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5 Hours Ago   Regular travelers probably don’t associate the idea of sales and low-fares with a carrier like Delta Airlines, which are more in the wheelhouse of a low-cost brand like Southwest that offers up flash fare sales on the regular.

Yesterday   BGR has partnered with The Points Guy for our coverage of credit card products. BGR and The Points Guy may receive a commission from card issuers.

Yesterday   You don't often hear Netflix executives, and certainly not the streamer's highly competitive CEO Reed Hastings, talk too much about "the one that got away" and about losing out to rivals who outbid them for the next hot show to license.

Yesterday   Battery life isn't necessarily the sexiest thing to think about when considering all the new capabilities and technologies associated with Apple's new iPhone lineup that started shipping and showing up in stores on Friday.

Yesterday   By now, the pattern is pretty familiar. In spite of the company stepping up its detection efforts, Google can't seem to eliminate sketchy applications from sneaking their way into the Google Play Store where they often rack up millions of downloads before being found and eliminated.

2 Days Ago   "On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man / In a dusty black coat with a red right hand ..." If you're already a fan of the fantastic British gangster drama Peaky Blinders that's set just after World War I and follows the escapades -- both criminal and otherwise -- of the Shelby family of Birmingham, you're already counting down the days until you hear the moody theme song again that we referenced above.

2 Days Ago   Ahead of the 25th anniversary of the debut of NBC's classic 90s sitcom Friends -- broadcast way back on September 22, 1994 -- we learned earlier this year that the beloved series will be leaving its current streaming home of Netflix and moving over to WarnerMedia's new streamer HBO Max.

2 Days Ago   Roku has gotten a jump on the holiday shopping season, announcing a range of updates to its streaming device portfolio in addition to a new version of its Roku operation system.

3 Days Ago   Breaking Bad fans who've been looking forward to the Netflix movie that will serve as a sequel to the fantastic AMC series probably don't need to be reminded that the October 11 premiere date is drawing closer.

3 Days Ago   As if anyone needed a reminder that the TV landscape continues to evolve, NBC announced this week that its forthcoming streaming service -- named Peacock, after the network's iconic logo -- will be the home of a slew of content both new and old.

3 Days Ago   The average Facebook user out there likely wasn’t secretly hoping the world’s biggest social networking company (and frequent privacy flouter) would release a new video chat device that could be installed in the home.

4 Days Ago   BGR has partnered with The Points Guy for our coverage of credit card products. BGR and The Points Guy may receive a commission from card issuers.

4 Days Ago   AT&T has been accused in a lawsuit of some pretty shady tactics meant to help the company boost the subscriber numbers for its streaming TV initiative formerly known as DirecTV Now.

4 Days Ago   Amazon isn't always given the same prominence as its rivals in the music streaming game like Spotify and Apple, but the internet retail giant is hoping a new feature it's begun rolling out changes that.

5 Days Ago   Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of the debut of NBC's beloved workplace comedy The Office, which has been off the air for six years now but remains a cornerstone of pop culture whose popularity and brand remain as strong as ever.

5 Days Ago   One of the big what-ifs that's the subject of frequent analysts reports and generates so much breathless chatter when it comes to the future of Netflix has to do with whether the leading streamer will ever dip its toe into the lucrative (but supremely unloved) waters of advertising, and what would happen if it ever does.

5 Days Ago   Assuming Samsung still moves ahead with S-series handsets early next year, it’s likely that we'll get a trio of Galaxy S11 variants topping out with a Plus-branded size at the high end -- and maybe even wowing fans of the brand with an innovative new design.

5 Days Ago   It's increasingly a subscription-based world we live in. Nobody buys music to own anymore; they pay for monthly subscriptions to streaming services. Between Netflix, cable packages, news media -- even new offerings like the soon-to-launch Apple Arcade, a $5/month gaming service that includes the first month free -- it's a lot to keep track of.

5 Days Ago   One of the interesting things that jumps out at you when checking out the current weekly list of the most-watched TV series from the top streaming services is Amazon's competitiveness with Netflix.

6 Days Ago   Well-sourced gadget news leaker Evan Blass spilled the beans last week on when Google’s much-anticipated Pixel 4 phone would be released (Oct. 15 was the date he pegged, via a tweet we reported on here).

8 Days Ago   The connected home is a pretty mainstream phenomenon at this point, as more and more consumers bring products like smart speakers and displays, connected video doorbells, smart appliances and the like into their lives.

8 Days Ago   At the end of a pretty eventful week for Apple, which saw the company host its annual fall event at which new iPhones were showcased -- in addition to making headlines for revealing key details about its forthcoming streaming service -- we’re getting a new look at those latest iPhone models ahead of their in-store availability and shipping which begins next week.

8 Days Ago   "People who wear masks are driven by trauma ..." That's the opening line we hear in HBO's fantastic new trailer for Watchmen that's got us even more excited for the arrival of the series on Oct. 20.

8 Days Ago   If the initial reaction to Disney's early release in the Netherlands of its brand new streaming service Disney+ is any indication, the streamer is poised to make a huge splash in the US when it's finally released here on November 12th for a base price of $6.99 per month.

9 Days Ago   We’re only a little more than a week away from the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, when HBO and the team behind Game of Thrones will most assuredly scoop up an impressive haul of golden statuettes.

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