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Yesterday   According to a letter sent by Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, about 350 more staffers at the not-a-cab company are being laid off across multiple departments, marking its third major round of layoffs in about as many months.

Yesterday   WeWork, the latest tech darling turned venture-funded flameout, sure looks like a walking corpse. Now, thanks to 1,600 potentially formaldehyde-tainted phone booths, many of its offices reportedly have the odor to match.

4 Days Ago   Uber is the likely to become majority shareholder of Cornershop, a grocery delivery company you’ve likely never heard of because it almost exclusively serves Mexico and parts of South America.

6 Days Ago   Late last night, an email leaked to advocacy group Fight For The Future detailed how Github—the code repository Microsoft bought last year for $7.5 billion—would be renewing its contract with U.S.

11 Days Ago   There are some truly extraordinary grifts, and then there’s Theranos, the fraudulent blood-testing startup that promised the moon to some very rich people, potentially endangered some considerably poorer people, and then went up in flames spectacularly as its founder Elizabeth Holmes’s web of lies came unraveled.

12 Days Ago   Attorney General and Droopy Dog impersonator William Barr is set to request Facebook halt its expected expansion of encrypted messaging through its networks, according to a draft of a letter obtained by Buzzfeed and expected to publish tomorrow.

15 Days Ago   Genius often goes unappreciated in its time. Van Gogh died penniless. Galileo lived his final years under house arrest. And several of my (otherwise talented) colleagues rejected the very blog post you’re currently reading: a blog post about hot dog salad.

20 Days Ago   It’s no easy task finding love online. It’s harder still when some of the many dating service options are littered not with hot singles in your area, but with scammers, as has evidently been the case with, according to a newly filed lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission.

21 Days Ago   A group of Pittsburgh-based Google contractors is among the first in the company’s history to unionize, following a successful vote this afternoon, 49 to 24. The 80 or so analysts and machine learning trainers will become part of the United Steelworkers Union.

21 Days Ago   Adam Neumann, the co-founder of temporary office space unicorn WeWork, is stepping down as CEO. Let’s remember the good times. Read more...

22 Days Ago   Counter to the standard tech ethos—move fast, break stuff, crowbar stodgy old industry players up by their comfortable roots—the fight to control Americans’ streaming-TV dollars has been more of a slow-motion car wreck, albeit with none of a NASCAR crash’s dark catharsis.

25 Days Ago   The most powerful tool in Facebook’s considerable arsenal isn’t its incalculable trove of user data or yearly revenue that exceeds the GDP of more than a few sovereign nations—it’s the platform’s ability to spread out any PR disaster over months or years so that all but the most dogged beat reporters stop giving a… Read more...

26 Days Ago   Airbnb announced that it expects to become a publicly traded company next year, in a press release made in accordance with Rule 135 of the Securities Act of 1933.

26 Days Ago   A Facebook employee died on Thursday at the company’s Menlo Park, California, headquarters around 11:30am local time. Read more...

27 Days Ago   Ostensibly this morning’s Senate subcommittee hearing was intended to be an assessment of what social media platforms are doing, and what they ought to be doing better, as mass shootings and the monsters who commit them continue to rain tragedy on communities around the world.

27 Days Ago   The hard-fought bill that may one day give full employee status to workers engaged in the gig economy spearheaded by companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash has finally been signed into law by the office of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

29 Days Ago   It’s a common misconception that words have meaning—specifically that “pedo guy,” for all intents and purposes, would refer to a man (guy) who harbors or acts on sexual attraction towards children (pedophile.) In this simple confusion of terms, you would be excusably but insurmountably wrong, argues Elon Musk in a… Read more...

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