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10 Hours Ago   Not sure whether its the crisp thunking sound of the metal being pressed into shape, the mechanics of the machine, or the cool industrial look of the machine itself, but there is something so satisfying when watching how these cookie cutters are made.

11 Hours Ago   A 45-year-old man from New York had been playing Fortnight with an 11-year-old boy for months. He then allegedly threatened to shoot the boy, possibly at school, via texts and voice mail through his Xbox, when he lost the game.

12 Hours Ago   Trump hasn't been pleased with Jeff Sessions since the attorney general recused himself from the Russia investigation last year, and this morning he told Hill.TV, "I don't have an attorney general.

Yesterday   When a man tried to enter his own house, his Nest doorbell got suspicious and locked him out. Nest's facial recognition feature confused the man, B.J.

Yesterday   People with certain types of baldness might be able to sniff their way back to a head of hair. In a study that was published in Nature Communications, researchers found that the scent of synthetic sandalwood, found in perfumes and cosmetics, can stimulate hair growth.

Yesterday   When three masked burglars tear through a betting office in Ireland, threatening people with hammers and a sawed off shotgun, an 85-year-old great grandfather comes to the rescue.

2 Days Ago   Honestly, I forgot that Arby's was still around, but apparently they are, and they've got a Sandwiches for Life PR stunt that might make permanent banner ads out of some folks.

2 Days Ago   It's been 54 years since Mary Poppins hit the big screen, and now Walt Disney Studios is releasing its sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. Directed by Rob Marshall, Mary Poppins will be played by Emily Blunt, and although I can't imagine anyone but Julie Andrews playing the part, by the looks of the trailer Blunt looks like she does a practically perfect job.

2 Days Ago   Donald Trump, Jr. thinks that allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh is "nonsense." He also thinks that a woman accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape is joke-worthy material.

13 Days Ago Japan was struck with a magnitude 6.7 earthquake at 3:08am local time in Hokkaido, causing several landslides that swallowed a number of houses. According to The Japan Times: A landslide along a long ridge in the rural town of Atsuma could be seen in aerial footage from NHK.

15 Days Ago   Fred Guttenberg, father of 14-year-old Jamie, who was murdered during the Parkland school shooting, says he was snubbed today by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominee for the Supreme Court.

15 Days Ago   Over the weekend, a shopper at Trader Joes spotted former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens working at the grocery store. She took photos of Owens (who played the young doctor Elvin Tibideaux), which the Daily Mail and Fox News immediately pounced on, job-shaming the actor in before-and-after tabloid-style stories.

15 Days Ago   Inspirational speaker and YouTuber Claire Wineland, who had cystic fibrosis, died Sunday night. The 21-year-old activist had a successful lung transplant on August 26, but days later she suffered a severe stroke.

19 Days Ago   A new ABC News/Washington Post poll that was conducted between August 26-29 shows Trump's approval and disapproval ratings to be at their worst for Trump since he took office.

21 Days Ago   When Boston 25 news reporter Kathryn Burcham was at the scene of a plane crash in Hanson, Massachusetts, she reported live that, according to the pilot, "the issue was with a defective flux capacitator." Assuming the plane was not a Back to the Future-style time machine, Burcham's mistake made for a fun real-time blooper moment.

23 Days Ago   Here's a stunning air guitar performance by Nanami Nagura, who won first place at the Air Guitar World Championships last week (she won the top prize four years ago as well).

23 Days Ago   UPDATE 8/27/18 3:35pm: After criticism from the American Legion and others, the White House decided to again lower the flag to half staff in honor of Senator John McCain late this afternoon.

23 Days Ago   Sacha Baron Cohen posed as a "billionaire playboy" as he interviewed O.J. Simpson in yesterday's finale of Who Is America?. Sacha's character gleefully hinted that he'd killed his own wife, and O.J.

26 Days Ago   A black bear opened the door to a Colorado hotel and moseyed on in. It climbed on furniture and inspected the lobby while 300 guests were sleeping in their rooms.

26 Days Ago A vintage Russian T34 tank flipped off a ramp and capsized during a military parade in Kursk, Russia yesterday. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

26 Days Ago   A 38-year-old Montana man who assaulted his ex-girlfriend and killed his uncle is freed from prison after a judge says that second-degree murder and assault are not considered "crimes of violence." In 2003, Quinton Birdinground Jr. was arrested for killing his uncle with a firearm after a night of drinking.

34 Days Ago   Here's a montage of Trump's hateful, racist remarks through out the years. "Maybe hate is what we need if we're going to get something done." "I have absolutely no compassion." "A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white." "If I were starting off today, I'd love to be a well educated black because I believe they really do have an actual advantage." And that's just in the first part of the video.

34 Days Ago   America's infrastructure is close to hitting rock bottom. In fact, infrastructure as a whole in the US received an embarrassing D+ on the American Society of Civil Engineers latest Infrastructure Report Card.

35 Days Ago   A supposedly odorless, open-air urinal has been set up in the middle of Paris, and some folks are irked. The bright red no-flush urinal – set up so that pissers face tourist boats cruising the Seine river – could pass as a planter, trash can, or some sort of utility box at first.

35 Days Ago   Sarah Sanders told a whopper at yesterday's briefing when she claimed that Trump had so far created over triple the amount of jobs for African-Americans than President Obama did during his time in the White House.

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