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9 Hours Ago   “We’re observing how these animals are manipulating their prey and preparing the prey for capture.”

5 Days Ago   The northern snakehead has now infested 15 states, and inspired two Syfy movies.

5 Days Ago   The map displays how people all over the world receive benefits from the environment, and who is most likely to lose them due to land use issues and the climate crisis.

6 Days Ago   The faint, 12-billion-year-old signal would lead scientists to the very first stars and illuminate the origins of the modern universe, dark matter, and, well, everything.

7 Days Ago   We already knew pigs are pretty smart, and now scientists have observed our porcine friends using tools for the first time.

8 Days Ago   The explosion stretched for hundreds of thousands of light years into space and “must have been a bit like a lighthouse beam,” researchers say in a new study.

11 Days Ago   A meteor? Space junk? Nobody knows, but officials investigated whether the mysterious object, or objects, started several fires.

12 Days Ago   Robot spiders catching space junk with silk webs? Ultra-luxury textiles on the space station? The future is comfy, and strong.

13 Days Ago   If Earth still hosts life in four billion years, whatever exists will be treated to the most spectacular night skies in the planet's history.

13 Days Ago   Listen to the sounds of wind, marsquakes, and instruments on the red planet.

15 Days Ago   The bacterial strain can produce more of the psychoactive compound in "magic mushrooms" than any other organism to date.

18 Days Ago   These captivating color displays may be an expression of octopus dreams, scientists say.

18 Days Ago   This alternate explanation for 'Planet Nine,' proposed by scientists in a new paper, poses some fundamental questions like: Should we visit it?

19 Days Ago   “This is the strongest evidence yet found for such a triple system of actively feeding supermassive black holes.”

20 Days Ago   Melting ice, sea level rise, ocean acidification, heat waves, and deadly storm surges are among the many threats outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

21 Days Ago   The Russian Geographical Society says the boat of a research team in the Arctic was wrecked by a walrus.

22 Days Ago   The nation's worst fire season since 2015 spurred one Twitter user to say, "This is Earth, not the planet Mars."

25 Days Ago   Communities globally are already engaged in the thorny process of relocating because of climate change. Experts say we need to talk about a managed retreat now, so that it doesn't become a nightmare.

26 Days Ago   All that remains of the Denisovans are a few bone samples, but scientists used DNA to reconstruct what our prehistoric relative might have looked like for the first time.

27 Days Ago   A new study links an asteroid collision to a cooling period and a burst of biodiversity 466 million years ago, and suggests that asteroid dust could help the climate crisis today.

29 Days Ago   The extremely swole collapsed star is so big that it defies what we know about how big neutron stars can get.

32 Days Ago   MIT scientists have produced a material that is 10 times darker than anything else made by humans.

32 Days Ago   Scientists tracked down the last remnants of Greater Adria, an ancient Greenland-sized landmass.

34 Days Ago   "These enormous bubbles have until now been hidden by the glare of extremely bright radio emission from the center of the galaxy."

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