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Yesterday   Motorola is expected to launch at least two more “One” smartphones within the next few months but their existence might hint at the end of the company’s Z series.

2 Days Ago   Samsung has finally updated its smartphone charging capabilities, which means its competitors have to step up their game. With so much at stake, Huawei definitely has to put its best foot forward with the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro.

2 Days Ago   Garmin is no longer just about GPS navigation in cars. It isn’t even about golf watches. An almost unlikely player in the wearable market, Garmin has started making smartwatches and fitness wearables to jump on that still unstable industry.

3 Days Ago   Smart thermostat maker Nest has gotten a lot of criticism after it was acquired by Google. Users and fans expressed even more fears and disappointment when Google practically signed its death sentence when it put all its smart home products under the Nest brand.

3 Days Ago   With the Galaxy Note 10 out of the way, news about future smartphones are starting to flow in. LG already started teasing its IFA 2019 bet while the Motorola One Zoom has already been fully leaked.

3 Days Ago   HTC’s mobile business has long been in predicted to be on its way out but, year after year, the company seems to survive, even if barely.

3 Days Ago   While Apple is positioning itself as the champion of privacy, other companies are accusing it of monopoly and unfair business practices. Its biggest accuser in that regard is, surprisingly or not, the music streaming giant Spotify.

3 Days Ago   It seems the trend among smartphone makers is to try their hands at expanding their screens and expanding into the smart TV market. Huawei subsidiary Honor has just revealed its Honor Vision and, not to be outdone, OnePlus is about to do the same.

4 Days Ago   LG’s teaser for IFA 2019 started with a bang but then seemed to sizzled into a dud. The company hinted very clearly that its September event will involve another dual screen setup.

4 Days Ago   The smart home ecosystem has practically settled into three camps revolving around the top AI assistants. Some of those products remain rooted to one camp but the enterprising ones try to cover all the bases.

4 Days Ago   Facebook introduced the concept of floating circles for its Messenger app on Android and it was one of the earliest divisive features of the social network.

5 Days Ago   Apple has always discouraged the use of third-party accessories, especially those that have not been certified for its devices. Its argument has always been on the safety of devices, especially lightning cables that charge iPhones and carry data to and from the mobile device.

5 Days Ago   As a first time phone maker, it wasn’t surprising that Google made quite a few missteps with the first Pixel and Pixel XL. Despite that, the phones gathered positive reviews especially for its cameras.

5 Days Ago   At one point in time, Sonos was the household name in wireless connected speakers. It has since lost its distinction to other connected speakers and especially to smart speakers.

6 Days Ago   You rarely hear about Android tablets these days outside of Samsung and occasionally Huawei. There are, however, still a few companies that keep churning out these slates.

6 Days Ago   Apple runs a very tight ship and, like it or not, iOS is considered one of the most secure platforms in the mainstream consumer market. That’s not to say it has no security holes and some that get through the cracks have been around for years.

9 Days Ago   Android Q is bringing in a lot of changes but it might be famous or infamous for one thing: shifting Android to a fully gestural navigation system.

9 Days Ago   The Galaxy Note 10 is a fine smartphone and example of innovation in the smartphone market. It is, however, also arguably one of Samsung most highly-debated models in recent memory.

10 Days Ago   Smart speakers are a hot topic these days and, unfortunately for their makers, not in a good way. Almost all three of the big names have been dragged into controversy but the very first one to be named was Amazon and its Alexa assistant.

10 Days Ago   The current state of technology is pretty much a compromise when it comes to data storage. HDD’s have high capacities and are cheap but sometimes unreliable while SSDs are thinner, more durable, but also more expensive.

11 Days Ago   Apple and Google are taking a lot of heat for their square camera bumps but they aren’t then first ones to use that design. Both credit and blame should be laid on Huawei, whose Mate 20 phones last year bore the square cut.

11 Days Ago   Google Stadia has become one of the hottest news in the gaming industry, at least one that doesn’t have a lot of controversies attached to it.

11 Days Ago   HTC’s smartphones are already having problems selling on their own, the last thing the company needs is have them pulled from a major market. It’s not the US, admittedly, but having all HTC phones suddenly become unavailable in the UK is now small matter.

12 Days Ago   It’s still early August but someone seems to be pretty excited about September. Perhaps trying to steer attention away from Samsung’s Unpacked event on 7th August, LG has published an article on its Korean website that is practically its public announcement of its press event at IFA 2019 which is still a whole month away.

12 Days Ago   After NVIDIA bowed out of the mobile rat race, it didn’t completely step out of the Android market. In fact, by removing smartphones and tablets from its attention, it was able to pour all its focus on the NVIDIA SHIELD, an Android TV device that just keeps on giving nearly five years later.

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