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15 Hours Ago   A study out of Florida Atlantic University has found that dolphins are increasingly facing antibiotic resistance similar to humans. The research tracked antibiotic resistance related to bottlenose dolphins for 13 years, finding that since initially reporting high resistance in 2009, the degree of antibiotic resistance among wild dolphins has increased significantly.

17 Hours Ago   Last month, Hulu announced that the second season for its Castle Rock series will arrive on October 23, though it only provided a very brief teaser video that said, ‘Misery arrives.’ As expected given that the series is based on the Stephen King universe, that phrase referred to the novel Misery, which will be the foundation for Hulu’s upcoming original … Continue reading

19 Hours Ago   Mars is home to a dusty landscape painted with orange and brown hues, pocked with craters, and adorned with a variety of hills and mountains. Depending on where you look, Mars is also home to numerous sheer cliffs that look like long striations when captured from a distance and like near-vertical rock walls when snapped by the Martian rover.

20 Hours Ago   The PlayStation Greece Twitter account has tweeted an announcement that appears premature — there’s a new exclusive ‘Celebration Pack’ in the works that’ll be offered to PS Plus subscribers.

Yesterday   The FDA has taken a major step toward approving Palforzia, a treatment for peanut allergy that may reduce both the number and severity of allergic reactions.

Yesterday   Live streaming television service Sling TV used to offer a macOS app for accessing the service on a Mac computer, but things changed last year. Users were promised that in addition to its existing Chrome browser support, Sling TV would soon add support for Apple’s Safari browser, something that has finally arrived more than a year after the promise was … Continue reading

Yesterday   Google has launched two new tools to help opioid addicts get help from nearby resources. The tools involve Google Maps, making it easier to find life-saving naloxone medication and to locate recovery centers that can help individuals get over their addiction.

Yesterday   Mobile horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s will arrive for augmented reality this fall. The hit game originally launched as an indie title in 2014, introducing players to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza shop and the animatronic robots that perform shows for guests.

2 Days Ago   YouTube offers a readily available television interface for people who access the service using an ordinary web browser. This interface is most commonly used by people who have a small computer, such as a PC stick or Linux box, hooked up to their TV as a substitute for a streaming device, but that’ll be changing in the near future.

2 Days Ago   In July, Epic Games announced a collaboration with Uniqlo USA for an upcoming line of clothing items designed for Fortnite fans. The new Fornite X Uniqlo line will feature a variety of clothing items, including hoodies and shirts, but Epic didn’t provide any samples of the upcoming products at that time.

2 Days Ago   The government research agency DARPA has announced a new program called Focused Pharma that seeks drug innovations that offer the mental health benefits of psychedelics without the ‘significant side effects.’ The agency detailed its new program earlier this week, revealing that it has reviewed the growing body of private research on the potential benefits of psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin.

2 Days Ago   Skygazers across the US will have the rare opportunity to view a ‘micromoon’ tonight, the earliest viewing times starting in the Pacific time zone with other following.

2 Days Ago   In July, MoviePass made the strange announcement that it was temporarily suspending its service in order to make improvements to its mobile app. The release was lacking in details and didn’t make much sense, spurring speculation that the company’s final shutdown was incoming.

2 Days Ago   The NFL is continuing its partnership with Facebook, bringing select content to the Facebook Watch platform. This isn’t the first time the NFL has made football content available on Facebook Watch; the two began working together in 2017 with a deal that, at the time, offered recaps from all regular-season games.

2 Days Ago   Spotify is targeting users who are sharing family plans in ways that violate its terms of service. This isn’t the first time the company has targeted this unapproved sharing, but it is the first time it will take more drastic steps to stop users from providing account access to individuals living outside of their home.

3 Days Ago   Global warming may lead to a drastic reduction in the availability of an essential omega-3 fatty acid that is needed for brain development in mammals, among other things.

3 Days Ago   The Fortnite version 10.20 update added a new in-game item called the Shield Bubble, which resembles a grenade, but offers protection instead of damage. The Shield Bubble is meant to be thrown on the ground, where it creates a large protective dome that stays in place.

3 Days Ago   Epson has introduced a new short-throw projector and projector screen combo that it calls the LS500 Laser Projection TV. Though projectors are a fairly common element in home entertainment systems, they’re typically reduced to movie night when the lights can be turned off and the room is dark.

3 Days Ago   Virtual reality headsets have largely been split into two categories: the expensive gaming models and the inexpensive phone-based headsets. The latter are used as novelties for simple mobile gaming and, more often than not, as personal entertainment devices, enabling users to watch a movie in their own private VR theater.

3 Days Ago   Google has pushed out an update for Google Photos, adding a new ‘Memories’ feature that creates galleries with content from past years to highlight memorable moments.

3 Days Ago   Rheumatoid arthritis is a painful autoimmune disease that causes joints to become chronically inflamed. The condition is considered common, impacting thousands of people every year across the United States.

3 Days Ago   Walmart’s Vudu digital video platform has introduced a new feature called Family Play that scrubs certain scenes out of movies so that younger audiences can watch them.

3 Days Ago   The Hubble Space Telescope has produced the latest portrait of Saturn, one featuring the planet and its rings in their entirety. The image was captured using the space telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 in late June, though the Hubble team only shared the final image with the public today.

4 Days Ago   Scientists have detailed two different studies this week involving black holes, one that focuses on the black hole located at the center of our galaxy, another that is located in the center of a galaxy located millions of light-years away.

4 Days Ago   Epic Games has announced plans to test a new feature called ‘Community Choice’ that will allow Fortnite players to vote for the items they want to see arrive in the game’s Item Shop.

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