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3 Days Ago   George Méliès’ 1902 film A Trip to the Moon has been watched by countless film and science fiction buffs. Besides its innovative (for the time) effects, one reason for its enduring popularity is humanity’s fascination with the idea of space travel.

5 Days Ago   Memory is a tricky thing. Some of us are great at attaching names to faces, while others (and here I raise my hand) have always had a problem with remembering names, especially when you meet someone out of context.

7 Days Ago   Home assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming ubiquitous, and as that happens, more and more users are discovering how much of their data is actually being collected by these handy items.

13 Days Ago   There’s a great deal of anticipation surrounding Google’s 2019 I/O developer conference — especially considering all of the leaks and rumors that have already been circulating.

24 Days Ago   Sometimes new features that come with updated operating systems turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth. Take Android Pie’s adaptive brightness mode, which is meant to intelligently adapt your phone’s display to your lighting preferences.

27 Days Ago   Google Voice is one of those services of which people tend to say, “Is that still around? Does anyone still use it?” But don’t be fooled by its longevity: people do still use it — and it’s possible that you may want to as well.

38 Days Ago   Location tracking can be very handy — it’s convenient when an app can tell you, say, where the near restaurants or gas stations are — but it’s also a privacy issue.

44 Days Ago   Recently, a few of us at The Verge who use Google Assistant devices in our homes started complaining about the whole “Hey Google / OK Google” thing.

45 Days Ago   A lightweight laptop with ports — but no battery life — to spare Continue reading…

48 Days Ago   Google’s email app, Inbox, (along with Google+) has gone to that great Google trashcan in the sky, but there are a number of apps out there that are eager to fill the gap, such as Spark,, and Spike.

49 Days Ago   Independent writers are choosing their own paths to success Continue reading…

56 Days Ago   When Apple CEO Tim Cook faces the cameras at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino today, he’s going to be addressing an audience eager to hear the details of the company’s new ventures.

67 Days Ago   Evernote has long been the go-to application for taking notes, tracking documents, organizing projects, and generally being the place to put anything you might want to find later.

75 Days Ago   If you’ve had an Android phone for any length of time, it’s easy to get used to living with, well, chaos. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly adding new apps, deciding they’re okay but not great, adding another, and so on.

76 Days Ago   When Android 9 Pie was introduced last year, it brought with it a new feature called Slices, which would allow features from third-party apps to exist within the Android interface.

80 Days Ago   When Google Fi — until recently known as Project Fi — was originally introduced in 2015, it only worked on Google-branded devices, such as the Nexus and, later the Pixel line of phones.

83 Days Ago   Although you may not want to add to the trauma of the moderation staff who spend their days monitoring the worst of Facebook, disturbing and inappropriate content gets posted to the social network each and every day, and the company’s automated software is woefully ill-equipped at finding it and even worse at properly evaluating it.

84 Days Ago   If you’re one of the many people who have cut the cord and moved from cable to streaming TV, you’ve probably lost access to most, or all, of your local stations.

88 Days Ago   Samsung has introduced its new lineup of Galaxy S10 phones with all the razzle-dazzle that can be expected from a major manufacturer. If you’re already the owner of a Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, or S9 Plus, it’s time to sit down, take a breath, and think hard — is it time to trade in your old phone for a new one?

89 Days Ago   Today’s introduction of Samsung’s new lineup of phones and other products will probably feature all the razzle-dazzle of a major product introduction, and then some. We’re expecting a lot of announcements: new Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus phones with new screens and features, a new lower-end Galaxy S10E, Samsung’s first “foldable” device called the Fold, a new set of wireless earbuds, and more.

97 Days Ago   You probably use a cellphone for most (or all) of your calls, assuming you make voice calls at all. However, if you still have a landline, it can be hard to battle the barrage of spam calls that you will inevitably receive.

102 Days Ago   Backpacks have become ubiquitous for day-to-day use. And it’s no wonder: if you’re carrying around laptops, tablets, phones, water bottles, and all of the other stuff that you need when you travel to the office, cafe, or local park, a backpack is the best way to go.

109 Days Ago   The UltraViolet digital locker service is going away, but if you currently have a library of videos and TV shows on the service, there’s no need to panic.

109 Days Ago   So you’ve chosen everything that gives you joy and now you have all those bags of tech, clothing, books, and other stuff that you need to get rid of.

111 Days Ago   Want to listen in on your friend’s conversations? Thanks to a bug in Apple’s FaceTime service, all you need to do is call them via FaceTime on their iPhone or Mac.

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