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3 Days Ago   According to a recent report, Facebook is said to be working on its very own smart voice assistant designed to compete with the likes of Amazon's Alexa,

4 Days Ago   On the whole, the Powerbeats Pro essentially seem like a better pair of AirPods. They're better fitted to the ear, they sound better and last longer.

5 Days Ago   On the whole, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is a powerful, palm-friendly smartphone that's ready to compete head-on with the iPhone XS and the Pixel 3. And

5 Days Ago   Lotus has announced that it's developing a brand new production car, and this one's a bit exciting. The Type 130 will be its first all-electric hypercar,

5 Days Ago   In the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has created a really compelling first foldable device. We came away from our time with it wanting more, not worried about

6 Days Ago   According to an exclusive report from Billboard, Amazon is due to launch a new free tier to its current music streaming service.The report claims that

9 Days Ago   If you've ever got lost in a big shopping mall, airport or hospital, you'll know it's long been time for decent indoor mapping. A company called Dent Reality

10 Days Ago   There are seemingly a handful of smartphone races all being run concurrently right now. There's the race to produce phones with as much screen and little

13 Days Ago   Code within Android Q strongly suggests that the upcoming major OS update will include support for "Deep Press" interactions on the touch screen. The

13 Days Ago   Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has uncovered evidence that Apple is planning to break up its iTunes app for desktop, replacing it with dedicated Music

16 Days Ago   Tesla is pushing out a software update to its cars that includes more classic Atari games. This time, it's Super Breakout and 2048, and they'll be joining

17 Days Ago   The Sony Xperia 10 Plus is a bit of a rebel. A nice-looking, mid-range rebel that certainly has its unique selling point: that 21:9 aspect ratio

17 Days Ago   A recently approved patent reveals Google has been working on several quick release watch band mechanisms, which could - if it ever launches - make the

17 Days Ago   Beats has unveiled its first pair of truly wireless earphones, called the Powerbeats Pro. From the looks of things, it takes the features we loved about

18 Days Ago   Inbox by Google has shut down, but - just in time - Spark has finally landed on the Play Store, ready to intelligently sort, prioritise and help you manage

20 Days Ago   True wireless earphones have become much more popular over the past couple of years. While completely wire-free earphones existed before the AirPods were

23 Days Ago   Most smartphones will come bundled with a pair of free in-ear headphones, but more often than not they're not exactly high-quality. For occasional music

23 Days Ago   A handful of leaks and a TENAA certification in China seemingly point clearly towards Oppo having a "Lite" version of its upcoming Reno flagship. And it's

24 Days Ago   When looking for the best running headphones or for the gym, priorities are slightly different to when you're searching out the best headphones for casual

24 Days Ago   A video - discovered by Brandon Lall and About Chromebooks - reveals a little more about the next Google branded Chromebook that may, or may not, be the

26 Days Ago   We pit the two key subcopters against each other in this article, but which will you choose?With DJI having launched the massively popular and very portable

27 Days Ago   According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, Apple's TV subscription service - due to launch imminently - will feature content from HBO, Starz and Showtime,

32 Days Ago   Google has announced that it will make it clearer to Android phone users that there are other browsers available, and offer choices other than Chrome and

33 Days Ago   There is no doubt that the Nest Cam IQ is one of the most technologically advanced personal indoor security cameras available. It has a lot of really

33 Days Ago   Its near bezel-less screen, eye-catching rear glass panel, cool pop-up camera mechanism and leading battery life make the Oppo Find X one of 2019’s

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