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Yesterday   Infection that started in the US shuts down network worldwide; company scrambles to recover.

4 Days Ago   Keystrokes can be recorded, replayed and injected into Fujitsu wireless model.

6 Days Ago   19-year-old code-execution flaw exploited within days of being disclosed.

6 Days Ago   GMO sniffer infected Fila UK for 4 months. Six US sites remain compromised.

7 Days Ago   Google removes 210 apps after outside researchers report them as abusive.

8 Days Ago   Certificates with 63-bit serial numbers touch off mass revocation blitz.

9 Days Ago   Phone-based scam may be low-tech, but it netted big bucks, prosecutors say.

12 Days Ago   FBI says hackers gained unauthorized access by exploiting weak passwords.

13 Days Ago   Unpatched flaw used in combination with Chrome exploit doesn't work against Win 10.

22 Days Ago   Other providers of bare-metal cloud computing might also be vulnerable to BMC hack.

27 Days Ago   Brace yourself. Previous Drupal vulnerabilities have touched off an exploit arms race.

27 Days Ago   DrainerBot can download gigabytes worth of hidden videos to infected devices.

28 Days Ago   If you're one of the 500 million utility users, now would be a good time to patch.

29 Days Ago   Separ's living-off-the-land approach bypasses many antimalware providers.

30 Days Ago   KrebsOnSecurity details how attackers took control of sensitive domains around the world.

33 Days Ago   HTML block almost perfectly reproduces Facebook single sign-on Window.

35 Days Ago   Researcher said statements he made after taking intoxicating substances should be thrown out.

36 Days Ago   IE info bug was under active exploit; exploit code for Exchange flaw was circulating.

36 Days Ago   VFEmail says data for virtually all US users is gone for good.

37 Days Ago   Clever trick may be designed to bypass Gatekeeper protections built into macOS.

39 Days Ago   "Clipper" app replaced user's wallet address with addresses controlled by developers.

41 Days Ago   Bug in FaceTime Group feature allowed people to eavesdrop on users' audio and video.

42 Days Ago   Code-execution bug shows open source Office clones can be hacked, too.

44 Days Ago   Nicholas Weaver says bitcoin and other digital coins recapitulate 500 years of failure.

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