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2 Days Ago   The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, and we want to bring out the best in yours. Behold our comprehensive list of the best iPhone apps, from time-saving productivity tools to fun apps you won’t be able to put down.

3 Days Ago   Originally starting out as a Kickstarter campaign, the EyeQue Insight visual acuity screener is now available for purchase. With the device, you can test your vision whether you're at home, in school, or even on the go.

3 Days Ago   Google has officially rebranded its Android Wear operating system to Wear OS. Removing the Android name may help people better understand Google-powered smartwatches, which also play nice with iOS devices.

5 Days Ago   Nowadays, there's an app for everything -- which means it's easy to quickly fill up your storage on your smartphone. With Facebook Lite for Android, you'll have all the basic features you need without sacrificing as much space on your device.

7 Days Ago   If you're looking for a full-on blast from the past, look no further than My Tamagotchi Forever for your smartphone. The app is now officially available for download on iOS and Android.

8 Days Ago   The iPhone has some of our favorite games available for any mobile platform. Here are the best iPhone games for every big-name genre, whether you're into puzzles, strategy, or something else entirely.

8 Days Ago   Google officially introduced wheelchair-accessible routes on Google Maps. The new feature will give those with wheelchairs or other mobility needs an easier way to navigate using public transit.

8 Days Ago   Popular third-party keyboard app SwiftKey has officially launched its most feature-packed update, yet. Available for iOS and Android, SwiftKey 7.0 includes a new toolbar, stickers, and more.

9 Days Ago   Looking to transform your smartwatch for spring? To help make it easier, we've rounded up a few options to transform your timepiece. Whether you're going for bright and airy or more neutral, there's a watch strap for every style.

10 Days Ago   The Kindle Oasis is the retailer's first waterproof ebook reader. While it comes packed with features, it was only available in gray at launch. To add to the options, Amazon is now offering the device in "Champagne Gold." The post Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is now available for pre-order in ‘Champagne Gold’ appeared first on Digital Trends.

10 Days Ago   To keep kids active throughout the day instead of glued to a smartphone or tablet, Fitbit launched the Fitbit Ace. The basic fitness tracker allows kids to track activity while providing parents with an overview.

10 Days Ago   YouTube is officially rolling out a Dark Theme setting for its mobile app on iOS. The new feature turns the background dark, which cuts down on glare and allows users to take in the true colors of the videos they're watching.

11 Days Ago   Fitbit has a new wearable that’s more smartwatch than fitness tracker. Building off the Blaze, the new Fitbit Versa is geared towards women with features like period and fertility tracking.

12 Days Ago   Ever wish you could dig up some of those old PC games you spent hours playing as a kid? This week, we have an app that brings back the nostalgia and doesn't require firing up that old desktop.

14 Days Ago   Microsoft officially rolled out a new beta update for its Launcher app for Android users. The update introduces new features and bug fixes to users who have the beta program installed.

15 Days Ago   At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Haier announced the Asu Smartwatch, complete with a built-in projector. We had some hands-on time with the smartwatch and got to check out exactly how it manages to turn your hand into a display.

18 Days Ago   The Samsung Galaxy S9’s Bixby Vision includes a makeup filter that allows users to try on products in the comfort of their own home. To provide a top-notch experience, Samsung tapped ModiFace to integrate its beauty AR technology.

18 Days Ago   Last month, Xiaomi announced it developed a strategy for further global expansion. The company has now revealed it hopes to break into the U.S. smartphone market by late 2018 or early 2019.

21 Days Ago   At this year's Mobile World Congress, we couldn't help but ask: Where were all the wearables? Even though our options looked bleak, we did find a few that stood out among the noise.

22 Days Ago   This week, Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, and one of the highlight features is AR Emoji – which allows users to create their own cartoon avatars.

25 Days Ago   Peanut – the app that connects moms with other like-minded moms – officially launched its new feature called “Pages.” It allows moms to ask questions, share their knowledge, and help each other out all on one forum.

25 Days Ago   The Galaxy S9 isn't too different from its predecessor when it comes design and specs, but it does introduce a few notable components. We rounded up a list of our favorite features on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

26 Days Ago   In addition to the launch of the Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress, Samsung also unveiled the Dex Pad. It's a follow-up to last year's DeX Station, and it offers a desktop mode of your phone when connected to an external monitor.

26 Days Ago   At this year's Mobile World Congress, ZTE is unveiling a few new additions to its lineup of smartphones. The Blade V9 adds to the company's already existing Blade series, while the Tempo Go is its first Android Oreo Go Edition smartphone.

28 Days Ago   Luxury brand Frederique Constant officially unveiled its latest timepiece -- the Hybrid Manufacture. The new watch is the first of its kind to merge mechanical movement with smartwatch features, and is set to launch this summer.

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