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22 Hours Ago   Trump admitted this morning that his "National Emergency" is not actually an emergency – "I didn't need to do this," he said about it. But the National Emergency would allow him to build his wall "faster." "I want to do it faster," he said.

Yesterday   During Trump's address this morning where he declared a National Emergency in order to get funding for the wall that Mexico didn't pay for, he also mentioned how excited he was about the idea of a death penalty for people who traffic drugs.

2 Days Ago   "Fitness influencer" Michelle Lewin was romping around on Pig Beach in the Bahamas when a large wild pig couldn't help itself. It saw her butt cheek and bit it.

2 Days Ago   A gentleman robbed a bank and was about to make a clean getaway — until he slipped on ice and spilled his stolen cash right in front of a police officer.

3 Days Ago   Six police officers in Vallejo, CA shot and killed 20-year-old rapper Willie Bo while he was sleeping in his car at a Taco Bell. Police came to investigate Bo after an employee at Taco Bell called to report that a man was "slumped over" in his car, according to The Guardian.

3 Days Ago   A teen's Reddit post went viral when he asked the public how he could get vaccinated. "My parents are kind of stupid and don't believe in vaccines.

4 Days Ago   When booking a flight, it's often cheaper to buy tickets for a connecting flight — one in which your destination is the first leg of the flight.

4 Days Ago   Baby Abram and Haru, his Shiba Inu sidekick, both want a piece of cheese. But in order to get it, they must first ring the bell.

4 Days Ago   Police at Towson University in Maryland are warning students to be on the lookout: a helicopter mom is on the loose. Several students have already been harassed by said mom, in her 50s, with dark hair and a cellphone in her hand.

7 Days Ago   Scientists wanted to know how maggots devour food so quickly, so they conducted an experiment. They fed 10,000 maggots a cheese pizza, which disappeared in 2 hours (but only about 30 seconds in this sped-up video) and noticed an interesting "fountain" pattern of movement amongst the fly larvae that allows them to burn through food at a fast clip.

10 Days Ago   A college student in North Carolina heard rattling in her closet that sounded like a raccoon, but she thought it was a ghost. She'd had other strange things happen in her apartment, like finding strange handprints in her bathroom, and having some of her clothes disappear.

10 Days Ago   Remember that school-room lesson on invisible forces where the teacher sprinkles iron filings over a sheet of paper that is placed over a magnet? Here's a complete upgrade.

15 Days Ago   A sly gentleman working as an independent contractor thought he'd pull a fast one by faking an accident to earn some big insurance bucks. 57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky from New Jersey was at a job when he threw some ice cubes on the kitchen floor and then lay down on top of them, pretending he had slipped.

15 Days Ago   An obnoxious gentleman at a Miami Heat game Wednesday who was shouting at people around him didn't take kindly to a couple of police officers coming around to see what the commotion was about.

15 Days Ago   A drug trafficker was able to hide from authorities for 15 years by, incredibly, replacing the skin on his fingertips with micro-implants. The procedure took several years to complete, according to The Guardian.

16 Days Ago   A tourist in Australia picked up a beautiful tiny octopus and originally posted it on TikTok with "What a pretty octopus" written in Mandarin. But what the tourist didn't seem to know is that he was holding a blue-ringed octopus, which "carries enough venom to kill 26 full grown adults in a span of minutes," according to Gizmodo.

16 Days Ago   A wanna-be bank robber without a solid plan got as far as the teller, but cold feet got the best of her. The woman, wearing a black fleece jacket, black knit hat, and black glasses headed straight for the teller.

17 Days Ago   We have a president who has a hard time understanding the difference between weather and climate. Science is a tough subject for the man. On Monday he proved once again just how ignorant he is with this tweet: In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded.

17 Days Ago   Bangkok, Thailand is now considered one of the top 10 polluted cities in the world, according to Global News. And to combat the problem, Bangkok is attacking the smog with water cannons.

17 Days Ago   Why is airplane food so mediocre? The obvious but wrong answer: because it's cheap. Pringles and French fries and Snickers are cheap, and they are delicious.

18 Days Ago   Trump's government shutdown fiasco that ended last week without a penny for his primitive wall seems to be taking quite a toll on president – he's now lashing out at his friends at Fox – a rarity indeed.

18 Days Ago   A woman in Manhattan got stuck in an elevator Friday evening – and wasn't rescued until Monday morning. According to HuffPost, the unidentified woman was cleaning a five-story townhouse in the Upper East Side of Manhattan when she became trapped in the elevator between the 2nd and 3rd floor.

21 Days Ago   Whether legit or not, plenty of people have reported finding at least a piece of a human finger in their food (from thumb skin in an Arby's sandwich to a finger in Kohl's Frozen Custard, according to NPR).

21 Days Ago   Despite Trump's order to to call 26,000 unpaid IRS workers back to work (still without pay, of course), at least 14,000 of them did not show up at the office as of Tuesday, according to The Washington Post.

22 Days Ago   With 800,000 federal employees either furloughed or expected to work without pay – and expected by Trump to simply ask grocery stores for free food – during the longest government shutdown in US history, Michael Moore has a message to them: "Don't go to work!" “Any sane person – even if they're for the wall – knows this is crazy that we're in month two of this.

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