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20 Hours Ago   Posted by Megan Ruthven Android Security, Ken Bodzak Threat Analysis Group, Neel Mehta Threat Analysis Group Android Security is always developing new ways of using data to find and block potentially harmful apps (PHAs) from getting onto your devices.

Yesterday   Posted by Michael Amygdalidis, Stephan Linzner and Nick Korostelev from the Mobile-Ninjas team at Google We're pleased to announce the version 1.0 release of the Android Testing Support Library (ATSL).

2 Days Ago   Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering As we put the finishing touches on the Android O platform, today we're rolling out Developer Preview 4 to help you make sure your apps are ready.

6 Days Ago   Posted by Paul Lawrence, Android Security Engineer In Android-powered devices, the kernel does the heavy lifting to enforce the Android security model. As the security team has worked to harden Android's userspace and isolate and deprivilege processes, the kernel has become the focus of more security attacks.

8 Days Ago   Posted by Jeff Vander Stoep, Senior Software Engineer, Android Security Updates are essential for security, but they can be difficult and expensive for device manufacturers. Project Treble is making updates easier by separating the underlying vendor implementation from the core Android framework.

14 Days Ago   Posted by Martin Pelikan, Giles Hogben, and Ulfar Erlingsson of Google's Security and Privacy team Mobile apps entertain and assist us, make it easy to communicate with friends and family, and provide tools ranging from maps to electronic wallets.

16 Days Ago   Posted by Jamil Moledina, Games Strategic Lead, Google Play Calling all indie developers with fun and creative mobile games: we want to see your latest work!

16 Days Ago   Posted by Fergus Hurley, Product Manager, Google Play Poor app performance is something that many users have experienced. Think about that last time you experienced an app crashing, failing to respond, or rendering slowly.

26 Days Ago   Posted by Dave Smith, Developer Advocate for IoT Android Things makes building connected embedded devices easy by providing the same Android development tools, best-in-class Android framework, and Google APIs that make developers successful on mobile.

29 Days Ago   Posted by Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate for IoT Today we are launching a preview of the Android Things Console. This console allows developers to manage the software running on their fleet of Android Things IoT devices, including creating factory images, as well as updating the operating system and developer-provided APKs.

34 Days Ago   Posted by Xiaowen Xin and Renu Chaudhary, Android Security Team The processing of external and untrusted content is often one of the most important functions of an app.

36 Days Ago   Posted by Maximilian Ruppaner, Software Engineer on Google Play On June 30, 2017, Google will be ending support for the Android Market app on Android 2.1 Eclair and older devices.

40 Days Ago   Posted by Ritesh Nayak M, Product Manager Last year at I/O we launched the Awareness API, a simple yet powerful API that let developers use signals such as Location, Weather, Time and User Activity to build contextually relevant app experiences.

41 Days Ago   Posted by Wayne Piekarski, Developer Advocate for IoT Today, we're releasing a new Developer Preview 4.1 (DP4.1) of Android Things, with updates for new supported hardware and bug fixes to the platform.

42 Days Ago   Posted by Aaron Stacy, Software Engineer, Google Play services The 11.0.0 release of the Google Play services SDK includes a new way to access LocationServices. The new APIs do not require your app to manually manage a connection to Google Play services through a GoogleApiClient.

44 Days Ago   Posted by Kacey Fahey, Developer Marketing, Google Play Every day developers around the world are hard at work creating high quality apps and games on Android.

45 Days Ago   Posted by Neto Marin, Developer Advocate Many developers want to make money through their apps, but it's not always easy to deal with all the different types of payment methods.

48 Days Ago   Posted by Wei Liu, Product Manager When we launched reCAPTCHA ten years ago, we had a simple goal: enable users to visit the sites they love without worrying about spam and abuse.

48 Days Ago   Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering Three weeks ago at Google I/O, we announced the second developer preview of Android O along with key themes, Fluid Experiences and Vitals, and highlighted our work towards a modular base with Project Treble.

51 Days Ago   Posted by Kazushi Nagayama, Ninja Spamologist and Bryan Woodward, Policy Specialist Ensuring Google Play remains trusted and secure is one of our top priorities. We've recently announced improvements in fighting spam installs as well as fake ratings & reviews.

56 Days Ago   Posted by Mayank Jain and Scott Roberts of the Android Security team Two years ago, we launched the Android Security Rewards program. In its second year, we've seen great progress.

62 Days Ago   Posted by Maxim Mai, Apps Partnerships, Google Play Last Thursday at Google I/O 2017, we announced the winners of this year's Google Play Awards. Grab some popcorn and watch the award ceremony, we think it's just as fun as The Oscars.

62 Days Ago   Posted by Paul Saxman, Android Devices and Media Developer Relations Lead Android TV brings rich app experiences and entertainment to the biggest screen in your house, and with Android O, we’re making it even easier for users to access content from their favorite apps.

63 Days Ago   Posted by Rahim Nathwani, Product Manager, Google Play Localizing your app or game is an important step in allowing you to reach the widest possible audience.

64 Days Ago   Posted by David Nelloms, Software Engineer Communicating with a group of people is a common use case for many messaging apps. However, it may be difficult to know how the Android Auto messaging API applies to group conversations.

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