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2 Days Ago   North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham helped push a controversial project that some county officials and environmental advocates fiercely opposed. The post Democratic Candidate for Senate Was a Key Player in Controversial Big Money-Fueled Development Project appeared first on The Intercept.

6 Days Ago   The hearing comes after Chair Maxine Waters and committee Democrats sent a letter to Facebook calling on the company to suspend plans to launch the cryptocurrency, Libra.

7 Days Ago   Emails provided to The Intercept shed light on an ongoing power struggle between the attorney general and the Philadelphia district attorney. The post Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Staff Pushed Philadelphia Inquirer to Be More Critical of Larry Krasner: Emails appeared first on The Intercept.

8 Days Ago   Sheriffs for Trusting Communities is backing two candidates in Virginia and one in Louisiana who are running on a plan to end police cooperation with ICE.

27 Days Ago   The mood among the workers at the Philadelphia AFL-CIO’s presidential summit was one of general lackluster toward the Democratic candidates. The post Democratic Candidates Fail to Impress Workers Who Are Dissatisfied With Trump appeared first on The Intercept.

41 Days Ago   Andrew Goldman, co-founder of Western LNG, was a top fundraiser for Biden's last presidential campaign and is raising money for him again. The post After Climate Forum, Biden Heads to a Fundraiser Co-Hosted by a Fossil Fuel Executive appeared first on The Intercept.

47 Days Ago   So far this year, Working Families Party-backed candidates were elected into more than 50 offices at the local and municipal levels in nine states. The post From Philadelphia to Oregon, the Insurgency Is Making Waves in Municipal Elections appeared first on The Intercept.

50 Days Ago   Kamala Harris distanced herself from Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All bill at an event with large-dollar donors two weeks after her campaign ran those ads. The post Before Kamala Harris Soured on Bernie Sanders’s Medicare for All Bill, She Grew Her Email List From It appeared first on The Intercept.

61 Days Ago   Robert Emmons is vying for the Chicago-area congressional seat that Bobby Rush was first elected to in 1992. The post 26-Year-Old Gun Violence Prevention Activist Is Taking on 26-Year Incumbent Rep.

74 Days Ago   Saikat Chakrabarti will go to New Consensus to work on climate issues. Corbin Trent will be the communications director on Ocasio-Cortez’s 2020 campaign. The post Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief of Staff and Communications Director Will Depart Her Office appeared first on The Intercept.

92 Days Ago   Larry Krasner asked the state Supreme Court to deem the death penalty as applied unconstitutional, citing overwhelming evidence of wrongful convictions. The post Reformist District Attorney Larry Krasner Argues Pennsylvania Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional appeared first on The Intercept.

95 Days Ago   Josh Shapiro’s new stance on HB 1614 came in response to pressure from protesters at the Netroots Nation conference in Philadelphia. The post Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Will Support Repeal of Controversial Law Stripping Larry Krasner of Authority appeared first on The Intercept.

99 Days Ago   A new Pennsylvania law allows the state attorney general to prosecute some gun crimes in Philadelphia if Krasner takes a pass. The post Pennsylvania Lawmakers Move to Strip Reformist Prosecutor Larry Krasner of Authority appeared first on The Intercept.

103 Days Ago   Lessons from Ferguson largely informed the unit’s forward-looking design and its prioritization of resources to address future police shootings and incidences of misconduct. The post St. Louis Prosecutor Wesley Bell Launches Independent Unit to Hold Police Accountable appeared first on The Intercept.

105 Days Ago   Gov. Tom Wolf is weighing whether to sign SB 48, a GOP bill that would ban straight-ticket voting and give Donald Trump an edge in 2020.

111 Days Ago   Cabán ran on ending cash bail, decriminalizing poverty and sex work, and faced the full weight of the machine. The post Tiffany Cabán Stuns Queens Machine, Holds Solid Lead in Race for Queens District Attorney appeared first on The Intercept.

117 Days Ago   Pressure on freshmen in Congress to sign up for Steny Hoyer’s Israeli adventure has intensified as AIPAC is determined to prove its continued relevance. The post An Invitation You Can’t Refuse: How Rep.

119 Days Ago   House Democrats originally allocated $80 million more to the law enforcement agency than the Trump administration had even requested. The post Ocasio-Cortez Amendment Shifts Some of DEA’s Funding to Opioid Treatment, as House Democrats Push to Increase Agency’s Budget appeared first on The Intercept.

123 Days Ago   “If the administration wants to go to war against Iran, then the Constitution requires them to come to Congress to ask for an authorization for the use of military force.” The post Mike Pompeo Said Congress Doesn’t Need to Approve War With Iran.

130 Days Ago   The district attorney race is testing the power and relevance of the Queens machine. The post Revenge of the Machine: New York Party Bosses Rally to Melinda Katz in Pivotal Prosecutor Race appeared first on The Intercept.

132 Days Ago   “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if for some reason we didn’t sustain the governor’s veto by one vote.” The post Lawmaker Skipping Time Off for Cancer Recovery to Block Anti-Abortion Bill: “I Wouldn’t Be Able to Live With Myself” appeared first on The Intercept.

140 Days Ago   “When you look at the interest for this in red, blue, and purple states, that is a great mandate for the federal government to do something.” The post Lawmakers From 11 States Have a Plan to Tackle Suicide and Other Issues Veterans Face appeared first on The Intercept.

144 Days Ago   The indictment marks the first time the U.S. has used the Espionage Act to target a publisher. The post Sanders, Warren, and Wyden Slam Assange Indictment, a Renegade Use of the Espionage Act to Criminalize Journalism appeared first on The Intercept.

146 Days Ago   Ocasio-Cortez announced support for Cabán after the Democratic Socialists of America endorsed the public defender earlier this month. The post Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Backs Tiffany Cabán in Pivotal Queens DA Race appeared first on The Intercept.

154 Days Ago   Amy Klobuchar is pushing a bill to authorize $400 million a year for hiring under a community policing program known as COPS, opposed by key reform groups.

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