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4 Days Ago   The eighth Game of Thrones season is finally over, and so are our dreams about getting the satisfying Game of Thrones story we wanted. Even before the finale aired it was clear we were witnessing the worst Game of Thrones season in history, and a disaster for HBO, in spite of those record viewing numbers.

4 Days Ago   Sony will launch a brand new PlayStation generation next year, the PS5, which has been making the news on a regular basis lately. We expect the new console to be much faster than its predecessor and set new standards for console gaming, and that’s something we could have said about any next-gen PlayStation that Sony launched in the past.

4 Days Ago   The Game of Thrones finale has finally aired, and we know exactly what happens to all of our favorite characters that are still left alive. The last episode is in many ways a lot better than everything we saw this season, but the writing is, yet again, this show’s Achilles’ heel.

4 Days Ago   The trade war with China has reached new heights in the past few weeks, as the Trump administration recently announced that US companies will be banned from buying equipment from certain Chinese companies.

4 Days Ago   A few weeks ago, the fourth episode of the last Game of Thrones season needed only a few days to become the show's worst-rated episode on IMDB.

4 Days Ago   Samsung is widely expected to launch two different versions of the Galaxy Note 10 this summer, with each one getting a 5G version of its own.

4 Days Ago   Google has been making phones for quite a few years now, both during the Nexus era when other smartphone vendors designed its devices, and especially in the Pixel era where it creates its own hardware.

5 Days Ago   The US government delivered a crippling blow to Huawei last week, placing the Chinese conglomerate on an "Entity List" that meant Huawei would not be able to acquire any technology from US companies without government approval — and that includes access to critical software such as Google's Android and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

5 Days Ago   The Game of Thrones finale is now history, and it all went down exactly as the leaks said it would. We know who survived season 8, who died, and who took the Iron Throne.

5 Days Ago   The final episode of Game of Thrones airs on Sunday night on HBO, and millions of people are going to watch it in spite of how bad the final season has been so far.

6 Days Ago   Pokemon Detective Pikachu needed nearly $10 million more to steal the top spot at the box office last weekend from Avengers: Endgame, as Marvel’s new MCU movie still draws crowds all over the world.

6 Days Ago   The final episode in the final Game of Thrones season airs on Sunday night, and at this point, we have no expectations considering the lousy writing that we've witnessed so far — not to mention that we already know where this journey is heading.

7 Days Ago   Verizon just launched the Galaxy S10 5G, but Samsung is hardly the only company putting out 5G smartphones this year. International carriers have also started rolling out 5G networks and compatible smartphones, and UK carriers are the latest ones to prepare for their 5G launches.

7 Days Ago   At the time of this writing, nearly 800,000 Game of Thrones fans had signed a petition asking HBO to remake season 8 “with competent writers.” Petition talk started as a joke but quickly picked up steam, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see even more people sign it.

7 Days Ago   The first foldable phone of 2019 should already be in the hands of consumers by now, but Samsung had to fold its launch plans after early reviewers discovered several issues with the Galaxy Fold's design that would cause the screen to break.

8 Days Ago   The Galaxy S10 5G smartphone is now available from Verizon, which means you'll soon be able to test out the carrier's 5G network assuming you reside in one of the first Verizon 5G markets.

8 Days Ago   Sony and Microsoft are huge rivals in the gaming business, with each company set to unveil new hardware in the not too distant future. In a surprising move, the two companies have inked an entertainment-related partnership with plenty of time left to go until they release their next-gen consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two.

8 Days Ago   It's no secret that the US government isn't fond of Huawei, currently the second largest smartphone maker on the planet. The US has often criticized Huawei for its alleged ties with the Chinese government, and citing security concerns, it effectively banned the sale of Huawei smartphone in the country and advised allies not to procure Huawei networking equipment for cellular infrastructure investments, with particular focus on 5G.

8 Days Ago   Not only were we left with two Guardians of the Galaxy still alive after Avengers: Infinity War, but there were many other reasons to worry about the future of Marvel’s hugely popular MCU franchise following James Gunn’s firing.

8 Days Ago   With $2.5 billion under its belt as we approach the film's fourth weekend at the box office, Avengers: Endgame isn't just the biggest MCU movie to date, it's about to become the highest-grossing movie of all time.

8 Days Ago   We’ve now discussed a series of monster Game of Thrones leaks not once but twice, as it gave us plenty of details from the second half of season 8.

8 Days Ago   Remember the Steam Link app that let you play Steam games on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV? Apple yanked it from the App Store about a year ago, citing “business conflicts.” The app allowed you to purchase games directly from Steam, bypassing Apple's App Store altogether.

9 Days Ago   The closer we get to the Galaxy Note 10 launch, the more leaks we’re bound to see. Some of them are more interesting, teasing potential design changes that we might not see coming, while others only tell us what the rumored launch colors of the upcoming Samsung flagship series should be.

9 Days Ago   Announced back at MWC 2019, SanDisk's 1TB microSD card is finally available for purchase, in case you've been looking for the largest capacity microSD card there is to add to your smartphone or other compatible devices (Nintendo Switch anyone?).

9 Days Ago   If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things series, then the Stranger Things set that Lego just launched will easily be the best thing you see all day.

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