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258 Days Ago   As Halloween approacheth, perhaps it's time to tour the world's most troubling and terrifying toilets, courtesy of Phil from Toilets With Threatening Auras. — Toilets With Threatening Auras (@scarytoilet) September 30, 2018 — Toilets With Threatening Auras (@scarytoilet) September 27, 2018 @scarytoilet the emo toilet — pez betta 💖 (@arantzalimon) September 24, 2018 Phil is also on Instagram: • Toilets With Threaten

258 Days Ago   The Breeders have been out and about this year supporting their first studio album in ten years, and they just released a video for the single Spacewoman.

258 Days Ago   Poolboy nails one of the three most pernicious forms of marketing trends: the ironic self-deprecating brand run by some douchey social media manager: brand makes self aware joke — poolboy (@oypoolboy) September 29, 2018 The other two manipulative trends separating the gullible from their cash on Twitter are influencer marketing and cynical "we care"/issue marketing, for those keeping a list of who we line up first in front of the slicey bois.

259 Days Ago   French illustrator Linda Bouderbala did a fun exercise where she gathered some of her favorite characters from geek and pop culture and organized them by color.

261 Days Ago   The Lord of the Rings and Kim Dotcom put New Zealand on the map for wealthy tech moguls seeking a safe space to hole up when disaster strikes.

261 Days Ago   PBS premieres Dark Money on Monday October 1. It's a sobering look at how the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC is trickling down to local politics.

261 Days Ago   Raising baby corals is a labor-intensive process that requires gathering the babies at the moment the corals spawn in the wild. Scientists compete with fish that feast on the babies, netting the gametes and planulae, then caring for them in a lab until they can be planted on the ocean floor.

262 Days Ago   Stella McCartney profiles David Lynch in this moody piece on the joys of cinema and transcendental meditation. Via Nowness: Having both reflected and refracted the modern world—from the provincial eeriness of Blue Velvet to the urban grime of Mulholland Drive—Lynch's work has consistently probed the magical and often dreamlike qualities of film.

263 Days Ago   This NSFW film examines a fictional incel named Sam, starting with his agonizingly tense interaction with a young woman and reaching a disturbing culmination. Via the Vimeo blog: The term “incel” is short for “involuntarily celibate.” It was originally coined in the early ‘90s by a website created for people to share their experiences of sexual inactivity.

263 Days Ago   The World's Most Beautiful Libraries is a lovely collection of some of the most awe-inspiring libraries ever built. Via the publisher: In this new photographic journey, Massimo Listri travels to some of the oldest and finest libraries to reveal their architectural, historical, and imaginative wonder.

263 Days Ago   Nothing like a relaxing bike ride where the slightest mistake will send you careening down jagged rocks and into a lake far below. The only thing less relaxing would be focusing on filming the whole thing while riding.

263 Days Ago   Platforms like Instagram reward users who post specific kinds of content, in some cases leading to travel largely for the photo op. Insta Repeat examines how stylistic themes have emerged in the genre of of Instagram travel photos by aggregating shots that are similar in theme, location, and type of person.

264 Days Ago   The Kiyotsu Gorge lookout tunnel is a huge engineering marvel amidst spectacular beauty. Artists and architects recently repurposed it as an art installation replete with reflective surfaces, colored lights and sculptures.

264 Days Ago   Jay Harrison shared this delightful lithophone cover of Vulfpeck's "It Gets Funkier III" at the Parabola Arts Centre as part of Cheltenham Music Festival. Lithophones are at least as old as their wood counterpart the xylophone.

265 Days Ago   Most aquatic animals propel themselves with a tail or fluke, so roboticists have long been interested in the remarkable speeds possible by mimicking sea lion propulsion with front flippers.

265 Days Ago   Brian McManus looks at the engineering challenges behind the Curiosity's thin aluminum wheels, which are sustaining significant damage on the Martian surface. The damage has prompted NASA to commission new wheel options.

268 Days Ago   Adrien Manduit (previously) returns with a breathtaking timelapse of galaxies as viewed from Teneriffe. There’s something fascinating in our own home galaxy. Even if we still cannot look at it from above and gaze at the full span of its arms, the sideway view offers a quite a showdown.

270 Days Ago   Hydrophytes are 3D-printed multimaterial forms that explore the possibilities for engineered plants of the future. Via University of Wellington: Introducing Hydrophytes, 3D printed 'plants' that respond to their surroundings in incredibly lifelike ways.

270 Days Ago   The Yogi Bear Graveyard was a short-lived accidental tourist attraction in North Carolina. After Yogi Bear's Honey-Fried Chicken restaurant chain dwindled to just one location, the owners sold all the fiberglass statues of Yogi, Boo-Boo, Cindy, and Ranger Smith to a local Jellystone Park campground.

270 Days Ago   The Anatomy of Surf rides along with surfing legend Ian Walsh as he describes the sensations of surfing, set to footage of some beautiful waves. "Time completely stops when you get into the barrel.

270 Days Ago   Wildfires are a natural part of many ecosystems, though more and more are human-caused. Wendover Productions takes a look at how firefighters work to minimize the spread of wildfires in grueling and dangerous conditions.

273 Days Ago   Coraline Ehmke is a leading figure in the push to make Linux programming more welcoming and inclusiv, supplementing the project's famed Code of Conflict with an enforceable Code of Conduct project called CoC Beacon.

274 Days Ago   A unicorn of the sea somehow ended up separated from other narwhals. Luckily, the lost narwhal was welcomed into a pod of beluga whales, where they were spotted frolicking in the St. Lawrence River.

275 Days Ago   Because of its ubiquity, the landscape is littered with proposed etymologies of the term "OK." This nice explainer clarifies the murky origins of one of the most widely spoken words in the world.

277 Days Ago   OFFF Milan is known for putting together great promotional work for their annual digital design event, and this year's trailer sets a remarkable tone. (more…)

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