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2 Hours Ago   Facebook's regulatory woes are about to get worse, with the Federal Trade Commission set to unveil a complaint against the social networking giant on Wednesday -- the same day the company releases its second-quarter earnings -- that's focused on the company's sketchy mishandling of user phone numbers.

4 Hours Ago   Ahead of the digital download release of Avengers: Endgame next week and then on Blu-ray two weeks after that, the movie’s screenwriting duo has shared in a new interview where they derived inspiration for the time travel element they introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster.

5 Hours Ago   Origin PC decided to celebrate its 10th birthday by cobbling together a positively drool-worthy custom gaming system that pays homage to its hybrid PC and Xbox 360 "Big O" design to produce a setup that may inspire lust in many gamers -- and which is unfortunately not for sale.

Yesterday   Netflix is eating up an increasingly large share of entertainment consumption time for Americans, who now have more choices than ever about what to binge. Much of users' favorite content on the platform is increasingly courtesy of Netflix itself -- we all know the service, for example, as the home of original series like Stranger Things, Narcos and Ozark, plus a slew of Netflix-commissioned foreign fare as well as Netflix original movies like Triple Frontier and Always Be My Maybe.

Yesterday   If you're a Google Maps user, you've no doubt noticed how feature-rich the service has grown in recent months, with Google over the last few days alone adding new capabilities like now letting you quickly discover bike-sharing stations around you in addition to seeing how crowded your train, bus or subway is likely to be.

Yesterday   Up to this point, Huawei has made a valiant effort at defending its reputation against a US-led opposition campaign that's stoked fears the company is basically a proxy for the Chinese central government and security apparatus.

Yesterday   Smartwatch designs from companies that aren’t Apple or Samsung are starting to get pretty trippy these days, with new concepts emerging that seem to have more of a science fiction provenance than a desire to simply combine the functionality of a timepiece with a connected display.

Yesterday   Two days before Friday’s much-anticipated Game of Thrones panel -- and fresh off scooping up an Emmy nod for ‘outstanding writing’ for Games of Thrones’ Season 8 finale -- co-creators David Benioff and D.B.

Yesterday   If you believe much of the commentary in recent days about Netflix's unimpressive second-quarter results, you'd be forgiven for assuming the streaming giant's House of Cards will soon come tumbling down.

3 Days Ago   Joe and Anthony Russo whipped up a ton of news to cap off the week, which is no surprise considering the Avengers: Endgame co-directors were on hand for a panel Friday at Comic-Con and revealed a number of juicy insights about what’s now the second-biggest movie of all time.  Like, for starters, the script at one point involved Thanos cutting off Captain America’s head.

4 Days Ago   In a letter to shareholders earlier this year, Netflix acknowledged what might have seemed at the time like a surprising fact: "We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO," the streaming video giant admitted.

4 Days Ago   Southwest Airlines kicked off its new Lets Play Getaway sweepstakes in a pretty dramatic fashion. The deal is, every day through Aug. 13 the Dallas-based air carrier will be giving away a Nintendo Switch as well as a digital copy of Super Mario Maker 2.

4 Days Ago   For months now, Huawei has been giving off some pretty, shall we say, mixed signals about what it might do should its standoff with the US become permanent and the company remains cut off from doing business with key vendors like Google.

4 Days Ago   Let's be clear about one thing right from the top here. HBO's Game of Thrones deserves tons of praise for the impressive pile of Emmy nominations it just picked up a few days ago -- 32, to be exact, the most ever accumulated for a show during a single season.

4 Days Ago   Leaks are continuing to trickle out in advance of Huawei’s release of its next flagship that’s likely to happen in October -- which is when the Mate 30 Pro, unquestionably one of the most exciting phones still to come this year, will finally arrive.

4 Days Ago   Nolan Bushnell's famous dictum about what makes for a great game is that it should be "easy to learn, difficult to master." The Atari co-founder has told me that on more than one occasion, and it's the mantra he used to turn the retro video game company he once led into a short-lived but beloved 1980s-era powerhouse of entertainment.

5 Days Ago   There's surely a lesson in here somewhere about first believing in yourself if you expect anybody else to. Game of Thrones fans are no doubt aware by now that the series, which took its final bow in May, racked up a record-setting 32 Emmy nominations this week -- but there's also a surprising tidbit you may not be aware of, related to three of the show's actors who scored Emmy nods as part of that total haul.

5 Days Ago   Uber riders in a number of cities around the world on Wednesday were met with some stress-inducing sticker shock when noticing the price they'd been charged ended up getting massively inflated.

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5 Days Ago   The biggest pop culture celebration in the world celebrates its 50th birthday this year, and for such a milestone anniversary San Diego Comic-Con has certainly teed up a slew of exciting panels as the annual convention gets underway on Thursday.

5 Days Ago   Westworld fans have been pretty stoked about the return of the hit sci-fi HBO series for a while now, but particularly since the first Season 3 trailer dropped earlier this year and fans were introduced to the fact that Aaron Paul would be playing some sort of mysterious character.

6 Days Ago   Box office prognosticators can already feel the love for the Jon Favreau-directed remake of The Lion King that's set to hit theaters this weekend. Estimates for how well this photorealistic, CGI-heavy reimagining of the Disney animated classic could do when it first arrives on the big screen are ranging from an impressive $150 million on the low end up to as high as $180 million.

6 Days Ago   Samsung's first foldable smartphone is starting to feel like the Bigfoot of tech. There are all these reports claiming that people have seen it! It exists!

6 Days Ago   If you've opened any of your social media accounts over the past several days, you've no doubt seen a procession of old, wrinkled yet slightly familiar-looking faces taking over your feed.

6 Days Ago   Apple is reportedly planning to open up a whole new front on its ongoing content war with Spotify soon. Spotify certainly got the jump on Apple with the launch of its music streaming service that's now the dominant player in the space, with a paid subscriber base of 100 million as of April compared to 60 million for Apple Music which came late to the party.

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