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Yesterday   The third season of Netflix's royal drama The Crown isn't even out yet, but one crucial role for the show's fourth season has already been cast, and it's a big one.

Yesterday   Previous Shazam trailers have focused on the story of how Billy Batson gained the power to transform into a superhero, but new look at DC's upcoming movie has a little more heroic flair.

Yesterday   Jason Reitman's announced Ghostbusters movie will be a continuation of the original two films and will likely not include the 2016 female-led reboot of the franchise in its canon.

Yesterday   The war for the hearts and minds of America is already on in the trailer for American Gods Season 2, which gives fans and acolytes alike a look at what's coming up for the show's gods, heroes, and villains.

Yesterday   What do millennials really want? Avocado toast? Social security? Health insurance? Saturday Night Live's "Millennial Millions" sketch gives them a shot at attaining what older generations got just by showing up — with a catch.

Yesterday   In "Earthquake News Report" on Saturday Night Live, a building collapse at a name change office leads to several pre–change individuals saying their increasingly silly names on air, leading to dirty puns and general hilarity.

Yesterday   Sometimes Saturday Night Live's zany fake commercials are for something that really needs to be on the market already. With host Rachel Brosnahan, the show debuted the "Leave Me Alurn," a fake urn meant to be deployed when women just want to be left alone to enjoy a hike and men give them unwanted attention.

4 Days Ago   What is John Wick's impossible dream? Probably to finally find a way out of the life of violence he returned to in the very first John Wick movie.

5 Days Ago   A lot of people have been talking about You. It’s hard not to. Ever since the show moved from Lifetime to Netflix and thus was made available for binge-watching, the ballsy dramedy about a homicidally obsessed bookstore manager and the unremarkable bore he follows until she loves him has sparked conversations about toxic masculinity, rom-com tropes, and how completely fucking awful every single character on the show is.

5 Days Ago   In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal. Imagine a day where you have nothing better to do.

6 Days Ago   There are many theories as to how earth’s mightiest heroes will deal with the shocking aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War, but the one short trailer and handful of ambiguous posters haven’t given Marvel superfans much to confirm one way or the other.

10 Days Ago   After a much loved first season and a near-universally panned second, HBO’s “two cops, sitting in a cop car, two feet apart because the space between them is occupied by the unfathomable cruelties of man” show True Detective is back.

13 Days Ago   HBO's still-unnamed Game of Thrones prequel finally announced its cast and pilot director, and things are already looking way more diverse on both sides of the camera compared to the long-running hit.

17 Days Ago   The television adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is, much like the books it is based on, true to its name. Most of the action and drama contained in it can be boiled down to a literal series of very unfortunate events that occur in the lives of its heroes, the Baudelaire orphans, as well as most of the people surrounding them.

19 Days Ago   This post contains spoilers for many of Bandersnatch's possible endings. Read at your own risk. Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games often have something interesting to say unto themselves, but more often the path a player takes through the narrative says a lot more about them.

24 Days Ago   After a year of no new Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker's trippy, life-destroying sci-fi series returned with an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style game disguised as a TV movie.

26 Days Ago   On the first day of Christmas, Jordan Peele gave to the world the highly anticipated trailer for Us, his next horror film after the smash success of 2017's Get Out.

26 Days Ago   2018 is dead, long live 2019. Finally. If there is one thing to be said for 2018, it's that there was a lot of really good TV on to distract from literally everything else happening in the world; now that the year is over though, it's time to look to the future.

33 Days Ago   The first images of Disney's live-action Aladdin remake are here and well, there quite a bit to say about them. But we'll hold the debate over costuming and whatever on earth is on Will Smith's chin for later.

34 Days Ago   A lot happened in 2018. Probably too many things happened, but at least there was television to turn to when the going got tough. These are the TV moments that spoke to the way 2018 really made us feel, and perhaps even forced us to utter the most 2018 of phrases: "big mood." SEE ALSO: The 8 best returning TV shows of 2018 8.

36 Days Ago   White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller appeared on CBS news show Face the Nation Sunday afternoon sporting a... new hairdo. It's certainly new hair, anyway.

36 Days Ago   Square Enix's hotly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III isn't supposed to be on the market until Jan. 25, 2019, but some copies have already made it to market, leading fans to brace themselves for a deluge of early spoilers.

36 Days Ago   In a stunning if ultimately unsurprising display of ashiness, Cardi B's recently estranged husband Offset showed up onstage at the Rolling Loud festival to beg Cardi to take him back after he cheated on her.

36 Days Ago   In this Saturday Night Live sketch, a normal dinner party at a neighbor's house turns into an all-out duel when Leslie Jones and Matt Damon realize they have dissenting opinions about Weezer.

36 Days Ago   There are two things the internet agrees on: dogs are great and so are Daddies. Saturday Night Live mashed up both concepts with the Westminster Daddy Show, a skit that put some common Daddy breeds (Golf Daddy, Business Daddy, and so on) up against each other for the prize of best in show.

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