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11 Days Ago   There's a lot that the Mi 8 does right for its asking price. While there are compromises, the experience is positive overall. It's only really the

11 Days Ago   Google first showcased an AR navigation view for Maps at Google I/O 2018. No timescale was given at that point, but thanks to a report by the Wall Street

12 Days Ago   Ring is one of the stars of the smart home, with the Video Doorbell being one of those connected devices that everyone wants. The Ring Video Doorbell

12 Days Ago   Volkswagen has been talking about ID since it first unveiled the ID Concept at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. At the time VW was embroiled in the Dieselgate

15 Days Ago   In the Roku Streaming Stick+ we love the experience, we love the ease of use and the quality of the stream that we get from it.

16 Days Ago   The phones of recent years have dominated by safe colours. Grey or silver - something to reflect the metal finish of your handset - was the trend of an

16 Days Ago   The Roku Streaming Stick+ has received a discount - not a temporary offer - but a reduction in price by £20, so it will now cost you £59.99.

16 Days Ago   Amazon's Fire tablets continue to offer a popular alternative to the iPad, and with the choices of Android tablets reducing over the past few years, the

17 Days Ago   Gocycle has been making electric bikes for 10 years, so it's fitting that the new folding model is launched as the Gocycle GX.Wasn't Gocycle already a

17 Days Ago   The Fitbit Versa is the latest smartwatch from Fitbit that blurs the lines between fitness device and traditional smartwatch. It's fairly new, so this

17 Days Ago   Long before Apple announced Screen Time - a feature of iOS 12 - a small British company called Screen Time Labs offered a solution to managing children

17 Days Ago   Roku is said to be in talks with Apple about support for AirPlay 2 - which could see support for Apple's wireless technology on just about any TV out there. AirPlay,

17 Days Ago   Google slashed prices on Google Home devices around on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and some of them are still discounted this February.These are some

18 Days Ago   Ring is now one of the devices supported by Amazon's Alexa Routines, meaning you can create custom actions involving Ring devices.In this feature we're

18 Days Ago   Xiaomi is expanding its reach, launching into the UK in 2018 and looking for international growth. It has booked in a press event at Mobile World Congress

21 Days Ago   As we enter the season of new smartphone launches - Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, LG and Nokia are all due to announce new devices in the next few weeks

22 Days Ago   Connected Kerb has rolled out the first of its innovative electric charging points in Southwark, London, as it looks to address the problem of EV charging

22 Days Ago   Ruark has announced the Ruark R5, a new all-in-one music system that follows the company's principals in uncompromising quality.The R5 slots into the line-up

23 Days Ago   Samsung has announced that it has started mass producing eUFS 2.1 hardware, with storage capacities of 1TB. While people have been baulking at the 512GB

24 Days Ago   Oppo has officially launched in the UK, another Chinese manufacturer looking to challenge the established order. Oppo joins the likes of Xiaomi - entering

24 Days Ago   Wireless power is often seen as the holy grail for mobile devices, allowing charging without being connected to a power source - or in some cases, without

25 Days Ago   Honor launched as a sub-brand of Chinese manufacturer Huawei in 2014 - but it's quickly become a brand to be reckoned with. Good value for money, good

25 Days Ago   When Philips announced its new TV models for 2019, it highlighted one of its mid-range TVs and lifted it above its flagship LED and OLED models.Appointing

25 Days Ago   Samsung - the world's largest smartphone manufacturer - has a fight on its hands to retain market share and the Samsung Galaxy M series is part of the

25 Days Ago   The big omission from Nokia's Android line-up has been a credible flagship device. The Nokia 8 didn't arrive in a timely fashion and the Sirocco - while

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