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47 Minutes Ago   Users of the latest round of Intel processors will be able to make use of the Intel Performance Maximizer (IPM) as of this afternoon. Today the download for this system was released by Intel as promised earlier this year at Computex 2019.

1 Hour Ago   If you’re all about finding the best water-type Pokemon in the game Pokemon GO, now’s your best chance – perhaps ever! Right this minute the Pokemon GO Raid Battle circuit is teeming with Kyogre, but the legendary Pokemon is far from the easiest boss to beat.

22 Hours Ago   Google is currently the subject of allegations of lyric-lifting by the song lyrics site Genius. The folks at Genius suggested that the work they’d put into transcribing and/or attaining song lyrics from artists was essentially copied and pasted by Google in a “Knowledge Panels” feature in Google Search.

23 Hours Ago   Earlier today the latest update for iPhone developers, iOS 13 Beta 2, was released by Apple. This update would normally be available to Developers only, on a normal day.

Yesterday   Google’s Pixel 3a may be the key to the company spreading beyond the most basic version of a smartphone company – hardware-wise. While it always seemed like Google SHOULD be able to make the best-selling smartphone with Android (since they own Android), it’s never truly come to pass – until now.

Yesterday   The game-making company Sensible Object was acquired by Niantic, as announced by the companies this morning. Niantic is the company that was once part of Google, coming from Google Maps and landing in a separate company under Alphabet called Niantic Labs.

Yesterday   It’s nearly time that the Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee systems lose contact with their little-known Pokemon GO bonus. With each purchase of the Eevee version of the game, users can attain a free Shiny Pikachu.

Yesterday   Laptops made by Huawei were removed from the online Microsoft Store on May 21st, 2019, and they’re back. Now the lot has returned to the online store as if they’d never left, without explanation on the part of Microsoft or Huawei proper.

Yesterday   This week music track lyrics-centric company Genius showed the press how their data was published to Google without their consent over the past several years. To prove that their site was being scraped for data, Genius used specific formatting in lyric lines – commas, and the like, that wouldn’t normally be in a set of lyrics – and there they … Continue reading

2 Days Ago   So you’ve got a smartphone with a USB-C power cord that doesn’t seem to work as well as it did when it was new. You’ve tried different cords, you’ve tried different outlets, you’ve tried different chargers.

2 Days Ago   This week the folks at Samsung released a software update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This update was just over 700MB in size and included Security Patch Level: June 1, 2019.

5 Days Ago   Remember that time in Batman: The Dark Knight when they hacked into every phone in the city and used audio matching and GPS to locate The Joker?

5 Days Ago   I can’t say for sure – because nobody knows for sure – but I’m calling it right now: Hot Wheels ID just stole Christmas. Using a bit of the magic summoned by the Apple x Anki Overdrive remote control car toy collaboration and some established-brand PR power – plus some features over which kids will likely flip their lid – … Continue reading

5 Days Ago   The Verizon Smart Locator was revealed today as a tiny piece of hardware that contains its own very simple processor. And that’s it. This device has a pre-installed SIM card to connect to mobile data with Verizon, a Li-Ion battery that’s 400mAh large, and can be recharged using a USB cord.

5 Days Ago   To gain access to easier-than-normal Shiny Pokemon for Pokemon GO Fest starting this week, you’ll need to follow some steps. Today we’re taking a look at the steps you’ll need to take to get to a new, more extraordinary place in your Pokemon GO journey via Global Challenges and Rewards for Pokemon GO Fest – with the newly rebranded Pokemon … Continue reading

6 Days Ago   This week the folks at the Eurasian Economic Commission database posted several new Mac models previously undisclosed to the public. These model numbers might not necessarily mean a whole lot to the lay person on their own, but in the context of previous Apple hardware, they’re telling.

6 Days Ago   For the past several days, the Google Pixel 4 seemed to leak one tiny detail every few hours. The earliest major leak seemed to be a set of 3D renders of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, in part of their glory (not all their glory, as the design details didn’t seem complete).

6 Days Ago   Google Drive and Google Photos will soon de-sync photos and videos hosted between the two. Google suggested that “automatic sync” between the two services was just “confusing” for users, so they’ve decided to “simplify” the experience.

6 Days Ago   Before the official launch of the AT&T consumer version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the company has something different in store. AT&T’s decided to release their Galaxy S10 5G through its AT&T Developer Program first, for “AT&T Business customers and 5G developers” only.

6 Days Ago   The Google Pixel 4 leaks are off with a bang this week, with imagery of the phone lineup and features coming in hot and heavy. Clues appearing today suggest there’s a sort of feature that’ll make use of the Project Soli sensor first revealed by Google in 2015 (and approved by the FCC for testing early this year).

7 Days Ago   ASUS just send their new ZenFone 6 smartphone to a number of 3rd-party developers on non-Google versions of Android. It’s apparent that ASUS contacted the developer-centric XDA Developers Forum at some point this year, and this week they’ve announced a the collection of developers with which they’ve worked.

7 Days Ago   The app called scrcpy was released in version 1.9 this week with features that make it the most advanced (yet simple) Android phone mirroring app in the world.

7 Days Ago   Come in, radar, this is Pixel 4 – Pixel 4 calling, over. Today there’s rumor that the Google Pixel 4 will make use of Google’s recently-FCC-approved Project Soli chip.

7 Days Ago   The next major release from HTC was just teased thanks to a pair of heralds in Extraordinary Purple and Modest Green. The folks at HTC, once responsible for some of the world’s most awesome Androids, have now pulled back to a much more modest place in the world of mobile hardware.

7 Days Ago   The next iteration of Animal Crossing was made specifically for the Nintendo Switch, and today’s news wasn’t great. I mean, depending on your view of the situation, today’s news could have been great!

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