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56 Days Ago   Despite offering phones and tablets with ever-more onboard storage, Apple knows that people can still easily outpace available room as they download ever more apps and digital content for those apps.

58 Days Ago   Apple added a new anti-tracking feature to Safari that prevents one-to-one tracking of users who click an ad on one site and make a purchase on another, unrelated site.

58 Days Ago   Apple added an option in late 2016 to give you the equivalent of cloud-based bottomless Desktop and Documents folders in macOS to pair with iCloud Music Library and what’s now called iCloud Photos.

59 Days Ago   While software programs usually live in the Applications folder in macOS, they can be found all over the place. That’s because some apps are really tiny utilities that applications or services require and which shouldn’t be launched by a user.

64 Days Ago   Time Machine in macOS can automatically back up every volume you have mounted on a Mac except those that you exclude. You manage the exclusions list by opening the Time Machine preference pane and clicking Options, where you can also add particular folder hierarchies, which appears as paths.

66 Days Ago   Apple likes to hide the fuss of technical choices in its software. That includes Photos, which provides a lot of sophisticated functions with a friendly veneer.

70 Days Ago   If you ever used iTunes on the Mac to sync photos and albums with iOS, you could have problems enabling iCloud Photos, Apple’s synchronization and backup options for images and videos captured in and imported into iOS and macOS.

72 Days Ago   When you mount a drive in the Finder, you expect it to stay there. If you’ve found that your previously reliable external hard disk drive or SSD starts ejecting itself, trouble is obviously afoot.

73 Days Ago   Your hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) “know” quite a bit about how well they’re functioning. Nearly all modern drives of both kinds have internal diagnostics and track other information about usage and wear.

73 Days Ago   If I walked up to you and said you never had to enter a password for any login ever again, you might throw your arms around me and act like it was V-J Day in 1945 in Times Square.

77 Days Ago   Far better than ordinary power strips, these products will protect your expensive electronics from dangerous power spikes. We'll help you pick the right one for your home or small office.

79 Days Ago   Apple’s Time Capsule combined a Wi-Fi base station and a hard drive for networked data access and Time Machine backups. The company discontinued the device and other related network gear, but there are plenty still in operation.

80 Days Ago   Two weeks ago, I wrote about the “I d.o.n.t.” autocorrect mystery that a Macworld reader was having with their iPhone. Tapping in “I don’t” resulted in “I D.o.n.t.” They had no idea why, and nothing they tried worked.

80 Days Ago   Alarm bells went off for Twitter user @ravenvanderrave, a nom de guerre for a consistent naysayer about the electric-car company Tesla, after a purported journalist with no apparent public history began sending messages pressing for personal info.

87 Days Ago   Apple gives email addresses away at no cost, but it’s not always obvious how to obtain one by itself or add one to an existing Apple ID account, or how to get additional addresses if you already have one at

91 Days Ago   You have a perfectly functioning iPhone and you plug it via USB to a Mac. When you switch to iTunes, you see the message: iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone “phone name”.

92 Days Ago   What if your address receives so much spam or other unwanted email that it’s useless to you and you want to abandon it? If it’s also your Apple ID account name, you might think you were out of luck.

94 Days Ago   MacOS can act in mysterious ways, and it can be difficult from either the Finder or through  > About This Mac > Storage view to figure out exactly what is eating up your disk storage.

95 Days Ago   Apple changed the behavior of Safari in macOS 10.14.4, and you may have noticed it and thought it was a bug. Now, if you have stored a password for a website, when you select a login entry to autofill, Safari 12.1 for macOS automatically submits the login.

98 Days Ago   In a recent column, “How to cope with a Photos library too big to fit on an internal Mac drive,” I explained that there aren’t any methods supported by Apple that let you have a Photos library at full resolution on a Mac if the library can’t fit on your internal drive with the spare room you need—or exceeds the drive entirely.

99 Days Ago   The phrase sui generis just means, roughly, “in a class by itself.” It’s often used in a positive way to describe a person. “Marie Curie was sui generis: a chemist of outstanding and unique ability.” For technical issues, it’s rarely desirable to be one of a kind.

102 Days Ago   Automated calls that offer unwanted or illegal products or that attempt to defraud you are known as robocalls. And they have risen into the billions in recent years.

105 Days Ago   When you have an older iPhoto library and a newer Photos library on your Mac and you copy both libraries to an external drive, you might notice that they collectively occupy a lot more space than they do on an internal drive.

106 Days Ago   If you use Time Machine, you know that macOS asks you whenever you mount a new external drive whether or not you want to use it as another Time Machine destination.

108 Days Ago   iCloud Photos lets you have your picture of a cake and shoot a video of eating it, too. You can create a library of images and movies that’s far larger than the storage space available on any linked iOS or macOS device without losing anything you’ve captured.

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