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7 Hours Ago   Meat makers jump on the meatless wagon and tout "vegetable nutrition."

Yesterday   To settle cases, billionaire family say they won't hide OxyContin profits.

Yesterday   One listed reason for raising prices was "market conditions."

4 Days Ago   The researchers confirmed teens like flavored tobacco products.

6 Days Ago   Transplanted vaginal fluids fully restored healthy microbiomes in 4 of 5 women.

7 Days Ago   They claimed men should stop drinking for 6 months. They didn't study that.

12 Days Ago   The outbreak of vaping illnesses is "continuing at a brisk pace," CDC official says.

12 Days Ago   Witnesses reported that the blood was thrown from a menstrual cup.

12 Days Ago   Some go to the same school as the kids he has with his wife.

13 Days Ago   After scary news headlines, one study author said she didn't get to read the final text.

15 Days Ago   Seems like a good time to remember that EMF sensitivities are not real.

15 Days Ago   Travelers should stay informed and avoid contact with sick people, CDC says.

17 Days Ago   The work claimed it was possible to interpret yes-or-no answers from brain waves.

18 Days Ago   Transferring vaginal fluids could “revolutionize" women's health, researchers say.

20 Days Ago   New CEO’s old title at Altria—formerly Philip Morris—was “chief growth officer.”

22 Days Ago   It's a rare but unpredictable complication from several common medicines.

22 Days Ago   Authorities deny unofficial reports of several cases and offer no details.

25 Days Ago   Sacklers seek "the benefit of bankruptcy without the burdens of bankruptcy."

25 Days Ago   Vaping in 12th graders doubles from 2017 in line with rise of Juul.

29 Days Ago   The OxyContin-maker filed for bankruptcy as part of a proposed $10-$12 billion deal.

32 Days Ago   AS CDC clears air on illnesses, Trump announces hazy regulation.

33 Days Ago   With ten employees, the operation allegedly filled up to 5,000 vape cartridges a day.

35 Days Ago   Research partners are enthusiastic, but they face hurdles with this kind of data.

35 Days Ago   FDA says JUUL hasn't proven its e-cigs are safer than standard cigarettes.

36 Days Ago   Hundreds of exemptions issued by Dr. Robert Sears may be immediately revoked.

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