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15 Hours Ago   Foxconn has announced plans to build a massive facility in the United States, one that will include housing units, service businesses, stores and more. The facility will be constructed in Wisconsin, with the overall plan representing a massive $10 billion investment for the company.

16 Hours Ago   It has been nearly seven long years since Google rolled out Instant Search, a feature that irritated a bunch of users early on by presenting search result pages as a user typed their query.

17 Hours Ago   Earlier this week we reported that customers who had preordered the SNES Classic from Walmart were experiencing order cancellations. Though the company hadn’t said anything official about the issue, emails were going out to customers advising them of the cancellation, and customer service reps were giving explanations that basically amounted to ‘the website glitched.’ According to those representatives, the Walmart … Continue reading

18 Hours Ago   The TSA has announced new domestic safety screening rules that will make air travel a bit more frustrating for many travelers. Following the international in-flight laptop ban that had affected some countries — a rule reportedly based on tips from intelligence agencies that large electronics may be modified as bombs — the TSA has announced that all gadgets bigger than … Continue reading

18 Hours Ago   The company Cochlear Limited has taken the wraps off its new Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, an FDA-approved technology that is explicitly ‘Made for iPhone’ so that those hard of hearing can better utilize their Apple smartphone.

19 Hours Ago   Remember those glow-in-the-dark roads that began cropping up a few years ago? One in Singapore just opened to the public, and it aims to make the length of space safer for people to use at night.

20 Hours Ago   Have you ever wondered who would win in a battle between Jedi Knights and regular ole medieval knights? It seems pretty obvious that the Jedi would win (read: slaughter) the metal-sword-wielding warrior, but what about an entire league of them?

21 Hours Ago   No doubt included on the list of appliances you won’t want to transport often is a new espresso machine called the ‘AnZa,’ one created by designers in California who position the appliance as something like a kitchen sculpture.

21 Hours Ago   While some companies are still working to get their smart speakers on the market, Xiaomi has launched its own, the Mi AI. This is the first smart speaker launched by the Chinese company, and as we’d expect, its price undercuts most of the existing models on the market substantially.

Yesterday   Google’s Trusted Contacts app has finally arrived on iOS, giving iPhone users the same location-sharing ability as the Android version of the app. With this, users are able to share their location with someone they trust — a friend or family member, for example — as well as giving these people access to certain information such as whether their phone … Continue reading

Yesterday   Yale, the locks and hardware company, not the university, has announced a new smart lock product that it says is the slimmest currently available on the market.

Yesterday   It’s official: Nikon is developing the model D850, a DSLR camera it says will be a full-frame offering with other high-end features. The camera is targeted solely at professional, serious photographers (it will, no doubt, be priced in the thousands of dollars, lenses not included), and it’ll be the successor of the current Nikon D810 model.

Yesterday   Though Apple hasn’t confirmed the news, President Trump has apparently spoiled a surprise the company has in store by making the announcement himself: Apple is bringing three manufacturing plants to the United States, or so Trump says.

Yesterday   As much of a hassle as it is for a rider who forgets something in an Uber car, the annoyance is double for the driver who has to waste time returning it…time that could otherwise be spent earning money, or at the least, not wasting gas due to someone’s simple mistake.

Yesterday   We’ve known since this past E3 event that Bethesda has a Fallout 4 VR edition in the works, though it was only revealed for the HTC Vive headset.

Yesterday   Facebook is getting into the smart speaker market, according to sources, and it is developing a model that will take on Amazon’s Echo Show device. Facebook’s tipped smart speaker is said to feature a 15-inch touch display, enabling users to interact with the device visually.

Yesterday   It’s that time of the month again — Microsoft has taken the wraps off the games that will be available under its ‘Games with Gold’ program.

Yesterday   Lyft has introduced various promotions over recent months, including the one that enables riders to earn airline miles. Its latest promotion is a bit different, this time targeting those who get the late-night munchies and can’t resist the call of fast food.

Yesterday   If you’re trying to master a skill, a new study says that using a ‘cross-training’ regimen may help improve your ability to learn versus solo cognitive training.

2 Days Ago   If you preordered the SNES Classic from Walmart, take heed: Walmart is cancelling those preorders, leaving behind ample lamenting and gnashing of teeth. The company recently sold out of the models, as preorders went quickly, and you’d be reasonable in expecting that to be the cause — that is, the lack of available units.

2 Days Ago   It’s hard to imagine that such massive fish could spend the better part of three centuries eluding scientists, but that’s exactly what happened. Known by some now as the Hoodwinker Sunfish, this giant sunfish species was first detected a decade ago by Japanese researchers, who found genetic evidence of its existence near Australia.

2 Days Ago   The HTC U11 has some fervent fans, but not everyone with their eye on the model has picked one up yet. If you’re counted among those people, HTC has some good news: you’ll be able to preorder the 128GB version of the U11 in the United States starting tomorrow.

2 Days Ago   If you have a phone on T-Mobile‘s network, you have access to a technology that automatically identifies and, if you wish, blocks incoming calls from scammers.

2 Days Ago   Techland’s beloved zombie game Dying Light came out in January 2015, but much like the zombies it contains, the game’s still not dead. Techland has announced plans to release 10 free DLCs for the title over the next year, something spurred by the huge player base that is still enjoying the title.

2 Days Ago   Unless you’re still using an old television, it has probably been years since you’ve last seen television static. The snowy mess was an annoyance; for the user, it meant the coaxial cable needed adjusted or the TV antenna needed leaves cleaned off.

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