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2 Hours Ago   The ‘Netflix Recommended TV’ program now includes 14 certified new TVs from 2019. This means that those sets are Netflix approved for a variety of Netflix specific tweaks.

20 Hours Ago   In a series of tweets, Bell shared some pretty crazy statistics about how many Canadians watched the Toronto Raptors parade yesterday. Overall across all networks, not just Bell’s, 9.5 million Canadians watched the parade.

Yesterday   The Royal Bank of Canada has finally got on board with mobile payments, and now supports Google Pay for in-store transactions. As of the time of writing, users can add some credit cards to Google Pay and RBC says that support for “all personal Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards” is coming at some point soon....

Yesterday   Somehow, someway, there’s always a weird Elon Musk story to write. Today was no exception as the head of Tesla and SpaceX changed his Twitter handle and announced that he was leaving the social media service.

Yesterday   Google is finally selling individual controllers for Stadia, its cloud gaming service. In Canada, the controller cost $89, and you can grab one of the two colours.

Yesterday   Twitter user Sean Galbraith and CBC reporter Lauren Pelley have tweeted out that the cellular network around Toronto’s City Hall is clogged since there are so many people downtown.

2 Days Ago   Pokémon Go++ players are going to have to find a new way to spoof Niantic’s Pokémon Go now that the developer has sued the makers of the ‘++’ version.

2 Days Ago   Samsung tweeted out today that owners of its smart TVs should regularly scan them for viruses. Smart TVs, just like every other internet connected device, are susceptible to hacks and viruses.

2 Days Ago   The post Musical puzzle game OCO is a must play [Game of the Week] appeared first on MobileSyrup.

4 Days Ago   BMW is teasing us with four abstract glimpses at what the next car in its new Next line of vehicles is going to look like. BMW has cropped the four images in pretty tightly, but it seems like the vehicle is going to be a two-door coupe, according to

5 Days Ago   While Huawei is in rough waters when it comes to its future with Android, the company is still working on its next version of EMUI in case things with the U.S.

5 Days Ago   Google has promised that it’s forthcoming extensions API changes won’t affect adblockers. Back in 2018, Google announced a few changes for its extensions API that seemed like it would mess with how adblockers worked.

5 Days Ago   At an odd E3 event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down with video game publisher Bethesda’s game director Todd Howard and during the interview indicated that YouTube will be making its way to Teslas.

5 Days Ago   Premium Spotify users will start noticing a new Library layout that has a reinvigorated focus on podcasts. The first thing that users are going to notice is that the Libary page has been cut into two sections with three subsections each.

6 Days Ago   Elon Musk announced at the recent Tesla shareholder meeting that the company is close to completing the next generation of Solar Roof. Tesla said earlier this year at its Model Y event that 2019 will be the year of the Solar Roof, but so far it hasn’t done much to make that a reality.

6 Days Ago   Uber and Volvo’s latest self-driving car is 100 percent able to drive itself. The two companies have been creating self-driving prototype vehicles since 2016, but the latest car is the first that was designed and built in the factory for fully autonomous driving.

6 Days Ago   Finnish game developer and publisher Next Games plans to release a puzzle/RPG Stranger Things game for mobile that uses the player’s location like Pokémon Go. In the past the company has made a few mobile Walking Dead games, with Walking Dead: Our World also being a location-based game.

6 Days Ago   A big theme at this year’s Uber Elevate conference is moving beyond simple ride-sharing to other transportation methods like e-bikes and electric scooters. First off, the company revamped its JUMP Bikes to make it easier for users to swap batteries in and out should their bike be low on charge.

7 Days Ago   Hot off the heels of the April range update to the Model S and X, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised that Tesla plans to release a vehicle with a 400 mile (643 km) range soon.

7 Days Ago   Rogers Media has shared that 13.4 million Canadians watched game five of the NBA playoffs, that’s over a third of Canadians. 6.4 million viewers watched on Rogers’ Sportsnet and CityTV channels, while the rest watched from the game at the Scotiabank Arena and other gatherings across the country.

8 Days Ago   During its E3 2019 Direct presentation, Nintendo finally revealed new information about Animal Crossing for the Switch. Along with our first look at the game, the Japanese gaming giant also confirmed that the game’s release has been pushed back to March 20th, 2020.

8 Days Ago   Nintendo is livestreaming its E3 2019 Direct presentations this afternoon on YouTube, Twitch and its website. The stream goes live at 12pm ET/9am PT. Instead of presenting a live show like Microsoft or Ubisoft, Nintendo releases a pre-recorded presentation at E3 to share news regarding its upcoming games.

8 Days Ago   Tesla is developing a new in-car fabric that’s both soft and durable, according to a recent patent. The electric vehicle company mentions in the patent that typically car seats are unable to use soft fabrics because they can’t withstand people constantly sliding in and out of them, according to Electrek’s reporting.

8 Days Ago   During Ubisoft’s recent E3 keynote, the video game giant showed off a new tactical RPG shooter for mobile called Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. The game is available for pre-registration now, and it looks like some kind of real-time tactical shooter for mobile.

8 Days Ago   The Fiat Chrysler auto group is partnering with self-driving car startup Aurora to bring the startup’s self-driving technology to the legacy automaker’s commercial vehicles. Aurora has already partnered with a variety of automakers like the Volkswagen Autogroup, Hyundai and Chinese EV manufacturer Byton.

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