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1 Hour Ago   Hulu’s revival of Veronica Mars has launched on the streaming service a week ahead of schedule, giving fans a surprising early look at the show’s fourth season.

2 Hours Ago   Amazon’s Audible has announced plans to add captioning to audiobooks and publishers aren’t happy about it. Though many users are receptive to the idea of ‘close captioning’ for audiobooks, which Audible announced last week, the publishing industry is revolting against the plan, in some cases demanding the feature be made unavailable on certain titles.

3 Hours Ago   Rick and Morty fans have been waiting nearly two years for the arrival of the show’s fourth season and, unfortunately, there are more months of waiting ahead of us.

4 Hours Ago   Spoilers on the Internet are inevitable, but particularly frustrating when they arrive in the form of leaks before the actual content airs or is released. All signs point toward a major battle that’s going to take place in the Fortnite battle royale island, but we don’t know the details yet.

5 Hours Ago   Netflix is home to a vast library of foreign content offering dubbed audio for English speakers. Some of these shows, such as Dark, have proven very popular with viewers, but one central complaint remains: dubbed dialogue that sounds less than realistic.

6 Hours Ago   Coffee has been the subject of dozens of studies, some focusing on its health benefits, others on its potential health risks. Though we know the polyphenols found in coffee help promote good health, there’s no clear word on whether coffee is a health risk if consumed frequently.

7 Hours Ago   Humans have been getting tattoos since ancient days, but modern science is giving them a new purpose: health condition monitoring. Researchers have detailed a new type of permanent tattoo that changes color when certain health biomarkers in the body change, offering visual indicators that something is wrong and the patient needs to visit their doctor.

Yesterday   Microsoft has announced that Skype will lose support for SMS Connect, the feature that enables users to view and send text messages from their computer instead of their phone.

Yesterday   Following similar recent announcements by United and American, Southwest Airlines has announced that its Boeing 737 Max flights have been cancelled until early November. This deviates from the estimate Southwest gave in late June, pushing the fleet’s targeted return to November instead of October.

Yesterday   Epic Games is making it easy for Fortnite players to get new free rewards. The company has teamed up with YouTube for live Fortnite Competitive and special broadcasts, Epic revealed on Thursday, and players can use this opportunity to get in-game items by linking their accounts.

Yesterday   Officials with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have settled on which orbit will be used for the future lunar Gateway outpost, the agencies have announced.

Yesterday   Forget low-quality bodycams that produce muffled audio and shaky, grainy video. Samsung has announced that the Kit Carson Sheriff’s Office in Burlington, Colorado will deploy the Galaxy S9 on deputies’ duty vests where they’ll function as body-worn cameras on AT&T’s FirstNet platform.

Yesterday   Toyota has introduced its new ‘Accessible People Mover,’ a shuttle featuring a futuristic design that will transport visitors during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Referred to as the APM, this vehicle was designed specifically for the Olympic Games, offering staff and visitors a last-mile transportation option that’ll take riders to venues and events.

Yesterday   Instagram has updated its account disable policy in a way that will potentially result in more accounts getting banned. The change was made in order to ‘more consistently’ enforce the company’s policies, Instagram revealed in an announcement on Thursday.

2 Days Ago   Avast, a security company best known for its antivirus software, has announced that Google removed a number of stalking apps from the Google Play Store found by the security company.

2 Days Ago   Epic released Fortnite update version 9.40 early on Wednesday morning, bringing with it the new tactical shotgun variants the company teased earlier in the week, as well as a new skin and some other changes.

2 Days Ago   Hulu is going to make it easier to watch NASA TV by offering the channel on its live television service. NASA TV is freely available for anyone to access, but many people are unaware of how to watch it, the primary method being the NASA TV website.

2 Days Ago   Following months of speculation about its intentions, Netflix has confirmed that it will be launching a cheaper mobile-only subscription plan for customers who only watch the service on phones and tablets.

2 Days Ago   In mid-June, the World Health Organization convened a group of experts to determine whether the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo should be declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

2 Days Ago   Spotify has launched a new Disney section in its catalog, enabling users to search for and stream Disney content spanning from the classics through modern day hits.

2 Days Ago   Home entertainment server software Plex has been updated with new features for the apps used to playback content, adding a couple major new features for Apple TV and iOS.

2 Days Ago   Wyze, the company that skyrocketed to popularity by launching a $20 home security camera, is back with yet another product: connected light bulbs. These bulbs are integrated with the Wyze app but do not require a separate hub; even better, they come with an $8 price tag, making them one of (if not the) cheapest connected bulbs on the market.

3 Days Ago   Tomorrow is World Emoji Day and here to celebrate are Google and Apple with previews of their own versions of the new emoji. Both companies have taken the wraps off dozens of new emoji that will be offered later this year on Android Q and iOS devices starting this fall.

3 Days Ago   Researchers with CHU Sainte-Justine in Quebec have published a study shedding light on digital entertainment and how it may impact depression during one’s teenage years. The results, which were recently published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, point toward social media and television as driving depression in teens, but the same outcome wasn’t observed in association with another popular digital activity.

3 Days Ago   Bikesharing is more popular than ever thanks to the combination of low prices and wide availability. Google is making it easier to find these bikesharing options using Google Maps, which now supports showing bikesharing stations and availability in a total of 24 cities across 16 countries.

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