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4 Days Ago   Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge The Future of Music season 2, episode 4 Continue reading…

12 Days Ago   Photo by Ryan ‘Rhondo’ Manning for The Verge The Future of Music season 2, episode 3 Continue reading…

13 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Google is close to releasing Android 10, and as spotted by 9to5Google, two Canadian mobile carriers have leaked dates saying the OS is coming to Pixel phones on September 3rd.

13 Days Ago   Image: Netflix Netflix has released the first teaser for Rhythm + Flow, the platform’s first music competition series. Rhythm + Flow features Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and TI as judges looking for the next breakout hip-hop star.

19 Days Ago   Image: Wes Reel The Future of Music season 2, episode 2 Continue reading…

26 Days Ago   Image: Neil Kent The Future of Music season 2, episode 1 Continue reading…

38 Days Ago   Image: Apple Apple Music has announced that its analytics platform for musicians, called Apple Music for Artists, is out of beta and available for all. These types of back-end dashboards are invaluable for artists to get insights about how their music is performing on a platform across the world.

39 Days Ago   Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge The Verge is back with season 2 of The Future of Music, a show about how tech is pushing the limits of how we create and experience music.

56 Days Ago   Image: COTODAMA Japanese company COTODAMA has teamed up with luxury brand Saint Laurent for a limited edition, all-black version of its Lyric Speaker Canvas that is only available to buy in the fashion house’s Rive Droite stores.

59 Days Ago   Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge YouTube Music has introduced a neat little feature that lets users flip between listening to a song to watching that song’s music video without any interruption.

65 Days Ago   Over 225 mayors across the US have backed a resolution to not pay ransoms to hackers, as reported by The New York Times. The resolution, titled “Opposing Payment To Ransomeware Attack Perpetrators,” states that the mayors stand “united against paying ransoms in the event of an IT security breach.” The resolution came out of the annual US Conference of Mayors, which took place in Honolulu from June 28th through July 1st.

68 Days Ago   Two weeks from now, Eric Prydz will stand inside a glowing sphere that’s more than two stories tall as he performs to a crowd of thousands.

84 Days Ago   Music software and hardware company Slate Digital has announced a new subscription service called the All Access Pass. The subscription unlocks over 60 plug-ins, online production lessons through the company’s new learning center Slate Academy, and more.

86 Days Ago   Global recording industry organization IFPI has confirmed in a statement that popular audio ripping site Convert2MP3 is shutting down as part of a settlement from a 2017 lawsuit.

86 Days Ago   Reeds and drumsticks Continue reading…

94 Days Ago   Apple has released an updated version of Logic Pro X, its professional music production software. The software is now souped up to show off the capabilities of the new Mac Pro, with improved responsiveness and a huge increase in the amount of tracks it can support in a project file.

109 Days Ago   It’s a crisis that has left, by some estimations, billions on the table unpaid to musicians Continue reading…

112 Days Ago   Robert Moog changed the landscape of music forever when he launched the first commercial synthesizer in the ‘60s. Since then, the Moog name has become synonymous with synthesis and iconic pieces of hardware like the Minimoog.

114 Days Ago   Swedish music hardware company Teenage Engineering has developed a cult following around their design-forward synthesizers. Now it’s expanded into another portion of the music industry and launched a record label.

114 Days Ago   He means business Continue reading…

117 Days Ago   Additional sources are confirming that ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, is in the process of developing a paid music streaming service, according to Bloomberg. There was talk of ByteDance developing such a music streaming app back in early April.

118 Days Ago   Artist, fashion designer, and DJ Virgil Abloh has collaborated with Pioneer DJ to create custom off-white and transparent CDJs and a mixer that will be displayed at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art in an exhibition called “FIGURES OF SPEECH.” Abloh first teased the equipment on his Instagram in April, then DJed with it shortly after at Coachella.

124 Days Ago   Pioneer DJ has announced its newest controller, the DDJ-200. It’s built for beginners that are curious about DJing and puts ease of use at the forefront with an ultra-competitive price of $149.

135 Days Ago   Come for the memes, stay for the music Continue reading…

141 Days Ago   Over the past month, an AI called Dadabots has been endlessly generating and streaming death metal on YouTube, as spotted by Motherboard. Made by musical technologists CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, this algorithm is only one of many death metal algorithms the duo has developed over the years, with each one trained on a single artist’s discography.

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