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19 Hours Ago   Ever since we humans started launching ourselves in space, junk has been accumulating in orbit around the Earth. There are more than 7,600 tons of space junk circling our plant, the product of old launches or long-dead satellites.

21 Hours Ago   We’re smack in the middle of a period that’s generally pretty slow for video game sales, so it wasn’t very surprising to see Nintendo announce a new Switch bundle last week.

22 Hours Ago   As artificial intelligence becomes more and more capable, the implications of those capabilities start to become equal parts scary and impressive. That’s particularly true when it comes to creating images of human faces, and a new website that’s making the rounds today sums up the capabilities of machine learning pretty darn well.

Yesterday   Yesterday, Epic delivered Fortnite version 7.40, and with it came a bunch of changes. Chief among these changes was a fix to a console issue that allowed players to exploit the game’s auto aim function, which is automatically applied when using a controller.

Yesterday   Samsung’s big Unpacked event is just a few days away, but it turns out the company isn’t saving all of its reveals for the show. Today it unveiled the Galaxy Tab S5e, which serves up a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display and a battery that Samsung claims can go the distance.

Yesterday   The first Nintendo Direct of 2019 has come and gone, and now that it’s over, we have a better idea of the games that will be coming to the Switch in the first half of the year.

Yesterday   The most recent Nintendo Direct was jammed full of new announcements, and during its 35 minute run time, we learned more about the various Final Fantasy ports that are en route to the Switch.

2 Days Ago   Ever since it launched in 2017, Hollow Knight has become quite the fan-favorite indie game. It’s been consistently held up as one of the best Metroidvania titles around, and today, Team Cherry announced that the game is getting a sequel.

2 Days Ago   Apple’s once-innocuous enterprise certificates have been in the news a lot lately. First it was revealed that both Facebook and Google were using enterprise certificates to deliver data-collecting apps to iPhone users.

2 Days Ago   After a solid couple of months of speculation, the next Nintendo Direct is nearly here. Nintendo is scheduled to broadcast a new Direct centered around the Switch at 5 p.m.

2 Days Ago   New research suggests that Otodus megalodon, easily one of the most popular prehistoric creatures, went extinct earlier than scientists originally thought. This new discovery pushes the extinction date of megalodon back by about one million years, which is a pretty significant shift.

2 Days Ago   In recent months, THQ Nordic has been snatching up a lot of games studios and IP, a spree that continues today with the company’s purchase of Warhorse Studios.

3 Days Ago   It’s a big day for Switch owners, as Nintendo is set to debut a new Direct centered entirely around the console. As per usual, Nintendo has remained fairly tight-lipped about the games we’ll see during the Direct, but at 35 minutes long, there should be a lot of new announcements.

3 Days Ago   One week from today, Samsung will take the stage in San Francisco for its next Unpacked event and reveal the Galaxy S10. Ever since Unpacked 2019 was announced, we’ve known that the Galaxy S10 would be the headliner, and today Samsung made it clear that it knows we know.

3 Days Ago   Though Sony has had an outstanding console generation in pretty much every sense, there was at least one stumble in the PlayStation Classic. Created to take advantage of the nostalgia that turned the NES Classic and the SNES Classic into such successes, the PlayStation Classic ended up disappointing on release for a number of reasons.

3 Days Ago   After months of talking about it, Rocket League‘s cross-platform account system is about to launch. Today, developer Psyonix announced that its Friends Update will launch next week across all platforms.

3 Days Ago   If you’re a regular user of Chrome themes, then you had a surprise waiting for you today upon visiting the Chrome Web Store: new themes from Google.

3 Days Ago   By now, it should be pretty clear that the launch of Apex Legends was met with immediate success. The game racked up 1 million players in its first 24 hours, which then grew to 10 million players after three days.

4 Days Ago   Last year, Niantic rolled out a Pokemon GO feature it called AR+, which enhances the in-game augmented reality effect when you’ve got it turned on. After that feature launched, a lot of people starting sharing screenshots of their Pokemon encounters, which in turn led to the development of another new feature that Niantic is announcing today.

4 Days Ago   For the entirety of 2019 so far, many Switch owners have been clamoring for a new Nintendo Direct. Unfortunately for them, January came and went without the announcement of such a Direct, but now it seems the wait is finally over.

4 Days Ago   A couple of weeks ago, it seemed that Fortnite was an unstoppable force. Despite the sheer number of battle royale titles that have launched over the last year, none of them could really hold a candle to Fortnite, at least not as far as Twitch viewership was concerned.

4 Days Ago   For months now, we’ve been hearing rumors that claim a refreshed set of AirPods are on the way from Apple. The AirPods we have now were released way back at the tail end of 2016, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple – which has a habit of releasing yearly refreshes for many of its devices – decides its time … Continue reading

4 Days Ago   At this point, glitches and Fallout 76 are something akin to peanut butter and jelly – a pairing so common that it’s strange to think of one without the other.

5 Days Ago   It may not have a foldable smartphone to reveal, but Microsoft will nonetheless be at MWC 2019 with some new technology to show off. The company today teased its announcement, and though the teaser it published was vague, it seems to have something to do with HoloLens.

5 Days Ago   For years now, Apple has relied on its proprietary Lightning connector for iPhone and iPad charging, but when the company started shipping modern MacBooks that support USB-C, that led to a lot of speculation that Apple’s mobile devices were next.

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