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3 Days Ago   Computational neuroscientist Anders Sanberg is a senior research fellow at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute where he explores the ethics of future human enhancement through AI, genetic engineering, and brain implants.

3 Days Ago   Over at The Last Word on Nothing, esteemed science writer Rebecca Boyle wrote a lovely appreciation of trees. "Apart from humans, maybe, trees are the best form of life on this planet," she writes.

3 Days Ago   The Secret Shoe is a bespoke shoe with a hidden compartment in the sole to hold the likes of "the world’s smallest phone, a tiny video camera, a mini Swiss army knife, a tracking device, a choice of currency capsule (£50; €50; or $50); and the world’s most advanced contactless payment ring.

3 Days Ago   Can you really escape a stuck elevator by climbing out the top? Can the doors decapitate you? CineFix asked John Holzer, elevator technician about scenes from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Die Hard, Final Destination, and other flicks.

3 Days Ago   Multi-instrumentalist Trench worked up this lovely cover of the Stranger Things theme for harp and cello... while his dog naps.

4 Days Ago   About 5 to 10 percent of newborns need phototherapy to treat jaundice. Rather than put them in bassinets under special lights while wearing eye protection, a new garment woven with optically-conductive fibers could enable them to be treated and cuddled simultaneously.

4 Days Ago   On October 18, 1963, a lovely feline named Félicette became the first cat in space in a trip lasting just 15 minutes and including several minutes of weightlessness.

7 Days Ago   They appear to be having more fun than most of us. (more…)

7 Days Ago   Australian acrobat Aiden Malacaria set a Guinness World Record yesterday for the most fire-breathing full twist backflips in one minute. He had to hit eight of them but made it to ten.

7 Days Ago   Bonhams is auctioning off a 1966 Mini Cooper 'S' once owned by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. It's expected to fetch US$120,000 - 160,000. From Bonhams: The Mini was the standout motoring icon of the 1960s, so it was only to be expected that that era's defining popular music act – The Beatles – would all own examples of Alec Issigonis' motoring masterpiece.

7 Days Ago   SpeechBoard is a new "coming soon" Web tool to edit your podcast audio by cutting up the text transcripts. Craig Cannon and Ramon Recuero posted a demo and briefly explain the project in this Medium post: SpeechBoard...

7 Days Ago   Boing Boing pal Howard Rheingold is an Internet culture visionary. In fact, he was probably the first Internet culture visionary. Since 1984, he's written about the intersection of technology, consciousness and media in foresight-filled books like Tools for Thought (1985), Virtual Reality (1991), The Virtual Community (1993), Smart Mobs (2002), Net Smart (2012), and researched the power of cooperation with Institute for the Future.

9 Days Ago   On this anniversary of 2016 US presidential election, Russian punk activists Pussy Riot have released their rather provocative new video for the track "Police State." Directed by Matt Creed, the clip stars a police baton-wielding Chloë Sevigny.

9 Days Ago   On Saturday, space photographer John Kraus, age 17, captured this magnificent image of the International Space Station transiting the full moon. He took the photo using a Nikon D500 and Nikkor 200-500mm lens on an equatorial mount used for astrophotography.

9 Days Ago   "Dü You Remember?" is a new five-part podcast telling the story of Hüsker Dü, the Minneapolis punk band that paved the way for Nirvana, The Pixies, Foo Fighters, and really the entire realm of alternative rock.

9 Days Ago   Mean Jean Okerlund interviewed the inimitable Andy Warhol backstage at the 1985 World Wrestling Federation event "The War to Settle the Score." Bonus glimpse of Mr. T and also Cyndi Lauper who was all over the big time wrestling scene at the time.

9 Days Ago   Documentarian Ronni Thomas of the always-excellent Midnight Archive video series tours Calvin von Crush's creepy, interesting, and real collection of weird things. Welcome to the wunderkammer!

11 Days Ago   Last month, Juli Briskman, 50, flipped off the presidential motorcade passing her as she bicycled in Northern Virginia. A photo of Briskman's gesture went viral and last week she was fired from her job at Akima LLC, a government contracting firm.

11 Days Ago   A fantastic behind-the-scenes clip from Blue Planet II: The Blue Planet II team dive to over 700 meters to see what happens to a whale carcass on the seabed.

12 Days Ago   That's really earie. (posted by BanksyBhoy to r/pics)

14 Days Ago   Before Cathy Lee Crosby (1974), Lynda Carter (1975), and Gal Gadot (2017), Ellie Wood Walker was Wonder Woman! In 1967, Batman producer William Dozier created this short film as a pitch to Warner Brothers.

14 Days Ago   In a small-scale study, researchers have shown that algorithms can analyze brain scans to determine whether an individual has suicidal thoughts. During the study, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University scientists mentioned words like "death," "trouble," and "carefree" to individuals undergoing fMRI scans of their brains.

14 Days Ago   On Wednesday, the CIA released nearly 500,000 files recovered from the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan hideout. According to the CIA's web page, the files are "temporarily unavailable pending resolution of a technical issue." From Wired: Hailed by researchers and international relations experts as a valuable gesture of transparency, the stash offers a window into the former Al-Qaeda leader's approach and plans, and insight into the terrorist group's global organiz

14 Days Ago   A huge wooden penis has been, er, erected atop Mount Oetscher, 6,211 feet in the Austrian Alps. From Metro: The Oetscher ski lift operators were equally puzzled by the penis, but seemingly embraced the artwork as a future tourist attraction.

14 Days Ago   Hamish & Andy put three people in separate isolated storage units and asked them to hit a button when they felt like one hour had passed.

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