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Yesterday   The preference for wind is strong even in coal-producing states.

6 Days Ago   The overbite that comes from eating soft food may make "ffff" sounds more common.

21 Days Ago   In a rapidly changing climate, those memories may lead them astray.

32 Days Ago   Theory protects from "personal intuitions and culturally biased folk theories."

54 Days Ago   Understanding the differences in rates means a better picture of our history.

55 Days Ago   The farther from the equator, the greater the seasonal swings.

61 Days Ago   Point not just to the lies, but who's behind them, researchers suggest.

61 Days Ago   Huge analysis shows how the answer changes depending on the question.

69 Days Ago   Low attention and a flood of data are serious problems for social networks.

96 Days Ago   Containing the outbreak in a conflict-heavy region is challenging.

110 Days Ago   An overall downward trend reversed between 2016 and 2017.

111 Days Ago   Drug overdoses and suicide play an important role in the increasing death rate.

112 Days Ago   Study confirms rare paternal mitochondrial transmission in three families.

113 Days Ago   There's overlap with risk for a range of other conditions and behaviors.

116 Days Ago   One reference genome doesn't capture the huge variation in human DNA.

117 Days Ago   Desensitization trial shows success, but don’t try this at home

119 Days Ago   Pathogenic E. coli outbreak across the US and Canada is under investigation.

122 Days Ago   Plenty of animals have ritual greetings. But most are not like this.

124 Days Ago   Earwax tracks the rise and fall of cortisol alongside whaling, war, and warming.

125 Days Ago   Multi-drug resistant gonorrhea is a rapidly growing threat.

126 Days Ago   Dampening international collaboration is damaging to everyone, scientists say.

128 Days Ago   Important details from a huge study have gotten lost in translation.

131 Days Ago   Generalizing from one group of chimps to the whole species is a sticky business.

132 Days Ago   Large historical analysis points to marriage choices skewing the stats.

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