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9 Hours Ago   Google’s Pixel 4 made its official debut today. It’s arriving soon—October 24—and you can preorder it right now. But before you plunk down $799 for the Pixel 4 (or $899 for the Pixel 4 XL), here’s a quick look at how Google’s next smartphone stacks up against the competition: Read more...

11 Hours Ago   Happy Google day! The search giant announced a handful of new devices, including brand-new Pixel Buds, the mighty Pixel 4 smartphone, and an updated Nest Mini.

12 Hours Ago   One of the bummers of buying a non-Pixel Android smartphone is that you are beholden to your manufacturer for Android updates. In other words, Google devices typically get giant upgrades like Android 10 first, and you have to sit and be envious until you get your shot—possibly months after the fact—if you splurged for… Read more...

Yesterday   If you have any of these 15 sneaky apps on your Android device, it’s time to go on a digital hunt and delete them. According to Sophos, these adware apps are doing everything they can to hide themselves on your device and inject crappy advertising into everything you do—and more than 1.3 million devices worldwide have… Read more...

Yesterday   Have you had any issues installing macOS Catalina? Specifically, have you encountered any strange scenarios where the upgrade—which shouldn’t take that long to do—seems to hang for a lot longer than what feels reasonable?

4 Days Ago   What happens when you find something something on a loved one’s phone that shouldn’t be there? What if that’s something that concerns you? We’re tackling the mysterious case of “why is that on your phone” in this week’s Tech 911, Lifehacker’s tech support column.

5 Days Ago   Let’s get the hard question out of the way, first: What the heck is a mind map? Think of it like a way to organize your thoughts.

5 Days Ago   Props to Lifehacker’s own Nick Douglas for stumbling across this one—something I’ve always known, but didn’t realize I should articulate to the world. Here’s the tiny hack, as discussed on Reddit a few days ago: When you’re looking for free software around the web, resist the urge to Google (or your search engine of… Read more...

6 Days Ago   Sounds strange, doesn’t it? As much as we try to promote the importance of this security measure—a secondary means of identifying that whoever is trying to log into your account is actually you—a recent survey from the Pew Research Center indicates that more than half of those quizzed cannot identify a single example… Read more...

6 Days Ago   Talk about being caught between a tweet and a hard place. Twitter, in its infinite wisdom, recently admitted that it messed up and used email addresses and phone numbers—provided by users as part of their account security practices—for advertising purposes.

7 Days Ago   Apple’s latest operating system update—released yesterday—comes with plenty of new and exciting features. However, macOS Catalina also comes with one big drawback: Apple won’t let you run 32-bit apps anymore.

8 Days Ago   According to a late-September bug report from Google’s Project Zero team, an issue with the popular covert messaging app Signal, on Android, allowed any attacker to essentially eavesdrop on a person’s device (via audio, not video).

8 Days Ago   I confess, I love using Twitter lists. While it’s “easy” to just scroll through the regular ol’ feed on your Twitter app, this process annoys me for two main reasons: It always reverts back to “top Tweets” instead of a chronological feed, which is frustrating, and I keep seeing random promoted tweets in my feed.

11 Days Ago   Welcome back to Tech 911, Lifehacker’s weekly technology-advice column. This week, we’re tackling a question from a reader who finds it annoying when his browser prompts him to save passwords on a service he’d rather not use.

12 Days Ago   Around 200 million players of the popular Words With Friends and Draw Something games from Zynga have had their accounts’ information stolen by “outside hackers,” as the company describes.

13 Days Ago   I’m one of those people who must always run the most up-to-date version of anything I’m using. Apps? Games? Hardware? If a device or piece of software doesn’t have an auto-updater (and even if it does), I’m constantly checking to make sure it has the latest fixes, features, and security patches.

13 Days Ago   If you’re a big Android fan, odds are good you’ve probably opted into several app beta tests, pre-registered for a few upcoming games or apps, and built up a hefty wishlist of apps you’d like to download or purchase at some point.

14 Days Ago   Every week, we share the shortcuts, workspaces, and productivity tips of our favorite experts. This week, we’re going behind the scenes at Lifehacker. I’m David Murphy, and this is how I work.

15 Days Ago   I still remember the first day I figured out how to run a vlookup command in Excel; I was sitting at my coffee table wondering what the point of this silly little command was.

18 Days Ago   Welcome back to another installment of Lifehacker’s tech-advice series, Tech 911. You write in with your tough questions, and we provide the hard answers, a little humor, and a bit of head-scratching if you have a particularly perplexing question.

18 Days Ago   Doordash is the latest of the “services you probably use, or at least have an account with” companies to suffer a large data breach. And while your passwords likely haven’t been compromised, it’s possible that your physical address is floating around in the Internet somewhere, among other identifying information.

19 Days Ago   One of the best parts of macOS, introduced in Mojave, is the operating system’s Dark Mode. It’s a system-wide trigger that gives you a gloomier color theme across your core Mac apps and any third-party apps that support the feature—and I think it’s a lot easier on the eyes, but maybe that’s just me.

19 Days Ago   I’ve always wanted to learn how to code. I’d like to at least learn enough of a programming language to create some basic automations—or figure out some neat ways to control the various LED lighting kits I own.

25 Days Ago   There are a lot of apps you can download on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. That’s obvious. What’s not so obvious is that even though both companies do a pretty good job of (mostly) catching bullshit apps, there are still plenty that sneak through because they just toe the line between scammy and barely… Read more...

25 Days Ago   We normally say it’s probably a good idea to update to the latest version of iOS whenever possible—for the extra features you get to play with, the potentially improved performance, and any bug patches or security fixes you might get.

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