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16 Hours Ago   With the pace of smartphone evolution moving so fast, there's always something waiting in the wings. No sooner have you spied the latest handset, that

17 Hours Ago   The smartphone landscape is changing in the UK - and across the globe - as some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers start to flex their muscles.

20 Hours Ago   Air quality is a concern for a lot of people and adding an air purifier to your car effectively reduces some of the poor air to which you'll be

21 Hours Ago   Mobile World Congress is the biggest mobile event of the year, seeing the launch of many of the year's top smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, as well

3 Days Ago   Fans of PUBG Mobile - and there's a lot of them - will know that season 4 has ended and we're rolling into season 5, meaning a reset to rankings.

3 Days Ago   HTC, above and beyond any other manufacturer, has done more than its fair share of popularising Android. HTC was there at the beginning, producing some

3 Days Ago   There are lots of great deals in the January sales, and towards the affordable end of the scale is the Garmin Forerunner 235 reduced to just over £159

4 Days Ago   Building on the success of the Pixel 2 models, comes the Pixel 3. Offering two sizes of device, the only real difference between these handsets is the

5 Days Ago   Google slashed prices on Google Home devices around on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and some of them are still discounted for the January Sales. These

5 Days Ago   While the addition of audio detection and stronger signal range is nice, it's hard to see the Hive Hub 360 as an essential upgrade if you're an

6 Days Ago   With the world of Alexa expanding, it's no longer what your device does on day one that's important - it's how it develops. With Polk confirming that its

6 Days Ago   Some people snort at technology, dismissing the advances made to progress simple things towards a better experience.The idea of power lacing on shoes isn't

6 Days Ago   Michael Kors has a full range of fashion-focused smartwatches and the Access Sofie model is being updated in Summer 2019, to make it even more appealing.Addressing

6 Days Ago   Everyone is talking about battle royale games at the moment and there are two which are really hitting the headlines: Drake's favourite Fortnite Battle

6 Days Ago   It has been 4 years since the 2015 announcement of the previous iPod touch, but rumours suggest that this iconic music device might come back to life.There's

6 Days Ago   Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S10 on 20 February as it celebrates a decade of Galaxy handsets - but it might also be marking the occasion with a

8 Days Ago   Widescreen, flatscreen, curved, 3D, HD, Full HD, 4K HDR. What's the next thing you'll find appended to this recent list of television evolution? 8K.That's

10 Days Ago   With broadband speeds generally increasing throughout the UK, the biggest battleground in for internet service providers is now Wi-Fi - the end point.With

10 Days Ago   With an official entry into the UK in 2018, Xiaomi has now added one of its most interesting smartphones to the offering - the Mi Mix 3.The Mi Mix line

10 Days Ago   The internal technology experience has become one of the most important aspects of modern cars. Drivers are now looking for connectivity, flexibility and

11 Days Ago   That BMW is gearing up to launch an electric Mini is no secret. The company has been happy to drip-feed details about the electrification of the most British

11 Days Ago   Samsung has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 announcement be at an event in San Francisco on 20 February.The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is expected

11 Days Ago   CES is one of the biggest tech events of the year and CES 2019 is showcasing a truckload of new gadgets that'll be launching in the next 12 months.The

12 Days Ago   Google's Pixel phones find themselves subject to more scrutiny than any other - except perhaps the iPhone - when they launch, with reviewers picking out

12 Days Ago   The annual cycle of Android rolls on, with the latest version of the Google mobile software being called Android 9 Pie.Android P was first revealed at

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