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2 Days Ago   Microsoft Outlook for Android has been updated with a new feature for Microsoft Teams that aims to help users efficiently plan events. Users will now be able to add their Teams meeting to an event in the Outlook app.

3 Days Ago   Spotify will soon release a new design that is focused on showcasing podcasts to further spread its efforts to become the go-to place for podcasts. Now, when users open the app, they will see two bolded headers titled ‘music’ and ‘podcasts.’ The redesign is meant to make it easier for users to access podcasts and...

3 Days Ago   Slack has recently fixed a bug that could have allowed hackers to intercept files downloaded on the Windows desktop app. A hacker would have had the ability to place a malicious link into a channel.

3 Days Ago   Spotify will soon begin publicly testing its new device, ‘Car Thing,’ a voice-controlled smart assistant. The device is meant to help Spotify better understand how people listen to music and podcasts while driving.

3 Days Ago   Assistant-powered smart displays have updated to give users a new ‘Routines’ button, along with two new clock display options. Before users had access to the button, they could only use the features with their voice, but now they have to ability to do so with a button.

3 Days Ago   The world-famous cat behind a number of iconic memes, Grumpy Cat, has officially died on May 14th in the “arms of her mommy, Tabatha.” Grumpy Cat received care from top professionals, but unfortunately faced complications following a urinary tract infection.

3 Days Ago   Canada and France are working together with the international community to encourage and support the moral use of artificial intelligence. Navdeep Bains, Canada’s minister of innovation, science and economic development and Cédric O, France’s secretary of state for digital affairs, have announced the Declaration of the International Panel on Artificial Intelligence.

4 Days Ago   Google is expanding Android’s Live Transcribe feature with two new updates that aim to help people who are deaf or have trouble hearing. The first feature will show users ‘sound events’ in addition to speech.

4 Days Ago   The OnePlus 7 Pro’s Zen Mode will be coming to OnePlus 6T devices, but the Nightscape 2.0 will not be, according to Android Authority. The Zen Mode is designed to limit users’ daily smartphone usage.

4 Days Ago   Instagram has updated its Explore page to show users photos, videos, products and Stories that are catered to their interests. For the first time, Stories can now appear on the Explore tab.

4 Days Ago   Facebook has updated the ranking algorithm for its News Feed to display posts from a user’s closest friends and links the user may find worthwhile. The data used to rank the posts comes from analyses that Facebook conducted to better understand users and their preferences.

4 Days Ago   Facebook says it has dedicated a team to monitor fake news ahead of the Newfoundland and Labrador election, as reported by CBC News. The platform has gained interest in Canadian politics after the 2016 U.S.

4 Days Ago   Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility has released seven new grantees that will create technology focused on employment, daily life, and communication and connection. The seven new projects are located across the world and have their own focus.

4 Days Ago   Canada has been ranked as having the 12th fasted fixed broadband download speed, and the 2nd fastest mobile internet speeds for April 2019, according to the The Speedtest Global Index.

4 Days Ago   Koho, a Toronto-based financial technology company, has raised $42 million CAD in the Series B funding round led by Portag3. The fintech company aims to offer Canadians an alternative to traditional banking.

4 Days Ago   Researchers at the University of Washington claim they have created an app, called EarHealth, that is able to detect ear infections by listening to fluid in the ear.

4 Days Ago   CIBC has been named the best mobile banking app in Canada in 2019, according to a report curated by Forrester, a market research company. The report examined the mobile apps for BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, and TD Canada Trust.

5 Days Ago   Shaw Communications is debating a recent report by CBC News that states it asked permission to terminate a free service given to rural residents. CBC referred to a letter sent to a subscriber in which Shaw said it was ending its Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS); the service is provided to rural residents with minimal access...

5 Days Ago   Google may be pulling the plug on ‘Project Campfire’, which would have given Chromebooks the ability to dual-boot windows. This news comes after About Chromebooks outlined code removals on Chromium.

5 Days Ago   Uber is testing a Bike Lane Alert feature in Toronto and parts of the U.S., which aims to create safer road conditions for bikers. The alert will use mapping data to pinpoint bike lanes and shared roads within the city.

5 Days Ago   The Government of Canada has announced the creation of an advisory council aimed to expand the country’s strength in AI while maintaining Canadian values. Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and economic development, made the announcement at the G7 meeting of Digital Ministers in Paris.

5 Days Ago   Popular games have been sending data to numerous third-parties, and developers are unsure of what information is being sent and who is receiving it, according to recent studies.

5 Days Ago   Uber has just released a new app feature called Quiet Mode, which allows passengers to request a silent driver. This new feature caters to Uber customers who prefer to have a quieter ride.

5 Days Ago   Android users can now enjoy OnePlus wallpapers, as the designer behind the backgrounds has released them in an app called Abstruct. The news comes after the creator and designer, Hampus Olsson, tweeted about the release on May 14th.

5 Days Ago   The honourable François-Phillipe Champagne, Canada’s Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, has announced the four winners of the Smart Cities Challenge. A total of $75 million CAD has been awarded, which will be divided between the winners.

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