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Yesterday   Facebook hasn’t given up on attracting teens. After numerous failed products aimed at teens — including LOL, Facebook Watch, and IGTV — the company is now hard at work on LOL, a meme hub of sorts meant to win the hearts and minds of teens fleeing for greener pastures at TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

3 Days Ago   President Trump continues to fire shots at the press, claiming biased coverage, misrepresented facts, and sometimes entirely made-up stories. In what can only be described as a war on traditional media, Trump continued his assault with a poll on media bias that, ironically, might be the most biased line of questioning this reporter has ever laid eyes on.

4 Days Ago   It’s clear at this point that the future of the automotive world revolves around bleeding edge technology that’s self-driving or, perhaps, even flying. But what if it’s none of those things?

4 Days Ago   WordPress, the open source CMS that powers nearly one-third of the web, is now looking to streamline newsrooms around the world. In 2019, we’ll see a new commitment to small and medium-sized publishers with a toolkit called Newspack.

5 Days Ago   A new report suggests Apple “might” make the switch to USB-C in 2019 on both the iPhone and iPad. The report, from supply chain blog Macotakara, claims Apple engineers are working on the USB-C transition but haven’t yet reached the reference design stage — meaning, it could miss the 2019 cut-off, pushing it to 2020.

5 Days Ago   Imagine walking into a theme park with a 6-year-old, and leaving just in time to drop them off at college, 12 years later. For fans of the game Roller Coaster Tycoon, these are obviously minor details.

8 Days Ago   Proctor & Gamble debuted its newest tool in the fight against aging. At CES this week, the company introduced the world to “Opté,” a handheld device that prints anti-aging product on top of your skin, acting as a real-world Photoshop, essentially.

8 Days Ago   After Alex Jones was effectively banned from the internet — or at least his major distribution channels — last August, it appeared that we’d be rid of his half-baked conspiracy theories once and for all.

9 Days Ago   Donald Trump Jr. recently likened his father’s proposed border wall with Mexico to that of a zoo fence meant to contain animals. “You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo?” the now-deleted Instagram post asks.

10 Days Ago   SanDisk, years back, showed off a 1TB SD prototype that never managed to make it to market. Today, at CES, the newly acquired Lexar made a bit of a splash by announcing that you’d soon be able to buy the card we’ve all been wanting since SanDisk first announced it two years ago.

10 Days Ago   There’s lots to love at CES each year, but there’s always that one product that’s just to cool to ignore. This year, it’s a $3,000 table that plays Pong.

11 Days Ago   Last year, Twitter touted a handful of features meant to spur conversation on the platform. Or, “increase the health of public conversation,” as CEO Jack Dorsey told Congress last year.

11 Days Ago   For pedophiles, a single hashtag opened the door to one of Instagram’s seediest corners, one where images of sexually exploited children were openly traded as if they were collectibles.

12 Days Ago   A year ago, LG gave us a peek at its 65-inch rollable TV prototype at CES. Now, it’s bringing the creation to market as its flagship device in the 4k OLED TV market for 2019.

12 Days Ago   Harley-Davidson today announced that it has started taking pre-orders for its first all-electric motorcycle, the LiveWire. For automakers, it’s a mad dash to the finish line in an attempt to compete with the likes of Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen and others.

15 Days Ago   YouTuber shows one way to stop pickup trucks from blocking Tesla Supercharging stations… tow them There’s no better way to “own the libs” than parking a gas guzzling pickup in front of a renewable fuel source.

15 Days Ago   Location data is a funny thing. You need it to get an accurate forecast, and they, the app-maker, need it to cash in on a free-to-you service.

16 Days Ago   It didn’t take tarot cards to predict the future of BitTorrent once it was acquired by TRON in 2018. Just six months later, BitTorrent its releasing its own cryptocurrency, a token known as BTT.

16 Days Ago   It’s that time of year again, a time to look back and reflect on the best new apps and the trusted, reliable applications you just can’t get away from.

23 Days Ago   As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to look at some our favorite apps of the year. While not all of these are brand new, many of them popped up onto our radar for the first time in 2018, and are definitely worth the attention.

27 Days Ago   Kickstarter is always a mixed bag. On the one hand, there are some of the most innovative products on Earth, all in one place. But on the other, we’ve got gadgets for taking better dog selfies, Nike-like trainers for horses, and this odd brush that makes it more fun to lick your cat.

36 Days Ago   It should surprise no one that where we gets our news plays a significant part in determining what we believe to be true. But lying isn’t partisan.

37 Days Ago   After a deluge of fake news began to overwhelm Facebook, it got proactive. The social media platform tapped bi-partisan organizations, such as Snopes, to fact-check content on the platform and use their expertise to combat the spread of misinformation.

37 Days Ago   Stanford University, over the course of a year, recruited 223 participants in a fascinating study at the intersection of diet, exercise, and DNA. Researchers sought individuals willing to take DNA tests to educate them of their personalized genetic makeup, and specifically, how it applies to diet and exercise.

38 Days Ago   After another data leak, its second such leak in a year, Google today announced it was shutting down its beleaguered social media platform, Google+. API access will shut down even sooner, within the next 90 days.

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