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15 Hours Ago   On Tuesday, Google is set to announce the Pixel 4. Perhaps one of the most leaked phones in history, if you’re interested in the device chances are good you probably already know a good bit about it.

18 Hours Ago   Freezer bags are great for storing all kinds of things. This week I discovered something new about them: You can zip two of them together. Read more...

23 Hours Ago   Sometimes a vacation is to a destination you specifically want to visit. Other times, you just want to go somewhere “warm” or “cheap” and are open to options.

Yesterday   If you have an OLED television in your home, then burn-in is probably a concern. Burn-in happens when the same image is shown on your television’s display for a long period of time.

Yesterday   It’s important to know who is representing you in government, arguably now more than ever. Read more...

Yesterday   A few years ago my boyfriend and I purchased WOW Airlines tickets to Scotland. They were super cheap and came with a 17-hour layover in Iceland.

2 Days Ago   Some patients who have been hospitalized for vaping-related illnesses are now being hospitalized a second time. An exact reason for the relapse is unknown.

2 Days Ago   Despite Google’s public stance that it supports political action regarding climate change, the company has reportedly made “substantial” contributions to a number of organizations that oppose such legislation.

7 Days Ago   When I first started writing, a short 300-500-word story like this one would take me literal days to write. I was publishing something for people to read, and I wanted to make sure every word was perfect.

7 Days Ago   Last year, Jeff Darcey blew the internet’s collective mind when he shared his hack for keeping the sun out of his hotel room using a clothes hanger.

7 Days Ago   If you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, especially one you can’t get to turn on, we may have good news for you. Read more...

8 Days Ago   Last week I traveled on a flight which, like many others, was significantly delayed. It was something I knew when I arrived at the airport, so I went ahead and took some extra time to grab breakfast.

8 Days Ago   Google rolled out a new shopping tool this week that makes it easy to track the price of an item you’re interested in on the web and find out when it drops in price.

10 Days Ago   Today, October 4, is National Taco Day. Like all made-up food-related holidays, that means you can score some great discounts on tacos today from a pretty wide range of places.

11 Days Ago   With Halloween on the approach, HBO is adding a number of scary titles to its streaming service this month including this year’s Happy Death Day 2U and 2016’s The Conjuring 2.

13 Days Ago   Dyson newest air purifying fan is its first device to continuously destroy formaldehyde that’s been released into the air from household items.

13 Days Ago   The 2019 North American Airport Satisfaction Study was released last week and along with it a ranking of airports in the United States. Read more...

14 Days Ago   If you’re planning a cross-country trip early next year, Southwest is running a sale you might want to check out. Read more...

14 Days Ago   I’m currently in the middle of a 10-day road trip with two friends of mine. We started off in Vegas, and are making a slow trek to Denver, Colorado, stopping at National Parks along the way.

14 Days Ago   Public speaking is something lots of people struggle with. Being on a stage, especially in front of a large crowd, can be stressful for even the most seasoned and confident of speakers.

15 Days Ago   At 8pm ET/5pm PT tonight Elon Musk is expected to give an update on Space X’s new Starship and Super Heavy rocket, the company’s venture into commercial space travel.

15 Days Ago   When it comes to flying, nothing beats a direct flight. Flying direct means you’re less likely to have your bags lost and less likely to get stuck in that random airport where your connection is.

15 Days Ago   Whenever you go to a conference or networking event there’s always a point where you’re trying to figure out how to stay connected to the people you’ve met, at least some of them, after it all ends.

20 Days Ago   Twitter has banned financial scams after previously just considering them spam. The new policy imparts some harsh penalties on scammers

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