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2 Days Ago   The police department of El Monte, CA started a “Ring Reward Program” about a month before it entered a partnership with Ring.

2 Days Ago   No one knows how TikTok’s For You page algorithm works, so users have taken it upon themselves to construct their own theories.

8 Days Ago   Ring helped people form private ‘Digital Neighborhood Watches’ where they report ‘suspicious activity’ in exchange for free Ring products and discounts, according to a presentation obtained by Motherboard.

8 Days Ago   Home security trade organization The Monitoring Association said that it is troubled by reports of Ring partnerships with law enforcement that are designed to promote Ring products.

9 Days Ago   An interactive map, researched and compiled as a personal project by an incoming college senior, gives the most comprehensive view of Ring’s partnerships with law enforcement to date.

9 Days Ago   How does Ring partner with police? Are there privacy concerns with Ring doorbells? What is the Neighbors app? This, and other things we’ve learned from 1,400 pages of public records.

11 Days Ago   Documents obtained by Motherboard reveal that Ring provides 46 standardized comments that cops can post on social media, and several documents with scripted responses to possible questions from the public.

12 Days Ago   Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance company, is teaching police how to convince residents to share camera footage with them.

15 Days Ago   Documents obtained by Motherboard show that Ring uses partnership and promotional agreements in order to contractually obligate public officials to promote its products.

17 Days Ago   People can sign a petition urging their local government to forbid police partnerships with surveillance companies like Amazon’s Ring.

19 Days Ago   Ring’s partnerships with law enforcement could be far more more widespread than previously reported.

23 Days Ago   The Lakeland, Florida police department is required to “encourage adoption” of Ring products as part of a secret agreement with the company.

24 Days Ago   Turnkey, a collaboration between Amazon and several real estate companies, involves giving people up to $5,000 in Amazon credits and discounts on Amazon smart products if customers buy a house.

25 Days Ago   Point-of-view or POV videos are TikTok’s chameleon genre that give creators room to express themselves, and give TikTok room to come into its own.

26 Days Ago   Documents obtained by Motherboard show that NYPD social media officers are explicitly instructed to “be funny” in order to “build trust” on official social media channels.

31 Days Ago   FaceApp’s privacy policy is bad. Its policy isn’t uniquely bad because it’s a Russian company.

31 Days Ago   Oakland just joined San Francisco, CA and Somerville, MA in banning the use of facial recognition.

32 Days Ago   Amazon is offering 30 to 40 percent discounts on Ring surveillance products for Prime Day. Think carefully about these products before going through with a purchase.

33 Days Ago   People are claiming that they plan on boycotting Amazon Prime Day. Motherboard spoke with four of these people and asked why they’re boycotting.

33 Days Ago   An Amazon spokesperson said in an email to Motherboard that Prime Day is unfairly exploited by “critics” and “unions.”

36 Days Ago   Motherboard obtained a Palantir user manual through a public records request, and it gives unprecedented insight into how the company logs and tracks individuals.

36 Days Ago   Company contracts with a fusion center reveal that nearly 8 million people in northern California are subject to Palantir surveillance tools, a Motherboard investigation finds.

38 Days Ago   The ‘Transformation Dept.’ installed toilet plungers as DIY bike lane barriers in New York City.

39 Days Ago   Amazon created package loss data heat maps and performed “data analysis” that helped a police department plan and carry out a package theft sting operation.

45 Days Ago   Every Fourth of July, an internet rumor claims that panicked animal parents abandon their young after fireworks displays. There’s no evidence to back this up.

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