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2 Days Ago   JP Morgan has a new digital asset, JPM Coin. It’s not really a cryptocurrency, and it’s not quite a stablecoin, but it does use a blockchain. It’s mostly referred to as a digital coin.

3 Days Ago   The Bitcoin network is a behemoth, and much of its strength is defined by the number of machines validating transactions on the network. Its code is also highly calibrated.

4 Days Ago   A prominent digital asset firm has revealed it successfully closed a new $40 million blockchain-specific venture capital fund, thanks largely to contributions made by two public pensions.

5 Days Ago   The White House has been tagged with digital Bitcoin graffiti, thanks to a new augmented reality platform powered by cryptocurrency. Satoshi’s World allows anyone to add text, images, and GIFs to real-world settings for a small Bitcoin fee.

11 Days Ago   We already know that we’ve recently suffered the longest continuous price decline in Bitcoin history – but analysis has shown just how much it’s affected cryptocurrency trading.

12 Days Ago   A change to the Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) protocol has inadvertently led to child exploitation material being posted to its blockchain, forcing apps and block explorers into actively monitoring the network for illegal content.

15 Days Ago   You are in the most intense Crypto Winter ever felt. By the end of today, we will have survived more straight days (411) of falling Bitcoin value than at any other point in its 10-year history.

16 Days Ago   Another cryptocurrency startup is laying off staff and restructuring its business entirely. This week, it’s the group behind the NEM blockchain and its token, XEM, and of course, it’s the bear market’s fault.

17 Days Ago   Welcome to Hard Fork Basics, a collection of tips, tricks, guides, and advice to keep you up to date in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Something major is happening to Bitcoin in 480 days – the Halvening.

18 Days Ago   Cryptocurrency gamblers have left Ethereum-based decentralized apps (dApps) en masse. They’ve converted almost entirely to gambling on competing networks, taking their transactional volume with them. Blockchain research unit Diar studied three blockchains that support dApps, Ethereum, EOS, TRON, to determine just how much US dollar value is processed on each network – and by what kind of dApp.

18 Days Ago   An overwhelming majority of 2018’s criminally-connected cryptocurrency was ultimately laundered on basic online exchange services. Blockchain researchers at Chainalysis have calculated that roughly 64 percent of last year’s dodgy cryptocurrency, which amounted to over $1 billion, was washed by simply depositing it onto digital asset exchanges and trading it.

19 Days Ago   An Italian judge has reportedly ordered Francesco Firano, founder of shady cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, to repay the $170 million worth of cryptocurrency that went “missing” early last year.

22 Days Ago   A new software development kit (SDK) for Unity has been released, allowing indie developers to monetize their mobile games from top-to-bottom with KIN cryptocurrency. As of today, mobile games made with the Unity engine can support earning, spending, and tipping KIN in-game, and even reward users with cryptocurrency for interacting with each other.

23 Days Ago   Blockchains are everywhere, we get it. But did you know blockchain is now powering a little toy train? Dutch hacker/dad Roeland P Lanparty has turned his son’s LEGO Duplo toy into a literal STEEM train.

24 Days Ago   Researchers have discovered “Anatova,” a brand new family of cryptocurrency-fuelled ransomware, and they warn it has the potential to become outright dangerous. Cybersecurity firm McAfee explained Anatova hides in seemingly innocuous icon files – usually the same popular games or applications – in order to fool the user into downloading the malware.

24 Days Ago   SIM-swapping has plagued cryptocurrency holders for close to a year, and now Google’s head of account security has had enough. He wants to put a stop to it with a clever gadget the size of a flash drive.

29 Days Ago   Prominent cryptocurrency exchange service ShapeShift has disclosed the number of times it has been forced to give up information about its users to international authorities. In a blog post, ShapeShift revealed it has “assisted” law enforcement agencies with 60 different inquires last year, 30 percent of which came from the United States.

29 Days Ago   In Taipei, a group of Bitcoin con artists has been charged with running an elaborate cryptocurrency scam that defrauded local and foreign investors out of millions of dollars.

30 Days Ago   In 2017, a veritable civil war was fought between camps of Bitcoin believers: those who sought to keep its “block size” at 1MB, and those who wanted to increase it.

30 Days Ago   Nicolas Truglia, the infamous cryptocurrency con-man already arrested for stealing $1 million in digital assets, is now being sued for a further $81 million by another one of his victims.

31 Days Ago   To date, Ethereum‘s process of initial coin offerings (ICOs) has earned token founders an estimated combined profit of $12.8 billion, made entirely of digital assets they created out of thin-air.

31 Days Ago   Core Ethereum developers have delayed the scheduled Constantinople upgrade after a code audit revealed the proposed software updates introduced dangerous security vulnerabilities to Ethereum smart contracts.

32 Days Ago   The world’s most popular cryptocurrency is a now a little bit more decentralized, thanks to the waning influence of Bitmain and the return of the anonymous Bitcoin miner.

32 Days Ago   One of the internet’s longest serving digital asset exchanges, Cryptopia, claims to have been hit by a debilitating hack. After a full day of unscheduled maintenance outages, the NZ-based cryptocurrency exchange posted an official statement, explaining it had suffered “a security breach which resulted in significant losses.” According to Cryptopia, both New Zealand police and its high tech crimes unit are jointly investigating the matter, which they are treating “as a major crime.” pic

33 Days Ago   The three most prevalent threats plaguing the internet have been found to be cryptocurrency miners. In its latest analysis of the internet‘s most pressing malware hazards, cybersecurity group Check Point ranked the supposedly neutral Monero-mining script CoinHive in first place – for the thirteenth month in a row, reports ZDNet.

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