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Yesterday   Will Strafach is best known for being an early and frequent jailbreaker of Apple’s iOS operating system for iPhones and iPads. But Strafach has always aimed for the white-hat side of the hacking ethical divide.

3 Days Ago   Touch ID is old hat, having first appeared in 2013 with the iPhone 5s. However, some features still remain obscure, based on reader email and conversations I have.

4 Days Ago   A decade ago–long before the current controversies over what big companies are doing with our data–a lot of people were already irate about ad networks that followed their activity across sites in order ever more precisely to target marketing messages.

5 Days Ago   When you own multiple Macs that are linked to the same iCloud credentials and you also have iCloud Photos turned on, you may want to not sync the iCloud Photos library to every one of your Macs.

7 Days Ago   With all the features Apple has crammed into iTunes for macOS, it's a Swiss Army knife of an app (or maybe more like a 20 pounds of potatoes in a five-pound bag).

8 Days Ago   A webcam can be easily misused—and sometimes hijacked by malicious software. While macOS has been generally free of malware that can tap into the camera, and Apple has a hardware-linked green LED that can’t be disabled in software when the camera is active, you may still want to prevent the camera from being used at all.

9 Days Ago   Deletion seems so final, and it’s worthwhile to pause a moment and reflect before clicking any Delete button or selecting any Delete menu item. In Photos for macOS, you’re presented with many opportunities to delete items and collections, but Apple fortunately spells out the effects.

12 Days Ago   The indicator lights for active Ethernet connections might help you troubleshoot problems with a Wi-Fi router. While Wi-Fi and Ethernet may seem like two utterly different pieces of technology, they combine in a wireless router, in which the device’s software interconnects networking traffic across the two types—and on some models, across a third via DSL or cable standards.

13 Days Ago   While malware hasn’t found a fertile home on the Mac for decades, scammers keep trying. As many of you have experienced, adware and other software that delivers unwanted content or an unwanted experience abounds—like redirecting you to a specific website for searching or turning all Amazon links into affiliate links that earn the scammers a commission until they’re shut down.

16 Days Ago   The Media Browser in macOS’s Open dialog was a powerful addition many years ago. You may not even know it’s called that: it’s the area in the left-hand sidebar in any Open dialog below the Media label.

20 Days Ago   There’s a gulf of difference between bitmap and vector graphics. Bitmap art is made of pixels and has a scale attached: each pixel represents black or white, or some gray or color tone.

22 Days Ago   The Photo Booth app lets you take selfies and record videos through a Mac’s built-in camera or a third-party camera. But the app’s simple interface can make it a little tricky to figure out how to extract images.

23 Days Ago   Apple’s AirDrop feature first appeared in 2011 for transferring files and other kinds of information. It first worked only intra-platform: from iOS to iOS and macOS to macOS.

28 Days Ago   Modern websites have a legitimate reason to push a lot of data to your browser that it retains for future sessions. This can vary from a browser “cookie” that maintains a session for a short period of time to other identifiers and even databases that are pulled up, but only when you visit the site again.

35 Days Ago   Sometimes macOS tries to help you by not letting you carry out actions that would break the system or software you’re using. There are extra levels of warnings available that you might choose to turn off or bypass.

37 Days Ago   Macs may be a far less tempting target for malware and viruses, but they’re not immune from attack. Even if you don’t care about adware or being used as a means to infect users on other platforms, it’s still possible to fall victim to ransomware, password theft, or stolen iPhone backups.

37 Days Ago   Unicode is a massive, sprawling effort that pairs a number to every unique character in a language, every punctuation mark, every math symbol, and much more.

41 Days Ago   You're not required to use an iPhone with iTunes in macOS and Windows, but plenty of people still plug in to a computer via USB and rely on Apple’s music-management software to handle syncing, updates, and backups.

42 Days Ago   Editor's note: USA Today reports that SmugMug extended the deadline to March 12 for users to download their images from Flickr before they are deleted. For much of its time under Yahoo, Flickr suffered benign neglect, even though a small team of developers kept it alive and advanced in often tiny increments.

43 Days Ago   iCloud Photos requires the use of Photos in iOS or macOS to sync images across all the devices with which you’re logged into the same iCloud account, as well as uploading them at full resolution to the central iCloud servers, where you can access them at

44 Days Ago   Mac 911 is a place you can come with no judgement, even if you managed to erase your Mac’s startup disk and you’re not sure what to do next.

45 Days Ago   Your phone lights up with a number that appears to be not just in the same area code, but the same prefix (the next three digits), indicating that it might be a neighbor or a nearby business.

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