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9 Hours Ago   Google-owned Nest offers a number of products within its portfolio, from the Nest Hello video doorbell to the Nest Cam IQ connected home camera. One of

11 Hours Ago   Google has taken the wraps off its 2019 phones, revealing the often-leaked Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XLPresented on stage at the Made by Google event, it's fair

11 Hours Ago   Google has unveiled a new version of the Nest Mini, its small Google Assistant speaker.While the device looks a lot like the previous Google Home Mini,

13 Hours Ago   Roku has confirmed that from today you'll be able to add the Apple TV app to your Roku device, meaning you'll be able to access, rent and buy movies and

14 Hours Ago   If you have an Android phone, you'll be familiar with the update process for Android versions: Google launches a beta, eventually pushing that to Pixel

15 Hours Ago   When Google announced the Pixel 3, it showcased the new photo mode called Night Sight. It didn't launch with the new devices, but rolled out to Pixel devices

17 Hours Ago   The shift towards electric cars is bringing with it a whole new range of entrants to the market - and the Uniti One is an interesting addition.

19 Hours Ago   If music is the most important thing for you, then it's hard to ignore the boosted performance of the new Echo. Previous Echos had limitations, but to

19 Hours Ago   The Echo Dot with Clock is a no brainer in many senses. It's an ideal addition to a bedroom, less distracting than larger devices with a display, but

Yesterday   Porsche formally announced its electric sports car, the Taycan, in September 2019, but come October, it's already announcing a new version of that car

2 Days Ago   The Rugby World Cup 2019 kicked off on Friday 20 September with hosts Japan beating Russia to get the home side off to a flying start. But when are the

3 Days Ago   Few devices have been as divisive as the Pixel 3. Announced on 7 October, it has been dividing opinion, and is ready to be replaced by the Pixel 4, about

4 Days Ago   For the consumer division of Huawei one of the biggest impacts of its placement on the entity list in May 2019 has been the question over access to Google's

5 Days Ago   OnePlus has continued its partnership with McLaren, resulting in another special edition handset - the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition.It takes the existing

5 Days Ago   OnePlus has confirmed that it's working with PUBG Mobile to provide an optimised experience for those playing on OnePlus devices.Announced briefly on stage

5 Days Ago   OnePlus has announced the anticipated OnePlus 7T Pro, the second 7T device in the series following on from the OnePlus 7T announced a few weeks prior.Unveiled

5 Days Ago   HMD Global has confirmed that it is starting the upgrade of Nokia devices to Android 10, the latest version of Google's software. The update comes just

5 Days Ago   The world of Android phones is very different to the world of Apple phones. Apple aims to give you the same experience across its devices whereas Android

5 Days Ago   Everyone is talking about battle royale games at the moment and there are two which are really hitting the headlines: PlayerUnknown's Battleground and

6 Days Ago   EE officially launched 5G on 30 May, the first network in the UK to offer a 5G service. There are a range of handsets available, with a range of deals

6 Days Ago   Over the past few years, we've seen the compact camera market crash, photo sharing explode and smartphones evolve into the most important cameras around.

6 Days Ago   Volvo is preparing to launch its first all-electric car - the XC40 SUV - and it's going to town teasing new features. The latest is that it's going all-in

6 Days Ago   Amazon's Fire tablets continue to offer a popular alternative to the iPad, and with the choices of Android tablets reducing over the past few years, the

6 Days Ago   The Kindle reader is one of the most popular choices for ebook reading, letting you read your favourite books on a digital device, without the drawbacks

6 Days Ago   Bose has a long association with car manufacturers, bringing its enhanced audio solutions to a full range of different cars. While many of these are a

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