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21 Hours Ago   Hackers are believed to have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of EOS cryptocurrency from blockchain-powered gambling dApp EOSBet — again. Thieves have exploited another vulnerability in the automated dice game, allegedly taking at least $338,000 from its operational wallets.

23 Hours Ago   After a registration process lasting some four months, Binance will finally offer fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading pairs through its new Uganda exchange, with deposits opening on Wednesday. Announced via press release, Ugandans are now able to fully submit identity documents and begin depositing fiat ahead of live trade, something expected to start in two weeks.

Yesterday   International banking giant Barclays has reportedly shelved plans to create its own cryptocurrency trading platform, which would have seen it actively trade digital assets for clients.

3 Days Ago   The former White House economic adviser, Gary Cohn, has just started a new career in blockchain. Announced in a press release on Friday, the ex-Goldman Sachs president is to advise fintech startup Spring Labs, who build blockchain-focused solutions for securing and sharing consumer credit data.

3 Days Ago   A keen-eyed cryptocurrency enthusiast has just discovered a neat ‘easter egg’ buried deep inside Bitcoin’s code, dating back to the birth of the blockchain. We all know Satoshi Nakamoto referenced the Times headline – Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks – but it appears it actually happened twice.

4 Days Ago   Just weeks before regulators decide the fate of domestic initial coin offerings (ICOs), one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges is changing hands. A consortium led by a superstar plastic surgeon has just bought a controlling stake in Bithumb for $353 million.

4 Days Ago   Those pesky Tesla-themed cryptocurrency scammers are back! Hackers have assumed the Twitterdentity of Elon Musk yet again, and are even paying Twitter to help swindle Bitcoin from unsuspecting users.

4 Days Ago   In a blatantly fraudulent turn of events, a small-time cryptocurrency exchange has decided the best way to beat the bear market is to just throw morality to the wind, and ‘pump and dump’ random coins.

5 Days Ago   South Korean lawmakers will decide the future of domestic initial coin offerings (ICOs) in November, but that hasn’t stopped its top financial regulator from lashing out at the cryptocurrency market one last time.

5 Days Ago   New data shows criminals have laundered $2.5 billion worth dirty Bitcoin through cryptocurrency exchanges, and almost all of it ends up in countries with lax Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) regulations.

6 Days Ago   Bitcoin miners have raised over $4.7 billion in revenue so far this year, but rising electricity prices have rendered cryptocurrency mining almost completely unprofitable, even for the world’s biggest pools.

7 Days Ago   A Canadian banking cartel has allegedly frozen $28 million in customer funds belonging to Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Vancouver-based exchange desk QuadrigaCX claims the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) locked the money and froze accounts belonging to its payment partner, Costodian, and its owner, Jose Reyes.

7 Days Ago   A damning new study has suggested China holds threatening influence over Bitcoin – and perhaps even the ability to attack and ultimately destroy the entire Bitcoin network.

7 Days Ago   IBM has just rolled out some new blockchain software. The global technology giant launched IBM Food Trust, a new software suite built for tracking food supply routes with distributed ledgers.

8 Days Ago   Soon after being forced to defend accepting money for new listings, Binance has announced it will donate all the fees paid by cryptocurrency projects to charity.

10 Days Ago   The spate of crypto-jacking plaguing the internet shows no sign of slowing down. After infesting hundreds of thousands of routers in Brasil with cryptocurrency mining malware, reports indicate hackers have compromized a further 30,000 routers across India.

11 Days Ago   Warning! There is a strong chance this will give readers a sense of déjà vu. Another EOS decentralized app (dApp) has severely botched an airdrop. This time, fledging gambling platform Se7ens is in the spotlight, after a community member managed to credit himself with a billion tokens by exploiting its poorly made smart contract.

11 Days Ago   Filipino authorities have advanced on international criminals suspected of running a large-scale Bitcoin pyramid scheme. Authorities have detained two of the six individuals thought to have defrauded South Korean investors for over $33 million, while the others remain on the run.

12 Days Ago   The US Federal Court has ruled that virtual currencies (like Bitcoin) are commodities – like coffee or oil. The judgement comes as part of a wider commodities fraud case, involving an (allegedly) illegitimate cryptocurrency called My Big Coin (MBC).

12 Days Ago   The University of Oxford has shared analysis of the relationship between blockchain developers and the rule of law. It claims the blockchain industry is on a “silent collision course” with lawmakers, and a major overhaul is sorely needed.

12 Days Ago   The collateral damage from Bitcoin’s epic inflation bug continues to spread. The developers of small-cap cryptocurrency Pigeoncoin have confirmed hackers successfully exploited the vulnerability to print 235 million Pigeoncoins, worth around $15,000.

13 Days Ago   Here’s another cautionary tale for blockchain investors. Hackers have purportedly stolen 1,500 EOS ($8,500) from popular YouTubers, the Hodgetwins, after they downloaded a dodgy cryptocurrency wallet from the App Store.

14 Days Ago   Despite 70 percent of ICOs being worth less than they initially raised, venture capital (VC) firms are still ramping up blockchain investments. Already, traditional investors have sunk $3.9 billion into new blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses in 2018.

14 Days Ago   Here’s the latest in government-sponsored distributed ledger tech (DLT): England’s primary land registry has its eyes on using the blockchain to supe up its new property tracking system.

14 Days Ago   The EOS community is dealing with more bombshell allegations of corruption., the software firm behind EOS, has been forced to rebuff claims Chinese cryptocurrency tycoons are working together to keep control of its blockchain.

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