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Yesterday   Slides give the most detailed publicly available technical documentation seen so far.

5 Days Ago   Have your tax returns, Nest videos, and medical info been made public?

6 Days Ago   Hacking remains a tool of choice for influencing elections, company warns.

12 Days Ago   Researchers detect 4.6 million attempts over 2 months in Brazil alone.

12 Days Ago   Apple Watch app can let attackers listen to iPhone mic without permission.

13 Days Ago   Fix also requires users to confirm they want to join a Zoom conference.

13 Days Ago   Victory is anything but decisive, as crooks live to fight another day.

21 Days Ago   Agreement settles charges D-Link left users open to critical and widespread threats.

22 Days Ago   Facebook removes pages following discovery of a campaign that hid in plain sight.

24 Days Ago   Newly disclosed OSX/CrescentCore is 1 of 6 Mac threats to come to light this month.

26 Days Ago   Beware of websites booby-trapped by newly energized ShadowGate group, researchers warn.

33 Days Ago   So far, attacks are known only to target Mac users involved in cryptocurrency.

33 Days Ago   Like an episode of Spy vs. Spy, Russian-speaking Turla appears to hijack OilRig's network.

35 Days Ago   Netflix researchers discovered 4 flaws that could wreak havoc in data centers.

35 Days Ago   Free service prevents BGP hijackers from fraudulently obtaining browser-trusted certs.

36 Days Ago   NYT reported on US efforts to insert malware into Russia's energy infrastructure.

38 Days Ago   Group responsible for safety tampering Triconex malware has expanded, researchers say.

41 Days Ago   Sandbox escape in the ancient text editors lets attackers get a reverse shell.

41 Days Ago   If using Android to log in to Google from an iPad sounds complicated... you're right.

42 Days Ago   RAMBleed side-channel attack works even when DRAM is protected by error-correcting code.

45 Days Ago   Improper leak to Chinese-government-owned telecom lasts up to two hours.

47 Days Ago   In some cases, it's trivial for remote attackers to execute commands with root privileges.

47 Days Ago   After Google successfully beat back Triada in 2017, its developers found a new way in.

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