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21 Days Ago   New information has come to light detailing Facebook's future plans to take over your TV, with set-top box that will offer chat and video calls, as well

21 Days Ago   The BBC has never shied away from technology and now, working with developers from Preloaded, the corporation is bringing Micro Kingdoms to Magic Leap,

22 Days Ago   Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Tab S6, bringing a range of new features to its leading productivity tablet. There are big changes to the S Pen on

22 Days Ago   Google and Apple are vying for dominance in in-car tech with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, with both systems allowing you to use your phone to slave

22 Days Ago   Jaybird has announced its third generation of true wireless headphones in the Vista, looking to boost the performance and enhance the appeal over the Run

23 Days Ago   The P400e brings tax breaks, cheaper short-distance motoring and the option to drive on pure electric to one of the most popular premium SUVs on the

23 Days Ago   Huawei was working with Google to produce a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker, before the plans came to a halt following the US ban in May 2019, according

24 Days Ago   Apple has teams of human contractors listening to Siri recordings as part of the quality control measures for the service - and the Apple Watch is a large

24 Days Ago   Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter that Tesla owners will soon have the ability to watch YouTube or Netflix on the big screen of their Tesla car.Before

26 Days Ago   If you've playing a lot of Pokemon Go and have jumped over to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you'll probably be confused. While much of the game seems to

26 Days Ago   The basics of Pokemon Go are simple and fun. You walk, you catch Pokemon, you collect as many as you can and you visit Poke Stops to load your backpack

27 Days Ago   It might not appeal to the heart on first look, but it will appeal to your head. If you're in the market for a practical electric car with bundles of

27 Days Ago   Electric cars are already a mainstay on Britain's roads, with a growing number of all-electric models being available to buy right now. The electric effect

27 Days Ago   There are many rivals to the Echo, but the Echo Plus feels like the smart speaker that's leading the way.

27 Days Ago   Huawei had previously said that its oversized 5G handset would be available in the UK before the end of July and has now confirmed that Three, Sky Mobile

29 Days Ago   Our top reading device choice. Yes, it's expensive, but if you read a lot then there's pleasure in having something premium to do it on. And now it

30 Days Ago   If you want to dip your toe into the world of Alexa, the Echo might seem like the obvious choice. However, with the Plus better for music and the Show

31 Days Ago   Parrot is retiring some of its consumer-focused drones, with reports that the Mambo and Swing lines are coming to an end. That will see Parrot make an

33 Days Ago   Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the latest game from Niantic that bought us Pokemon Go. It offers a similar style of map-based exploration gameplay, involving

34 Days Ago   EE has announced that it is going to be helping Wizards Unite gamers by offering free data to play the game through until 30 September 2019.

34 Days Ago   Eevee is one of the most interesting Pokemon characters. Not only is it ridiculously cute, but it doesn't have a defined evolution path - and some of the

34 Days Ago   The smartphone is the centre of the modern world, it's not only essential for communication, it's your entertainment, smart home control devices and your

34 Days Ago   A flagship device that can track and monitor your daily activity, your sleep, your sport-specific training and give you feedback through the whole

35 Days Ago   Ionity has today opened its second 350kW electric car charging station in the UK, providing super-fast charging for those stopping at Milton Keynes.It

35 Days Ago   Eve has announced the Eve Extend, a device that will create a Wi-Fi network for your Eve accessories and extend the range beyond the Bluetooth that it

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