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1 Hour Ago   We’ve seen reports this evening that Samsung might be causing issues with the latest software updates to older handsets. On Twitter this evening, we were alerted to an issue with DTMF tone dialing during phone calls made on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

1 Hour Ago   It’s an interesting week for Huawei; the exemption to the US Commerce ban which denies Huawei access to American products and services expires tomorrow (Australian time), and while the company has secured access to Android Q to keep its smartphones running and up to date for another 12 months, other outcomes are less certain.

Yesterday   Two weeks ago, these smart WiFi lights appeared in ALDI’s Smart Buys catalogue, and they were a real hit. As regular ALDI shoppers ourselves, we noticed these flying off the shelves, such that by Monday (they went on sale Saturday) they’d all but disappeared.

2 Days Ago   Earlier this evening, Reuters reported that the U.S. Commerce Department is expected to extend a reprieve given to Huawei Technologies. Expiring on 19 August, Huawei has been operating under a 90 day reprieve granted back in May, and it seems now almost certain that a further 90 day exemption will be granted to the Chinese … The post Developing: US Commerce department to grant Huawei a further 90 day exemption from trade ban appeared first on Ausdroid.

4 Days Ago   If you’re a smart home parent, or maybe it’s easier herding cats than organising your housemates, coordinating everything by our phones is almost a given these days.

4 Days Ago   ALDIMobile has launched new mobile and data plans with new allowances to better meet the needs of its customers. All new plans features unlimited standard calls and SMS, and generous data inclusions.

4 Days Ago   We already understand that Huawei’s next super smartphone is only weeks away, with a mooted launch in mid September. This won’t be the first time that Huawei has launched Mate early, nor in (continental) Europe, as those may recall the Mate 10 was launched a little earlier in Munich a couple of years ago.

8 Days Ago   During the Huawei Developer Conference 2019 held this weekend in China, a media round-table to discuss EMUI10 quickly changed topic to discuss the future everyone wants to know about – how will Huawei survive if it loses access to Android, and what plans does it have in place?

9 Days Ago   The next instalment in Huawei’s take on Android OS has been in development for a little while, and the company is about ready to release EMUI 10 to the world.

10 Days Ago   At the Huawei Developer Conference 2019, held at Dongguan Basketball Centre – a stunning venue in the Chinese Province of Dongguan – Huawei Consumer CEO Richard Yu has unveiled HarmonyOS.

11 Days Ago   While its ability to license Android in the future remains somewhat unclear, it seems Huawei is moving forward with new handset designs and the Mate 30 is expected to arrive later this year.

11 Days Ago   While we’ve learned much about what the outside of Google’s Pixel 4 will look like, the insides remain a little bit more mysterious. We’ve seen a few leaks, but now as we get closer to October, there’s more details starting to emerge.

14 Days Ago   Earlier today, it was revealed that the company building Australia’s National Broadband Network is exploring making the fastest consumer NBN plan a business-only offering, and developing a new plan for residential customers.

15 Days Ago   Like most AIs, Google’s Assistant isn’t actually Skynet, and doesn’t actually learn by itself. Just as with Siri and Alexa, Assistant is improved – at least in part – by humans transcribing interactions and helping Assistant to better understand what it’s being asked to do.

15 Days Ago   Android already has a number of ways to stumble across new content, from the Google page in most app launchers, the Google home page, and even within Chrome itself.

16 Days Ago   Google Assistant has always had some measure of integration with various messaging apps; for example, it’s long been able to read and reply to Telegram messages (which we use at Ausdroid) but that integration hasn’t been complete.

19 Days Ago   Opinions on the NBN vary across the spectrum, but one thing most will probably concede is that the service offering is far from perfect. There’s been a growing chorus from NBN retailers calling for a review of the wholesale pricing structure which would – if accepted – ultimately lead to better and fairer pricing for … The post Telstra joins the push for fixing NBN Co wholesale pricing appeared first on Ausdroid.

19 Days Ago   As previewed back at Google I/O (what feels like months ago), Google has been working on an update for Android Auto that revamps the entire experience.

20 Days Ago   If you’re in the market for a true portable laser projector, then Epson has got you covered with its new EF-100 range of projectors. Why, might you ask, would you want one of these?

21 Days Ago   JB HiFi’s mailing list has some good offers from time to time, and today’s is a great one. Customers can save a whopping $600 off the price of a Samsung Galaxy S10+ 1TB model, reducing the overall price to just $1799.

21 Days Ago   From Monday 29 July 2019, most Sydney public transport users can enjoy the same Opal travel benefits as Opal users when tapping on and off using credit cards or mobile payment wallets such as Google Pay.

22 Days Ago   One of the last steps in a tech product’s journey from concept to shelves is clearance by the US Federal Communications Commission (or FCC). Products containing any form of wireless communication must be certified.

23 Days Ago   This week the government-owned NBNCo announced that Australia’s National Broadband Network had passed 10 million homes, with those properties now able to connect to the national network.

25 Days Ago   Earlier today I posed a question to our social followers on Twitter – who’d like to see some “behind the tech” stories, where we talk about what goes on behind the scenes both at Ausdroid, and in the Australian tech industry in general.

25 Days Ago   Optus’ smartphone leasing plans were not unlike other lease plans – on the plus side, you could have the same phone for less each month, but on the down side, at the end of 24 months you had to hand the phone back, with no credit for what you’d actually paid for it.

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