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2 Days Ago   SpaceX ran into trouble Tuesday evening when a small fire erupted from the engine of a prototype rocket it was testing at the company’s facility in Boca Chica, Texas.

4 Days Ago   Thousands of workers at Amazon’s facilities in Germany went on strike Monday, making them the latest to use Prime Day to bring attention to the company’s working conditions.

5 Days Ago   Almost every app on your phone likely uses some amount of data to run. How much data those apps use; however, can vary pretty dramatically. Read more...

5 Days Ago   Twitter can be a wonderful place to connect with people from around the world. It can also be a great place for bots and garbage accounts to spam you with tweets you wish you hadn’t seen in the first place.

5 Days Ago   When you’re trying to learn a new language, one of the best ways to comprehend how it all goes together is to apply all that vocabulary you’ve learned in a practical way.

6 Days Ago   I probably use my phone to search for at least a dozen things on the web every day, often more. For each search or visit to a favorite website, I instinctively open a new tab.

6 Days Ago   I travel a ton, often to countries where my language skills are a little lacking. For those times, Google Translate has become an invaluable tool. The app helped me have a conversation about missing my train with a station agent in southern France that didn’t speak English and has even helped me have conversations… Read more...

6 Days Ago   While in theory, we all know years in advance when our passport expires, chances are good that the time you actually remember you need that passport renewal is going to be right before a big trip — maybe days before you’re set to leave.

8 Days Ago   President Trump attacked Facebook's new Libra cryptocurrency on Thursday, claiming it will have "little standing or dependability" and that Facebook would need to seek a banking charter if it wanted to move forward.

8 Days Ago   Remember Elon Musk’s “Not a Flamethrower” from last year? Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto recently launched his own eerily similar product, a device he said looks almost identical because Musk stole the idea from him and then beat him to market.

8 Days Ago   Tired of seeing Facebook ads that aren’t relevant to you? Now you can not only opt out of ads from that company, but you can also see why the ad was shown to you in the first place.

8 Days Ago   Wimbledon officially ends this weekend. To celebrate the tournament, Google created a fun Easter Egg that allows you to battle in your own tennis match on your phone or computer — you just need to know where to find it.

11 Days Ago   Amazon subsidiary Kuiper Systems filed an application with the FCC on Thursday to obtain permission to launch 3,236 broadband satellites into low-Earth orbit. The goal of the satellites would be to cover the majority of the United States with broadband internet

11 Days Ago   While deal-hungry Amazon customers flock to the site to celebrate Prime Day, its warehouse employees in Shakopee, Minnesota will commemorate the sale in a different way — with a strike.

12 Days Ago   No matter what airline you’re flying on or where you’re going I can guarantee you one thing: power will be at a premium. Read more...

12 Days Ago   We all have moments where we’re not quite as confident as we’d like to be. You know, those moments right before a big presentation or while you’re waiting outside your boss’s office waiting to ask her for raise.

12 Days Ago   Almost half of American families don’t make enough money to regularly cover basic expenses like rent and food. A few years ago Leanne Brown made headlines with her book “Good & Cheap” which helps you plan recipes for the week working with a budget of $5 a day, the average food stamp allotment for someone in the United… Read more...

13 Days Ago   Two-factor authentication is one of those things that’s a good idea to set up pretty much everywhere that will allow you to. Read more...

13 Days Ago   Last week, the LightSail 2 officially made its first contact with Earth. The solar-powered spacecraft will be sailing around Earth’s orbit for the next year, all part of a mission to prove that solar sailing is a viable mode of space exploration.

13 Days Ago   Looking at old social media posts is an easy way to get a quick snapshot into what was going on in your life during a certain time period.

14 Days Ago   A few months ago during a layover in Atlanta, I came across an unusual sight: facial recognition being used in the boarding process. Read more...

14 Days Ago   Next time you want to return something to Amazon, you don’t necessarily have to pack everything up again and head to the post office. Starting this month, Amazon is allowing items to be returned via the mail as well as in person at any Kohl’s location, with the exception of stores in Anchorage, Alaska.

14 Days Ago   Being able to read things quickly is great, but only if you’re able to comprehend what you’re reading. Blazing through 200 pages of reading in an hour or two is certainly impressive, but if you don’t remember anything you’ve read then it’s also kind of pointless.

14 Days Ago   The LightSail 2 has sent its first signals back to Earth, and The Planetary Society has made it possible for enthusiasts to track those signals from home through an online dashboard.

15 Days Ago   If you’re looking for something a little sweet to take with you to that friend’s cookout today, you might want to swing by Krispy Kreme. Read more...

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