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3 Days Ago   Tech Crunch visits Creator, a San Francisco fast food joint that uses a factory-style "burger bot" to assemble its $6 hamburgers. Owner Alex Vardakostas says his burger-making machine, which he built himself, makes a better burger than any human could do.

3 Days Ago   A 64-year-old Japanese man who works at the water bureau in Kobe has made a grave error. He left his desk for a break three minutes early so that he could buy a bento box for lunch.

5 Days Ago   When a man in Queens, New York celebrated Father's Day at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden with his daughter and granddaughter, he asked for mayo and carmamel onions on his burger.

5 Days Ago   In a tweet this morning, Trump chooses the dehumanizing word "infest" to describe immigrants coming to the US. This is eerily similar to German Nazi propaganda "linking Jews and vermin or disease to Germany." "Democrats are the problem.

5 Days Ago   This is the stuff dystopian movies are made of. This video, put out by the ACLU, shows immigration agents asking passengers waiting to board a privately owned Concord Coach if they are a US citizen.

20 Days Ago   An FBI agent was showing off his dance moves at a Denver bar on Saturday, but when he did a backflip, his gun flew out of his holster.

24 Days Ago   Porsche's can be a tricky car to maneuver if you've never driven one before (I know – I parked cars for private parties as a teenager and panicked every time I got into a Porsche), but how a hotel valet managed to park a Porsche Carrera underneath an SUV poses a real challenge to the imagination.

25 Days Ago   Stevedore Comedy talks about climate change as if it were real in "News From a World Where People Aren't Complete Idiots." Wake up America!

27 Days Ago   Blowing smoke rings or the French inhale (blowing smoke out of your mouth and into your nostrils) are smoking tricks of yesteryear – how about vaping smoke through your ear?

27 Days Ago   Emily Weinman, a smidge under drinking age at 20 years old, went to the beach in Southern New Jersey to enjoy Memorial Day with her daughter, her daughter's father, and a friend.

30 Days Ago   A man was driving on I-5 in Washington when he saw "a small black object in the air." He then heard it hitting the front of his car, but it didn't seem like a big deal.

30 Days Ago   A gun-toting gentleman in Ohio wanted to keep his revolver out of harm's reach when his kids came to visit him, so he hid it in his oven's broiler.

31 Days Ago   While an Uber driver was shuttling two passengers in Georgia last Sunday, he was arrested for attempted rape, sexual battery, and aggravated burglary. Looks like Uber did a real good job in vetting the man before taking him on as a driver.

31 Days Ago   A couple in Portland is accusing Alexa of doing exactly what many people have feared she might do. They say she listened in on a conversation and sent it to a random contact of theirs – one of her husband's employees.

32 Days Ago   When parents ask their daughters why Prince Harry is getting married, the younger of the two says, "Harry is getting married because they want to get married." But when asked what you do when you get married, the younger girl is stumped.

32 Days Ago   An irate gentleman wearing shorts and a lime green shirt was caught on a security camera attacking an SUV – and then a passenger – with a sledgehammer.

32 Days Ago   A private plane carrying at least six US passengers from Austin, TX crashed on the small runway at Toncontin airport in Honduras's capital, Tegucigalpa. The plane split in half, but miraculously nobody was seriously injured.

33 Days Ago   A couple in Syracuse, New York have a 30-year-old son, Michael Rotondo, who is an unwanted guest in their house. He doesn't pay rent or any house expenses, he doesn't help out with the house chores, and he won't respond to five written requests from his parents to please move the fuck out already.

33 Days Ago   This curious woodpecker is captivated by a Tesla Model 3, which is parked at a campsite in Yosemite. The bird checks out the entire car, pecking at the metal and glass as it moves from the passenger side to the front of the car and then on to the driver's side.

33 Days Ago   If you've never heard a lynx wail, now is your chance. Their screams sound more like humans just being weird than actual animal sounds, but according to Global News, these lynx shouts are real.

34 Days Ago   Sweden is sending out 4.8 million booklets to households across the country called, "If Crisis or War Comes" (Om Krisen Eller Kriget Kommer). The booklet is 20 pages long and explains what to do if there is a terrorist attack, if all the shops run out of goods, if tap water stops running, if infrastructure is sabotaged, if you hear a broadcast emergency alarm, and loads of other really scary scenarios.

34 Days Ago   A man in Elyria, OH was walking home at 5:26am Saturday morning when he got spooked. Someone - or something – was following him. When he noticed it was a pig, he freaked out and called the police.

36 Days Ago   Humans take hot showers, wash their sheets, and use soaps, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and all sort of other cleansers to keep themselves free of dirt and germs.

38 Days Ago   A kindergarten teacher noticed a small plastic bag in one of her student's mouths. The girl was chewing on the bag, thinking the white stuff inside was sugar – but it was actually crack cocaine.

38 Days Ago   LEWISINK, a 27-year-old artist based in France, does amazing geometric tattoos. (more…)

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