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5 Days Ago   A recent leak on Twitter is trying to anticipate the Samsung Galaxy Note10 bezels, and, as this screen protector hints, they will be quite minimalistic. The post Samsung Galaxy Note10 bezels will be minimal, leak suggests appeared first on Pocketnow.

5 Days Ago   AT&T announced that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will become available next Monday, June 17, for its Business Customers and developers. The post Samsung Galaxy S10 5G launches June 17 for AT&T Business customers appeared first on Pocketnow.

5 Days Ago   Apple is reportedly continuing its acquisition negotiations with Intel's German branch, according to a report citing four unnamed sources. The post Report: Apple continues acquisition discussions with Intel’s German branch appeared first on Pocketnow.

5 Days Ago   Samsung is teasing a new smoky blue color for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ in China, one that looks a lot like the Prism Blue shade in the U.S.

6 Days Ago   After BestBuy, it's now time for AT&T to cancel all Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders. The carrier will send out $100 Promo Cards. The post AT&T cancels all Galaxy Fold pre-orders, offers $100 Promo Card appeared first on Pocketnow.

6 Days Ago   In what appears to be no longer clear whether it's about the U.S., China, the trade war, national security, Huawei asks Verizon to pay for its patents.

6 Days Ago   Google is adopting an interesting strategy riding the wave of the buzz, as the company leaks the Pixel 4 itself, showing us parts of the phone.

6 Days Ago   Today's Pixel 4 leak is meant to confuse you even more, with some images allegedly showing off a device that contradicts most of the previous rumors.

6 Days Ago   The 2019 iPhone 11R (or XIR) will not only receive and extra camera and a spec bump, but will also have a larger battery, claim reports.

7 Days Ago   A recent report details how Google is moving most of its U.S.-bound hardware production out of China to mitigate punitive tariffs. The post Google moving hardware production out of China appeared first on Pocketnow.

7 Days Ago   A Foxconn executive reaffirmed that if needed and requested by Apple, it can move its iPhone production outside of China. The post Foxconn can manufacture all U.S.-bound iPhones outside of China if needed appeared first on Pocketnow.

7 Days Ago   HTC has announced two mid-range smartphones for the Taiwanese market: the HTC U19E and the HTC Desire 19 Plus. Check them out! The post HTC announces the HTC U19E and HTC Desire 19 Plus appeared first on Pocketnow.

7 Days Ago   DJI is introducing its first groun-based robot, the RoboMaster S1, built to introduce new users to the fun and possibilities of robotic technology. The post DJI unveils RoboMaster S1, the company’s first ground-based robot appeared first on Pocketnow.

7 Days Ago   If you want a OnePlus 7 Pro, but also want to stand out from the crowd, you can now order the limited edition Almond color. The post OnePlus 7 Pro available in limited edition Almond color appeared first on Pocketnow.

7 Days Ago   The Samsung Galaxy A50 is coming to the U.S., accompanied by the more modest Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A10e. Check out the details! The post Samsung brings the Galaxy A50, A20, and A10e to the U.S.

7 Days Ago   Huawei is reaching out to popular Android app developers with requests to publish their apps in the Huawei AppGallery, its own Play Store alternative. The post Huawei asking developers to publish apps to its own app store appeared first on Pocketnow.

8 Days Ago   Remember the penta-camera on the Nokia 9 PureView? We might soon see a hexa-camera smartphone, one that will allegedly have six cameras on the back, and it is reportedly being developed by Sony.

8 Days Ago   A new set of Pixel 4 renders totally contradicts everything we've seen so far, with a twist of taking a page out of Apple's alleged 2019 iPhone 11 design.

8 Days Ago   The ASUS Zenfone 6 will be available in India through Flipkart starting June 19, and it will be known in the country as the ASUS 6Z.

8 Days Ago   Some U.S. and overseas companies are instructing their employees to stop all informal conversations with Huawei employees to avoid issues with the U.S. The post Companies are telling employees to stop communication with Huawei appeared first on Pocketnow.

9 Days Ago   This video shows off the 5G capabilities of the foldable Huawei Mate X, as the phone is hitting speeds beyond 1Gbps on camera. The post Video shows insane 5G speeds on foldable Huawei Mate X appeared first on Pocketnow.

9 Days Ago   A new report surfaced regarding the Galaxy Note10 and its fast charging capabilities. Of course, it's totally different from what we've heard so far. The post Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro conflicting rumors: 45W charging is out appeared first on Pocketnow.

9 Days Ago   A picture of the restore screen from iOS 13 beta seems to hint at a USB-C cable on the display, instead of the old Lightning cable.

10 Days Ago   The Roland R-07 makes sure you never end up in a situation where you miss a spoken word or a tune, regardless of how serious you are about your audio.

10 Days Ago   A new report is weighing in on what the Huawei operating system to replace Android will be like. It's reported name is Oak OS and is coming in Aug/Sep.

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