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34 Minutes Ago   The Frasier series revival we’ve occasionally heard about for months is slightly closer to becoming a reality, at least based on comments made by series star Kelsey Grammer.

1 Hour Ago   Amazon has announced the launch of support for Traditional Chinese language books on Kindle. The collection includes more than 20,000 books in Traditional Chinese available across the Kindle platform, including on the Kindle mobile apps, Kindle Fire, and Kindle eReader devices.

12 Hours Ago   With every new Steam sale comes lamentations from players who acknowledge they already own more games than they can play, and that they’re going to buy even more titles they’ll probably never finish.

12 Hours Ago   Stress isn’t a fleeting emotion for many, but rather a persistent reality with a very real impact on one’s physical and mental health. When left unchecked, high levels of the stress can lead to long-term health issues, including obesity and high blood pressure.

13 Hours Ago   Apple has reportedly acquired Tueo Health, a startup that was developing an asthma monitoring system intended for use with sleeping children. The alleged business move may have happened in late 2018, at least based on a new report citing an unnamed source with knowledge of the matter.

14 Hours Ago   AT&T made a surprising announcement today: its customers can now pay their bills using cryptocurrency. The option is made possible by AT&T’s new BitPay support, opening the door for bill pay using Bitcoin instead of cash or credit.

15 Hours Ago   Some Fortnite players are currently experiencing issues logging into their game accounts, making it impossible to play the hit battle royale game. Epic Games, the company behind the title, has acknowledged the reports, stating the problem is currently impacting all platforms on which Fortnite is offered.

16 Hours Ago   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued its first approval for a gene therapy treatment targeting young children. The gene therapy is called Zolgensma, and it is designed to treat the rare genetic disease spinal muscular atrophy in children under the age of two.

17 Hours Ago   Officials at both the local and state levels consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about putting some people who were potentially infected with measles on the Do Not Board list, it has been revealed.

18 Hours Ago   Earlier this week, Australian media reported that two different fireballs streaked over the nation’s southern skies, including one on Tuesday that resulted in a stunning flash of light.

Yesterday   Researchers have published a study just ahead of Memorial Day that reveals a simple, safe way to avoid packing on pounds over the holiday. More than 100 adults participated in the research, which involved providing a behavioral, rather than dietary, modification for daily life.

Yesterday   Instagram’s standalone video platform IGTV finally supports horizontal videos, the company has announced. The video app was, until now, limited to vertical content, which is arguably better suited for mobile devices but overall less popular than landscape orientation.

Yesterday   A newly published Amazon patent application details technology that would enable Alexa to listen to what you say before you summon her. The ‘pre-wakework speech processing’ ability would support phrases that put the wake word (‘Alexa,’ for example) after the command instead of before it.

Yesterday   Newly proposed legislation seeks the mandatory inclusion of forgotten child alerts in all new vehicles. The technology, which is currently available as third-party accessories, alerts drivers to the presence of a child in the back seat of a vehicle, helping reduce the number of tragic hot car deaths.

Yesterday   Plex on Apple TV has been updated with new audio features that makes it far more appealing to audiophiles and other discerning music lovers. With the new software version comes support for direct playback of high-quality audio, including FLAC and AAC, as well as gapless transitions, soft pauses, and more.

Yesterday   Middle age tends to include select unwanted physiological changes, including potential decreases in cognitive performance. There’s no clear explanation for what drives these issues, but the answer may partially involve gut bacteria changes that influence brain function.

Yesterday   On Wednesday, May 22, Panic revealed one of the most interesting handheld game consoles we’ve seen in years, the Playdate. This small device, which looks somewhat like a Game Boy crossed with an iPod Nano, will offer players mobile access to unique games utilizing the device’s hand crank ‘joystick.’ Each game will be made available as part of a ‘season … Continue reading

2 Days Ago   Questions remain over Epic’s dragon plans for battle royale hit Fortnite. The company heavily teased the presence of these large, mythical beasts during Season 8, including the presence of dragon eggs in the volcano and a final Battle Pass skin with dragon themes.

2 Days Ago   Amazon is attempting to make warehouse work’fun’ via the launch of video games for employees. The games are described as an experiment tied to each worker’s performance, rewarding them with points and/or progress whenever they retrieve a product and fulfill an order.

2 Days Ago   Panic, the company best known for its Mac and iOS software, has revealed a new pocket-size handheld game console that features a tiny hand crank, D-pad, and black and white display.

2 Days Ago   Select future DJI drones will feature built-in technology that helps them avoid potential collisions with airplanes and helicopters. The company announced its intention to offer this technology on Wednesday, stating that it will be available on all drones that weigh more than 250 grams released after January 1, 2020.

2 Days Ago   Poor diets are widely associated with the development of certain cancers, including the excessive consumption of processed meats and sugary drinks. A new study breaks down different diets and sheds light on which cancers they’re most commonly associated with, such as a higher link to mouth cancer in people who don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables.

2 Days Ago   Around this time last year, a study was published revealing that at least one entity somewhere in the world was likely engaging in the production of a banned ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon gas called CFC-11.

2 Days Ago   Making poor dietary decisions during the work day may put one’s long-term health at risk, according to a new study. Low-quality meals sourced from cafeterias, snacks acquired from vending machines, and frequently ordered fast food items can fuel a generally unhealthy lifestyle, the research reveals, including an increased likelihood of making poor food choices outside of work.

3 Days Ago   Apple has announced a new Backlight Service Program for the 2016 13-inch MacBook Pro model. The program addresses the ‘very small percentage’ of MacBook Pro laptops that experience one of two display issues: complete backlight loss or intermittent/continuous vertical bright spots across the bottom of the display.

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