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5 Days Ago   In what is being put down to an inadvertent leak by MSI, it could be that the currently unannounced chipset for AMD's new 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper series processors has been officially mentioned (not withstanding the unconfirmed leaks from various sources).

6 Days Ago   When it comes to small form factor systems, options are few and far between. For AMD's X570, out of the 35+ motherboards currently available, just four of them are smaller than mATX.

7 Days Ago   On the back of Intel's upcoming launch of its HEDT Cascade Lake-X processors in November, MSI has unveiled three new X299 motherboards for content creators, and professional users.

11 Days Ago   The battle between Intel and AMD fighting over market share is hotter than it has ever been. With each of the two colossal chip makers doing battle for brand supremacy, we've seen two primary desktop chipsets set the standard in the world of desktop motherboards; the Z390 and X570 chipsets.

11 Days Ago   The concept and implementation of RGB can be a deal-breaker when buying a new motherboard. With many models to choose from, not many are brave enough to drop the rainbow lighting money spinning feature.

12 Days Ago   Back at Computex 2019, GIGABYTE had three new models of motherboards on display. These new motherboards at the time were almost mistaken for next-generation Intel boards, with GIGABYTE quickly rubbishing the rumours of a new chipset at the time, as they were marked with X299G.

19 Days Ago   This year marks the 50th anniversary of AMD's contribution to the industry and AMD's various partners have celebrated this notable achievement. One such company is ASRock, which has released its limited-edition ASRock X570 Aqua motherboard to the market with just 999 pieces available for purchase.

21 Days Ago   The introduction of the X570 chipset has heralded some of the most impressive and feature-rich desktop motherboards for an AMD platform in recent times. One prime example of this is the GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Xtreme which includes an Aquantia powered 10 GbE NIC, Intel's Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax wireless interface, and has support for up to three PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 drives.

43 Days Ago   In the second quarter of 2019, a lot of the buzz in the motherboard market was dominated by the release of the AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors and X570 chipset which brought a lot of features along with it including PCIe 4.0, a lot of Wi-Fi 6 wireless interfaces, and improved componentry to give users the most premium models on an AMD desktop platform for a very long time.

48 Days Ago   With the introduction of AMD's X570 chipset, motherboard vendors have upped its game in the premium stakes with a variety of premium mid-range and high-end models.

55 Days Ago   At the Gamescom trade show in Cologne in Germany, ASUS has unveiled its new high-end premium HEDT motherboard, the ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore. Built on Intel's X299 chipset and for the anticipated arrival of the their Cascade Lake-X processors, some of the main features include support for up to four PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 drives, Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax wireless connectivity, and an Aquantia AQC107 10 G NIC.

64 Days Ago   Not all motherboards are created equal, and some come with different distinguishing features which amplify them above the others. Whether that be gaming or professional use, the ASUS Pro WS X570-Ace as it stands is the only X570 model which is focused on the professional market with official support for ECC memory, three full-length PCIe 4.0 slots which operate at x16, x8/x8, and is the only current X570 model to operate at x8/x8/x8 across all of its slots, using a full x8 connection from the ch

89 Days Ago   In our first X570 motherboard review we have the MSI MEG X570 Ace. This motherboard represents MSI's high-end range and sits in the top 3 of its product stack.

98 Days Ago   During Computex 2019, AMD's CEO Dr Lisa Su introduced the company's newest AM4 chipset, the X570. Designed to support the new AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors, X570 is just as big of an update as the new Zen 2 architecture is.

109 Days Ago   The next generation of AMD Ryzen 3000 processors is edging closer to being released, and we'll see the results on July 7th. But alongside the new 7 nm processors we have a brand new motherboard chipset.

112 Days Ago   During Computex 2019, Noctua announced its plans to update its fabled D series of CPU coolers with a new design. The new, currently-unnamed coolers incorporate an extra heat pipe as compared to the current NH-D15 and NH-D15S, as well as increase performance and utilize an asymmetrical design for improved PCIe slot clearance.

119 Days Ago   During Computex 2019, ASRock announced its upcoming X570 range ready for the launch of AMD's Ryzen 3000 series processors. One of the motherboard highlights of the show was the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX TB3, which includes a very solid feature set including Thunderbolt 3 Type-C, a solid looking 10-phase power delivery, and a Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax wireless interface.

123 Days Ago   At Computex 2019, ASUS unveiled a number of ROG-branded motherboards aimed at gamers and enthusiasts for AMD's new X570 chipset. Most of them are ATX, but a small handful of models are designed for small form factor users and the ASUS ROG Strix X570-I Gaming is one such model with a mini-ITX sized PCB.

123 Days Ago   GIGABYTE has released only a handful of its professional focused and creator-driven Designare branded motherboards, one for X299 and X399 for HEDT, as well as a Z390 version for desktop users.

124 Days Ago   At Computex 2019, GIGABYTE unveiled a couple of new motherboards on Intel's X299 chipset in lieu of the new refreshed Skylake-X processors expected later this year.

124 Days Ago   During Computex 2019, GIGABYTE unveiled a wide variety of X570 motherboards stretching from the entry-level X570 Gaming X to the very high-end flagship, the X570 Aorus Xtreme.

124 Days Ago   Corsair, the peripheral, cooling, and jack of all trades powerhouse has unveiled two new gaming mice, the Nightsword RGB, and M55 RGB Pro Gaming mouse. The Corsair Nightsword RGB is weight tunable with a Pixart PMW3391 18,000 DPI optical sensor, while the Corsair M55 RGB Pro uses an ambidextrous design with a 12,400 DPI optical sensor, and uses Omron switches rated at 50 million clicks.

125 Days Ago   At Computex 2019, TeamGroup unveiled a couple of new products aimed at users looking for high-end components. One of these was its refreshed T-Force Xcalibur DDR4 memory now with addressable ARGB LEDs.

125 Days Ago   Also on display at the TeamGroup booth was its T-Force Cardea Zero PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 which uses the Phison PS5016-E16 controller which we saw frequently throughout Computex this year.

125 Days Ago   At Computex 2019, ASUS announced two TUF Gaming branded motherboards, the TUF Gaming X570-Plus and TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi. Both models are identical in terms of specifications apart from one thing, the X570-Plus Wi-Fi includes an Intel AC 9260 wireless interface which also includes BT 5 connectivity.

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