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2 Hours Ago   It has been more than a year since Overwatch was released, but it remains a favorite for many players, and Blizzard is hoping you’ll join them.

3 Hours Ago   The wireless carrier Republic Wireless, which offers atypical service targeted at those who want as low of a bill as possible, is getting into the hardware game with the unveiling of its own smart speaker.

4 Hours Ago   Can’t afford one of Tesla’s big home batteries? It has a new alternative for you, and it’ll fit in your pocket: the Tesla Powerbank. As you’d expect from a powerbank, this model is designed to charge your smartphone, earbuds, or any other USB gadget, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket.

5 Hours Ago   Sony’s PlayStation Network is experiencing some issues, making it difficult for PlayStation 4 owners to launch their games and some other online features. The company says it is aware of the problem and has tasked its engineers with finding a solution.

5 Hours Ago   A new NASA time lapse shows 20 years of seasonal landscape changes around the globe, condensing the years down to a mere 2.5 minutes. Though NASA is known primarily for its space missions, the agency focuses extensively on Earth science, too, training a variety of satellites down toward our own planet.

6 Hours Ago   Researchers have undertaken a controversial plan to get aliens to contact humans: sending an invitation out into space. The efforts come from METI, which stands for Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and it involved sending messages toward a star system located about 12 light-years from our own.

7 Hours Ago   Coastal cities around the world are at risk of severe flooding and even eventual eradication as ocean levels rise. A new simulation from NASA highlights how big this potential problem is, showing what could happen to 293 coastal cities around the world over the next 100 years.

Yesterday   Comcast’s Xfinity TV customers with certain Sony Android TVs will soon be able to access the content directly through the television using the Xfinity TV Partner app.

Yesterday   Google Pixel 2 owners can now get help troubleshooting their smartphone using Google’s own personal assistant app, at least unofficially. The feature appears to work for both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL phones, but not for other handsets with the app.

Yesterday   Canon just revived one of its classic rangefinder cameras, but you won’t be able to take photos with it. The camera comes in a miniature form-factor and contains within it a modest USB flash drive, giving camera lovers and photographers alike an unusual way to store and transport their images.

Yesterday   The TIDAL music app is on the receiving end of an update that adds an important feature for Sonos users: the ability to control their speakers from within the streaming app.

Yesterday   Remember Boston Dynamics‘ Atlas robot, the robot that just a few years ago was toddling around with a physical cable tethering it to its controller? Robots grow up quickly, it seems, as Boston Dynamics has just shown off the Atlas robot performing a variety of complex movements, doing so entirely wire-free.

Yesterday   NBC will livestream more than 1800 hours of Winter Olympics coverage, the network has announced, giving fans access to content over the Internet on whatever device is most convenient.

Yesterday   T-Mobile has announced its Black Friday deals, revealing that it, like many companies, is offering its deals early as a way to give potential customers an extra week or so to shop.

2 Days Ago   Some AT&T users are experiencing service problems, leaving them unable to fully use the carrier’s network. Reports from affected users are coming in from around the country, with those customers saying they can’t make or take calls.

2 Days Ago   Adobe has bestowed new features onto its Scan app, using machine learning to find documents that exist in photos on the user’s phone. These documents could be pics of business cards and receipts, for example, taking the work out of manually choosing those images and scanning them into proper documents.

2 Days Ago   Sports Illustrated is set to get in on the paid streaming video market with the launch of an online streaming service that’ll run fans about $5/month.

2 Days Ago   Nintendo’s most popular video game franchise is about to hit the big screen in a big way, according to sources, marking the return of Mario to the world of feature films.

2 Days Ago   Audio Technica, the audio company that targets audiophiles with some high-end headphones, has announced an expansion to its Sound Reality line that adds three new wireless earbuds to the product lineup.

2 Days Ago   American Eagle Outfitters has opened up a new store in Manhattan that includes a strong tech focus, namely the inclusion of an iPad in every dressing room.

2 Days Ago   The Galaxy S8 was, at one point in its pre-launch past, thought to leave out the headphone jack, which obviously didn’t prove true. Included with the Galaxy S8 phones is a pair of Samsung earbuds with AKG branding and audio tech…a pair of wired headphones, that is.

2 Days Ago   Sony has taken the wraps off its new PlayStation VR DOOM VFR bundle, giving DOOM fans a new way to get in on the action in the most immersive way possible.

3 Days Ago   Pinterest has reinvented the QR code, in a manner of speaking, with the launch of its own Pincodes. These Pincodes are colorful, circular codes composed of differently sized and colored dots around the circumference of a circle.

3 Days Ago   Another day, another user report tipping an unwanted effect from some part of the Pixel 2 phone. This time around, the issue is an unusual banding effect that presents on some handsets when the phone’s camera is in LED light.

3 Days Ago   Following the launch of the sleek and eye-catching ZTE Axon M, a smartphone with two full-size screens, industry sources have showed up to claim that Samsung, Oppo and Huawei have all kicked off dedicated steps to launch their own similar models, possibly ushering in an age of phones with two screens instead of one.

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