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10 Hours Ago   The main argument against T-Mobile and Sprint's proposed merger has been the possibility of reduced competition; after all, Canada only has three major carriers, and that hasn't worked out great for the country.

15 Hours Ago   You might already know about our weekly live podcast, but did you know we have a second show every Tuesday? We answer your questions and discuss technology news — Android or not — from the past week.

16 Hours Ago   We just reviewed GE's new C-Life Multicolor smart bulbs, and while they're an excellent way to get into the wonderful world of smart lights, they only work with Google Assistant.

22 Hours Ago   We've tried out plenty of Anker projectors over the past few years, most recently the Android TV-equipped Nebula Capsule II. The Capsule II is great, but it's also very expensive — the regular price comes in at $579.99.

3 Days Ago   Xiaomi maintains its custom skin of Android, called MIUI, which ships on most of the company's devices — the main exceptions being its Android One and Android Go phones.

3 Days Ago   Chrome 75 was just released earlier this month, and right on schedule, Chrome 76 has entered the Beta Channel. This version is fairly massive, with plenty of changes that have been in the works for months.

3 Days Ago   LineageOS is arguably the most popular custom ROM on the planet, with more than 1.6 million active installations. However, there have never been official builds available for the OnePlus 6, possibly due to the phone's use of A/B partitions.

4 Days Ago   While Google Pay lets you buy items in stores with your phone, Google Pay Send is more similar to Venmo or PayPal — it allows you to send money to other Google users with just a few taps.

4 Days Ago   Earlier this year, we reviewed the C by GE Smart Bulb — the first light bulb that connects directly to your Google Home using a mesh Bluetooth network.

4 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/06/14 8:32am PDT Huawei reached out to XDA Developers to confirm the wallpapers have been removed from the company's servers, and should no longer be visible to device owners.

5 Days Ago   If you're planning to go to a few pool parties this summer (or maybe just chill in a tub every once in a while), it's great to have a speaker that won't break after a few water splashes.

5 Days Ago   The renaissance of mobile room-based video chat applications has largely passed, with even Facebook deciding their clone didn't need to stick around. One of the original players, Houseparty, has managed to continue running.

6 Days Ago   Unless you're really into the Moto Mod ecosystem, the Moto Z4 doesn't have a lot going for it. After all, it's a mid-range phone priced close to a OnePlus device.

6 Days Ago   The Essential Phone has been around since 2017, but surprisingly, it has never officially been supported by the popular LineageOS custom ROM. The phone is still receiving updates from Essential at a rapid pace, so there hasn't been much of a need to replace the stock software, but now you can install official LineageOS builds if you so desire.

7 Days Ago   Update 1: 2019/06/11 5:54pm PDT According to a new post from Google, the desktop install button will arrive as part of Chrome 76, which is expected to enter Beta soon.

7 Days Ago   We're just starting to learn the first details about this year's Pixel phones. Yesterday came the first reputable render, seemingly confirming the phone would have a large camera array on the back.

7 Days Ago   16 years after the first 64-bit x86 processor was released, the PC industry has been taking steps to move away from the older 32-bit architecture. Many popular games and applications are dropping support for 32-bit processors, and Google announced today that 32-bit machines will soon no longer receive Android Studio updates.

8 Days Ago   There are nearly as many smart speakers with Alexa at this point as there are stars in the sky, but Amazon's own Echo devices usually get new features before third-party speakers.

8 Days Ago   Last month, Google unveiled a significant interface update for Wear OS: Tiles. On updated watches, you can swipe from the main watch face to access new screens with quickly-accessible information, like fitness goals and the current weather forecast.

8 Days Ago   We've already covered well over 200 changes in the public betas of Android Q, but many of those are smaller tweaks that aren't quite important enough to be covered in dedicated posts.

8 Days Ago   Even though some of Waze's features are being folded into Google Maps, many prefer to stick with Waze for navigation. It was revealed last month that Assistant would soon come to Waze, and now it's finally rolling out to the app.

9 Days Ago   The Android Q Betas have had a ton of major changes, both in the interface and in the APIs that applications use. However, there are some changes so minor that they aren't quite important enough for a dedicated post.

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