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Yesterday   Man in the middle attacks are a major concern when it comes to protecting login credentials online, and Google is looking to better protect against them in Chrome.

Yesterday   Way back in May 2017, Netflix announced plans to make a new series centered around The Witcher, a pretty familiar name in the world of video games.

2 Days Ago   These days, social media can feel less like a useful way to keep in touch with friends and family and more like a popularity contest fueled by influencers and celebrities who attempt to get as big a reaction as possible on everything they post.

2 Days Ago   Netflix, obviously, is a service that offers a lot of content, and sometimes, this can lead to choice paralysis among its users. Attempting to solve the problem of having too many things to watch, Netflix has rolled a new “random episode” feature into testing.

2 Days Ago   Though the Nintendo Switch has been selling well in many parts of the world, there’s one major market where it hasn’t officially launched yet: China. It looks like that’ll be changing soon, as Nintendo has confirmed a partnership with Tencent to distribute the console in the country.

2 Days Ago   Back in March, Facebook revealed that it had been storing passwords from a number of its products in plain text. Though it didn’t give a precise amount, Facebook said that hundreds of millions of passwords were stored improperly across Facebook Lite, Facebook proper, and Instagram.

2 Days Ago   Nintendo has detailed the next round of releases for the Switch eShop, and the week ahead might just be the biggest week of the year for the eShop thus far.

2 Days Ago   Fortnite, being the biggest game in the world at the moment, is a prime target for hackers and account thieves. Epic claims that there are now more than 250 million Epic accounts out there, which are used across its games, its store, and the Unreal Engine.

3 Days Ago   For years now, Google and Amazon have been embroiled in a feud that saw the services of one company removed from the platforms of the other.

3 Days Ago   Back in November, T-Mobile decided it was time to tackle the banking industry and rolled out a new service called T-Mobile Money. This wasn’t the first time T-Mobile tried to break into banking, but its first attempt – which started in 2014 as T-Mobile Mobile Money – didn’t get off the ground in the way the company was hoping it … Continue reading

3 Days Ago   As it is now, it’s pretty difficult to get a refund for an opened, new game at GameStop. That will all be changing soon, as GameStop customers will be able to return new releases within 48 hours of purchase, even if they’ve been opened.

3 Days Ago   Mobile spending, as multiple headlines have told us throughout the years, is something that can quickly get out of hand. Google today is looking to do something about that by rolling out budgeting for the Google Play Store.

4 Days Ago   Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have been waiting on details for the game’s 3.0 update for a long time. They’ve also been waiting for news on when Joker, who hails from Persona 5 and is the first DLC fighter for Ultimate, would drop.

4 Days Ago   Thanks to the success of the NES Classic and SNES Classic, a lot of companies seem to have taken an interest in making retro consoles of their own.

4 Days Ago   E3 2019 is getting closer and closer, and though some of the biggest names in gaming are sitting out this year, Microsoft plans to be there in force.

4 Days Ago   Back in December, Nintendo revealed that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance series will be revived on Switch with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. The new game is a Switch exclusive with Nintendo handling the publishing duties, which probably came as something of a surprise to most people.

5 Days Ago   For fans of JRPGs, Octopath Traveler was definitely one of the biggest releases last year. One problem, though, is that Octopath Traveler launched as a Switch exclusive, which meant that if you didn’t have a Switch on hand, you weren’t playing it.

5 Days Ago   When most of us woke up this morning, we probably weren’t expecting to hear the first official details about the PlayStation 5. That’s exactly what happened, though, as Sony’s Mark Cerny – who was the lead architect on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita – sat down with Wired to dish some early information about his company’s next … Continue reading

5 Days Ago   If you don’t want to buy an unlocked Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL from the Google Play Store, you don’t have many other options. You can always pick up a used Pixel 3, but those wanting to finance a phone through a carrier have to go through Verizon, as the Pixel 3 is a carrier exclusive.

5 Days Ago   Those of you looking forward to the reveal of Honor’s next phone don’t have much longer to wait. Today the company announced that it will reveal the Honor 20 series at an event in London next month.

5 Days Ago   Game of Thrones is back! We’ve waited a long, long time for the premiere of season 8 – the final season of the show – and last night, it finally arrived.

6 Days Ago   Facebook’s News Feed has been around for years, and though it’s gone through many changes since it was first introduced, its overall function has remained mostly the same.

6 Days Ago   Lyft has announced that it will be removing electric bikes across various fleets from three major metropolitan areas in the US. The decision comes after users reported “stronger than expected braking force,” which in some cases is a problem that has led to injuries.

8 Days Ago   After almost two years, Game of Thrones is finally returning this weekend for its eighth and final season. In a little over six weeks, we’ll know the resolution the show has been building toward for the past eight years, and only one thing is for sure: a lot of people are going to die.

8 Days Ago   It’s going to be a big weekend for Star Wars, as Star Wars Celebration 2019 is currently being held in Chicago. While Disney has already revealed some key information about the next Star Wars movie, Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker, the movies aren’t the only focus of the weekend.

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