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11 Hours Ago   T-Mobile plans to offer its subscribers a free year of MLB.TV on March 26, mirroring the same promotion it has offered in past years. The perk will give eligible T-Mobile customers the chance to get access to MLB.TV for the entire 2019 baseball season for free.

11 Hours Ago   Epic has been busy squashing various bugs in Fortnite, and amid the work comes a new announcement: voice chat has returned to the game on Android.

12 Hours Ago   Last summer, Alamo Drafthouse took the wraps off its own movie subscription plan, an alternative to MoviePass. The plan is offered as a Season Pass, which began beta testing in June 2018.

13 Hours Ago   The FDA teamed up with FCB New York, an advertising agency, to launch One Leaves, an anti-smoking Xbox and PC game targeted at teenagers. The game is offered under the tobacco prevention campaign “The Real Cost,” and is part of an initiative discouraging teens from picking up the habit.

14 Hours Ago   Facebook has pushed out a Messenger update that makes it easier to keep track of the messages each user is responding to. The new ability essentially brings threaded messages to the chatting app, which in this case means replies that quote and respond directly to a previous message.

15 Hours Ago   San Francisco may become the first US city to ban electronic cigarettes, also called ‘vapes,’ until more information about their potential long-term health effects are known.

16 Hours Ago   A new study out of Harvard University details an association between lack of adequate, restful sleep and increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Though the risk has been known for years, the new Harvard research looks at the chemical changes that pave the way for health problems, pointing toward an increase in white blood cell levels that promote clogged arteries.

Yesterday   Netflix is back with another interactive original series targeted at children, this one called Battle Kitty. The show revolves around an animated cat that must use its super-strength to battle monsters and, hopefully, be crowned Champion of Battle Island.

Yesterday   Self-driving car company Waymo is planning to open an 85,000-square-foot “technical service center” in Mesa, Arizona, the company announced on Tuesday. According to Waymo, this new service will more than double its current capacity for servicing, maintaining, and growing its Waymo One fleet.

Yesterday   Epic has introduced a new and improved way to submit Fortnite Creative content. Starting today, players can use an official submission page to deliver their maps for Epic’s evaluation.

Yesterday   Asteroid Bennu, the space rock currently orbited by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, has offered up a couple surprise discoveries over past weeks, according to the space agency.

Yesterday   Arcimoto has launched pre-orders for the Deliverator, a three-wheeled electric vehicle designed specifically for deliveries. The vehicle has a 100-mile range and a top speed of 75mph, making it more substantial than the small autonomous delivery buggies some other companies have introduced.

Yesterday   MoviePass has resurrected its $9.95/month unlimited subscription plan, offering consumers a limited time chance at getting to see as many movies as they’d like in a month for less than ten bucks.

Yesterday   Google took the wraps off its anticipated video game streaming platform today, unveiling Stadia at the Game Developers Conference. The company has laid out the details for both future players and developers, stating that it will be working on building games exclusively for its new platform via its new Stadia Games and Entertainment division.

2 Days Ago   Activision is preparing to launch a new mobile version of its hit game franchise Call of Duty. The new game, which is now available for ‘pre-registration,’ offers gamers iconic maps from various popular COD installments, as well as familiar weapons and gameplay.

2 Days Ago   Past research has found evidence that coffee drinkers may have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, and a new study may have figured out what’s behind that beneficial effect.

2 Days Ago   Watching more than one show at the same time used to involve setting up multiple displays or quickly toggling between channels during commercial breaks. Picture-in-picture support, DVR, and streaming television have all changed that, but watching three or more shows on the same large TV is still limited.

2 Days Ago   Epic Games has issued an update about the stability issues impacting its Fortnite mobile apps, explaining that work continues on fixing the problem. According to the company, players on mobile may notice some in-game items and features going offline temporarily while it investigates various issues.

2 Days Ago   Earlier this month, workers with the D’Bone Collector Museum in the Philippines recovered the remains of a beaked whale that had appeared near Davao City. In its most recent update about the deceased animal, the museum revealed the whale’s cause of death: the ingestion of approximately 88lbs of plastic.

2 Days Ago   A common calcium-channel blocking heart medication has been tentatively linked to increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest. The research comes from the European Sudden Cardiac Arrest network (ESCAPE-NET), though additional work is needed to determine whether the findings can be replicated.

2 Days Ago   Researchers with the University of Tokyo and Caltech have found evidence that humans may have the ability to sense magnetic fields. Many animals are known to possess magnetoreception, including birds and bees, but questions have remained over whether humans have the same ability.

5 Days Ago   Google has released an update for its Gboard mobile keyboard for iOS, adding text translation support for all languages supported by Google Translate. The new feature enables iPhone and iPad owners to directly translate text-based messages without toggling to the separate Google Translate app, speeding up the entire process and decreasing disruption to ongoing conversations.

5 Days Ago   Walmart plans to launch an Android tablet designed to compete with the cheapest iPad model, according to a new report. The sources claim Walmart’s tablet will be ‘kid-friendly’ and sold under the retailer’s ONN store brand.

5 Days Ago   Twitter has confirmed that it is working on a subscription feature that will enable users to subscribe to specific conversations, providing a cleaner, simpler alternative to liking or replying to a tweet.

5 Days Ago   Research out of Ohio State University has found a link between green tea and reduced obesity in mice, according to a newly published study. The work focused on lab mice fed a diet that included 2-percent green tea extract, which was linked to a reduction in inflammatory biomarkers associated with poor health, as well as a decrease in obesity levels.

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