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14 Hours Ago   The next generation iPhone XI could be the first to power a laptop – if Apple had a hankering to do such a thing. Today we’re taking a peek at a newly granted set of patent drawings as well as past connections in an effort to clear a path toward the future of mobile desktop hybrid machines.

16 Hours Ago   In the first month of 2019, Reddit’s AndroidGaming subreddit did a big vote session choosing the best mobile games of 2018. The winning games largely centered on – shockingly, perhaps – games that were big, sprawling, and involved.

16 Hours Ago   A series of illustrations was sent to SlashGear this morning depicting what appears to be the next Motorola RAZR phone, with a foldable display. We were understandably excited when the images appeared, albeit attached to an anonymous and untested source.

3 Days Ago   A recent study by the University of California, San Diego, showed four new ways to expose Internet users’ browsing histories. They also showed the ways in which these histories could and can be used to target internet users with various attacks.

3 Days Ago   So you’d like to see a 290-million-year-old creature walk the earth here in the year 2019, would you? You’re in luck, because that happened. You’re about to see the work of evolutionary biologist John Nyakatura at Humboldt University in Berlin.

3 Days Ago   Apple’s next iPad touch was tipped to be appearing later this year with a look related to that of the iPhone X. This device will likely feature Face ID, will have a collection of sensors and such to make it a real gaming and media-playing beast.

3 Days Ago   A new sort of smartphone malware was discovered that only activates while the host phone is in motion. This malware utilizes the phone’s motion sensors to trick malware-detecting software into thinking it is something like a fitness app, tracking steps, activity, etc.

3 Days Ago   The WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD was revealed this week with an aim to take on the most performance-hungry PC gaming rigs. It’ll do this with up to 2TB capacity on a single-sided M.2 form factor …which is super duper, BUT, the version we’re interested in is the one with an integrated heatsink.

4 Days Ago   Today is the big day for Mortal Kombat 11, with trailers and gameplay teasers and videos of all sorts available right this minute. This was directed by Ed Boon, will have both single and multiplayer (local multiplayer, thank god), and will be released on at least the following platforms: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

4 Days Ago   Google had a Nokia N9 up in the middle of their booth at CES 2019, and we only noticed it just now. What on earth was it doing there, and why did Google make no mention of its return in any press materials or announcements?

4 Days Ago   Google and Fossil Group just announced that there’ll be a $40 million deal to buy IP-related wearable info from the watch-maker. Smartwatches and such from Google’s Android Wear – or Wear OS, if you’re nasty – might well be changing quite a bit in the near future.

4 Days Ago   A new Slack Logo appeared this week, courtesy of a design language made to take on the future. The new logo is simpler, the new logo is more flat, the new logo is far more versatile.

4 Days Ago   It’s time to change your passwords – all of them. A newly revealed collection of email addresses, accounts, and passwords now constitutes the largest set ever exposed.

4 Days Ago   Samsung’s sent out test units of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus this week (and in recent weeks), as tipped by multiple leaks. The possibility that these units are out in the wild seems to have been proven by not only photos of the devices out in the wild, but of tests (of multiple sorts) done and reported … Continue reading

5 Days Ago   Today Android Q begins to spill, and all of its lovely insides – Android smartphone and tablet features – begin to leak all over the place.

5 Days Ago   Analysts weighed in this week on signals for the return of Bitcoin to cash money prominence. While it would appear that Bitcoin reached its floor at around $3,500 USD, there’s a whole lot of doubt in the market after the most major drop in the history of cryptocurrency – the fall of January 2018.

5 Days Ago   Tipped this morning in a report from South Korea is a new element in the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup called Life Pattern. This Life Pattern feature will appear in the most expensive Samsung Galaxy S10 model, the Samsung Galaxy S10 X.

5 Days Ago   The immense success of The Office streaming on Netflix just catapulted Steve Carell back into the limelight with a new comedy series. The series is called Space Force, and by the way Netflix describes it, it’ll basically be like Dunder Mifflin with less paper but no less wacky nonsense whatsoever.

5 Days Ago   This week the creators of postmarketOS came out of the shadows to show what they’ve been making for the past year. The software system they’ve created takes old Android devices – and some new – and boots an alternate operating system.

5 Days Ago   It’s that time in the world of Android – time to pull the plug on Android apps not prepared properly for the coming of 64-bit CPUs.

5 Days Ago   An update for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus appeared this week just after the Galaxy Note 8. This update comes in the form of a Beta Program enrollment for a wide variety of Galaxy S8 models.

6 Days Ago   A set of images of the iPhone XI, as it’s apparently called, leaked this afternoon from several angles. This new smartphone looks like it’ll change largely in external aesthetics more than it’ll change in abilities – but looks may be deceiving.

6 Days Ago   In the last week of 2018 on into the first of 2019, the polar vortex above the Arctic split, from one whirling beast into three. As a result of this disruption, this year’s cold season may be one of the coldest we’ve seen in many a year.

6 Days Ago   Today we’re taking a peek at the first wave of Minifigure blind packs from the movie which is forthcoming. This is a release similar to that of the blind bag collection released with the first movie, with both main, major characters and minor, obscure characters in the mix.

6 Days Ago   The latest in the Apple Qualcomm squabble is a testimony from the iPhone maker, suggesting that Qualcomm’s not been keen on supplying chips since their FTC trial began.

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