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Yesterday   A newly published report claims Verizon and AT&T are the subject of a Department of Justice investigation. According to the sources cited, officials are looking into whether the two carriers, as well as telecom standards organization GSMA, colluded to make it harder for customers to switch providers.

Yesterday   Listing content on eBay is a tedious process that, at minimum, requires the user to select a bunch of items from drop-down menus. Here to simplify things is an update for the service’s iOS app that adds a barcode scanner.

Yesterday   Amazon has mildly annoyed some consumers by locking Star Wars and Marvel physical movie discs behind a Prime paywall. Anyone who tries to order DVDs and Blu-ray discs from either franchise via the online retailer must subscribe to Prime, otherwise the purchase is unavailable.

Yesterday   Sorry folks, but there won’t be a green moon tonight. The hoax appeared on social media in recent weeks claiming that a special planetary alignment, which supposedly happens every 420 years, would cause the moon to appear green on April 20, every marijuana enthusiast’s favorite day.

Yesterday   Alienware is behind a special room at the Hilton Panama City hotel that caters to gamers. The room was created in partnership with Dell, according to a local report, and it features a battlestation complete with a huge display and Alienware logo.

Yesterday   AT&T has tweaked its prepaid plans, making them slightly more attractive than before. Of note, users now have the option of an 8GB prepaid plan that costs $50/month, double or more the high-speed data you’ll get from similarly priced plans elsewhere.

Yesterday   Ashland University, a private university located in Ashland, Ohio, is the first of its kind to add Fortnite to its esports gaming list. The university’s head coach Josh Buchanan announced the addition on Wednesday, expressing an optimistic outlook about the title and its massive popularity.

2 Days Ago   The Centers for Disease Control has updated its report on E. coli infections resulting from romaine lettuce, revealing that illnesses have appeared in new states and include additional hospitalizations.

2 Days Ago   Diagnosing cancer early enough to effectively treat it is difficult, but a new early warning system could change that. Researchers with ETH Zurich have developed a bio-implant that creates an artificial mole when it detects one of four types of cancer.

2 Days Ago   Lockheed Martin has been awarded a contract valued at nearly $1 billion to develop a hypersonic missile for the US Air Force. According to the Department of Defense, Air Force Life Cycle Management received three offers to develop the technology, though it didn’t reveal the two other entities.

2 Days Ago   Netflix has come a long way since its days of mail-order DVDs. The streaming company is driving original content production, pumping out its own shows and movies that, in many cases, have earned it critical acclaim.

2 Days Ago   Nest is helping address the energy burden in America with Power Project, an initiative that earmarks 1 million Nest Thermostat E units for low-income homes. The devices will be provided to needy homes in partnership with energy companies, non-profits, and housing agencies over the next five years, says Nest.

2 Days Ago   Lyft is working to reduce its carbon footprint, vowing that from now on, all of its ride are carbon neutral. This mission takes effect immediately — and globally — thanks to Lyft’s voluntary carbon offset purchases.

2 Days Ago   T-Mobile is targeting military families with its new T-Mobile ONE Military option. The plan is available exclusively to military families, offering them wireless service at half the cost of typical family lines.

2 Days Ago   Google’s experimental products workshop Area 120 has released a mobile app that teaches adults how to code in JavaScript. The Grasshopper app, which is free, supports both Android and iOS, walking beginners from the very basics toward more sophisticated skills, but also helping individuals who already have some coding knowledge.

2 Days Ago   The miniature 360-degree camera Rylo has gained new features thanks to a software update released today. Owners who update the mobile app will see a new 180-degree mode, enabling content to be recorded using only one of the camera’s two sensors.

2 Days Ago   Amazon has announced Alexa Skill Blueprints, a new way for users to vastly personalize their Alexa experience. With Blueprints, users can create their on personalized skills and responses using templates, with a total of 20 Skill Blueprints being offered initially.

3 Days Ago   A new pair of truly wireless earbuds will hopefully hit the market soon, and they’re called TicPods Free. The somewhat unfortunate name aside, TicPods are an attractive alternative to AirPods for Android owners, promising interactive functionality that includes taps for answering calls.

3 Days Ago   Whole Foods rewards members have received an email from Amazon advising them of a change coming to the program next month: the eradication of program. That doesn’t mean Whole Foods customers won’t get any perks for shopping at the retailer, but they may need to switch to Amazon Prime to continue getting them starting May 2.

3 Days Ago   Tesla is under investigation by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health over workplace conditions. The probe follows a report published earlier this week claiming safety issues at Tesla’s Fremont, California, facility, though the agency hasn’t stated what triggered the investigation.

3 Days Ago   NASA’s Orion crew capsule will feature special 3D-printed parts, according to the space agency. The printing technology will be used for more than 100 components, each made out of a special new material capable of handling the extremes of deep space.

3 Days Ago   Microsoft has launched Windows Defender Browser Protection for Google’s Chrome browser via an extension. Anyone can download the extension now, adding an extra layer of protection to block malicious websites.

3 Days Ago   Sonos has teamed with Danish design brand HAY to launch limited edition versions of the Sonos One speakers. The new lineup is called the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection, and it features green, red, and yellow variants of the model.

3 Days Ago   GoPro has a trade-in program that it calls “Trade-Up” for getting discounts on its current products. Previously, you had to trade-in a previous-generation GoPro camera to get the discount on a newer product, but the company announced changes today that open the program to any digital camera.

4 Days Ago   The battle royale genre made popular by PUBG and Fortnite may make its way to the Call of Duty franchise with the upcoming launch of Black Ops 4.

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