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10 Hours Ago   Like I told you last week, the first half of January lacked any exciting trailers, but that was about to change. And that’s exactly what happened.

Yesterday   Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed during a media event earlier this week that Microsoft will soon launch a Microsoft 365 subscription service for consumers, following reports that suggested such a move was in the making.

Yesterday   Netflix debuted something special last month: An interactive movie where you make choices for the main character. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is the name of the choose-your-own adventure film -- an adventure that’s just crazy enough to warrant inclusion in the Black Mirror universe.

Yesterday   Samsung is expected to unveil its first ever foldable Galaxy phone soon... for real this time. Samsung will give the phone a proper announcement this time around, and it’ll reveal all the details that it withheld from the press during its developer conference in early November, including an actual release date and pricing.

Yesterday   Much has been written about Marvel’s MCU timeline now that the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers were released because Marvel fans are still debating whether Avengers: Endgame happens before or after the new Spider-Man movie.

Yesterday   A report earlier this week delivered the kind of Galaxy S10 battery news we didn’t want to see, especially considering some of the interesting battery rumors we had heard before.

Yesterday   Google Maps may be Google’s most popular navigation app out there, but the company has a similar app that’s even better for some people, especially frequent drivers.

Yesterday   Reports earlier this week revealed what’s being referred to “Collection #1,” an 87GB pile of data that included no less than 773 million unique email accounts and more than 21 million different passwords.

2 Days Ago   We have almost reached the edges of the phone when it comes to display size, but smartphone makers this year will continue to increase screen-to-body ratios.

2 Days Ago   Sony finally released the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer we’ve been waiting for, and in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t seen it. That’s because Sony is trying too hard not to spoil Avengers: Endgame while simultaneously sneaking in tiny teasers that basically ruined the whole thing.

2 Days Ago   Now that the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer is here, you’ll hear plenty of theories that say Spider-Man 2 may be set before Avengers: Endgame, but that’s definitely not the case.

2 Days Ago   A report a few days ago said that Apple might be planning a massive change for the iPhone 11, one that we hardly expected Apple to go for until a few months ago.

2 Days Ago   Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S10+ in San Francisco in about a month, but it’s not like the phone is a mystery anymore to fans. An increasing number of leaks have revealed nearly everything there is to know about the handset, from design to specs, to prices and launch dates.

2 Days Ago   When the Pixel 3 launched in October, it was hardly a secret. We knew everything about it, and I do mean everything. An ongoing series of leaks, including actual reviews of the phone, and multiple hands-on videos, revealed all of the Pixel 3’s secrets.

3 Days Ago   With the Galaxy S10 about one month away, we thought we knew everything there was to know about Samsung’s next flagship. But a brand new leak has us worried.

3 Days Ago   Samsung will unveil at least four distinct Galaxy S10 versions soon, including three 4G models and a 5G phone. All of them will share the same Infinity-O punch-hole design on the front, as well as the same high-end processors.

3 Days Ago   After weeks of delays, Sony and Marvel finally released the trailer Marvel fans have been dying to see, the first Spider-Man: Far From Home clip that shows what’ll happen next in the Spider-Man franchise.

3 Days Ago   A few days ago, a benchmark for the cheapest Galaxy S10 that Samsung is about to launch revealed incredibly disappointing scores for a phone that should have the same processor as all the other Galaxy S10 models.

3 Days Ago   The Galaxy S10 is coming soon, but Samsung's new flagship won't be the only exciting phone of 2019. Reports earlier this week said that a Chinese smartphone maker many people haven’t even heard of would unveil new camera innovations at a press conference in China.

3 Days Ago   Verizon announced back in August a great Apple Music promotion that offered its customers six months of free music. The only condition was that you had to be a Verizon Unlimited customer.

4 Days Ago   Ever since I saw Michael J. Fox using those self-lacing shoes as Marty McFly in Back to the Future back when I was a kid, I've wanted to see that kind of technology in action.

4 Days Ago   Samsung has a huge year ahead when it comes to new smartphone launches, as the company is expected to unveil the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F on February 20th.

4 Days Ago   Samsung’s  first foldable smartphone is confirmed to launch in the first half of the year, and the handset won’t have that many rivals, as other vendors are yet to unveil their own foldable devices.

4 Days Ago   We’re slowly approaching that April 26th date when Avengers: Endgame will hit theaters around the world and finally tell us exactly how our favorite heroes will beat Thanos.

4 Days Ago   A leak from a few days ago showed us a purported OnePlus 7 design, one that I personally hope never gets made. That’s because the leak showed what appeared to be a slider phone, an all-screen design that doesn’t deserve to catch on.

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