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Yesterday   When former NASA astronaut Eileen Collins was asked to pilot the Space Shuttle in 1995 — the first woman to do so — she invited 13 women to her launch.

3 Days Ago   When David Liu, a professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard, first saw the trailer for the latest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie Rampage, he rolled his eyes.

6 Days Ago   For the second year in a row, people around the world joined together to voice their support for science. Although the second March for Science wasn’t as well-attended as last year, according to CNN, over 200 demonstrations took place across the globe, from cities all over the US to Europe to India to Africa.

15 Days Ago   ‘The northern white rhino is emblematic of our times, about the impact of humans on wildlife.’ Continue reading…

16 Days Ago   Just a few days after the Google Lunar X Prize ended without a winner, the X Prize Foundation announced today that it’s relaunching its competition to send a private spacecraft to the Moon.

18 Days Ago   When Carrie Wade first heard the news that Apple was proposing emoji to represent people with disabilities, she felt happy — then immediately curious about what sorts of emoji Apple had come up with.

19 Days Ago   The dating app Grindr has been sharing data on whether its users have HIV with two outside companies, according to BuzzFeed and the Norwegian research nonprofit SINTEF.

19 Days Ago   A ruling from a Los Angeles judge last week now means that in California, coffee companies like Starbucks must warn customers of a potentially cancer-causing chemical found in coffee.

23 Days Ago   More than half of Americans seem to think that climate change won’t affect them personally, a new poll shows. Only 45 percent think that global warming will pose a serious threat in their lifetime, and just 43 percent say they worry a great deal about climate change.

26 Days Ago   As soon as Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli arrived on the International Space Station in July 2017, he discovered that something was wrong. Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky had tasked Nespoli with shooting footage from space for a new documentary series called One Strange Rock.

27 Days Ago   One night in February of 2017, Wylie Overstreet wheeled his telescope out in the street of a residential neighborhood in Los Angeles to observe the Moon.

30 Days Ago   Gender confirmation surgeries can improve the quality of life of transgender people, according to new research. Researchers in Germany followed 156 patients who underwent male-to-female transition surgery at the University Hospital Essen.

31 Days Ago   The first time I saw someone sit on a public toilet, I screamed. My friend and I were in a McDonald’s restroom, casually chatting, when she lowered her pants and sat on the toilet.

36 Days Ago   NASA is asking all cloud gazers to snap photos of the sky and share them with the space agency via an app. The citizen science project is needed to validate data from six Earth-observing instruments on different satellites.

38 Days Ago   In a quest to make drones more functional (and just a little bit creepier), scientists have created a foldable robotic arm that allows drones to pick up objects inside narrow ditches.

39 Days Ago   When the Arctic is unusually warm, extreme winter weather is two to four times more likely in the eastern United States, according to new research. It’s too early to tell whether the warming Arctic is causing this severe cold spells and if so, how exactly.

42 Days Ago   A pair of emperor penguins in Antarctica filmed themselves with a camera that had been left on the ice by an explorer. In the short video, posted by the Australian Antarctic Division, you can see one penguin approach the camera, somehow flick it up so that it’s focused on its face, and then a second penguin joins.

43 Days Ago   I had hoped that getting a media preview of a new museum exhibition meant having the luxury of strolling around undisturbed, without the crowds that turn any museum visit in New York into Macy’s on Black Friday.

44 Days Ago   If you’re planning to climb Denali, North America’s tallest mountain, you may have to pack up your poop: Denali National Park in Alaska may soon require climbers along the West Buttress route to carry all of their poop in a bucket instead of dumping it into a glacier.

45 Days Ago   A new smartphone device allows people to easily measure their blood pressure without a cuff squeezing their arm. It’s still too early to tell if the tech works accurately, but if it does, it could enable more people, especially in developing countries, to check if they’re at risk for heart disease.

47 Days Ago   Strong winds can turn the most innocent objects — like branches and car dealership signs — into lethal weapons. Now, we can add beach umbrellas to the list.

48 Days Ago   On August 24th, 1928, a 17-year-old high school kid jumped into the Hudson River and snuck inside a ship that was soon headed to Antarctica. Billy Gawronski, the son of Polish immigrants, wanted nothing more than to go to the ice continent with his hero, explorer Richard Byrd.

50 Days Ago   After January’s “bomb cyclone,” the US East Coast is once again being hammered by a particularly bad storm that’s bringing strong winds and possibly record-breaking flooding.

50 Days Ago   Update March 2nd, 8:53AM ET: The GOES-S satellite was successfully launched into space, according to NASA. On March 6th, 2017, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s latest weather satellite, called GOES-16, detected wildfires in northern Texas from space — before firefighters in the area even received 911 calls.

51 Days Ago   Kiera O’Brien, a 19-year-old government student at Harvard and president of the Harvard Republican Club, grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska, where she spent lots of time outdoors, hiking and fishing.

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