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22 Hours Ago   Attention all you luddites. Yes, it is possible to participate in 21st century technology while still maintaining the #aesthetic of classic, traditional productsThese wooden headphones (that are on sale!) are a great example of that.

22 Hours Ago   Your coffee habit is ruining the planet. And don't even get us started about how awful plastic straws are. SEE ALSO: Keep your coffee hot all day with this self-warming mug It's time to invest in a reusable mug like this one, which can hold up to 30 ounces of liquid, fits into any standard cup holder, and is currently 50% off.

23 Hours Ago   TGIF, and not just because it's the weekend. Amazon also has great deals to look out for today. SEE ALSO: This thermos will help you channel your inner Viking Anyone with a job needs at least one of these two things: a thermos for coffee and a business portfolio.

Yesterday   Wireless headphones are the way of the future, but some of us are slow to change. Maybe you bought one of those jack-free iPhones, but still have a favorite pair of headphones you’re not ready to give up.

Yesterday   Your time in college was well spent, but if you’re expecting to leave campus equipped with all the skills you need to survive in the world, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Yesterday   If you've been curious about how Alexa can improve your life, then today is the day to give her a shot. Amazon is currently holding a sale, knocking 20% off select Alexa-enabled Amazon devices to get you started.

Yesterday   Unless you have one of those super fancy, full-body shower systems, we're gonna bet that your daily scrub up is a pretty boring task. Increase your a.m. excitement with one of these funky shower heads by Zooheads ($29.95), which have just hit the market.

Yesterday   One of the best parts of the Nintendo Switch's smash hit Super Mario Odyssey was dressing Mario in a seemingly endless amount of outfits. You could hunt for Power Moons as a Samurai, a skeleton, or even while wearing a wedding dress with a scuba mask.

Yesterday   No matter where you live, a universal remote can help you achieve full couch potato status, so allow Logitech to deliver. Save 53% on the Logitech Harmony Ultimate All-In-One Remote to streamline all of your device usage.

Yesterday   If you're tired of getting tangled in wires, pick up some Zipbuds Bluetooth headphones on sale for $90 and cut the cord. SEE ALSO: These in-ear headphones will actually please die-hard audiophiles According to the product page, these wireless earbuds use built-in subwoofers for deeper bass and HD sound and boast 144 custom fit options to conform to your ears comfortably.

Yesterday   Control your entertainment with a Logitech Harmony all-in-one remote on sale for $140. It's fully customizable and works with consoles, Amazon Alexa, and other devices so that you never have to get up again.

2 Days Ago   With the torrential downpour that is Big Data, how do businesses make sense of it all? Good question! The reason why enterprises don't experience information overload and turn into the confused math lady meme is that they use software frameworks with strong processing power to store and manage data.

2 Days Ago   We’re gonna say it: it’s okay to be concerned about the health of your ears. You're still "cool" with us. SEE ALSO: This guy uses old vinyl records to make gorgeous Bluetooth speakers, and you can buy one With Coachella and festival season coming up, you’re likely to be hitting up all kinds of different concerts.

2 Days Ago   If you're an anime fan that's lacking a Netflix or Crunchyroll account, then Amazon has some great deals for you today. SEE ALSO: Which gaming accessories to get, broken down by console Save big on different anime sets on DVD and Blu-ray.

3 Days Ago   If you've seen any trailer for Ready Player One, or read Ernest Cline's wildly popular book that serves as the flick's inspiration, then you already know it's chock full of nerdy references from the '80s.

3 Days Ago   From tech lovers to home chefs to even the humble anime fan, there are plenty of Amazon deals for all different kinds of folks to get excited about today.

3 Days Ago   If you've ever wanted to feel like a modern-day Viking taking on epic foes — like the traffic on your commute and your growing pile of un-filed expense reports — then the Goat Story Mug can get you pretty close.

3 Days Ago   The arrival of spring means hiking season is here. Be prepared for anything with this Amazon's Choice travel backpack that Amazon has on sale for less than $20 as a lightning deal right now.

3 Days Ago   Spring has finally sprung, which means that we'll (hopefully) be getting some warmer weather in the northeast. If you live anywhere in the south though, you've been ahead of everyone else for weeks.

4 Days Ago   It's the first day of spring and these daily deals on Amazon are perfect for breaking in the new season. SEE ALSO: How to stay fit at a desk job: The best workout hacks and exercise devices For those DIY projects that you need to bring outside, there are discounted DEWALT tools to equip yourself with for the job.

4 Days Ago   From playing our favorite songs, to reporting the weather, to ordering a car service for us, gadgets like Amazon's Echo, Google's Home, and Apple's HomePod make our day-to-day lives significantly better.

4 Days Ago   We're pretty big fans of Arduino, the DIY platform that lets you create and control your very own robots, as evidenced by this story about a $50 online class you can take and this one about an e-book collection dedicated to the hobby.

4 Days Ago   At home, you generally have your hands free. In the car, not so much. But while Alexa has clearly made your casa her casa (she's even laughing at you these days), she's nowhere to be found when you need her on the road.

4 Days Ago   If you can't function without Alexa by your side, then why not bring her wherever you go? Amazon Tap lets you do just that, and you can get on for only $100 today.

4 Days Ago   We've come a long way from playing 2D Mario games in the back of our parents' cars. Now, we've got Skyrim, Bayonetta, Minecraft, and yes, even a bigger and better Mario game in the palm of our hands thanks to the Nintendo Switch.

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