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4 Days Ago   Don’t adjust your TV set, that’s just a new computer-generated news anchor working out the bugs. Xinhua, a Chinese state-run media company, and Sogou, a Beijing-based search engine debuted a pair of AI news anchors this week at the World Internet Conference.

6 Days Ago   Chinese authorities have begun deploying a new surveillance tool designed to identify people by how they walk, or the shapes of their body. Adding to the already staggering number of surveillance cameras — many of which use bleeding edge optics and facial recognition technologies — China is already using the tool on the streets in its two largest cities, Beijing and Shanghai.

7 Days Ago   Tencent is set to roll out sweeping changes to how it deals with younger gamers. According to The Wall Street Journal, Tencent will soon restrict online play time for youth in China, effectively limiting those children to under one hour of play time per day.

10 Days Ago   The US Missile Defense Agency recently destroyed a fake nuclear warhead launched into space. Released last week, a video from defense contractor Raytheon, shows a ballistic missile launch from the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kuai, Hawaii.

10 Days Ago   Many New Yorkers awoke to a bit of a surprise when “Kill all Jews” briefly made an appearance in their Twitter sidebar. On a social network with a hate speech problem, it’s not unusual to see this type of content.

11 Days Ago   Spotify today announced a partnership with Google that doles out free hardware to certain paid subscribers. As of today, anyone with a Spotify Premium for Family plan — which covers six family members for about $15 a month — is eligible for a free Google Home Mini, a $50 value.

11 Days Ago   Google employees today took to the streets in a massive protest. At 11:10 a.m., in every time zone in which the staged walkout took place, about 40 in total, Googlers left their offices and stood with colleagues to demand change.

45 Days Ago   A Gizmodo report on Wednesday detailed the latest in a long series of Facebook privacy blunders. The report said, and Facebook confirmed, that users with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled had inadvertently been giving their phone number up to advertisers who used it for targeting purposes.

46 Days Ago   Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh today met with the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss allegations of sexual assault and attempted rape. His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, testified before members of the committee to tell her story, one that included allegations that Kavanaugh, then a high school student, drunkenly fondled her before attempting to remove her clothes.

47 Days Ago   Apple first introduced Screen Time this summer as one of the key feature additions on iOS 12. By adding limits to specific apps, or your phone as a whole, Apple attempted to add a digital dose of self-control for those who need it most.

47 Days Ago   As an Apple fan, I rarely get the luxury of options. For Pro level users, those options are, currently: Buy the 5k iMac Pro, grab a 2018 MacBook Pro, or wait it out for the next Mac Pro and hope that your credit card balances can handle it.

48 Days Ago   Vipul Bansal didn’t believe he was getting enough vitamin D. He’s not alone. Although figures vary wildly, somewhere between 10 and 80 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient.

49 Days Ago   The world’s most popular genealogy company, last week, teamed with Spotify in hopes of answering a simple, albeit loaded question: “What is the sound of you?” A partnership between and Spotify still seems unlikely, but the gist of the value proposition is this: Plunk down $99 for the ancestryDNA program, mail in some of your saliva, and Ancestry not only paints a picture (figuratively speaking) of your heritage, but provides a soundtrack to accompany it thanks to Spotify.

49 Days Ago   Mobile phones are the great equalizer. Residing in each of our pocket’s is a device that shifts the balance of power, if slightly, from those who have it, to those who ensure they don’t abuse it.

52 Days Ago   Like any Nintendo fan, Chris Taylor is stoked for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Chris, though, isn’t sure he’ll live long enough to see the game hit shelves on December 7.

52 Days Ago   A new accessory for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL could give Alexa devices a run for their money. The Pixel Stand, as its reportedly known, is an upright dock that effectively turns your smartphone into a Google Home hub.

53 Days Ago   On Twitter there’s the retweet button. Facebook has the share icon. On Instagram, nothing. To date, users have had to get creative in their attempts to repost content from other accounts on to their own timelines.

54 Days Ago   A study published Wednesday in Science Advances detailed a creative approach to stopping the illegal ivory trade. While our awareness of the problem has grown in recent years, it hasn’t slowed demand.

55 Days Ago   The gender pay disparity isn’t a secret. We know that women make $0.82 for every dollar a man makes, still, in 2018. It’s well-documented that tech’s biggest companies, including two newly-minted trillion dollar corporations, employ women in fewer than a third of their leadership positions.

56 Days Ago   Twitter today announced a change to the way it shows tweets to users. The announcement detailed a future that includes switching back and forth between an algorithmically sorted timeline and one that shows all tweets from your followers, in reverse-chronological order, much like the one Twitter launched with in 2006.

56 Days Ago   As smart vacuums go, there’s a lot of space between the very best, and the very worst. Residing in the middle are all sorts of robotic cleaning devices, some of which barely qualify as a vacuum.

61 Days Ago   According to a report by Fast Company, Google is giving its popular bundled email client service, Inbox the axe early next year. In March 2019, we’ll have to say our goodbyes.

61 Days Ago   It’s that time of year again. Apple CEO today Tim Cook took to the stage to announce all of the latest and greatest in Apple hardware.

63 Days Ago   A promising new cancer vaccine has shown the ability to ward off, and stop the return, of aggressive cancer cells. By adding a molecule called Diprovocim to a vaccine, researchers report being able to draw cancer-fighting cells to tumor sites in mice.

66 Days Ago   Apple is making a play at the publishing business. In March, the company acquired Texture, a subscription-based magazine reader that charges a flat fee to read all the included content you’d like.

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