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5 Hours Ago   Illustrations by Alex Castro / The Verge Earlier this week, Audible revealed that it was working on a new feature for its audiobook app: Audible Captions, which will use machine learning to transcribe an audio recording for listeners, allowing them to read along with the narrator.

7 Hours Ago   Hulu Well, this is a surprise. Hulu had previously announced that its revival of the mystery series Veronica Mars would debut on July 26th, but the service has bumped the release date up by a week.

13 Hours Ago   The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission is upon us, and along with the history, remembrances, and tributes comes the inevitable cash-grab. A whole bunch of companies from around the world have been working to figure out how to inject a bit of moon nostalgia into their products, and while that has produced some really interesting and fun things to pick up, it means that there are some dumb ideas as well.

Yesterday   Image: HBO The BBC and HBO unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming TV series, His Dark Materials, showing off a fantastical world where a war is brewing between an authoritarian Church and those who resist it.

Yesterday   Image: Paramount Pictures At San Diego Comic-Con today, Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance during Paramount Pictures’ Terminator: Dark Fate panel in Hall H to debut a trailer for his next action film, Top Gun: Maverick.

Yesterday   Image: DARPA The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has been working on a project that partners dismounted soldiers with autonomous robots and drones called Squad X.

Yesterday   Kerry Brown/Paramount Pictures The film hits theaters on November 1st, 2019 Continue reading…

3 Days Ago   Photo by Andrew Liptak / The Verge Last month, I was invited by author Cadwell Turnbull (whom readers might remember as the author of our Better Worlds story “Monsters come howling in their season”) to interview him at a pair of bookstore events in Brooklyn, New York, and Woodstock, Vermont.

5 Days Ago   An amateur computer historian has unearthed a cool piece of technology paraphernalia: NeXT’s Fall 1989 catalog. Kevin Savetz recently scanned the entire 138-page book, and posted the files to

5 Days Ago   Graphic designer and marketer Sam Henri Gold has assembled an incredible archive of Apple’s promotional materials that stretches back to the 1970s, which he’s uploaded into a Google Drive folder for people to look through.

5 Days Ago   Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei is reportedly preparing to lay off hundreds of workers in the United States, reports The Wall Street Journal. The company has struggled in recent months after the Trump administration placed a de facto ban on US sales to the company, citing potential security threats and amidst the ongoing US-Chinese trade war.

5 Days Ago   Last year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted a picture of himself at his Mars 2018 conference, walking alongside one of Boston Dynamic’s Spot robots. Now, a toy company has provided a super-detailed, posable action figure of the world’s richest man, which you can conceivably find, purchase, and keep in your home for reasons we have yet to discern.

5 Days Ago   Just a couple of days after United Airlines announced that it was canceling more than 5,000 Boeing 737 Max flights through October, American Airlines has announced that it would suspend flights on the beleaguered passenger jet through November 2nd.

5 Days Ago   Microsoft recently hit a particularly notable milestone: its Android edition of Microsoft Word has passed the 1 billion mark for installs, according to the Google Play Store (via Android Police).

6 Days Ago   The US Army says that it will conduct live-fire tests of a new Robotic Combat Vehicle next year. While the tests won’t involve vehicles ultimately slated to go into combat, they will be used to show off various technologies that may later be incorporated into platforms in the future, and how soldiers might eventually utilize them on the battlefield.

6 Days Ago   Ahead of this weekend’s Bastille Day celebration on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a space command that would be part of the country’s Air Force, according to Reuters.

6 Days Ago   Following the 2016 presidential election, states like Pennsylvania indicated that they would be working to upgrade their voting machines to allay security concerns. A new report from the Associate Press reveals that while counties across the United States have purchased new equipment, many of machines are running outdated software that could still be vulnerable to hackers.

6 Days Ago   When I was in high school, I read through the entire back catalog of Star Wars novels, one after the other, and finished with Michael A.

7 Days Ago   Nielsen Media Research has released its ratings for the latest season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, showing that ratings for the third season over the first four days of release were significantly higher than for the second season.

8 Days Ago   Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming science fiction series Another Life, starring Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff. The 10-episode series premieres on July 25th, and it looks like a fun cross between the first-contact film Arrival and the Syfy Channel’s Dark Matter.

8 Days Ago   Disney’s ambitious Star Wars land, Galaxy’s Edge, opened to visitors at its California Disneyland park in May. But when it did so, it opened with only one big ride: Smugglers Run, in which you get to pilot the iconic Millennium Falcon.

12 Days Ago   Apple appears to be testing out a new way for users to log onto with its next operating systems, according to 9to5Mac. The site reports that users who have installed the beta for iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and macOS Catalina can sign onto their accounts using Face ID and Touch ID, on their devices.

12 Days Ago   Disney released the first trailer for its upcoming live-action version of Mulan during today’s Women’s World Cup final, showing off a sweeping adventure flick set in China’s Han dynasty.

12 Days Ago   David Wellington is known for his wide-ranging catalog of stories, such as his Monsters, Vampires, Werewolves, and Plague novels, and branched into space opera a couple of years ago with his The Silence trilogy (Forsaken Skies, Forgotten Worlds, and Forbidden Suns), which he wrote under the name D.

12 Days Ago   Netflix’s Stranger Things has captivated audiences with its sense of nostalgia, drawing from the works of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Stephen King. With the first season out and finished, we’ve been itching for our next hit of horror fiction that we can obsess over.

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