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14 Hours Ago   Paleontologists in China have detected traces of an unlaid egg in a 110-million-year-old bird fossil from the Cretaceous period, in what’s considered the first discovery of its kind.

2 Days Ago   Semen frozen back in 1968 has been used to impregnate dozens of Merino ewes, resulting in healthy lambs. The Australian scientists who made it happen say it’s the oldest sperm ever used to produce offspring.

2 Days Ago   The ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic field—a trait known as magnetoreception—is well documented among many animals, but researchers have struggled to show that humans are also capable of the feat.

6 Days Ago   Humans couldn’t always easily produce “f” and “v” sounds, according to a surprising new study. The reason we can now enjoy words like “flavor” and “effervescent,” say the researchers, has to do with changes to the ancestral human diet and the introduction of soft foods—a development that altered the way we bite, and… Read more...

7 Days Ago   Prehistoric Britons traveled impressive distances to attend celebrations at monumental sites like Stonehenge, according to new research. Incredibly, many of them brought their pigs along with them for the journey—an impressive feat, considering some participants came from hundreds of miles away.

8 Days Ago   Archaeologists in Germany have unearthed some 400 artifacts dating back to a Nazi massacre in which hundreds of forced laborers were executed during the closing phases of World War II.

8 Days Ago   During the Apollo missions, NASA smartly set aside some lunar materials knowing future scientists would likely be better equipped to analyze them. Now, nearly 50 years later, the space agency is giving a select group of researchers the extraordinary opportunity to study these unopened and untarnished samples.

9 Days Ago   Dating back more than 12,000 years, this extraordinary example of rock art features a scene involving birds and humans—a rarity for the Paleolithic Period on several accounts.

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