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2 Days Ago   Last month, Nintendo announced that the standard Switch is getting a little bit of an upgrade by way of a new model that boasts increased battery life.

2 Days Ago   As of today, the teeny tiny Palm smartphone can be purchased unlocked for use on most networks in the US. We knew this day was coming, as Palm opened up orders for the phone back in June.

2 Days Ago   The Pokemon World Championships are officially underway, and The Pokemon Company kicked off the event by revealing some new information about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Some of this information came packaged in a new trailer for the game, while The Pokemon Company separately announced a Sword and Shield feature called the Battle Stadium, which allows you to take on trainers … Continue reading

2 Days Ago   Motorola has a new phone on the horizon, and this time, the rear cameras are the main focus. Dubbed the Motorola One Action, this is home to an ultra-wide angle action camera that has some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve.

2 Days Ago   As far as first-party releases are concerned, the Nintendo Switch has a pretty big autumn ahead of it. Pokemon Sword and Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Nintendo’s remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening are all titles a lot of people are looking forward to, but of course, a console can’t succeed on its first-party releases alone.

3 Days Ago   The Epic Games Store is getting a pretty big update today, and it’s arriving with a much-requested feature in tow. Cloud saves have officially gone live on the Epic Games Store, with a little less than 20 games getting the functionality today.

3 Days Ago   After a couple of months of build up, No Man’s Sky Beyond dropped yesterday. The update is pretty large in scope, fleshing out multiplayer significantly and adding VR support alongside a number of smaller changes, additions, and fixes.

3 Days Ago   Modern day living is hectic, and often, we need to remind those we love to actually get things done. Soon, Google Assistant will be able to take care of that, allowing you to set reminders for yourself or other people in your family group.

3 Days Ago   Those who have a PlayStation 4 know that Sony really likes its DualShock 4 variants. Today the company is announcing four more that will release this fall, which brings the total number of DualShock 4 variants released since the PS4’s launch up to more than 25.

3 Days Ago   It’s been a turbulent few months for foldable phones. Though Samsung and Huawei are both looking to try their hands are folding phones, both companies have delayed theirs at various points.

4 Days Ago   Logitech has long offered its low-latency Lightspeed wireless tech in its gaming mice, but now it’s coming to a keyboard. Today Logitech revealed the G915 and G815 mechanical keyboards, with the former employing Lightspeed to make it a suitable wireless choice for gaming.

5 Days Ago   As teased last week, solo mode has come to Apex Legends at long last. Ever since launch, all of the game’s playlists have only supported three-man teams – an oddity in the battle royale genre, where games typically give players the choice of playing solo, in pairs with one other person, or in four-man squads.

5 Days Ago   It’s a sad day for widget lovers around the world. Though homescreen widgets are one of the unique features Android offers, Spotify has decided that it no longer wants to support its own widget.

5 Days Ago   We’re fast approaching the time when students across the country will be heading back to school. When that happens, students at 12 universities here in the US will find that they have access to Apple Wallet support for their student IDs.

5 Days Ago   E3 2019 was a pretty big show for the games industry. Even though Sony wasn’t in attendance, Microsoft was, and it shared the first details about its next-generation console, which for now is called simply Project Scarlett.

5 Days Ago   It looks like Nintendo is planning to release a Super NES controller for the Nintendo Switch. The device recently made a pass through the Federal Communications Commission, and though the listing doesn’t really tell us much on its own, it’s the implication of an SNES controller for the Switch that has people excited.

5 Days Ago   Snap today announced the third iteration of Spectacles and it seems this new pair is coming with quite a few changes. For starters, there are now two cameras on Spectacles – one beside each lens.

6 Days Ago   The smartphone wars rage ever on, and today, we’re getting a better idea of who’s on top when it comes to European markets. Analytic firm Canalys has reported on the state of the European phone market at the end of Q2 2019, with Samsung emerging as the quarter’s clear winner.

6 Days Ago   The Galaxy Note 10 is here, and as expected, it’s challenging other flagships in terms of quality of components. That’s true of the Galaxy Note 10+ in particular, which is receiving some high praise for its display and its cameras.

6 Days Ago   Ever since Fortnite season X launched a couple of weeks ago, the new BRUTE mechs have dominated discussion about the game. In short, a lot of people believe the mechs are overpowered, and some are worried about the implication their presence will have competitive play throughout the course of the season.

6 Days Ago   If there’s a current craze among corporations and conglomerates, it’s subscription services. A huge number of companies out there are now offering monthly subscriptions, covering everything from streaming to food and even dog toys.

6 Days Ago   So far, Ninja’s transition from Twitch to Mixer has been a smooth one. There’s been surprisingly little controversy surrounding the fact that one of Twitch’s biggest streamers signed an exclusivity deal with Mixer, but now things have taken a turn and Ninja doesn’t seem to be happy about it.

6 Days Ago   Even though the Galaxy Note 10 is barely out of the gate, Samsung is back to revealing new phones today. Today’s reveal of the Galaxy A10s doesn’t have nearly as much fanfare as the Galaxy Note 10 enjoyed, but given the Note 10’s status as a flagship, that isn’t really surprisingly.

9 Days Ago   Earlier this year, Bungie announced that it had acquired the publishing rights for the Destiny series from Activision. As part of this acquisition, Destiny 2 is going to leave Activision Blizzard’s client and head to Steam instead.

9 Days Ago   If Ninja’s jump from Twitch to Mixer taught us anything, it’s that game streaming is big business. People like to watch other people play games and this is something that’s been true since long before streaming video on the internet.

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