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5 Hours Ago   Recently, a stalker found and attacked a Japanese pop star, in part by using an eye reflection to figure out what train station she uses. (He then waited for her at the train station and followed her home.) This got us wondering: how easy is it to get clues about somebody’s location from their selfies?

6 Days Ago   Half a million people in California had their power shut off today, and more shutoffs are planned within the next few days. Here’s what we know about the situation.

29 Days Ago   Computers think they know who you are. Artificial intelligence algorithms can recognize objects from images, even faces. But we rarely get a peek under the hood of facial recognition algorithms.

89 Days Ago   It’s rare in this world to have several hours to yourself, with nobody expecting you to be connected to the internet and an almost-comfortable chair to lounge in. So take advantage of your next flight to kick back and binge a really good podcast.

90 Days Ago   The REAL ID act is scheduled to fully go into effect until October 1, 2020. That means that, depending on the state you live in, next year your driver’s license may no longer be acceptable identification for getting through airport security.

95 Days Ago   Climate change is real, it’s happening, and everybody knows it. But sometimes it’s hard to bring it up in conversation, because we’re afraid the discussion will have a political aftertaste.

99 Days Ago   If you live in earthquake country, this week’s 6.9 and 7.1 earthquakes in California probably have you a bit on edge. Put that nervous energy to good use and get your two emergency kits ready.

119 Days Ago   The earth has been warming for decades, but year-to-year changes are hard to watch in real time. Was this winter really less snowy than usual? Now there’s a handy way to see how your area’s average yearly temperature has varied over time.

123 Days Ago   I’ve always felt a little left out of the traditional nerd stereotypes. I don’t wear glasses, my lady clothes have no real pockets so I can’t use a pocket protector, and I was born well after the reign of the slide rule.

124 Days Ago   Hands up if you’ve killed a succulent. Yeah, me too. Succulents and cacti are great beginner plants in theory because they can survive a little neglect.

125 Days Ago   I type all day. I swipe and tap on my phone. I scribble notes to myself on paper. I’m happy with my mostly-digital life. But every now and then I’ll get a handwritten note—from an old lady, usually—and I find myself wishing I practiced cursive more often.

127 Days Ago   I had my first official typing class in high school, long after I had learned to type. There weren’t enough computers for everyone, so some of us got shunted to a dusty room with honest-to-god typewriters.

131 Days Ago   Google Maps can already route you around traffic and road closures, but now it will also be able to help you steer clear of areas affected by natural disasters.

131 Days Ago   Memories are some of the best travel souvenirs: they’re free, for one thing, and they stay with you for a lifetime. It’s actually possible to set yourself up for the best possible vacation memories, if you plan ahead a little bit.

140 Days Ago   With the news that Hawaiian hiker Amanda Eller was found alive after being lost for 17 days, it’s worth considering what to do if you find yourself alone and lost in the wilderness.

141 Days Ago   I am waiting for some bugs. My home in Pennsylvania is in the territory of the Brood VIII 17-year cicadas, which haven’t been seen above ground since 2002.

145 Days Ago   We all love to do our part to fix big problems, especially when our part is something easy and feel-good. But nudges can backfire, leading us to believe that our small actions were basically good enough when they’re not.

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