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18 Hours Ago   It’s time to quit Facebook, in my opinion. I have a number of reasons why, and today we’re going to go through them, one by one.

20 Hours Ago   With a release date inside 2019, Google Stadia seems like a cloud gaming service that should be pretty much ready to launch. To that end, we’ve got a few unanswered questions we’d like to explore.

22 Hours Ago   Remember back in early 2016 when the OnePlus 3 was first released? Those were heady days – the world was different back then. Now we’re nearly 3 years into the future, and a phone that launched with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is still getting updates.

23 Hours Ago   The lengths some people will go through to avoid working a 9-5 job are just incredible. What we’re seeing here today is a fraudster campaign perpetrated by an unnamed “Company X” discovered fitting itself in-between ad networks and their final target, the everyday average Android smartphone user.

Yesterday   A few months ago I became interested in the offbeat art of bootleg action figures. I started by following artists and designers on Instagram, and a big part of sharing art like this on Instagram is revealing parts of the product’s creation process.

Yesterday   The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be the first Samsung phone with 5G connectivity onboard, and today its launch details were revealed. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be released with no pre-order program, instead relying heavily on the already strong launch sales numbers and excitement about being first in line to work and play with 5G.

Yesterday   A bit of a leak of Apple’s next event showed the content of the announcements the company’s about to make. Apple’s got some entertainment on-hand in the TV department.

Yesterday   Intel Nervana is the company’s neural network processor (NNP) brand, relatively newly commercial-facing and already quite powerful. Thus far no Intel Nervana hardware’s been widely available – but that ends with the Intel Nervana NNP-L1000, the company’s first commercial NNP chip.

Yesterday   There’s a John Wick 3: Parabellum (2019) trailer out right now, and inside it are a few key details. This film is the third of three John Wick movies – so far.

Yesterday   Graphics card sales have long been dominated by two companies – but that might well be about to change. Intel held an inaugural event for its new program called The Odyssey at GDC 2019 this week.

2 Days Ago   Today a set of ROKiT smartphones were launched at the company’s online store and at Walmart online. Two phones are feature phones, one is just about as standard a smartphone as you can get, and two work with glasses-free 3D.

2 Days Ago   Today we’re going over a set of leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specifications that might’ve just spilled the beans. We’re still reeling from the release of the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, not to mention the Galaxy S10E – but it’s time to start talking about the Galaxy Note 10 immediately.

2 Days Ago   Ever wonder that it’d take to make a Terminator robot out of liquid metal? A study was released with the American Chemical Study that showed the future of MLMD, a magnetic liquid metal droplet.

2 Days Ago   If the Huawei P30 Pro was meant to be a surprise, someone messed up. Huawei’s next massive thriller of a smartphone’s been leaked today in the form of a couple videos and photos, too.

3 Days Ago   With Google Stadia, cloud gaming is about to get a lot more interactive – especially on the streaming front. Users will be able to stream gameplay in the Stadia platform (in a web browser), and can use Crowd Play and State Share to invite viewers in to play, too.

3 Days Ago   Google Stadia is a streaming game platform that works cross-platform by hosting games on Google’s servers and streaming to devices of many sorts. Users will be able to play with ease and without needing to worry about toxic players, cheaters, and/or hackers.

3 Days Ago   The Google Stadia announcement showed a unique sort of gaming platform where gamers, developers, and streamers (and streaming viewers) are combined. Their wants and needs are all in the mix, and YouTube is also onboard.

3 Days Ago   It’s not long now before we see the next iPod Touch, a device we’ve not seen refreshed since July of 2015. Word from rather reliable sources suggested this week that a three-device reveal schedule was set for this week, including a new set of iPads, a new iMac, and a new iPod Touch.

3 Days Ago   The HP Reverb VR Headset Pro Edition has 2x smaller LCD displays where most competitors have larger AMOLED. But the HP headset has more pixels per eye, a larger field of view, and a slightly lighter overall weight than HTC Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey.

3 Days Ago   Inbox is going away. The folks at Google responsible for Inbox by Gmail are likely just as bummed about their work’s fate as those that made Google Plus.

4 Days Ago   Don’t be turned off by the VR-like imagery in this article – this goes way beyond games, VR, and AR. Qualcomm-made headsets are about to get simple, easy to use, and able to be utilized in a number of different ways.

4 Days Ago   We’re less than a week away from a new Google gaming reveal that’s most likely cloud-based, but don’t let that fool you. We might well be right on the doorstep of a new sort of mobile device control.

4 Days Ago   A study done by independent security software test group AV-Comparatives showed how few mobile malware scanners actually worked. This group was founded around the turn of the millennium as a student project, and continues to this day in its quest to test the testers – judging and grading security applications of all sorts.

4 Days Ago   This morning the new Dune movie’s full cast list was revealed by Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. This is the newest adaptation of the original Frank Herbert classic tale of those who control the spice in the universe – and tales of its production history are as interesting as anything thus far produced.

4 Days Ago   The release of the gaming phone Black Shark 2 is upon us, despite the major lack of games to make the device worth the effort. Both Android and iOS have very few games that make use of any major amount of processor power in a smartphone or tablet, and the mobile gaming universe continues to be a stumbling block for … Continue reading

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