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5 Days Ago   A series of reports said in recent days that a new Captain Marvel trailer and the first Avengers 4 trailer would be released on Monday and Wednesday, respectively.

5 Days Ago   There’s no question the Galaxy S10 is the most talked about unreleased handset right now. Just in the last few days, we saw an increasing number of reports detailing the phone’s Infinity-O design, its specs, the camera variations, as well as leaks showing purported screen protectors for the handset and renders based on alleged CAD files.

5 Days Ago   Google on Monday released its “Best of 2018” highlights for the Play store, which included PUBG and Infinity War, among many other titles across various digital content categories.

6 Days Ago   Google on Monday announced the best content it has to offer in the Google Play store across various sections, including apps, movies, TV shows, and books.

6 Days Ago   We’ve known for a while now that Samsung is going to make a 5G version of the Galaxy S10, set to launch in Korea and other markets where 5G coverage is set to go live in the coming months.

6 Days Ago   A series of fresh reports say that the first Avengers 4 trailer, the one we didn’t get to see last Wednesday or on Black Friday a week before that, is finally about to be released.

6 Days Ago   It’s not the trailer you’ve been waiting for these days, but that doesn’t change the fact that a new Captain Marvel trailer will drop during Monday Night Football tonight, and that’s still very exciting news.

6 Days Ago   Google isn’t just refining the design of the Google Maps app, it’s also updating the app's features as it looks to further improve the navigation experience.

6 Days Ago   Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S10 series in February, but we won’t have to wait that long to see the next Galaxy flagships. Samsung has never been able to keep any of the previous Galaxy S phones hidden from public view, and we already have images of a purported 5G prototype version of the phone, as well as an early clone, which indicates various parts are already in production.

6 Days Ago   At least two smartphone makers have launched 5G phones this year, but the handsets aren’t exactly 5G-ready. Motorola was the first one, but its phone needs a 5G module that’s not available in stores — not that 5G networks are really available to potential customers right now.

6 Days Ago   Infinity-O displays are the talk of the town right now, and that’s because so many reports keep saying this is the kind of screen that will end up on the upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship.

8 Days Ago   I know you wanted to see the first Avengers 4 trailer this week. We all did. But that didn’t happen, as Disney and Marvel have other plans for revealing the film’s title and trailer.

8 Days Ago   There’s no denying that the Office suite of apps is Microsoft’s most important product, even more critical for the success of the company than Windows. That’s because many people already use alternatives to Windows, including Mac and Chrome OS.

9 Days Ago   The first Avengers 4 trailer isn’t here yet, and we have no idea what the movie will be called since the Russo brothers refused to address any questions about the new film during a special Infinity War screening earlier this week.

9 Days Ago   The Galaxy A8s will be Samsung’s first phone with a gorgeous Infinity-O display. That’s the kind of screen that occupies almost the entire front of the phone except for tiny bezels and a camera hole near the top.

9 Days Ago   Given the huge popularity of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, it was only a matter of time until smartphone makers created blockchain phones. We’ve already talked about a couple of devices that are dueling for “world’s first” titles, including the HTC Exodus 1 and the Sirin Labs Finney phone.

9 Days Ago   The Galaxy S10 will have an exciting all-screen design when it launches next year, if recent leaks are to be believed. Samsung announced the all-screen Infinity-O screen a few weeks ago, after teasing that the Galaxy A8s will have an all-screen design with a tiny notch at the top, where the selfie camera would be.

10 Days Ago   Almost all Android device makers other than Samsung copied the iPhone X’s notch this year, while simultaneously looking for ways to create all-screen phones without notches.

10 Days Ago   Remember the Nubia X that we’ve shown you a couple of times already? It's a phone that features not one, but two distinct displays, including the main screen that takes up the entire surface of the front area, and a secondary one on the back that’s smaller, with the express purpose of letting you take selfies.

10 Days Ago   There’s no question that solid-state drives (SSD) are the way to go when it comes to storage for laptops and desktops. The performance gains are tremendous, and the extra price you pay for speedy SSD is always definitely worth it.

10 Days Ago   Samsung will launch at least four Galaxy S10 versions next year, according to recent reports, including a premium 5G phone as well as a more affordable handset.

10 Days Ago   According to a new report out of Asia that seemingly confirms earlier rumors, the Galaxy S10 will have a feature like no other Android device, or any iPhone for that matter.

10 Days Ago   Earlier this week, we learned that OnePlus will announce a special edition version of the OnePlus 6T, a phone that will have Mclaren branding. OnePlus didn’t say as much, but it did tease a Mclaren-related announcement for December 11th.

10 Days Ago   Admit it, you too had high hopes that the Russo brothers would reveal the title of Avengers 4 late on Wednesday, right before showing the first trailer of the upcoming movie to an audience of lucky Marvel fans that got to watch Infinity War with the directors.

11 Days Ago   Google has just made a small but significant change to one of its best mobile apps, Google Maps. The company has been tweaking the design of Google Maps for a few months now, making various changes that would bring the popular navigation app in line with its newest Material Design guidelines.

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