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3 Hours Ago   A 33-year-old woman in Ukraine hasn't cut her hair in 28 years, and says she doesn't think she ever will. Alena Kravchenko, from Ukraine, says her hair is part of her identity – which, at least in the looks department, she compares to Rapunzel – and she doesn't have any plans on cutting it.

4 Hours Ago   Jary, a police dog in South Dakota, puts on quite a performance as he tries out a brand new set of snow boots. Just a little practice and he'll be running with the best of them.

4 Hours Ago   This snake has a mission. It slithers quickly into an open door police station in northern Thailand and makes it way to a visitor who is at the station to report an incident.

Yesterday   Apparently, sitting on the floor in Brooklyn is against the law and, if you've got a baby in your arms, watch out! A 23-year-old woman, Jazmine Headley, was at the Human Resources Administration building waiting in line for hours to receive daycare vouchers for her baby so that she could work.

Yesterday   It's highly unusual for a squirrel to purposely jump on a human. And it's even more unusual for said human to roll with it, without any shock or flinch, laughing while the squirrel does its thing.

4 Days Ago   The Facebook-fueled anti-government protests in Paris, which began three weeks ago, starting off with a protest against high fuel taxes, look like something out of an intense apocalyptic movie.

4 Days Ago   Yesterday, recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan. To celebrate, Lansing's weekly paper, City Pulse, handed out free joints in front of the capital. Spreading joy with such a simple gesture is a fun thing to watch.

4 Days Ago   A British teenager, 19-year-old George Duke-Cohan, has been sent to jail for three years for emailing thousands of bomb hoaxes to schools. He had also called San Francisco Airport pretending to be the father of a girl on a United Airlines flight who contacted him to say her plane was being hijacked.

4 Days Ago   Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who called Trump a "moron" while he was in office, from which he was later fired, has expressed some more choice thoughts on the president.

5 Days Ago   Don't let this kitten's cute and fluffy appearance fool you. Every time the wildlife official from the Center for Biological Diversity tries to cut the cage open to set the young bobcat free, he lunges, tries to bite the rescuer's hand off, and makes demonic sounds reminiscent of the possessed Regan from The Exorcist.

5 Days Ago   Stephen Colbert points out some of the comical Trump moments at Bush's funeral, from destroying the casual chatty mood between the Obamas and Clintons to the zoning out when everyone else is reading the Apostles' Creed.

5 Days Ago   Trump can't make up his mind about his approval ratings, going from puffed up braggart last night to paranoid finger-pointer this morning. Last night he posted a boastful tweet that his approval rating, according to a poll by right-leaning Rasmussen, was at 50%, along with his back-patting message, "Working hard, thank you!" No matter that all of the other pollsters have his approval rating at a low 39%-43%, and that his "aggregate approval rating is around 42 percent, as of Wednesday," accordin

6 Days Ago   An Amazon warehouse in New Jersey sent 24 employees to the hospital after they were exposed to bear repellent fumes. Others were treated at the warehouse.

7 Days Ago   Over the weekend it seemed like a solid trade agreement – putting the trade war on hold for 90 days – had been made between the United States and China.

7 Days Ago   "Ryan ToysReview" is such a simple concept for a YouTube channel. A 7-year-old boy – Ryan – plays with his toys, commenting to the camera as he rolls trucks, squirts glue, pretends to fly airplanes, and whatever else kids do for fun at that age.

8 Days Ago   When Rudy Giuliani went to Twitter over the weekend to whine about the Mueller investigation, he somehow, accidentally, created a website link in his post. Mueller filed an indictment just as the President left for July he indicted the Russians who will never come here just before he left for Helsinki.Either could have been done earlier or later.

8 Days Ago   A guy set up a camera to figure out how his small dog was escaping its enclosure in the kitchen, and this is what he found.

8 Days Ago   On stage at the G-20 summit on Saturday, Trump suddenly wanders off, for no apparent reason, leaving the president of Argentina standing alone. A staffer runs after him, trying to corral him back.

11 Days Ago   A 7.0 earthquake hit eight miles north of Anchorage, AK this morning, followed by a 5.8 earthquake. The earthquakes caused buildings to crack and roads to buckle, along with "major infrastructure damage," according to the Anchorage Police Department.

11 Days Ago   After Trent Reznor dissed Ted Cruz at his Nine Inch Nails concert a few days ago, telling his audience that the "pain-in-the-ass" senator "was bugging to get on the guest list, and I told him to fuck off,” the delicate Texas senator went on the defensive.

12 Days Ago   During a Nine Inch Nails concert in Irving, TX two nights ago, Trent Reznor asked the crowd who voted for Ted Cruz. The room exploded with a resounding chorus of boos.

12 Days Ago   Last year, scientist Chen Zhanqi from China noticed a baby jumping spider behaving in a way that baby mammals do: it attached itself to its mother the way baby animals do when suckling milk.

12 Days Ago   A man on the federal wanted list for repeated crimes in Russia broke into an office building and stole 140,000 rubles ($2,100 USD) from a safe.

14 Days Ago   Kids eat the darndest things. Dead flies, half-sucked candy found on the ground, erasers... and one of the most popular items, besides coins, are small toy parts.

14 Days Ago   This guy from Florida decided to try hang gliding for the first time while vacationing in Switzerland, and ended up clinging on to the instructor and the glider for dear life.

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