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4 Days Ago   To elude emulators, banking trojan would trigger only when infected devices moved.

4 Days Ago   Widely circulated "Collection #1" was used in automated credential stuffing attacks.

5 Days Ago   Control servers for Fancy Bear's UEFI-burrowing malware still responding to pings.

6 Days Ago   Two men accused of hacking SEC and sharing nonpublic files with traders.

7 Days Ago   For the first time, foremost hacking competition adds cars to its lineup.

9 Days Ago   Ryuk lies in wait for as long as a year, then pounces on only the biggest prey.

11 Days Ago   Clever trick allows attackers to obtain valid TLS certificate for hijacked domains.

11 Days Ago   Armed police respond to hoax he shot wife, tied up kids, and planted bombs.

12 Days Ago   Data leaked by DX.Exchange would be "super easy" to criminalize.

14 Days Ago   Rollback attack let attackers spend 88,500 previously spent coins.

14 Days Ago   As security improves, demand for hacks grows, creating a super-heated market.

31 Days Ago   Does Apple give malware definitions to AV providers? New analysis suggests no.

31 Days Ago   3ve used addresses of unsuspecting owners—like the US Air Force.

39 Days Ago   Emails threaten explosions unless people pay $20,000 in Bitcoin.

39 Days Ago   Group breaches SMS-protected accounts. It's still testing attacks against 2fa apps.

42 Days Ago   Goof let developers see names, email addresses, and more, even when set to be nonpublic.

46 Days Ago   Device-draining downloader used for ad fraud could have recovered other malicious files.

47 Days Ago   Attackers with admin control can abuse the feature to create a persistent backdoor.

48 Days Ago   Email accounts of four senior NRCC aides monitored for months.

49 Days Ago   Other stolen personal data includes names, email addresses, and direct messages.

49 Days Ago   Apple gives two scam apps the boot after they come to light.

53 Days Ago   Years-old UPnP vulnerability being used to expose ports 139 and 445.

54 Days Ago   Poorly secured certificate lets hackers impersonate any website on the Internet.

55 Days Ago   CAD forever changed the design of modern buildings and industrial espionage alike.

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