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15 Hours Ago   If you suffer from sleep disorders, there are a number of methods out there to mitigate them: Ambient noisemakers, relaxation tapes, sleep masks, you name it.

2 Days Ago   Vape technology has been around long enough that vapers are starting to get picky about their gear. Luckily, so are we. From disposable models to cutting-edge touchscreen atomizers, there's a vaporizer in this roundup to suit every taste.

3 Days Ago   With enough practice and commitment, anyone can be a visual artist. But without the right instruction, that time spent honing your skills could seem like an eternity.

4 Days Ago   Theoretically, there's never been an easier time for marketers. The ubiquity of social media means a good word - or a good brand - can spread like wildfire with very little effort.

5 Days Ago   They might be the shiny new thing, but AirPods aren't for everybody. Maybe you're looking for a new sound or you understandably lost those tiny buds during a brisk run.

6 Days Ago   When it comes to passwords, there's no such thing as paranoia. You want them secure and complex, and you definitely don't want to repeat them on all your accounts.

7 Days Ago   With the rising temperatures on tap this summer, the climate is going to be a frequent topic of conversation, and those conversations won't be happy ones.

8 Days Ago   Whether you're using them for next-level selfies or steady tracking shots, gimbals are a must for anyone who wants to maximize the potential of these powerful smartphone cameras we're all carrying around.

9 Days Ago   It's too hot for yard sales, but hey: The internet is here for you. Here are the top ten deals on some of the Boing Boing Store's best gear, just in time for summer.

10 Days Ago   When it comes to getting stats and ideas across quickly, there's still nothing like a good slide presentation. But the critical word here is "good" - not 20 slides all thrown together with the same stock PowerPoint template.

11 Days Ago   It can be hard enough finding graphics for a personal website. If you're a graphic designer looking to create or customize several of them every day?

12 Days Ago   When it comes to storage, you've typically got a couple of options: Keep those priceless pics and videos on your phone or laptop (then lose them when either breaks down), or cough up hundreds every year for a decent Dropbox account or another cloud service like iCloud.

13 Days Ago   If you listen to vinyl, it's a good bet that the sound is only part of the experience. There's something about the tactile sensation of putting the needle on the record, the ritual of hearing that static before the first note kicks in. If you're that kind of devotee, there's a record player that's on your wavelength.

14 Days Ago   So the kids are on summer vacation? That doesn't mean you can't do a little schooling yourself. These eLearning bundles from CreativeLive can teach you photography, finance, podcasting or other life skills with curriculum from established professionals in each field.

15 Days Ago   Now that everybody's got an HD camera in their pocket, every image is perfect - and yet somehow, they seem more disposable than ever. Back in the pre-smartphone days, a lot of the joy of photography came from its unpredictability.

16 Days Ago   Want to be a real chef? Or maybe just look like one? Either way, you need a real set of knives. Here are ten sets of precision cutlery that don't just look sharp - they cut that way too.

17 Days Ago   This Independence Day, how about getting a little more independence? We've got 10 e-learning bundles that can teach programming, management, data science - even guitar. And the best part is, they're all an extra 15% off for the summer holiday.

18 Days Ago   If you're eating healthy, there are more options than ever at restaurants and at home. But we'll bet the one thing you're really missing is the taste of deep-fried food on the regular.

19 Days Ago   The Fourth of July is nigh, and what better way to celebrate than with a little dose of capitalism? Here's a roundup of 10 of our favorite household gadgets and tech toys, all of which are already sale priced - but you can take an extra 15% off the final cost by using the online code FIREWORK15.

20 Days Ago   The guys at KeySmart hit it big on Kickstarter in 2013 with their streamlined alternative to keychains, and they haven't stopped innovating since. For Independence Day, they're celebrating that good old American entrepreneurship with a deal on all their best stuff: Right now, you can take an extra 15% off the final price listed on all their gear below by entering the code FIREWORK15.

21 Days Ago   As long as there are cabinets to be fixed or cheap dressers to assemble, you're going to encounter screws in tight corners where a screwdriver just won't fit.

22 Days Ago   Remember Polaroids? The tactile joy of waving around one of those little plastic pictures, the anticipation of waiting for it to develop: These have been pleasures that some of us thought we'd only be telling our confused children about.

23 Days Ago   Many tech entrepreneurs are self-starters. The secret is in knowing where and when to start. And if your career plan involves programming or IT skills, the answer might just be "right here, right now" - because these ten online course bundles aren't just packed with training and insight into essential work platforms.

24 Days Ago   Looking for new tablets or other essential gear? Normally, you're out of luck in the summer - that no man's land for shoppers at the farthest point from the holidays.

25 Days Ago   The world can seem pretty splintered these days through the narrow lens of the internet, but all it takes is the right conversation in a distant cafe or remote mountain trail to show how much we have in common.

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