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2 Days Ago   ASICS developed the activity tracker app Runkeeper, and Runkeeper was able to faithfully connect with Wear OS devices until this week. Users were sent a message this week by the folks that develop ASICS Runkeeper.

2 Days Ago   On August 16, the 2019 Pokemon World Championships began, and the world’s best players of Pokemon games competed for their respective crowns. This is far from the largest e-sports tournament in the world – there’ve been far larger events over the past decade.

2 Days Ago   The first OPPO Reno took us by surprise earlier this year with a set of cameras and first-ever features in a smartphone. That was April – in May they announced an OPPO Reno Z, and here in August they’ve already got an OPPO Reno 2.

2 Days Ago   Twitter began testing a new way to hide unwanted messages in their social network DM requests today. The new way in which messages are arranged starts as it’s always started – in the direct messages menu.

2 Days Ago   This week’s been a bad one for Windows updates. A couple of relatively important Windows updates were released, then found to have unexpected effects on some of the computers on which they were loaded.

3 Days Ago   Hidden within the files sent with the latest version of iOS was a clue suggesting Apple’s next big event would occur on September 10th, 2019. This would most likely be the next big iPhone event, one which is expected to show Apple’s next two iPhones.

3 Days Ago   A user by the name of “Droogie” (Joseph Tartaro) decided he’d be clever and register a custom license plate with the word NULL. That means blank, empty, the end – it’s not a word you hear people use all that often other than to say “null and void” – which, incidentally, was part of Tartaro’s plan.

3 Days Ago   Today an update from Facebook changes the way Facebook Groups are labeled. No longer will there be a choice between public, closed, or secret settings. Instead, there’ll be a choice between “public” or “private.” Given the *most recent Facebook privacy flubs and government action regarding Facebook’s failings in keeping user data protected, increased use of the word PRIVACY in Facebook … Continue reading

3 Days Ago   Topological superconductivity is the name for the new state of matter shown by scientists in a research paper published this week. But it’s not the name that’s most important to us – it’s the implications lit up by the possibility of the existence of this new state.

3 Days Ago   This week the folks at Leica revealed the Leica APO-Summicron-SL 50 mm f/2 ASPH lens, a new member of the SL lens family with twelve lens elements arranged in ten groups.

4 Days Ago   Today we’re taking a look at a developing situation surrounding the 3rd-party Facebook app called “Frost for Facebook.” This app was the subject of some controversy back in March of 2018 when it was banned from the Google Play app store for “violations of forwarding traffic to a particular site (” Generally when this sort of thing happens, an app … Continue reading

4 Days Ago   Today Samsung got serious about their desktop software DeX with confirmation that they would, indeed, be delivering compatibility software for Windows and Mac computers. If you’ve got an Apple computer like a MacBook or an iMac, or basically any Windows 10 (or thereabouts) PC, you’ll be good to go.

4 Days Ago   The iPhone 11 was leaked in part by an email from an apparent Foxconn employee claiming to know the full lot. In the mix are details of a new green color for the higher-end iPhone 11 Max, which will apparently be the only “new” color of the year.

4 Days Ago   There’s a new trailer for Need for Speed Heat, a racing game that’s trying very hard to be Grand Theft Auto Vice City. That’s GTA: Vice City, the vibe of that game, turned into a Sneed for Speed Heat game that’ll be rolling out in November of 2019.

4 Days Ago   There’s a security patch for Windows 10 out right this minute that you’re going to want to take the time to download. This piece of software aims to stop some new wormable* RDP vulnerabilities.

4 Days Ago   There’s a new feature in town – for the front-facing cameras of the world, anyway. This is the so-called Super Night Mode, so-called for its abilities that are… pretty much the same as non-Super Night Mode.

4 Days Ago   Niantic released a notification this morning that Pokemon GO users achieved a new target with in-game research tasks. As Professor Willow’s graciousness knows no bounds, and Spark, Blanche, and Candela were assisted in making “some amazing discoveries,” new features will hit the game imminently.

4 Days Ago   A new app was made by a high school student disenchanted by the methods for success used by the folks at Quizlet. They didn’t think that a “dark mode” should be hidden behind a paywall, so they decided to take action.

5 Days Ago   There’s ample evidence to suggest that taking medications at the same time of day each day increases efficacy, a study published this month in Science suggests.

5 Days Ago   So you’re all excited about getting Dark Mode for every app in your phone, right? Today we got to see the first major change for Facebook, the Android version of the app for the social network.

5 Days Ago   This is not a drill, and it’s no longer a beta! Spotify for Podcasters is now an active, live system with which Spotify will take on the likes of Apple, Google, and the folks behind Stitcher.

5 Days Ago   There’s a new gimbal from DJI in the universe, and it goes by the name Osmo Mobile 3. This piece of hardware is made to turn your smartphone into a professional movie-capture beast, working with more than just the standard gimbal stabilization features.

5 Days Ago   Today we’re taking a peek at how to get evolved versions of Eevee in Pokemon GO. That includes how to evolve into Leafeon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, and whatever other Eevolutions come next – or MOST of those things, at least.

6 Days Ago   WhatsApp Temporarily Banned accounts popped up en masse this past week as the chat app continues its campaign to appear to fight unauthorized use. We’ve seen accounts of several accounts banned for what would – at first – appear to be shaky-ground reasoning.

6 Days Ago   So you’d like to know a bunch about the next Google Pixel smartphone via some sort of Google Pixel 4 leak action, yes? Today’s sorta your lucky day – depending on how you interpret the information that’s been appearing this morning.

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