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3 Days Ago   Well, here’s a happy surprise: it seems that Dark Souls: Remastered has launched a day early for some players. Originally scheduled to launch tomorrow, Dark Souls: Remastered has gone live on Steam today.

3 Days Ago   Back in September of last year, Amazon brought Alexa to its Amazon Music app. It was a move we could all see coming from a mile away – while Alexa might not be readily available on Android or iOS devices, adding the AI companion to its various apps was an obvious move for Amazon.

3 Days Ago   While last week’s eShop update was pretty massive in terms of new addition, this week things are settling down a bit. There are still some exciting games coming to the eShop, but perhaps none that are quite as big as last week’s Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

3 Days Ago   For as great as online shopping is, it delays the feeling of instant gratification you get from buying something you want from a brick and mortar store.

4 Days Ago   After years and years of waiting, The Incredibles 2 is very nearly here. The Incredibles is widely considered to be one of the best Pixar movies ever created, so you can bet fans are looking forward to this follow up.

4 Days Ago   Acer announced a ton of new Chromebooks during its New York press conference today, but if you weren’t swayed by those, then you might want to have a look at the new Swift 5 notebook.

4 Days Ago   During the next@Acer press conference today, the company announced its 2018 lineup of Chromebooks. The line includes four new Chromebooks in all; two with 13-inch displays and two with 15-inch displays.

4 Days Ago   Electronic Arts made a rather surprising announcement today, revealing that it has acquired GameFly’s cloud gaming assets and its personnel. We have, of course, heard a lot of talk about game streaming in recent years, with many big players in the games industry either considering a streaming service of their own or already trying their hand at it.

4 Days Ago   iFixit has wasted little time in tearing down yet another flagship phone: the OnePlus 6. US orders for the OnePlus 6 opened only yesterday, and a mere 24 hours later, iFixit is getting its hands dirty and telling us just how easy it is to repair the phone as a DIY project.

5 Days Ago   Late last year, we learned of Facebook’s plan to combat the spread of revenge porn through its services. The plan was admittedly a little weird, as it involved sending your own naked photos to yourself through Messenger and having a Facebook engineers create a unique hash for those images that would prevent them from being shared across the whole of … Continue reading

5 Days Ago   For this entire console generation, the PlayStation 4 has been the dominant system. Sony has had an excellent run with the PlayStation 4, thanks it large part to the vast number of exclusives it’s secured for the platform.

5 Days Ago   A big day has arrived for you OnePlus fans out there. OnePlus 6 orders have opened up in the United States, less than one week after the phone was officially unveiled.

5 Days Ago   While the standard DualShock 4 controllers that ship with the PlayStation 4 are probably enough for most gamers, there will always be a subset of users who want more customization options for their gamepads.

5 Days Ago   Yubico made a couple of exciting announcements concerning its YubiKey NEO authentication hardware today. The first is that the key is now compatible with iPhones, allowing users to employ two-factor authentication methods that don’t need to rely on SMS verification codes.

5 Days Ago   It’s time for yet another weekly Fortnite update, and this one is pretty exciting. This week, we’re getting the version 4.2 content update, and while the patch notes aren’t very long, this certainly seems to be a matter of quality over quantity.

6 Days Ago   Fortnite, like most big games with a competitive aspect these days, has big eSports aspirations. Epic confirmed that today by announcing that it’s earmarking a ridiculous amount of money for Fortnite tournament prize pools.

6 Days Ago   While most people might have eyes on the incoming launch of the LG G7 ThinQ, today the company is also bolstering its mid-range Q line. LG has announced the Q7, which claims to further blur the line behind mid-range and high-end devices.

6 Days Ago   In the Amazon age, Best Buy has made a lot of changes and launched a lot of initiatives to keep pace. One of its most successful initiatives is unquestionably Gamers Club Unlocked, a subscription service that offers big discounts on new games for any platform.

6 Days Ago   From the second Nintendo Labo was announced, it was clear that people were going to do cool things with it. While most of those cool things will revolve around the capabilities of Labo’s cardboard constructions and the accompanying software, today we’re seeing a mod that makes Labo’s piano look a bit more familiar.

6 Days Ago   The LG G7 ThinQ is on the horizon, which means that it’s time for carriers to begin announcing the deals and promotions they’ll offer on the phone.

6 Days Ago   Capcom has been one publisher throwing a lot of support behind the Nintendo Switch, and now it’s about to provide a big first for the console: game streaming.

9 Days Ago   Xbox One’s May update is here, and it’s arriving with a handful of exciting features. Discord is actually taking center stage with this update, and though the app itself isn’t available on Xbox One just yet, this does allow for some degree of integration.

9 Days Ago   I think it’s safe to say that Logitech has been crafting some really solid gaming mice lately. Back in March, I reviewed the G703 and G903 gaming mice, which both come with all the bells and whistles: RGB lighting, Powerplay support, HERO sensors, and LIGHTSPEED technology.

9 Days Ago   It was just a few months ago that Fortnite came to iOS, and it’s safe to say that launch was a success. The entire time, however, Fortnite fans have been wondering when the game will make its way to Android.

9 Days Ago   Earlier this week, Sony dealt a blow that we all knew was coming. The company revealed to developers that it will stop producing physical game cartridges for the PS Vita, a move that marks the beginning of the end for the handheld in a lot of ways.

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