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2 Days Ago   South Korean authorities say as many as 1,600 motel guests in the country were secretly recorded last year as part of an illegal spy-cam ring that included thousands of patrons.

3 Days Ago   The FCC’s public comment system is a bloody mess. Over the past two years, it’s become apparent that political lobbyists, usually acting on behalf of the telecom industry itself, are prepared to manipulate the agency’s rulemaking process and impersonate everyday Americans just to create the illusion of public support… Read more...

4 Days Ago   Mirai malware, which can infect and grant even unsophisticated actors control over hundreds of thousands of IoT devices, is responsible for some of the most devastating distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks ever seen.

7 Days Ago   On the heels of this week’s news that a major tech company had scraped nearly a million images off Flickr to help train a facial-recognition tool, Senate lawmakers have introduced bipartisan legislation aimed at prohibiting commercial users of facial recognition from collecting and re-sharing such data without the… Read more...

10 Days Ago   The rollout of a Yelp-like phone app aimed at helping Donald Trump’s supporters find businesses friendly to MAGA-hat wearing chuds is going about as well as you’d imagine.

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