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10 Days Ago   After months of speculation as to whether the network would greenlight yet another DC superhero show, it’s official: Black Lightning is finally making its way onto the CW later this year.

11 Days Ago   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 features one of the most emotionally charged deaths in all of Marvel’s cinematic universe, and according to James Gunn, Marvel was able to keep it under wraps before the movie’s premiere by trolling fans.

11 Days Ago   Universal’s hoping that its reboot of the Mummy franchise will be just the kind of hit that’ll sell the world on its shared universe of gods and monsters.

11 Days Ago   The first official trailer for Bong Joon-Ho’s Okja has everything. A superhippo, an evil corporation fronted by Tilda Swinton, and an important message about the power of love.

12 Days Ago   Much of Injustice 2's charm stems from how it gives players the ability to make their favorite DC comic book characters beat the crap out of each other.

12 Days Ago   Try as the universe might, Futurama’s a property that seemingly can’t be killed—or at least stay dead for very long. Even though the show’s been officially off the air since 2013, Futurama’s getting yet another chance at life in the form of a Worlds of Tomorrow, a mobile video game that picks up after the series’… Read more...

13 Days Ago   Later this year, the Inhuman royal family will make its debut in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in a new series about how they... crash land in Hawaii and struggle to blend in, or something.

13 Days Ago   It was clear that after Get Out made a cool $162 million in America alone, writer-director Jordan Peele was going to go on and make more fantastic (and hopefully horrifying) things.

13 Days Ago   When the very first trailer for Fox’s Logan dropped last year, it was the ad’s careful use of Johnny Cash’s haunting “Hurt” that suggested the movie would have an emotional weight and depth to it unlike any other X-Men flick.

14 Days Ago   According to his publicist, actor Powers Boothe died in his sleep last night in his Los Angeles home due to natural causes at the age of 68.

14 Days Ago   Even though Games of Thrones will conclude after its eighth season next year, HBO is currently developing a whole mess of new shows set in Westeros.

15 Days Ago   We’ve known for a while now that Fox’s upcoming X-Men spinoff tv show The Gifted would tell a classic story of mutant persecution with a handful of well known characters like Blink, Polaris, and Thunderbird thrown in for good measure.

15 Days Ago   When Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey’s Black Panther & The Crew launched earlier this year, it proved that big publishers like Marvel can, in fact, still tell timely stories about real world issues, like how police brutality devastates black communities.

17 Days Ago   Part of what made Marvel’s Vision series one of 2015's best comics was artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta’s striking illustrations of the Vision family struggling to acclimate to suburban domesticity.

17 Days Ago   This week’s Stevenbomb of new Steven Universe episodes dropped without a clever name alluding to its overarching theme and, in a way, that was the perfect move because things are changing in Beach City.

18 Days Ago   Donald Trump is president of the United States. Britain has left the European Union. Captain America is the new fascist supreme leader of Hydra. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Twilight Zone, a place where I’d much rather be right now.

19 Days Ago   She’s beauty, she’s grace. She’s an interdimensional being with a fondness for the American flag and in this week’s issue of Marvel’s America, we finally learn how America Chavez came to identify herself as a Latinx woman.

19 Days Ago   Fox’s upcoming X-Men drama The Gifted is a Marvel story as old as time. People with powers walk among us, those without powers fear them, and the government is seemingly hell-bent on capturing and imprisoning all of the...

20 Days Ago   When you watch Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away for the first time, it’s easy to get lost in the movie’s breathtaking visuals and and sprawling plot. The movie’s music, though, is where you can really get a sense of the emotions that guide Chihiro as she journeys deeper into the spirit world.

20 Days Ago   This past Sunday’s episode of American Gods introduced us to Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones), a smooth-talking African trickster god who manifests in the cargo hold of a slave ship making its way from Africa to America.

20 Days Ago   California senator Kamala Harris is the second black woman ever elected to the Senate, a huge policy wonk, an unabashed proponent of dropping f-bombs, and, as luck would have it, a huge X-Men fan.

21 Days Ago   In Kamathipura, Mumbai’s oldest red-light district, it’s estimated that there are currently some 20,000 sex workers doing business out of brothels. Oftentimes the “women” who are offered up by pimps and madams are are actually young girls who’ve been sold into sex slavery.

21 Days Ago   While there have been a handful of comic book characters like Marvel’s M-Twins and Chip Reece’s Metaphase who are people with super abilities and people living with cognitive disabilities, there’s yet to be a hero with Down syndrome leading his or her own comic.

22 Days Ago   The true horror of Stephen King’s It was always that the adults of Derry, Maine, where the primordial evil lived, seemed to understand that their children were being periodically snatched and murdered.

23 Days Ago   Mjolnir, Thor’s magical hammer forged by dwarven blacksmiths out of the enchanted metal uru, has a history of being picky about who can pick it up.

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