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21 Hours Ago   It seemed that after the lackluster standalone installment On Stranger Tides, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was finally over, having ended on a bad note after resurrecting the original, and decent enough, trilogy.

3 Days Ago   The number of people who own a DSLR versus the number of people who know how to effectively use them are at odds. Even if you’ve mastered shooting a particular type of scene, it can be difficult to get the best shot in an unfamiliar environment, not to mention the time it takes manually adjusting the camera’s settings.

3 Days Ago   Imagine purchasing a package of pasta that is slim, flat, and contains minimal bits of cardboard or plastic. Now imagine removing that flat, uninspiring pasta and, a few minutes after boiling it, discovering that the noodles had transformed into new shapes.

3 Days Ago   The Bee Informed Partnership has released a new study conducted in collaboration with the Apiary Inspectors of America, and the results are largely favorable. According to the study, beekeepers lost a bit over one-third of their bee colonies over the past year, and while that sounds like a startling number, researchers say it is the second-best figure recorded over the … Continue reading

3 Days Ago   Late last month, restaurant franchise Chipotle Mexican Grill revealed that it had suffered a security breach affecting its POS system. The company has released an update on that revelation, saying that ‘most’ of its stores in the US were affected by the malware.

3 Days Ago   Apple is developing a chip called ‘Neural Engine’ that will be dedicated to artificial intelligence tasks, according to new sources. This AI processor will handle things like speech recognition, facial recognition, and other ‘advanced capabilities’ for Apple products.

3 Days Ago   We’ve seen bits and pieces of movies created in other mediums, everything from pieced-together scenes from other movies to ones recreated with LEGOs, clay, animation, and more.

3 Days Ago   NASA has received the first results from its Juno mission to Jupiter, and the findings are surprising. Researchers long held certain assumptions about Jupiter, things that Juno’s early findings have challenged.

3 Days Ago   YouTube has been around a long while, so long, in fact, that you’ve probably developed an impression of it that’s a bit obsolete. Once the bastion of cat videos and fail compilations, YouTube has developed into a platform with some seriously great content — including series and shows with production and writing quality that’ll rival anything you see on TV.

4 Days Ago   Facebook is rumored to be launching its own video service, one that will compete with things like Snapchat and YouTube, and it has just signed a deal with several big media companies as part of this.

4 Days Ago   Uber has long offered a high-end service for customers who want to rent a luxurious ride, something for a nice night out or a good first impression.

4 Days Ago   Tesla is in the midst of heavy criticism following allegations from workers and others over working conditions. A report surfaced recently via The Guardian claiming poor Tesla factory worker conditions resulting in one hundred ambulance visits over the last three years.

4 Days Ago   If you walk into a store, only to hear the latter half of an interesting song playing over the store’s speakers, you can identify what it is using the app Shazam.

4 Days Ago   Imagine a smartwatch with a big camera right in the middle off it. Taking photos would be awkward, likely, since you’d have to point the top of your wrist at the subject.

4 Days Ago   Ancient Roman soldiers wielded slingshots with lead ammo that, when used properly, could kill someone in a way that isn’t dissimilar from a modern handgun. The information comes from researchers who recently experimented with the old technology to gauge its effectiveness.

5 Days Ago   Following multiple leaks over the past couple weeks, the Ricoh WG-50 rugged compact digital camera has been unveiled. This model brings with it a sporty design alongside construction meant to withstand demanding environments, including wet ones like pools and lakes.

5 Days Ago   PayPal and Android Pay will soon play nicely together, it has been revealed, with Android Pay users being able to tie their PayPal accounts to the mobile payment system.

5 Days Ago   MSI has taken the wraps off a new gaming desktop at Computex 2017, the MSI Infinite A. This desktop, according to the company, is designed for gamers who ‘want infinite possibilities to play the way they want,’ hence the name.

5 Days Ago   Polar has launched a new fitness and sleep tracker, the Polar A370 wrist wearable. The A370 offers a couple big features, including what Polar calls ‘advanced sleep tracking,’ as well as continuous heart rate tracking.

5 Days Ago   NASA has moved the Psyche launch up and, as a result, the spacecraft’s arrival in the asteroid belt will be four years earlier than originally planned, according to the space agency.

5 Days Ago   Sony has announced that the second-generation version of its Digital Paper, model DPT-RP1, is now available to preorder in the US. This model builds upon the original, bringing with it everything we liked about the first model, only with an easier-to-read higher resolution display, wireless document transfer functionality, and more.

5 Days Ago   Prepare to feel vindicated, mushroom-lovers. A new survey has found that mushrooms containing psilocybin are the safest of all recreational drugs, topping other popular favorites including tobacco and alcohol.

5 Days Ago   Verizon has introduced SmartHub, a new 4G LTE router designed for your smart home devices. This hub taps the carrier’s own network, of course, to offer high-speed Internet access for a variety of WiFi products, including your phone, tablets and laptop.

5 Days Ago   You’ve no doubt seen miniature PCs — small sticks and blocks that scarcely take up room on a desk. The Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro is similar, but takes the idea of portable to a whole new level: this PC is small enough to slip into a pocket and it features an internal battery to keep things running when not plugged … Continue reading

6 Days Ago   Twitter has toyed with the idea of offering some kind of premium, possibly subscription, option for its platform, company CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed. Though the company isn’t ready to introduce such a service, it seems the option is still very much in play and may be something users see introduced at some point in the future.

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