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9 Hours Ago   As if CNN’s silver-haired journeyman anchor Anderson Cooper didn’t have a full enough day on Monday, with President Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki, he also made time to front an all-new news program.

13 Hours Ago   European regulators are expected to hit Google with a multibillion fine on Tuesday or Wednesday, an announcement that's being closely watched not because of the anticipated size of the penalty -- Google basically prints money at this point, so it will be able to easily absorb the blow.

15 Hours Ago   Roku has decided that too many customers are dissatisfied with the default speakers that come built into TVs and think it's also too much of a headache to set up and use an external speaker system.

3 Days Ago   The PC market has posted a surprise growth in shipments this year, the first such increase in 2012 -- and the reason why probably won't come as a surprise.

3 Days Ago   Facebook has been struggling in recent days to offer a good answer to the question of why it's made a show of going after fake news while letting something like the conspiracy-peddling InfoWars Facebook page stick around.

3 Days Ago   The Robocar, from a company called Roborace, is a thing of a beauty. Swooping lines, wing-like arches over the wheels -- an all-around gorgeous, sleek design.

4 Days Ago   Developer Tania Finlayson has come a long way from her childhood, when doctors told her parents that their daughter -- who'd been born with cerebral palsy -- probably wouldn't amount to much.

4 Days Ago   "I want more hours of engagement." Those were the marching orders that John Stankey, CEO of HBO's new parent AT&T, gave in recent days to the broadcaster famous for taking a curated approach to television.

4 Days Ago   Ahead of Facebook debuting a lineup of programming next week from outlets like CNN and Fox that will live inside a Facebook Watch news section -- new programming the social media giant has poured millions into -- a report is out that suggests the company's video service has had a less than impressive first year.

4 Days Ago   In the summer of 2017, Microsoft vice president Mike Ybarra gave an interview to Techradar in which he promised the company would look into Dolby Vision support for the Xbox One if fans make it clear they're interested in that.

5 Days Ago   Google is rolling out an update to its Google Assistant user interface today that will make switching from the different options you have for the software's voice -- there are eight choices now -- a matter of simply picking a color.

5 Days Ago   If you've got a yuuge Twitter follower count like a certain White House occupant or other high-profile power users of the platform, you might see that number drop starting Thursday, part of a major crackdown on bots and other misuse of the service.

5 Days Ago   It's finally here. Sonos announced today -- after customers had been asking for this for a while now -- that it's using a software update to bring AirPlay 2 support to its latest speakers.

6 Days Ago   It's become a bit of conventional wisdom that Apple lags its peers in tech when it comes to AI. That products like Siri may have been released early enough to give Apple what should have been a strong lead, but similar offerings from companies like Google and Amazon are an order of magnitude more useful than Apple's tools -- and getting better every day.

6 Days Ago   As organic reach has dwindled in Facebook's main app, posts from brands have decreased and -- at least theoretically -- more room has been made for posts from friends and family in your News Feed.

6 Days Ago   At an event for reporters and marketers today in New York City, Facebook announced a new option it's testing for advertisers, a way to use augmented reality to help bridge the gap somewhat between a digital ad and a real-world experience.

6 Days Ago   Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee slipped an interesting question in a letter they sent Monday to Apple CEO Tim Cook that was otherwise focused largely on privacy-related matters.

7 Days Ago   Word of a new Snapchat camera feature in the works -- which would let users scan products and send them to Amazon listings -- sent the social media company's stock trading 3 percent higher Monday.

7 Days Ago   Google may be about to get hit with a multibillion-dollar fine from European regulators that stems from the company's longstanding policy of requiring Android device makers to set Google's own search and web browsers as the default offerings.

7 Days Ago   With the smart speaker wars heating up and voice looking to be one of the next major computing platforms, Amazon and Google have taken commanding leads.

7 Days Ago   Towards the end of his life, there was a moment at an All Things D conference where Steve Jobs was explaining his bullishness on iPads. He was going on about how "customers are smart," and if Apple just makes a seductively simple, useful tablet that consumers like, they'll buy them.

8 Days Ago   Developers from legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto to the makers of games like Candy Crush and Temple Run, along with representatives of HBO, Major League Baseball and a host of other major companies and organizations have lined up to sing the praises of Apple's App Store ahead of its tenth birthday on Tuesday, July 10.

10 Days Ago   Is this the beginning of the end for Taiwan-based smartphone market HTC? The company has generated a steady stream of bad news in recent days and weeks, with the latest ominous headline pointing to a nearly 68-percent sales slump in June.

10 Days Ago   Ahead of President Trump's announcement of a nominee to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, analysts and talking heads have been making claims and staking out bets about what the next ideological balance of the high court will look like.

11 Days Ago   Almost as soon as you learn that NBCUniversal licenses a version of Saturday Night Live to be produced locally in China with help from the Alibaba-owned video site Youku -- and that said local Chinese version of SNL actually started airing a few weeks ago - you may find yourself wondering about, let's say, aspects of the arrangement.

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