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13 Hours Ago   Netflix has pushed out an update for its iOS app that adds support for the newly launched iPad Pro tablets. Early adopters of the two new models have noted that many apps feature large black bars around the window and Netflix’s (now former) app was no exception.

14 Hours Ago   Netflix is thinking about launching cheaper price tiers, according to a recent interview with company executives, but most Netflix customers reading this probably won’t get them.

15 Hours Ago   Joining Best Buy and select other retailers is Amazon with its own early Black Friday sales. The company has posted its deals on its website, where customers can get Echo, Kindle, and other Amazon devices at big discounts.

16 Hours Ago   Researchers with the University of Pennsylvania have found a casual link between social media use, depression, and loneliness. The study looked at Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, finding that the use of these apps resulted in a decrease in one’s sense of wellbeing.

17 Hours Ago   Google has updated its Gboard mobile keyboard with a new feature: GIF suggestions. These looped video and animation clips have become a popular way to communicate a thought or emotion digitally, but finding the right GIF can be tricky.

17 Hours Ago   Amazon’s monthly FreeTime subscription for kids content has added support for audiobooks. The additional support provides access to kid-friendly audiobooks, adding it to the existing games, video content, books, and apps.

18 Hours Ago   Lyft will soon give select riders access to a new program that rewards customers for their loyalty. The program is called Lyft Rewards and it will give riders points for every dollar spent on the transportation service.

19 Hours Ago   Old military documents have revealed that a massive solar storm detonated US Navy bombs during the Vietnam War. The event happened in early August 1972, during a brief period of solar activity that had caused major terrestrial disruptions.

3 Days Ago   PayPal is cancelling the accounts of far-right group the Proud Boys, as well as some antifa groups, according to new reports. The decision eliminates the groups’ abilities to raise funds and is considered a form of “de-platforming.” This isn’t the first time PayPal has removed accounts for certain groups or companies.

3 Days Ago   Popular GIF platform Giphy has expanded beyond its staple product with the introduction of short videos. The service is best known for offering a huge library of GIFs; it’s integrated with a number of mobile apps, including Facebook Messenger.

3 Days Ago   Apple is offering free repairs to fix the iPhone X ghost touch issue and certain MacBook Pro laptops that may experience drive failure. The company announced the two new repair options today, acknowledging a problem in which the iPhone X’s display reacts when it hasn’t been touched or fails to respond to touch, and in which a MacBook Pro SSD … Continue reading

3 Days Ago   Google is working with The New York Times on a photo digitization project. The work involves Google Cloud Platform for storing the images, where the publication will be able to search through them.

3 Days Ago   T-Mobile is working on a TV service that it plans to launch before the end of the year, at least based on comments it made back in January.

3 Days Ago   In late October, a giant chunk of ice broke free from the Pine Island Glacier and formed an iceberg that has been named B-46 by the US National Ice Center.

3 Days Ago   A new study has found that primarily vegetarian diets, as well as diets containing seafood, may reduce the symptoms of hypertension-related heart disease. The beneficial effect is linked to increased levels of trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which was found to reduce heart thickening and heart failure markers in rats.

4 Days Ago   Black Friday is still weeks away but deals are going live now. Best Buy has just launched its Black Friday 2018 deals for Apple products, including the latest and great MacBook Pro, select iPad models, and more.

4 Days Ago   Popular insecticides called neonicotinoids are disrupting bumblebee life, according to a new study, causing big decreases in bee populations. Though the harm caused by this type of insecticide has been previously studied, researchers weren’t sure how it was causing increased bee deaths.

4 Days Ago   Some Windows 10 users are reporting license issues resulting in warnings that their system is not activated. The issue surfaced in a Reddit post published yesterday, where other Windows 10 Pro users chimed in to confirm similar problems.

4 Days Ago   A 10,000-year-old skeleton found in a Nevada cave is the ancestor of a Native American tribe, according to a new study. The remains are known as the Spirit Cave mummy and were believed to be part of a group called “Paleoamericans” that existed before Native Americans.

4 Days Ago   NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has survived its first close approach to the Sun, the space agency has announced. The spacecraft is officially the only human-made object to get within 15 million miles of our star, a record previously set by the Helios B back in 1976.

4 Days Ago   HTC VIVE has announced a new platform for enterprise customers that includes the Vive Focus, a standalone virtual reality headset targeted at businesses. The hardware is part of a platform and software launching for enterprises in North America and Europe that want to create VR experiences for customers and employees.

4 Days Ago   Comcast is developing products to target its cord-cutting customers, according to a new report. The alleged platform is intended for customers who only have a broadband Internet subscription, though it’ll be an uphill battle against established competitors like Roku and Netflix.

5 Days Ago   Twelve South has a new wireless charger for Qi-enabled smartphones and it’s called PowerPic. The name refers to the device’s unique design, which transforms the smartphone into a piece of art…at least until it finishes charging.

5 Days Ago   Researchers have discovered the world’s oldest known cave painting of an animal, according to a new study. The painting features a creature that looks like a bull and dates back around 40,000 years.

5 Days Ago   Microsoft has revealed new Word features powered by artificial intelligence. The new tools make it simple to create to-do lists for catching back up on things that still need done, as well as a simplified ability to collaborate with other users.

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