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9 Days Ago   The post Try to balance on sticks and avoid obstacles in ‘Walk Master’ [Game of the Week] appeared first on MobileSyrup.

11 Days Ago   Just as Amazon Prime Day is approaching, researchers have found a “phishing scam kit” that could allow hackers to send emails to customers impersonating the tech giant.

11 Days Ago   Amazon Music is getting more subscribers at a faster rate than other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, according to a recent article from the Financial Times.

11 Days Ago   Canada’s Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor announced that the Liberal government is pledging $150 million towards a cancer research network, which will use artificial intelligence, big data, and genomics.

11 Days Ago   Three federal ministers and numerous Members of Parliament have been targeted by a Facebook impersonation scam that offers government grants to people. The impersonators took images from the politicians’ Facebook pages and then created a new Messenger account that wasn’t linked to an account, as reported by CBC News.

11 Days Ago   Apple recently restored OurPact, an app that allows parents to regulate their kids’ phone use, after it previously removed the app in February. The parental control app allows users to block apps, get notifications when their child downloads a new app and remotely control the content on the phone.

12 Days Ago   Amazon Web Services has announced that it’s launching a Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) at the University of British Columbia, making it the first Canadian CIC centre.

12 Days Ago   Microsoft says that its Teams app is growing faster than Slack and now has more than 13 million daily users, as reported by Business Insider. The app also has more than 19 million weekly users.

12 Days Ago   Twitter is currently experiencing problems and is down for some users once again. The website currently reads: “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.” DownDetector confirmed that the site is having issues, and that around 10,380 problems have been reported in the last...

12 Days Ago   Update 11/07/2019 4pm: At around 4pm ET, Twitter resolved the issue and the website is now back up. Twitter is currently experiencing problems and is down for some users once again.

12 Days Ago   Apple has released an update that removes a vulnerable server in Zoom that potentially gave hackers the ability to automatically add a user to a call without permission.

12 Days Ago   Toronto Police have once again had to reiterate that 9-1-1 is only for emergencies, following a number of calls from people complaining about this morning’s Amber Alert notification.

12 Days Ago   As Amazon Prime Day approaches, warehouse employees in Minnesota are planning to stage a six-hour strike to protest safety issues, job insecurity and unrealistic quotas. Hibaq Mohamed, one of the organizers of the protest, told Forbes that the working expectations are better suited for a robot.

12 Days Ago   The City of Edmonton recently launched an online mapping tool that allows city residents to pin locations where they feel safe or unsafe. Once you pin a location as either safe or unsafe, the tool asks you why you feel that way about the area.

12 Days Ago   Journalists and privacy experts on Twitter noticed a number of identical tweets from bots regarding Sidewalk Labs’ smart city project, which is raising concerns surrounding disinformation.

13 Days Ago   Amazon has expanded Transparency, its product serialization service, to several countries including Canada and the U.K. Transparency allows brands to apply unique codes to their products, which lets Amazon authenticate the product.

13 Days Ago   Parents who are hoping to reduce their children’s device use are hiring ‘screen-free parenting coaches,’ according to a recent New York Times article. The coaches visit parents in their homes, schools, and churches to inform them on how people parented before the widespread introduction of devices.

13 Days Ago   YouTube has announced that it’s updating its copyright claim system to make it easier for content creators to deal with flagged material in their videos. Record labels or movie studios who own copyrighted content now must specify where their copyrighted material appears in a video.

13 Days Ago   The post Everything we know about Ontario’s Data Strategy task force before its first meeting appeared first on MobileSyrup.

14 Days Ago   The Government of Canada has set out the requirements needed to implement the Critical Election Incident Public Protocol (CEIPP), which is set in place to inform the public if an incident that threatens the upcoming election has occurred.

14 Days Ago   Google Assistant vastly outperforms a number of other voice assistants, including Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, according to a recent study from, an AI and voice-computing research firm.

14 Days Ago   Facebook announced that it created a new team called ‘New Product Experimentation,’ which will produce and launch a number of apps in the next few weeks.

14 Days Ago   Members of Parliament who are part of the public safety committee announced that they will have an emergency meeting to address the Desjardins data breach that occurred last month, as reported by Global News.

14 Days Ago   Around 85 percent of Canadians haven’t gone off the grid, which means spending a week offline, in the last year, according to a recent report from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

15 Days Ago   While Facebook has been attempting to crack down on malicious content on its platform, a new Bloomberg report said it is also worried about misinformation about the company itself.

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