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Yesterday   Apps improperly obtained user data, installed malware, and committed other offenses.

Yesterday   Vulnerability was demonstrated one week ago, when iOS 13 was still in beta.

2 Days Ago   New wave of attacks comes after previous Click2Gov hack compromised 300k payment cards.

2 Days Ago   Noticing an uptick in spam from people you know? You can probably blame Emotet.

3 Days Ago   Previously undocumented Tortoiseshell is skilled but by no means perfect.

4 Days Ago   WSD is supposed to be confined to local networks. It's not, and researchers are concerned.

5 Days Ago   Google Project Zero finds and reports flaw in widely used password manager.

8 Days Ago   Hackers are behind attacks that wreak destruction and steal hundreds of millions of dollars.

9 Days Ago   Attacks work by sending commands directly to applications stored on SIM cards.

10 Days Ago   A group charged with stealing 32 terabytes of academic data is still going strong.

11 Days Ago   DDIO makes servers faster. It can also allow rogue servers to covertly steal data.

15 Days Ago   Apple statement alienates the security community when the company needs it most.

16 Days Ago   The Metasploit module isn't as polished as the EternalBlue exploit. Still, it's powerful.

16 Days Ago   Google has so far remained mum on the flaw, which affects fully patched devices.

17 Days Ago   A lack of encryption and easily enumerated IDs open users to a host of creepy attacks.

17 Days Ago   Creator of Sartori and other botnets admits he created DDoS-for-hire service.

18 Days Ago   Top price for unpublished Android exploits reaches $2.5 million, a 25% premium over iOS.

22 Days Ago   Attackers installed malware that stole passwords, log-in credentials, and much more.

24 Days Ago   Stealthy new click-fraud technique displayed ads that were invisible to users.

24 Days Ago   Despite the results, some Trump officials question if costs outweigh benefits.

25 Days Ago   The sad, impractical truth about Android app security in 2019.

26 Days Ago   Previously fixed bug, which somehow came back in iOS 12.4, is patched for a second time.

29 Days Ago   Got Fortigate or Pulse Secure? Now would be a good time to make sure they're patched.

30 Days Ago   Maker of Steam changes policy to make clear privilege-escalation flaws are in scope.

32 Days Ago   Backdoors snuck into 12 OSS packages were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

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