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Yesterday   Netflix is bringing back iconic series Unsolved Mysteries with Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy, according to a new report. The reboot will reportedly be the result of Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment working alongside Netflix, which has rapidly expanded its catalog of original episodic shows.

Yesterday   Alphabet unveiled Verily Study Watch in 2017, describing it as a smartwatch designed specifically for capturing health data from clinical study participants. The watch has been put to good use in the months since its launch, including in studies involving Parkinson’s disease.

Yesterday   This weekend will bring the super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse, the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. The event will be visible throughout North America, assuming the weather doesn’t block the view.

Yesterday   Epic Games released its version 7.20 update right on schedule this week, but as occasionally happens, the update brought an unexpected problem with it. Users had a short while to enjoy the editing improvements that arrived in the newest update before Epic reverted them back to normal, explaining that it will bring the editing changes back in version 7.30.

Yesterday   Facebook is developing a platform called “LOL” that targets teenagers, according to a new report. The product is said to have been in development for months and revolves around video content, including short clips akin to GIFs.

Yesterday   Amazon has supplied its warehouse workers with safety vests that let nearby robots know when they need to slow down. The wearable was designed by Amazon Robotics and is intended to keep warehouse workers safe when they must enter a space where robots roam.

Yesterday   Chinese state media has reported that officials in China are set to deploy a new ‘deadbeat debtors’ app that will enable the public to view which people nearby aren’t paying their debts.

Yesterday   Spotify plans to release an in-car music player, a new leak claims. This alleged device is expected to make its official debut later this year, bringing the popular music service to vehicles that may have less than adequate infotainment systems.

Yesterday   Johnson and Johnson is partnering with Apple to investigate the impact its Apple Watch may have on detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib), as well as the outcomes its may have for these patients, including its potential for helping prevent strokes.

2 Days Ago   Facebook is making big changes behind closed doors, according to a new report, by restructuring its augmented reality glasses division and moving those employees into a newly launched standalone team dedicated specifically to the product.

2 Days Ago   Michigan has fully approved digital license plates, offering an alternative to the stamped metal plates it has been using for 125 years. The approval comes in the form of a recently passed bill, and it’ll involve the creator behind Rplate, Reviver Auto, working with Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on rolling out the new option.

2 Days Ago   NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent back a new image of Jupiter showing two huge storms currently taking place on the planet. According to NASA’s mission update, the new image was captured during Juno’s most recent flyby in late December, the spacecraft having managed to capture Jupiter’s iconic Great Red Spot, as well as another less colorful storm, in the same … Continue reading

2 Days Ago   Google is finally bringing some of Waze’s most convenient features to Google Maps, the most notable being speed trap warnings. Signs of the upcoming feature first appeared in November, later showing up again in December.

2 Days Ago   Remember Fortnite‘s ill-fated sword and its appearance right before a big tournament? Fans do, and they’re still salty about it. It quickly became apparent that the Infinity Blade was overpowered when players acquired it and proceeded to completely decimate the competition, resulting in high kill counts and little chance of surviving for everyone who didn’t have the sword.

2 Days Ago   The American Civil Liberties Union has sued multiple US government agencies in a bid to learn more about its social media surveillance practices. The lawsuit follows a string of Freedom of Information Act requests that sought info on the surveillance, requests that ultimately went nowhere.

2 Days Ago   Last summer, a report claimed that Walmart was planning to launch its own video streaming service, a product that would differ from its existing Vudu offering.

2 Days Ago   Aerospace startup Relativity Space has been given permission to launch its rockets from Cape Canaveral, the company has revealed, paving the way for its anticipated launches into low-Earth orbit starting next year.

3 Days Ago   A Russian startup called StartRocket is working on a terrible idea: space billboards that glow from low Earth orbit. The company hopes to one day offer these space billboards to corporate customers, enabling them to display their logo as a giant glowing banner across the night sky.

3 Days Ago   Oregon-based CTL has revealed the Chromebook Tablet Tx1, a rugged 9.7-inch tablet that runs Chrome OS and features an integrated Wacom EMR stylus. The tablet is designed for education, providing access to Google’s various products, as well as other apps supported by Chrome OS.

3 Days Ago   US-based supermarket chain Stop & Shop is the latest to unveil autonomous grocery deliveries, but with a twist. Unlike other grocery delivery options unveiled by competitors, Stop & Shop will load self-driving vehicles with a variety of items that consumers can directly purchase, essentially transforming these cars into miniature convenience stores.

3 Days Ago   Mastercard has announced a change that’ll help consumers who sign up for free trials: companies will no longer be able to automatically bill them once that trial ends.

3 Days Ago   GoPro has released a new public beta firmware update for its Fusion camera, enabling a 5.8K capture resolution resulting in 5.6K spherical footage. According to GoPro, the new support results in the most “cinematic quality” produced by the Fusion camera to date, something made even better by support for recording at 24fps.

3 Days Ago   A new animation shows Ultima Thule as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft approached it over the duration of seven hours. The animation reveals the object’s rotation as it grows larger, and is joined by a processed alternative that eliminates the size change, leaving only the rotation.

3 Days Ago   Some people are willing to engage in extreme — sometimes dangerous — challenges and other activities in hope of going viral on YouTube, something the platform has explicitly banned.

3 Days Ago   Back in November, word surfaced that Amazon was working on a proper newscaster voice for Alexa, which it would be used when reading the news. Unlike the assistant’s regular voice, the newscaster voice features the same intonation and emphasis used by professionals when delivering the news.

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