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2 Days Ago   Harley Davidson has opened up Canadian pre-orders for its all-electric motorcycle the LiveWire. The bike made waves when the legacy motorcycle company announced it back in January, but it was unavailable to Canadians until now.

2 Days Ago   TCL’s excellent 4K TVs are on sale at Amazon Canada for as low as $379.99 for a Series-4 model and $749.99 for a Series-6. MobileSyrup wrote about these two TV’s in February and loved them.

2 Days Ago   Google is letting Google Home and Assistant-enabled device owners listen to YouTube Music for free with ads. This means that anyone with a Google Home device can ask it to play YouTube Playlists and a few other things, but not specific songs, albums or artists.

3 Days Ago   Ending a long-running standoff, Amazon and Google seem to have set aside their differences and are allowing each respective companies’ streaming services on their platforms. This means that Prime Video’s apps are going to get Chromecast support, and that Fire TV users will now be able to download the official YouTube app.

3 Days Ago   A highly regarded smartwatches, the Amazefit Verge, is about to get even better with support for Amazon Alexa and the ability to make and receive calls on iOS.

3 Days Ago   If you’re thinking about celebrating 4/20 in Canada now that marijuana is legal, Lyft has your back with a $4.20 ride discount code to get you home safely.

3 Days Ago   Electric Vehicle company Nikola announced a slew of new vehicles on Tuesday including two semi trucks, a jet ski and a new off-road utility vehicle. The most notable announcements are the two semi trucks, but the other vehicles seem like much more fun, and maybe even a little bond villain-ish.

4 Days Ago   A new electric vehicle purchasing incentive from the government of Canada allows Canadians to receive $5,000 CAD off of select zero-emissions vehicles. To be eligible for the incentive you’ll need to purchase an electric vehicle on or after May 1st, 2019 with a “suggested retail price” of less than $45,000 if it has six seats...

4 Days Ago   If you own specific Yamaha speakers, you’re in luck as the audio company is updating a bunch of them with support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 wireless connection standard, along with Google Home integration and Spotify Connect.

4 Days Ago   The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has taken additional steps towards a greener future with a new bus that produces zero emissions. The TTC ordered 60 battery-powered buses, with this new coach being the first one from that order.

5 Days Ago   The first episode of Game of Throne’s final season broke ‘Specialty’ and ‘Pay TV’ records in Canada with 2.9 million views on Crave. When the show began, 2.1 million people watched it live, with the remaining 800,000 starting later in the evening.

6 Days Ago   The post Dot Health digitizes your health records for streamlining your doctor visits [App of the Week] appeared first on MobileSyrup.

8 Days Ago   The Play Store on Android has been one of the final holdouts to get Google’s modern Material Design, but a recent code teardown suggests that an update is coming very soon.

9 Days Ago   In an odd change, Tesla has removed the option of buying its lowest cost Model 3 from its website in Canada. Anyone looking to buy the ‘Standard Range’ Model 3 will now have to do so at a Tesla store.

9 Days Ago   The post Heres an inside look at how Netflix dubs shows in other languages appeared first on MobileSyrup.

9 Days Ago   It’s come to light that Amazon employs thousands of workers around the globe who listen to conversations between Alexa and its users. The teams transcribe recordings of user conversations with Alexa and then annotate them and load them back into the database to make sure the next time a similar conversation occurs the assistant gets...

9 Days Ago   Tesla and Panasonic are halting their plans to expand Gigafactory 1, which is the worlds largest producer of electric vehicle batteries. The information comes out of a report from Japanese publication Nikkei, which claims there is concern regarding less demand for Tesla’s vehicles and rising competition from legacy automakers.

10 Days Ago   In another partnership with Google, Childish Gambino will highlight the Pixel 3’s ‘Night Sight’ camera software at his Coachella set. The music festival describes the set as an “immersive experience combining music, art, and technology in unexpected ways,” in its event description Experience “Brighter in the Dark” a collaboration from @childishgambino and Google Pixel 3...

10 Days Ago   Google has released a new security protocol beta that lets users with Android devices running Android 7 and above using their phone as a two-factor authentication security key.

10 Days Ago   The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is supporting the fourth stage of MediaSmarts’ research into how young Canadians use the internet and how to teach them to use it respectfully.

11 Days Ago   Getting high-fidelity music from Alexa just got a lot easier North of the border with the Echo Link Amp and the Echo Link. You can add both of these Alexa-powered units to existing audio setups and they’ll add Amazon’s multi-speaker capabilities.

11 Days Ago   If you’re looking for some hints as to how the final season of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones might end, the show’s creators have published a 50 song playlist on Spotify.

11 Days Ago   Roku’s latest operating system update is going to start rolling out to users with current generation Roku streaming players in the coming weeks with two new features called ‘Guest Mode’ and ‘Automatic Account Link.’ The company is rolling out the 9.1 update to Roku TVs during the summer.

11 Days Ago   The Royal Bank of Canada’s Twitter account has been teasing the launch of Google Pay for its members today. RBC has been one of the final holdouts in Canada to utilize Google Pay, but it looks like that’s about to change.

12 Days Ago   Rogers is offering a new batch of cellular plans with bonus data as part of its ‘Spring into 4GB Data Bonus’ sale. Notably, all the plans between $100 and $415 get an additional 4GB of data.

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