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8 Days Ago   PredPol uses an algorithm based on earthquake prediction to “predict crime.” Academics say it’s simplistic and harmful.

10 Days Ago   YouTube structurally prioritizes audience feedback, which can drive content-makers to promote conspiracy theories or hate.

15 Days Ago   Neighbors, a social media crime-reporting app owned by Amazon, creates a digital ecosystem in which you are encouraged to assume the worst about your neighbors—and people of color are once again being harmed.

15 Days Ago   PG&E is asking for a bailout. Instead, we should make that utility, and all utilities, public assets.

16 Days Ago   Documents obtained by Motherboard using public information requests verify previously unconfirmed police department contracts with predictive policing company PredPol.

22 Days Ago   TikTok is not immune from engagement-hungry algorithms that dominate the internet as we know it.

22 Days Ago   Antarctanax shackletoni, or the “Antarctic king,” is an iguana-sized ancestor to dinosaurs and modern crocodiles.

25 Days Ago   According to the CDC, there’s a salmonella outbreak in 11 states that has been linked to contact with hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are cancelled.

35 Days Ago   Scientists found a carcass of the extremophile, microbial tardigrade a kilometer underground near an Antarctic lake.

37 Days Ago   Almost one third of a bat species population in Australia perished during a heat wave in November 2018.

39 Days Ago   Climate change is changing our wind patterns, which is strengthening waves traveling across the earth's surface.

42 Days Ago   Digital archives show that the page was deleted after the union's president supported building a border wall with Donald Trump in the White House Briefing Room.

42 Days Ago   Salaried meteorologists at the National Weather Service aren’t getting paid, and this could have long-term implications for your weather forecasts.

43 Days Ago   According to a new study, human activity has caused our global ocean to warm to levels never seen on record.

44 Days Ago   Ask Siri to calculate 1 trillion to the tenth power and it will go hard.

46 Days Ago   Content in the public domain isn’t just legal to download for free. It’s also legal to sell.

51 Days Ago   Public Domain Day was yesterday, but you were probably hungover, so here’s how to download the tens of thousands of books that became legal to download for free in 2019.

56 Days Ago   Thursday night, an explosion at a Con Edison electrical facility lit up the entire New York City Sky an unsettling shade of aqua.

64 Days Ago   Home assistants are continuously recording and constantly uploading details of your everyday life, and sometimes, these recordings can end up in the wrong hands.

64 Days Ago   The nonprofit ‘Archangel Ancient Tree Archive’ made 75 ancient redwood clones using DNA from five ancient redwood stumps.

70 Days Ago   Marie—a five-foot-one, fifteen-pound 3D printed body—could be used to help create better radiation treatments for cancer.

70 Days Ago   The French Yellow Vests protests, which were ignited by a fuel tax, highlight the fact that climate policies ignore the material concerns of the working class and people of color

71 Days Ago   Target threw hazardous e-waste, as well as sensitive medical material and waste, into the trash illegally for four years.

74 Days Ago   There are tens of thousands of "ASMR" chalk-eating videos on Instagram.

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