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3 Hours Ago   Nest made a name for itself as a maker of smart thermostats and other connected home products. But parent company Google's purchase last year of Seattle startup Senosis Health, which was spun out from the University of Washington and focuses on what one report has described as smartphone-based health monitoring systems, has inadvertently revealed a highly secretive push Nest is making into a new area: the world of digital health products and services.

6 Hours Ago   We're already on record praising iOS 12 as such a strong refresh of the operating system that it's making some users question whether they want to go ahead and get their hands on a new device at all or just stick with their older model and go for the upgraded OS instead.

8 Hours Ago   If you've ever answered a call to your cellphone that had an unfamiliar number but a local area code, making you wonder well maybe I ought to see who this is only to find out it's a spam call, we have some bad news.

14 Hours Ago   We already knew Disney was planning to give Netflix a series run for its money by investing big in a new standalone streaming service, taking advantage of all the powerhouse intellectual property under the Disney and Marvel banners.

Yesterday   In the days leading up to Apple's splashy fall product event last week, members of the company's watch team were probably sweating bullets. Because the signature new feature of the watch, the ability to take an electrocardiogram reading, apparently didn't get the all-important green light from the Food and Drug Administration until ... less than 24 hours before show time.

Yesterday   At this point, we still don't have a firm idea of when Samsung's foldable so-called Galaxy F smartphone will finally arrive -- whether it will land in November or at some point after that.

Yesterday   A new rumor about Star Wars Episode 9 that suggests a potentially big plot twist is in the cards has been making the rounds. It involves the First Order, the dictatorship that emerged after the fall of the galactic empire, and specifically Kylo Ren feverishly trying to smoke out a traitor he believes is operating within the order.

Yesterday   Tim Cook keeps getting asked in so many words whether Apple is becoming something akin to the Gucci of tech, thanks to the $1,000-plus price of the iPhone that's so central to so many peoples' lives today.

Yesterday   Go ahead and call it a comeback. After buying itself back from Nokia, which had acquired the company almost two years ago, French consumer electronics company Withings is reintroducing itself to the public in a big way.

2 Days Ago   Details keep trickling out about a major shakeup under way at Samsung that encompasses everything from the handset maker revamping the design of its flagships to its attempt to make its mid-range smartphone models more attractive to millennials.

2 Days Ago   Amazon is about to add its popular voice assistant Alexa to more than half a dozen new products -- devices that range from a microwave oven to an in-car gadget, all of which will reportedly be unveiled at a company event later this month.

2 Days Ago   Imagine, for a moment, how much time a day you spend uninterrupted with family members. Got it? Now go ahead and double it. That, friends, is roughly how much time every single day the average Netflix user spends bingeing content.

2 Days Ago   We're less than two month away from the midterm elections, and Facebook has decided to roll out a new suite of tools to protect campaigns from hackers.

2 Days Ago   You could make an argument that Apple CEO Tim Cook's delicate handling (or courting?) of President Trump is starting to pay off. Exhibit A? After Cook dined with Trump and the first lady last month at Trump's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the administration is poised to hand Apple some welcome news -- the next round of tariffs imposed on China won't include products like the Apple Watch and AirPods.

2 Days Ago   The commentariat is still generally positive about Apple's unveiling last week of the newest model of Apple Watch, which comes packed with new and potentially life-saving health features.

3 Days Ago   DC Universe, the new streaming service from the comics giant that was announced in June at Comic Con in San Diego, is finally here and will go live this weekend.

5 Days Ago   Much has been made since the unveiling this week of the new Apple Watch, which sports an abundance of health-focused features like its fall-detection and the ability to take an electrocardiogram.

5 Days Ago   David Cicilline, a U.S. Rep. from Rhode Island, blasted Google with a tweet on Thursday that said the search giant shouldn't be using its vast resources to enable authoritarianism in China.

5 Days Ago   Another day, another bit of hype from a Game of Thrones actor for the final season of HBO's celebrated series that we still have to wait another year for.

5 Days Ago   Samsung has announced the launch of three new premium wireless AKG headphones today, two of which are available now with the third to be made available later this year.

6 Days Ago   The last time I interviewed Vic Gundotra was some six years ago, back when he was still the top executive at Google's not yet ghost town of a social network, Google+, and he was as Google-y as you'd expect about how amazing and wonderful it was going to be.

6 Days Ago   Setting aside his technical first appearance in 1981's Donkey Kong, today is a fun anniversary to take note of for fans of the Super Mario video game franchise.

6 Days Ago   A new estimate for 2018 iPhone shipments is out today, based on a bit of guesswork informed by supply chain information, that if true suggests Apple is on track for a 10 percent year-over-year increase in iPhone revenue.

6 Days Ago   If you're a US consumer who's been grumbling about how normal $1,000 price tags for shiny new flagship phones are getting these days, well, maybe count yourself lucky instead.

6 Days Ago   Poor Fitbit. The company's stock price took a 7 percent hit after Apple unveiled its new health-focused and feature-packed Watch Series 4 Wednesday during the company's annual fall showcase, with the upgraded watch representing perhaps Apple's most aggressive push yet into the consumer health space.

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