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Yesterday   We’ve seen Boston Dynamics’ Spot Minis play reindeer and pull Santa’s truck but those may have nothing on this robot hailing all the way from Italy.

Yesterday   We, and especially SpaceX, probably imagine rocket launches that take off any time just like planes. Reality, however, is that such launches are at the mercy of the weather even more than planes are.

Yesterday   Snapchat’s claim to fame has always been its privacy feature, automatically deleting so-called ephemeral messages or after a period of time. Ironically, the social network’s biggest criticisms have also been on its privacy practices.

Yesterday   While instant messaging and chat is probably still the most popular way to communicate with a group of people, some find it more efficient and practical to actually say what they want face to face.

2 Days Ago   It’s been quite a while since Acer updated its Nitro 5 gaming laptop and its Swift 3 thin-and-light notebook but now that it is, it’s making quite a bit change.

2 Days Ago   There are only a few Android tablets left in the market and even fewer companies making them. Aside from Samsung, Amazon is probably the next biggest maker of Android tablets and it isn’t even making premium ones.

2 Days Ago   TVs are no longer what they were just a few years ago. Never mind how some have become so thin that they almost disappear into walls, they’ve also become so intelligent they could become the hub of modern smart homes.

3 Days Ago   Smartphones have changed the camera market forever. For one, it put point-and-shoot cameras on notice, forcing camera makers to reevaluate their product lines and businesses. But just as important, it created a new culture and breed of photographers who want to take photos anytime, anywhere, even in places where $800 smartphones would start sweating in fear.

3 Days Ago   Web browsers have become bigger than ever in more ways than one. Yes, they have become practically central to the way we use computers but they’ve also become more complex as they gain new features.

3 Days Ago   Huawei is having a pretty bittersweet month. It just launched the Huawei P30 series last month but now faces a crisis thanks to a US ban that has at least been temporarily suspended.

4 Days Ago   Netbooks are coming back in style. That is if you believe the likes of Chuwi, GPD, and One Netbook. These Chinese brands have been pushing small, large pocket-sized palmtop computers for quite a while now and they’re taking the next big step in that direction.

4 Days Ago   In the midst of the storm that blasted Facebook over the past two years, Instagram remained mostly unshaken and a shining beacon in the company’s portfolio.

4 Days Ago   Some Microsoft faithful might feel that Microsoft lost an edge when it gave up on its homegrown web rendering engine but the benefits of basing Microsoft Edge on Chromium could make up for what little was lost.

4 Days Ago   Most of us take time for granted and presume that seconds are just, well, seconds. For some applications in science and technology, however, being precise down to the millisecond can make a world of difference.

5 Days Ago   If you imagined Samsung having a PR panic attack over the Galaxy Fold fiasco last month, you can probably imagine how Huawei is taking all the recent news that has been gnawing at its image in the past days.

5 Days Ago   As one series ends, another one is set to begin. Just before HBO aired the finale of Game of Thrones, it showed a glimpse of what’s coming for its other popular TV series.

5 Days Ago   Pokemon is one of those almost never-ending franchises that keeps on adding new monsters. That’s great news for Niantic Labs because it won’t be running out of new content any time soon.

5 Days Ago   It may be bleeding from quarter after quarter of losses but don’t count LG out of the smartphone game just yet. It hasn’t thrown in the towel and is, in fact, bullish on pushing its mobile phones forward despite all odds.

8 Days Ago   You don’t often hear of smartphone display makers unless they’re Samsung, Sharp, Sony, LG, or JDI. Some panel makers, however, do want their customers to know that they were there first in whatever innovation those smartphone makers may be bragging about.

8 Days Ago   At I/O 2019 last week, Google announced that Nest would be its single brand not just for existing Nest products but also for its other smart home devices, like the Home smart speakers.

8 Days Ago   ASUS slogan for its ZenFones for the past years has been “In Search of Incredible”. This year, it seems to have adopted a new one in light of the recent trends in the smartphone market.

9 Days Ago   All the fuss around foldable phones and tablets and even self-driving cars may have taken the attention away from the other holy grail of transportation. Lilium, however, is trying to get the spotlight back on that stage, specifically the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) stage.

9 Days Ago   If there’s one thing that seems to define smartphone designs these days, it would be the pervading desire to get rid of bezels. That, in turn, has brought up solutions like cutouts, dual screens, sliders, and even flippers.

9 Days Ago   Smartphones and digital cameras are getting more capable and more sophisticated and that’s not yet considering the new breed of 360-degree 3D cameras that are starting to pop up here and there.

9 Days Ago   If you’ve had your fill of the Samsungs and Huaweis and Googles and even the OnePluses of the market and want something different, then you might want to wait a few more weeks before deciding on your next flagship smartphone.

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