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13 Hours Ago   In 2017, Amazon offered its customers the chance to get packages delivered inside their homes with its new Key service. What if you’re nervous about giving Amazon the right to open your front door, but you’re also tired of having your purchases left out in the rain?

4 Days Ago   Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge Update July 19, 2019, 3:24PM ET: This article has been updated to correct errors in the section about how to disable Doze Mode.

5 Days Ago   Courtesy NASA July 20, 2019 at 4:17:40PM ET marks exactly fifty years from when the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle touched down on the Moon. There are going to be events and activities galore to celebrate the anniversary, honor the historic achievement, and explore how the space program is preparing for the future.

7 Days Ago   Photo by Michele Doying / The Verge There’s been a huge amount of publicity generated by Amazon Prime Day (publicity that, in all honesty, The Verge has contributed to, covering both Prime Day Deals and Prime Day boycotts).

8 Days Ago   The United States Postal Service has introduced a new service that you may — or may not — find useful. Informed Delivery lets you preview the front exterior of incoming mail on your computer or phone; you can also track packages and leave delivery instructions for those packages.

8 Days Ago   If you’re a shopping enthusiast or just in need of some new tech, then you’ll be glad to know that Amazon Prime Day 2019 is going strong.

13 Days Ago   If you’re attracted by the goodies being offered during the Prime Day sales, but you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime, don’t worry — Amazon makes it very easy.

20 Days Ago   All of those obnoxious marketing emails that crowd your inbox aren’t just pushing a product. They’re also tracking whether you’ve opened the email, when you opened it, and where you were at the time by using software like MailChimp to embed tracking software into the message.

24 Days Ago   Despite some new improvements to user privacy, Google’s popular Chrome browser has recently been lambasted in some quarters as problematical when it comes to privacy issues.

29 Days Ago   If you’re active on several social networks, it can be a real pain trying to keep up with all your accounts. When you want to spread around some photos of your vacation, get some recommendations for your next phone, or simply complain about the weather, having to go to each service and send the same message to each — and then return to each so you can follow any responses — is time-consuming and inconvenient, to say the least.

34 Days Ago   Google’s travel app Trips is shutting down on August 5th, ceding its territory to apps such as TripIt and RoadTrippers. It’s unfortunate; Trips was a handy app for travelers, offering a quick and easy way to track your travel plans, find your saved places, and explore unfamiliar territory.

40 Days Ago   So now that automatic synchronization between Google Photos and Google Drive is going away, how can you be sure that your photos and videos are being backed up safely?

48 Days Ago   The Latitude 7400 is the first system with Dell’s ExpressSign-in feature Continue reading…

49 Days Ago   One thing Google really wants you to do is, well, stay in Google — because the more you do things the Google way, the more data the company can monetize.

50 Days Ago   Modularity is the word of the day as far as Apple’s newly announced and redesigned Mac Pro is concerned. The computer features a return to the older “cheese-grater” look, but redesigned and with a strong eye toward flexibility and expansion.

50 Days Ago   There’s the spicy smell of Apple in the air, which means it’s time for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The keynote will start at 10AM PT / 1PM ET on Monday, June 3rd, and it promises to be very interesting.

53 Days Ago   While Apple has made some movement toward limiting ad tracking for its apps, the process isn’t foolproof. This can be especially troubling when it comes to kids, who are more vulnerable to advertising and more likely to volunteer sensitive information.

54 Days Ago   A recent article in The Washington Post by Geoffrey Fowler described the author’s shock when he discovered just how many of his iPhone apps were collecting and uploading information about his usage while he slept.

62 Days Ago   About to buy the latest Samsung phone or save a bit of money on a Google PIxel 3A? Whether you plan to trade in your old Android phone for a discount on your new phone, sell it on eBay, give it away to a friend, or drop it off for recycling, you’re going to want to wipe it of all your data first by resetting it to factory conditions.

67 Days Ago   George Méliès’ 1902 film A Trip to the Moon has been watched by countless film and science fiction buffs. Besides its innovative (for the time) effects, one reason for its enduring popularity is humanity’s fascination with the idea of space travel.

69 Days Ago   Memory is a tricky thing. Some of us are great at attaching names to faces, while others (and here I raise my hand) have always had a problem with remembering names, especially when you meet someone out of context.

71 Days Ago   Home assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming ubiquitous, and as that happens, more and more users are discovering how much of their data is actually being collected by these handy items.

77 Days Ago   There’s a great deal of anticipation surrounding Google’s 2019 I/O developer conference — especially considering all of the leaks and rumors that have already been circulating.

88 Days Ago   Sometimes new features that come with updated operating systems turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth. Take Android Pie’s adaptive brightness mode, which is meant to intelligently adapt your phone’s display to your lighting preferences.

91 Days Ago   Google Voice is one of those services of which people tend to say, “Is that still around? Does anyone still use it?” But don’t be fooled by its longevity: people do still use it — and it’s possible that you may want to as well.

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