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Yesterday   Foxconn’s controversial plant in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin has faced resistance from the beginning. Now, Governor Evers is calling on the tech-manufacturing company to renegotiate.

2 Days Ago   I made a #Resistance Twitter account to see if it was easy to join the ecosystem and gain followers. It was, indeed, very easy.

2 Days Ago   Apple’s “Don’t mess with Mother (Nature)” video—produced by the Camp4 Collective to promote the iPhone XS—included footage of a man-made avalanche.

4 Days Ago   So-called “realistic” responses to climate change don't literally refer to what’s possible. They just refer to what maintains the political status quo.

8 Days Ago   The topic of IQ has been making a resurgence on YouTube not only as a good way to measure intelligence, but as a tool that can be used to promote scientific racism.

9 Days Ago   Internal documents obtained by Motherboard detail the planning of an anti-package theft operation that used fake Amazon boxes rigged with GPS location trackers.

11 Days Ago   Platforms have a problem with informed consent. A new Senate bill might change that.

11 Days Ago   The live comment section of the YouTube live stream of the House Judiciary hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism was filled with hateful trolls.

16 Days Ago   President Trump stopped funding a climate change advisory committee in 2017. The group just released its first report today as an independent group.

18 Days Ago   WhatsApp has been struggling to address misinformation and rumors on its app without compromising security. “Checkpoint Tipline” gives users in India an opt-in option to submit rumors for fact-checking.

23 Days Ago   On Thursday, the Department of Housing and Urban Development charged Facebook with violating the Fair Housing Act.

25 Days Ago   On April 1, New York state will pass its annual budget. Experts say this might be the year that the state finally passes congestion pricing. The question is whether legislators can do it ethically.

26 Days Ago   A press release released by ASUS this morning confirms Motherboard’s reporting.

30 Days Ago   A shelter-in-place advisory was issued for thousands of Houston suburb residents after a four-day blaze released chemicals into the air.

32 Days Ago   Animated videos dominate the kids YouTube space. Humans are fighting against YouTube’s algorithm to try and compete.

36 Days Ago   The deaths in Christchurch are a part of a pervasive epidemic of Islamophobia, which can't be blamed on a small white supremacy forum alone.

39 Days Ago   The AI research group founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman and largely funded by Peter Thiel, shockingly, will now seek profit.

51 Days Ago, a new chat tool from Marc Köhlbrugge, charges people for each character they type. All money goes to Marc.

51 Days Ago   A recent study argued that we shouldn’t assume lab-grown meat is more emission-friendly than beef. The whole truth is much more structural and bleak.

53 Days Ago   Motherboard is publishing several hundred pages of documents we obtained from police departments by using Freedom of Information requests.

65 Days Ago   PredPol uses an algorithm based on earthquake prediction to “predict crime.” Academics say it’s simplistic and harmful.

67 Days Ago   YouTube structurally prioritizes audience feedback, which can drive content-makers to promote conspiracy theories or hate.

72 Days Ago   Neighbors, a social media crime-reporting app owned by Amazon, creates a digital ecosystem in which you are encouraged to assume the worst about your neighbors—and people of color are once again being harmed.

72 Days Ago   PG&E is asking for a bailout. Instead, we should make that utility, and all utilities, public assets.

73 Days Ago   Documents obtained by Motherboard using public information requests verify previously unconfirmed police department contracts with predictive policing company PredPol.

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