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40 Minutes Ago   Having been around for 84 years at this point, Monopoly is a game that’s gone through a large number of variations. The most recent spin on the classic board game, however, might be the most interesting one yet.

1 Hour Ago   PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a big update today, and one new feature in particular will be familiar to people who have played Apex Legends. Though Apex Legends has its own problems, it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of its ping system, which allows players to mark enemies, guns, items, or other contextual things of note for teammates.

3 Hours Ago   The Galaxy Fold has spent the last several weeks in limbo. After delaying the device back in April, Samsung has been hesitant to talk of a new release date.

21 Hours Ago   Apex Legends season 2 is on the horizon, but before it arrives, Respawn has detailed some of the changes to weapons it’ll be making once the new season goes live.

22 Hours Ago   For better or worse, Capcom’s Monster Hunter series is going to make the jump to the silver screen next year. We haven’t seen much from the movie aside from a few stills, but today, we’re getting our first real glimpse at it thanks to a leaked trailer.

23 Hours Ago   Earlier this month, Mojang informed us that the various episodes that comprise Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode were living on borrowed time. On June 25th, the company said, all Story Mode episodes will be removed from digital storefronts, which means no more downloading them and certainly no more purchasing them.

Yesterday   If you live in one of the areas where Verizon 5G is available but don’t want to buy Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G, then good news: you’ll soon have another option.

Yesterday   A new Fortnite patch has landed, and the new item it’s adding to the game is definitely an interesting one. In v9.30, we’re saying hello to the Chug Splash, which is an area-of-effect healing item that will come in particularly handy in duos and squad games.

Yesterday   This morning, Facebook confirmed some long-running rumors by announcing that it’s about to dive into the world of cryptocurrency. That cryptocurrency is called Libra, and it’ll launch next year alongside a digital wallet called Calibra.

Yesterday   In recent years, Domino’s has seemed focused on changing the pizza delivery experience. Whether that was through creating apps that could handle placing orders through services like Slack or deploying AI that’s capable of checking the quality of cooked pizza, Domino’s has been dipping its hand into a lot of different honey pots in search of ways to perfect its … Continue reading

Yesterday   Adobe is gearing up to launch a new painting and drawing app for iPad, and today the company is revealing a few more details about what we can expect.

Yesterday   With a social network as big as Instagram, users getting their accounts hacked and hijacked is a common problem. Instagram has rolled out some measures to keep accounts secure, but users are saying those aren’t enough, especially when it comes to reclaiming a hijacked account.

2 Days Ago   Comcast today announced the roll out of new eye control remote that makes it easier for those with disabilities to change channels or set recordings using only their eye movement.

2 Days Ago   Though it was obvious that Huawei’s blacklisting in the US would have a negative impact on it, thus far, the company hasn’t given us a clear idea of just how much of a setback it is.

4 Days Ago   The free game offered through the Epic Games Store has rotated, and the one up for grabs this week is particularly great. By logging into your Epic Games account before June 20th, you’ll be able to claim a free copy of Enter the Gungeon.

4 Days Ago   There’s no question that Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the biggest games at E3 2019. From the reveal that Keanu Reeves will be in the game (and the appearance of Reeves himself as a hype man) to the announcement of its release date at long last, Cyberpunk 2077 definitely dominated headlines and discussion throughout the week.

5 Days Ago   Given Nintendo’s preference for releasing multiple variants of handhelds like the 3DS, there are some who expect it to do the same thing with the Switch.

5 Days Ago   In the era of modern gaming, often what’s old is new again. Publishers that have been around for decades like to port older games to modern platforms, and Square Enix is certainly no exception.

5 Days Ago   With no new release date in sight for the Galaxy Fold, Huawei has decided to use Samsung’s story as a cautionary tale and delay its own folding smartphone, the Mate X.

5 Days Ago   In recent years – ever since the series jumped to the Nintendo 3DS – the Pokemon franchise has been introducing some wide-reaching battle mechanics. First we had Mega Evolution, which allowed certain Pokemon to evolve into even more powerful monsters for the duration of a battle.

5 Days Ago   As far as the Atari VCS is concerned, the biggest news to come out of E3 2019 was the launch of pre-orders for the machine. The console is still quite some time off – it isn’t anticipated to begin shipping until sometime in March 2020 – but today, perhaps to tempt out some pre-orders from those who may be on … Continue reading

5 Days Ago   In general, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are pretty solid devices, especially since they don’t add a lot of extra bulk when you attach them to the sides of the console.

5 Days Ago   Xbox Game Pass is a pretty great service if you’ve got an Xbox One, and just recently we saw it expand to PC as well. That jump to PC and Microsoft’s cross-platform ambitions have left people wondering if the company will try to bring Xbox Game Pass to even more platforms.

6 Days Ago   Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s appearance at E3 2019 was somewhat marred by the reveal that the Pokemon you’ll be able to use will be limited by the Galar region’s Pokedex.

6 Days Ago   Now that Sony and Microsoft have both talked about their next consoles to some degree, it’s clear that the next generation is nearly upon us. That little fact begs the question of what’s going to happen with the games that are launching on current hardware right before these new consoles release.

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