Latest stories - By CHRISTINE HAUSER

5 Days Ago   Alarmed about misinformation online, the agency warned about bleach solutions that are being marketed as cures for autism, H.I.V./AIDS and cancer.

108 Days Ago   A preliminary vote by the National Academy of Sciences was the latest move to address discrimination against women in historically male-dominated science fields.

109 Days Ago   Investigators are trying to figure out why about 20 hives were set on fire, thrown in a pond and toppled over.

139 Days Ago   Like many other decades-old cases, the 1973 killings of a Montana couple were finally solved using DNA and genealogy technology. But the suspect in the case had died in 2003.

159 Days Ago   A cold case in Sioux Falls, S.D., was given new impetus after detectives employed DNA technology and genealogy data.

312 Days Ago   Nearly half a dozen states have reported that they are investigating cases of acute flaccid myelitis, which causes limb paralysis and severe muscle weakness.

319 Days Ago   Anthony Aiello of San Jose, Calif., was charged in his stepdaughter’s death after her Fitbit showed her heart stopped beating while he was in her house, the police said.

321 Days Ago   A New Jersey man contracted the infection after visiting a surf and water park in Texas. Experts say the amoeba is found in warm bodies of fresh water.

327 Days Ago   Canadian and American veterinarians removed about 70 percent of the dog’s skull to remove a tumor. The gap was so large that more common methods could not cover it.

354 Days Ago   Scientists cannot say for sure what causes algae blooms, but their appearance is associated with runoff, heavy rain and warming temperatures.

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