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12 Hours Ago   We're expecting the date for Amazon Prime Day to be announced soon, but we predict that Amazon Prime Day will be Tuesday 10 July 2018.Like Black Friday,

3 Days Ago   Welcome to our guide to the very best Sony Xperia XZ2 deals. And it's not just for the main 5.7-inch XZ2 handset either, as we've got all the latest 5-inch

3 Days Ago   Google's Android 8.0 Oreo operating system is still rolling out to various Android phones, but that doesn't stop us talking about the next big update of

3 Days Ago   Last year, BlackBerry Mobile - a venture by comms giant TCL - launched its first traditionally-styled BlackBerry running Android and we'll soon see its

4 Days Ago   Waiting for this year's new iPhone? You've only got four months to go!Three iPhones arrived last year in the form of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the

4 Days Ago   The HTC U12+ is now official and pre-orders are open on for the SIM-free price of £699.It's available in Translucent Blue (with a see-through

5 Days Ago   Although we're definitely not sold on the look of the existing Apple AirPods, there's no denying that they're one of the best new gadgets of the last couple

5 Days Ago   The HTC U12+ launch date is tomorrow, 23 May. That will likely see the phone announced and then become available a couple of weeks later, although pre-orders

5 Days Ago   The OnePlus 6 has now been launched and pricing starts at £469 for the 64GB model. O2 OnePlus 6 contract orders are open now, and it's available to

5 Days Ago   The Samsung Galaxy S10 is some way off - in early 2019 - but we're already hearing a bunch of rumours about what form the device will take. The Galaxy

5 Days Ago   The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched last September, while we've recently seen the Galaxy S9 and S9+ released, too - check out our guide to the best Galaxy

6 Days Ago   The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro are now available to buy SIM free and on a variety of contract plans.Priced to undercut the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9

7 Days Ago   The Apple Watch Series 3 was launched last Autumn and was a critical hit. We also think it has sold quite well, but we don't really know since Apple refuses

8 Days Ago   Coffee is a tricky thing to get right. There are so many different preferences, with all sorts of factors contributing to a good cup of coffee.Pocket-lint

9 Days Ago   Apple is still selling plenty of iPhone SE, despite the phone now being two years old and the basic chassis design dating from the iPhone 5 launch back

10 Days Ago   The new Nokia 8 Sirocco is now available to buy. It's an impressive flagship handset from Nokia with dual curved edges and a stunning stainless steel-based

10 Days Ago   LG's G7 ThinQ phone has been revealed and it'll be released on 31 May. We now know that O2 will be offering the handset in Moroccan Blue and you can

10 Days Ago   The Honor 10 is here and in the UK costs £399 for the 128GB model.That's the only version coming to these shores - there's no 64GB model in the UK although

12 Days Ago   Looking for a relatively affordable mid-level phone? There are few better than Honor's new flagship. For £399 this phone delivers plenty of bang for your

12 Days Ago   The Nokia X6 is the name of yet another Nokia handset made by HMD, the company behind the resurgence in Nokia-branded devices.It will be the first Nokia

12 Days Ago   Last year's Honor 9 was an award-winning mid-range smartphone. Its successor for 2018 has now been announced and, you guessed it, it's called the Honor

13 Days Ago   It seems certain that Apple will refresh the MacBook and MacBook Air this year, possibly completely reforming the bottom rungs of its notebook range underneath

18 Days Ago   Since Google demonstrated its Google Duplex capability yesterday, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive in terms of the technology and the possibilities

18 Days Ago   The Moto G6 range is here! Alongside the standard 5.7-inch G6 there's the more powerful and even larger 5.9-inch G6 Plus. Then there's the cheaper G6 Play

18 Days Ago   Last year, BlackBerry Mobile - a venture by comms giant TCL - launched its first traditionally-styled BlackBerry running Android and we'll soon see its

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