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3 Days Ago   Lego's new Star Wars Millennium Falcon set is the largest model kit the company has ever sold. It contains 7,500 pieces and retails from for $800.

3 Days Ago   Pro skateboarders Amelia Brodka and Alec Beck first met at the Vans Combi Bowl skatepark in Orange, California. Beck's recent marriage proposal to Brodka at that same skatepark is absolutely wonderful.

3 Days Ago   In 1978, Random House recalled the Woman's Day Crockery Cuisine cookbook because one of the recipes could apparently "cause a serious explosion." According to a statement from Random House, "If the recipe (for Silky Caramel Slices) is followed, the condensed milk can could explode and shatter the lid and liner of the crockery cooker." (Please, no Boston Marathon bomb jokes.) From a May 1978 article in the Chicago Tribune: Because of an unfortunately elusive line that should have instructed folks

4 Days Ago   A gentleman in Ottawa, Canada -- eager to get sent to jail in order to sell weed he had packed inside of eight Kinder Surprise plastic egg "yolks" and stored in his rectum -- threw a rock at a police car in front of the courthouse.

4 Days Ago   Of course the answer is very, very well. But there's more to it than that. (Polyphonic)

4 Days Ago   This NASA photo taken from the International Space Station shows crop circles in southwest Egypt's Sahara Desert. The crops thrive in the middle of the desert thanks to either secret alien technology or the amazing underground Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System that covers two million square kilometers.

4 Days Ago   I'm honored to be included on a free panel discussion next Thursday, 9/28, at Caltech about the cultural influence of the Voyager Golden Record, the enchanting phonograph record launched into space on the twin Voyager spacecraft 40 years ago.

4 Days Ago   At a Buckeye, Arizona park, police officer David Grossman observed 14-year-old Connor Leibel moving his hands rigidly in front of his face, sniffing a piece of yarn, and making other unfamiliar movements.

6 Days Ago   Perfect execution by the folks at Wear Dinner: CureExorcist t-shirt

6 Days Ago   Remember the " Truman Show Delusion" in which someone is convinced they are starring in their own reality TV show? In a similar delusional vein is the "Matrix Defense" used in the last few years in courts by accused murderers who either truly believe (or pretend to believe) that they are living in the same simulated reality that's the setting of the 1999 film The Matrix and so their heinous crimes were not "real." (Of course, many people do think we may be living in a simulation, but they don't

6 Days Ago   Surgeons close internal incisions with stitches and staples but they, and their patients, would benefit from a glue that stays stuck even to wet tissue and organs.

6 Days Ago   The Morale Raiser, invented in 1950, would be the perfect gift for those people in your life who require a steady stream of attaboys. Devised by a retired army colonel in the UK, the Morale Raiser made its debut at the Festival of Britain's "eccentrics' corner." (Weird Universe)

6 Days Ago   "A Filipino man makes and sells these action figures made out of worn out flip flops," according to Goal1's post on /r/pics.

6 Days Ago   "If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes."

9 Days Ago   The sound reminds me of a David Cronenberg film. And here's how to make your own gold slime:

9 Days Ago   Along with directing such classic films as Escape from New York, Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing, John Carpenter also composed the soundtracks. For those who want a survey of Carpenter's synth stylings, I recommend the new compilation from Sacred Bones Records, titled "John Carpenter Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998." The celebrate the release, Carpenter created this music video for the theme from Christine (1983), in which a woman summons an Uber and the demonic driverless 1958 Plymouth Fury

9 Days Ago   The winers of the 2017 Ig Nobel awards, "for achievements that first make people laugh then make them think," were announced at Harvard last night. From Scientists who discovered that old men really do have big ears, that playing the didgeridoo helps relieve sleep apnea and that handling crocodiles can influence gambling decisions are among this year's recipients of the Ig Nobel, the prize for absurd scientific achievement.

9 Days Ago   Almost 20 years after Cassini launched, the spacecraft vaporized in Saturn's atmosphere early this morning. Cassini's intentional destruction was to prevent it from possibly crashing into Saturn's moons Titan or Enceladus where there may be life.

10 Days Ago   Four fans were kicked out of Boston's Fenway Park during a baseball game yesterday after unfurling a banner reading: "Racism Is As American As Baseball." Here's what one of the planners of the stunt had to say: There were originally about eight people involved who had this idea, and those eight people come from various organizing groups in the Boston area.

10 Days Ago   There are more than 500,000 pieces of dangerous space junk orbiting the Earth, not including paint flecks and other tiny bits flying around at 17,500 miles per hour that put spacecraft at risk.

10 Days Ago   In 2009, Arby's commissioned Phil Hansen to paint the Mona Lisa using grease from its fast food competitors. The piece is called "Mona Greasa." (via Weird Universe)

10 Days Ago   Multimedia artist Andy Thomas translated the soundscapes of the Amazon rainforest into a mesmerizing 3D animation titled the Visual Sounds of the Amazon. He and Reynier Omena Junior made their field recordings in 2016 around Presidente Figueiredo in the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

10 Days Ago   Over the weekend, Jim Carrey gave a deeply weird interview while at New York Fashion Week. Watch it above. “There is no me,” he said. “There are just things happening and there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.” Below, he explains what he was saying.

10 Days Ago   Grant Hart, the drummer and co-songwiter/vocalist for pioneering psychedelic punk band Hüsker Dü, has died from cancer at age 56. Our thoughts go out to Hart's family and former bandmates.

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