don’t care about adware or being used as a means to infect users on other platforms, it’s still possible to fall victim to ransomware, password theft, or stolen iPhone backups.

60 Days Ago   Time Machine is an archive rather than a backup, because it retains multiple versions of files as you change them. That’s useful, because if you’re editing an image, a word-processing file, or another document, you can use Time Machine to restore a version before you made certain changes.

61 Days Ago   Most people who own Apple hardware have different generations of equipment in use. And because the company’s gear can last a long time, you can wind up with some old equipment—like an ancient Apple TV or Mac that’s being used to serve up video or what have you.

63 Days Ago   Woe to those who receive cryptic messages on their Macs. “Click accept on the account page to update this app” is one of them. Which apps?

66 Days Ago   Quick! First answer that pops into your head: When you press a Print button, what do you think will happen next? It will print, right? Sure, but not when you’re using Photos for macOS.

68 Days Ago   Calculations are for computers, but Soulver makes them human again. The app, overhauled for version 3, lets you type in readable and formatted arithmetic calculations, functions, dates, and unit conversions, and get results you can use.

69 Days Ago   Spotify has a handsome macOS app for accessing and making playlists, searching its library of music and other audio, and playing it back. But there’s a mystery in its lists: If you click a column heading for a playlist, album, or other view to sort by ascending or descending order, how do you restore the original sequence?

73 Days Ago   Time Machine is a simple and generally effective way to make an ongoing archive of a Mac’s files and folder structure. But it’s only a single copy of your data.

75 Days Ago   iMovie lets you create movies from photos and videos, and while its interface is a little hard to understand in parts, you can overcome those limitations and master it to produce great results.

76 Days Ago   Say “YubiKey” aloud, and you might get a sense of the intention of Yubico, the company behind this USB hardware-based authentication key that’s stormed the internet by being very clever and working with open standards.

87 Days Ago   One of the great selling points for Macs has been a combination of their longevity and resale value. I know plenty of people with decade-old Macs.

91 Days Ago   With the public beta out for macOS 10.15 Catalina, you might be a thrill seeker and want to test out the in-progress version. But maybe you’d like to hedge your bets.

95 Days Ago   People interacting with their phone while driving have been implicated in an enormous number of accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 3,166 people were outright killed as the result of distracted driving in 2017.

101 Days Ago   A few days ago, I explained how to extract data from a Time Capsule networked drive and Wi-Fi router if you received a warning that you couldn’t back up to it as a destination.

102 Days Ago   Sometimes—maybe often—you need to access your Mac, but you’re not sitting in front of it. You might be an office away, across town, or on the other side of the world.

102 Days Ago   TeamViewer is a powerful remote-access tool designed for large-scale use, and combining remote screen control, remote file access, and robust ability to share the observation or control of screens among users.

102 Days Ago   With a focus on just providing solid remote-access tools, Splashtop is far less expensive than its closest competitors, which include features that many users may not need, such as file storage, password management, and full-blown conferencing tools.

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