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12 Days Ago   Take a moment to count all the gadgets that connect to your home’s wifi network and it will soon become obvious why it doesn’t feel as fast or reliable as it used to.

14 Days Ago   Smartphone makers might soon not have much to brag about when it comes to the number of pixels they can fit on a pocket-sized screen. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have come up with a way to create pixels that are a million times smaller than those used on even Apple’s Retina displays.

15 Days Ago   Imagine yourself playing Tetris, and you’ll undoubtedly have the Game Boy version’s memorable theme song (called Korobeiniki) stuck in your head for hours. But playing the game on an old school analog display manages to produce an even more satisfying sound as 210 small plastic discs quickly flip back and forth to… Read more...

17 Days Ago   Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller was a big leap towards making gaming accessible to all players—not just those who can hold and manipulate the console’s standard controllers.

21 Days Ago   Consumer-focused robots have been having a bit of a hard time in recent years. Just last week, Anki, maker of the adorable Cozmo and Vector bots, was the latest robot maker to go under as consumers hesitated to spend $250 on an automaton that didn’t really do anything.

21 Days Ago   It’s a far cry from the badass cyborg who served and protected the people of Detroit in the movie RoboCop, but this bizarre extending robot can assist with traffic stops and promises to help make such roadside interactions safer for both police officers and motorists.

22 Days Ago   It’s hard to imagine a video game dominating more screen time than Microsoft’s Solitaire has since first introduced with Windows 3.0 in 1990. It’s been the go-to distraction for procrastinators for almost three decades, and it’s finally being honored with a rightful place in the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

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