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2 Days Ago   Samsung has just taken the wraps off its latest flagship Galaxy S series phones, and along with them, an intriguing triple camera setup. While the long

2 Days Ago   Through 2018 Huawei showed us why it is the biggest threat to Samsung and Apple's flagship dominance. With the P20 and then Mate 20, it showed what it

2 Days Ago   With each year passing in the smartphone market it's increasingly difficult to produce a device markedly better than the previous one, so it's almost

2 Days Ago   In a world where the number of gadgets being launched is on the up, and so many being made to cope with indoor and outdoor life, there's an increasing

3 Days Ago   According to some details revealed by XDA-Developers, Google is testing a revamped method of navigation in Android Q. Rather than get rid of its pill-shaped

4 Days Ago   Whether you have an all-powerful gaming PC, a MacBook or just an everyday use-it-for-everything computer, there are many reasons why you'd need a monitor.That

4 Days Ago   If you're looking for a two-handed mega-sized phone then the Mate 20 X is a genuinely fantastic media powerhouse. It has a great (and, yes, massive)

7 Days Ago   OnePlus has announced that in an upcoming update to its Android Pie-based OxygenOS platform that Google Duo video calling will be built right in, natively. What

8 Days Ago   Tesla is right at the forefront of technology when it comes to cars, and its latest Sentry and Dog modes for the Model 3, plus higher end Model S and falcon-winged

10 Days Ago   According to comments from a Google engineer, found by XDA Developers, the Google Pixel 4 will have much more useful dual-SIM functionality. What this

11 Days Ago   Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch Active - previously referred to as the Galaxy Watch Sport - will be missing one of the best features of previous generations

21 Days Ago   If you've ever looked into mechanical keyboards, you more than likely will have found yourself inundated with big, chunky black numbers designed to please

23 Days Ago   There’s no doubt the DSR5BT has an impressive feature list, a high level of performance and really well-balanced sound. But the £349 price point is

23 Days Ago   Google's long-rumoured affordable Pixel family appears to have a name. In a benchmark that appeared on popular service, Geekbench, the name 'Pixel 3a'

24 Days Ago   Its near bezel-less screen, eye-catching rear glass panel, cool pop-up camera mechanism and leading battery life make the Oppo Find X one of 2019’s

24 Days Ago   In a market where the OnePlus 6T exists, is fairly difficult to recommend the RX17 Pro, but on the whole it's a good all-round phone. Plus, it'll

25 Days Ago   Code uncovered from within a leaked version of the upcoming Android Q software update has revealed that Google is preparing for more secure facial recognition

38 Days Ago   With a price of nearly £350, it’s hard to see where the true value is in the new Palm smartphone. Yes, it's cute, it's eye-catching. But if you

40 Days Ago   If you're in a rush, wired charging is still the way to go. Most of the best smartphones will charge quicker using the power adapter that comes in the

45 Days Ago   DJI has unveiled an all new smart controller for its popular drones that features a built-in display. It'll come as a major plus to any drone flyers fed

45 Days Ago   The Consumer Electronics Show is a chance for all the biggest tech companies to show off some of the tech they have planned for the year ahead, and 2019

46 Days Ago   The innovative audio tech company, Nura, has announced a brand new product it's adding to its lineup later this year. Called NuraLoop, these earphones

47 Days Ago   The race to be everywhere in your home is on, and as it stands, the competition is between Google and Amazon to rule the roost. With Amazon Echo and Google

50 Days Ago   When looking for the best running headphones or for the gym, priorities are slightly different to when you're searching out the best headphones for casual

52 Days Ago   Most smartphones will come bundled with a pair of free in-ear headphones, but more often than not they're not exactly high-quality. For occasional music

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